How important is it to choose the right restoration company?

How important is it to choose the right restoration company in Phoenix?

When you have been in the restoration industry for a few decades, one thing that gets very clear is that negligence can cause disastrous results. To emphasize how simple the issues can be, let’s focus first on the issue of contamination. We’ll consider two types of contamination: sewage water contamination first and then mold contamination.

overflowing toilet water

Maybe your pet would be fine with drinking that, but sewage waste water looks nasty, smells disgusting, and contains germs that you do not want tracked around your carpet, right? Do you have small children crawling around on that same carpet? Then you definitely do not want some incompetent water damage repair “experts” spreading waste water throughout your home!

Dirty MUD footprints on white carpet BY INCOMPETENT RESTORATION COMPANY

So, when there is a water spill that involves water that has been in a toilet, then you should only hire a restoration company that respects that toilet waste water is not as clean as what you get out of a water heater. Brown water from sewage pipe leaks can be even more contaminated. We will stop the leak and properly contain the spilled water.


Yes, we have really seen restoration jobs by other companies in Phoenix that tracked sewage-contaminated water throughout a home, resulting in E. Coli contamination and the need to replace over a thousand square feet of carpet. Plus, the waste water all over the carpet is not the only issue. If you can smell that waste matter while you are standing up with your nose five feet from the ground, then that bacteria is also in the air, right?


When another company does a negligent job, then we will work with your insurance company to identify what needs to be done. Then, we will properly clean (or replace) everything that has been contaminated to restore your home to be safe and sanitary again.


The other kind of contamination that is common in water damage restoration jobs is mold. In the image below, that is from a job with a leak of water that caused staining of the ceiling. What was on the other side of that staining? There was hidden mold. So, all of that stained ceiling needed to be replaced, but without spreading the mold throughout the home.


On the left above, notice the plastic sheet in the background behind the mold remediation specialist. Behind the head of the technician, the vent system to the rest of the house was also covered to prevent mold from getting in to the air conditioning ducts.

While mold may not seem as disgusting as sewage water, toxic mold can cause extensive damage to your building as well as cause severe health problems, especially for people who already have certain respiratory challenges. If your home or building has sustained water damage that led to mold contamination, then all the moldy materials (drywall, kitchen cabinets, baseboards, etc) need to be be safely removed and replaced.

The first step is thoroughly checking for mold contamination. Some restoration companies simply skip that step.

Then, once moldy material is found, there are a series of “containment” precautions, including plastic draping to make sure that mold spores cannot travel in to other rooms besides the one where we are removing moldy materials. Once the containment precautions are complete, then it is safe to begin the mold removal process.

If a restoration company is not following the proper steps, then the consequences can be serious. Most people do not know how long it can take between the spreading of the mold spores and the recognition of mold contamination. Imagine a snowbird who leaves Phoenix for the summer and then comes back after monsoon season to find something like this:


Be aware that mold does not need to be visible to cause health issues. Our specialists know how to properly inspect and test for mold contamination. Look at what was hiding behind this sticker in a child’s bedroom:

where was the mold in this child's bedroomwhere was the mold in this child's bedroom- behind a sticker on the wall

Or, look at what was invisible in this bathroom. Wouldn’t you value a restoration company that are experts at finding contamination and containing it? Wouldn’t you want to avoid any water damage repair company in Phoenix that doesn’t take the time to thoroughly inspect and restore your home or workplace?
out of normal view, mold has been growing
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