notes from in-person visit w Melissa on 4/11

UPDATES to-do:





Main Warranty Page: Add logos for these:
American Home Shield

Home Life

HWA (home warranty of America)


Create new content page for openers / motors
& then modify front page- menu list:


2nd item: Garage door openers / motors

emergency repairs will be 4th







new “sorting” page:


3 items:

each of these could have a graphic representing that item

1) Which garage door is best for you?

2) Visualize your new garage door from Pella!

3) More questions about installations?   



1) Which garage door is best for you?

(conceptually INCLUDES issue of “Why we install Pella Garage Doors more than other brands”) 

>> this list can be used to promote Pella as well as to invite people to identify their priorities – maybe a new slideshow can begin with “which is most important to you?”

Which garage door is best for you depends on your priority. Below are 3 common issues that we frequently ask about when helping people identify the garage door that they will love driving up to year after year.

First, note that we are familiar with thousands of garage doors and we recommend one leading brand above all the rest. We even became their only authorized dealer in Phoenix. So, with each priority listed below, you can also learn how that issue is a factor in why we install Pella Garage Doors more than other brands.
a> Best Warranty:

We were impressed to learn that Pella garage doors come with best warranty on the market (and getting replacement parts is easy and fast). For more details on how the warranties for Pella garage doors compare to other brands, click here: get the best warranties in the industry.

b> Unique Beauty:

Many brands offer garage doors made from a variety of materials and in several designs, but some of the most gorgeous garage doors have the appearance of wood. Pella offers many garage doors that look like wood, but without the high maintenance costs of actual wood. Even if you need specialty doors (like doors with glass panels or windows), we can help you. To browse our directory of some of the most visually-stunning garage doors available, click here: garage doors with serious curb-appeal.

c> Overall value:

When you are investing in a new garage door, you want quality for your dollars, right? What is really the best long-term value for you? (Also, keep in mind that we offer financing, so you may not need all the cash upfront when you hire us to install your new garage door.)

From any brand, you can get a garage door made from a few different materials (such as steel, wood, vinyl, or composite), plus with or without insulation (for the big temperature swings in AZ). All of those factors will effect the cost of your purchase.

When we speak with you, our experience will make it easy for you to quickly narrow the choices down to just a few top options within your price range. Then, if you have any remaining questions, just ask us. We are committed to you getting the perfect new garage door for you- one that you will enjoy seeing every time you drive up to it for many years to come.

When we realized that Pella offers great quality at very competitive pricing (especially when considering the entire lifetime of the door), we became their only authorized garage door dealer in Phoenix. Pella has replacement panels easily available, so in the event of needing to replace one section of the door, you can easily do that. In contrast, with some of the cheapest doors on the market (especially imported doors), single replacement panels may not be available in the US at all. In that case, if one panel need replacing, the entire door must be replaced. Plus, with some brands of garage door, needing replacement panels is more common because of the low quality of the steel / precision (?????) used when making the door.)

Use our convenient form to tell us more about what you value most in a new garage door. Also remember that estimates for new installations are free to anyone in the Phoenix area. Click here to help us identify the perfect garage door for you: contact form.

>> can link to article about resale value of house / investment return of new garage doors

could mention somewhere (where? FAQs? Opening paragraph?):

When we install, we provide free upgrades (specify “Pella only” or say “for all brands” or… not specify?  -get extra details on typical upgrades from Melissa?)


2) Visualize your new garage door from Pella

(link to destination page w Legends logo at top over visualizer- note that Amarr also has a visualizer online)



3) More questions about installations?   > take them to FAQ directory with email form for other questions (can ask them about warranty coverage, current brand of door etc?)

(Melissa can later direct me to add fields for email form?)

>> Where to include reference to the different manufacturer that offers accessories / handles / hardware (so that people are aware of additional options)?

(Could be ONLY on FAQ page, but we can add title code  so that when someone hovers over link to “visualize your new garage door,” the title code mentions Pella as well as “upgraded handles & hardware also available” ???>



FAQ item: “INSULATED DOORS: Should I get an insulated door or not?” (explain 3-layer vs 2-layer)

Door material: steel vs. composite vs wood

GAUGE of steel doors: what is it & how does it matter?




remind people about warranties:
On several pages, we can insert a graphic that says “Could your warranty cover this?” and that can lead to warranty info pages / email forms / phone # to call us

about service calls:  (could put this on landing page slideshow, plus in an FAQ page somewhere too)
Every service call includes free balancing, tune-up*, and no extra labor charges. Some companies advertise their repair services in a way that we consider to be deceptive (misrepresenting the actual final price to you as the consumer).

In contrast, we are committed to being clear about our prices. We promise to assess everything you need in advance to the best of our ability and then give you one price that includes all that we recommend. By keeping it simple for you, we avoid confusion and high-pressure “upselling.” We just tell you the first time what we really recommend as best for you! If you have any questions, we welcome them. (You can call with questions or submit them through this online form…..)

* What is in a tune-up? Most people would not know. Should we specify?







PREFERENCE (not high priority):

Melissa could make a commentary (or send me an article) about how replacing the garage doors can be a great investment in terms of resale value.


Find visualizer page in Pella that shows LGDS logo at top. Update all visualizer links to be that one.

“migrate” pages from other URLs to az.legends….com (and update ALL links)

Have specific driving instructions for people coming from different directions (like, so east-bound 101 is in the correct lane).

on Facebook, post link to Phoenix map listing


make separate contact form for REPAIRS

Hagens can request permission to use a picture showing them with their uniformed siblings (or just the uniformed siblings)


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