Garage expansion from 2-car to 3+ car (Arlington TX)


Near I-20 at Green Oaks BLVD


initial request:

Our current garage is really small.  We have limited room and would like to expand the front of garage or on the side of our house to make a 3rd car garage. I am concerned with both ways due to water drainage and building code what is allowed.


My reply:

Inline image 1
The driveway above looks like it was originally designed for a garage that goes further to the left. Looking at the “bird’s eye view” image below, you have a wedge-shaped lot, so there is some room to expand, but limited. Managing the water drainage might be pretty easy.

What do you think of something like the black lines in the 2nd image below? One way to do that would be to also alter the roofline so that the same kind of roof feature that you have over to the right is copied on the left (over the expanded garage). Otherwise, with the current slant of the roof over the garage, there would be no room to expand forward in to the driveway. You would only be able to go left.

Inline image 3

Inline image 4
Expanding forward in to the driveway would make much it easier to park 3 (or even 4) vehicles in there:
Inline image 6

Let me know your thoughts on the questions above. Also, if you have preferences about when you would be available in the next few weeks to meet an estimator at your home, let me know.


Homeowner replied:

Attached is what we were thinking. #2 & #4 are our favorites

We also are not opposed to doing a detached if thats more economical vs moving home electrical, ac unit, and trees. Just need your opinion

she included this image:


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