Converting a carport to a garage: step 1

Many of our customers in the Phoenix area are not familiar with the exact process of converting a carport to a garage. Of course, each conversion service is unique, but there are a few common steps that we can quickly show you a few pictures below.

After our carport conversion supervisor meets with you, provides you an estimate, and then you agree and the remodeling begins, next here are some examples of what you might see as your carport is enclosed in to a garage. First, here is a long and narrow carport (and we had already added the wood on the ground along the left).

That carport, like many in Arizona, had a roof that was only supported by a few small metal supports.

In order to build a wall along that same space, first we placed some wood on the ground to contain the concrete that would we would pour over the metal reinforcement.

Here is the small section on the front right. The long wall along the left will also have a bottom section that will be filled with concrete.

Last, here is the front left corner wit the wood in place, ready for the concrete to be poured in and solidify.

On the next two pages (under construction), the first one will show you examples of how the walls are built on the side to enclose the carport. After that, we will show some pictures of the installation of the garage door.

At that point, the garage is functional and ready for the city inspector to approve the renovation. After passing inspection, then the interior walls can be fully enclosed.

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