* negativity is labeling anything negative

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2 Responses to “* negativity is labeling anything negative”

  1. Eileen Workman Says:

    Much suffering stems from us deciding what “should and should not” be, as if we’re superior to reality. All things in life are essentially neutral, but for human thinking decreeing them otherwise.

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    ah yes, the sacred art of allowing one’s self to be neutral… or even occasionally “activated.” and the sacred practice of generating the experience of suffering, and distinguishing how competent we may now be at that one possible behavior model.

    Equanimity and magnanimity may not be contagious, but at least they both end with -animity, and besides unanimity, those are the only ones that come to mind. Ah yes, the sacred art of being light-hearted, open-minded, and not too serious, yet perhaps “not quite serious enough…” LOL

    concentrate now… on reeee-laaaaxing!

    What could be sexier than irony?

    (random? perhaps! LOL)

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