* The eyes to see

relocated to: https://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/the-eyes-to-see-how-the-meek-shall-inherit-the-earth/

[When I wrote this on October 20, 2009, I called it a promo for “open eye financial solutions.” A few years later, I created the website http://www.OneEyedKingsWealthClub.com ]

4 Responses to “* The eyes to see”

  1. Eileen Workman Says:

    I like this, though personally I’m forecasting a coming collapse in all monetary instruments, accompanied by a resurgence in human awareness of what really constitutes “wealth.”

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      As for a collapse in all monetary instruments, that really implies a collapse in virtually all existing institutions, including governments, militaries, and court systems. The deflation is already clearly underway and the trend is toward more and more government centralization of power- as in the US government’s bail-outs of the auto industry and financial institutions and so on (attempts to prop us the faltering real estate and lending markets).

      Local and state governments may falter, and national sovereignty is shifting throughout much of the world, though we in the US have been the center of a colonial empire, interacting with the internal affairs of many places around the world- as you might have noticed. 😉

      The legal authority of currencies (and debt contracts denominated in currencies) are still enforced by military force- like sheriffs or gestapo showing up down the street to serve papers to a house that the local court is foreclosing/claiming. The governments will exert their military influence…. and so their currencies will continue to surge in purchasing power relative to all “inflationary” investments: stocks, real estate, and ALL commodities- even the gold so worshiped by some.

      Note that I have been very favorable toward gold and silver when they were priced well- but I am not a fanatic. I titled an article “worth it’s weight in…OIL” a few years ago to emphasize the relative importance of oil to gold. Consider which of the two is more important to you personally in practical terms of your everyday life.

      Do you know why gold originally was so valued in prior centuries? Governments could monopolize it by sending militaries to claim and secure remote gold mines, then they would mint the gold and require that those minted gold coins be used to pay taxes and other debts to the courts (to the royalty). Gold was required to avoid confiscation of property as well as to bail out those in jail, and generally buy off the local mafia/monarchy.

      In some places and cultures, the terms mafia and monarchy (AKA government) are considered entirely different realms- even opposites. How ironic, huh?

      • jrfibonacci Says:

        By the way, to give an idea of the relative prominence of oil to gold recently, gold rose in value about 300% in the last decade or so, while oil rose in value over 1200%.

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