lyrics: a shameless future

The presence of a shameless future

If I just gave up on shame now
would I step right up to the plate
yes and tap this bat against these shoes
then drop into a deep trance state

now, there may have been a past once
when I learned the rules of this game
when I hit my very first pitch from my dad
and took my very first base

soon I was diving back for the bag fast
waiting for the next man to send me on my way
I made a slide under a glove into second
and when she waved me round past third I kissed her right there, but no not on her face

though now I don’t have much to say
about my first home run
but hey I may have talked about it almost way more than enough back then
I know I would have said it was fun

yet I have nothing to say about a past now
I forget if I had old favorite excuses to blame
and I left my pride in a dream of a certain future
it’s not what I’ve done but how and what I just may

I’m not in any rush to get something else
for I’ve been around the diamond a few times before
but I’ve never been here no not exactly like this
and I may not ever make it back again for more

so I’m standing in a trance with this bat in these hands
waiting for that pitch- the one heading for my bat and then over this fence
it could be the next one or not
it could be today or seasons away
and it could never even happen at all
or only whenever it may
be already happening
so, hey, turn down the sound now
cause I think I can almost…
hear it
here it comes
yeah, hear it coming
here it is
isn’t this it
isn’t this the one
that has been waiting forever for me to just swing

everything is all that I can give
I bring you my me my shame my past my dreams my last breath
out and in
I’ve got nothing left to hold me back, I set me free to run wild again
I feel like a child
with a smile as wide as my next game-winning home run
everything that may have ever happened yet
is all that we can already have done

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