the future causes the past

Petrol prices frozen in time

Petrol prices frozen in time (Photo credit: t1mmyb)

irrefutable proof that stock markets crashed as a result of a later event: the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001

That’s right: clearly, when the price of oil doubled in less than a year (from 1999 to 2000) and at the exact same time the prices of airline stocks in the US fell 40%, those two things were totally unrelated. Fuel prices do not effect the profit margins of airlines in any way. Note the “comp chart 1999-2000,” which clearly shows that the prices of oil and the prices of US airline stocks are totally unrelated.

However, when there was a terrorist attack in late 2001, that clearly caused the events that began in 1999. The terrorist attacks in Tokyo and Rome in 2001 were the singular and sole cause of the price of oil doubling in less than a year, just a few years prior to the cause. Further, those terrorist attacks in 2001 were clearly the sole cause of prices of the US airline sector dropping 40% in the previous two years of 1999 and 2000.

Finally, the continuing rise of oil prices from 1999-2008 are totally unrelated to the continuing decline of 80% in the prices of US airline stocks. Again, the price of fuels is totally unrelated to the business of airlines, which run entirely on the power of well-trained horses and oxen, operated by remote control.

As for the 80% decline of the prices of US financial stocks starting in 2007, that was caused by a presidential election in 2012. The totally unrelated 180% rise of oil prices in only 15 months was, as you might guess, also caused entirely by that same political intervention in the year 3500 AD.

Other attached charts clearly show that oil prices are not oil prices. Finally, anyone who says that oil prices are in any way related to the economic stability of any country that uses 25% of the world’s oil is unrelated. By the way, since the US started using 25% of the world’s oil in 1970, the world’s supply of oil obviously was entirely used up 4 years later, since 4 times 25% is 100%.



Gas Prices Are Up!!! Feelin' the Pinch...

Gas Prices Are Up!!! Feelin' the Pinch... (Photo credit: Clan UiBriain)

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