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Before we review a longer series of before and after pictures, let’s start with a suggestion of who will be most interested in this content. First, chronic pain is certainly not the only symptom that can be relieved and resolved. Pain often shows up along with many other medical problems (since the cause of the pain can also cause many other serious symptoms).

For example, people will be very interested in what is below if they have been suffering from issues like poor sleep, fatigue, poor concentration, emotional irritability, depression, and stress (hypertension / high blood pressure). Plus, many kind of pains can be not just reduced but eliminated, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and other headaches. Even very severe conditions like scoliosis, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis can be greatly improved or totally reversed. (Note that the list above is far from complete.)


Besides relieving chronic pain, what other symptoms can we safely reduce (or eliminate)?

The list would be very long. In the photos just above, the “after” photo on the right shows a well-aligned head over a relaxed neck. Note that the jawline and teeth are almost horizontal (rather than sloping down, as in the “before” photo on the left). Have you ever considered that a properly-aligned head will correspond to an even amount of pressure across all of the teeth (rather than unequal amounts of pressure that can lead to certain teeth getting pushed crooked)? However, do you expect the average dentist or oral surgeon would tell you that many dental symptoms can be quickly and inexpensively relieved (by addressing the actual cause of those symptoms)?

Next, consider this: do you know whether numbness and even paralysis can be caused by problems at the neck, such as in the case of a broken neck? Almost any symptom that can be caused at the neck can also be relieved or eliminated at the neck.

However, even among chiropractors and other spinal specialists, many popular methods fail to properly address the root issues, so those methods either provide no benefit or no lasting benefit, thus creating a need for expensive corrections week after week after week (or another major surgery only a few years later). In contrast, the method referenced below can quickly (and inexpensively) release enormous amounts of pressure on the neck. That means that the functioning of every organ and process that is going on below the neck can be greatly improved. Basically, it is a reversing of what happens when someone has a severe neck injury, (resulting in a wide variety of problems in sensation, in mobility, in digestion, and  in cardiorespiratory function).

More before and after pictures

Imagine the reduction in muscle exertion (and pain) experienced by the people shown below!


So, the better that your head is balanced on your neck, then the less need there would be for your neck muscles to strain to stabilize your head. That reduced constriction allows for better flow of nerve signals, blood, and even the air that you breathe.

Further, when your head is already well-balanced, then the rest of your body does not need to compensate to keep your head stable and level. Instead of having to twist to bear unequal amounts of weight on a particular hip, knee, or ankle, that twisting can unwind and the weight can be evenly distributed.

Do you have chronic pain in a particular joint?

Some people experience chronic trouble with a particular joint being easily injured, plus constantly inflamed and in pain. Imagine how easy it can be to relieve the pressures on many joints simply by balancing the head precisely. Once the twisting and compensation are corrected, then muscles can fully relax. Pinched nerves and crimped blood vessels can be released. With better circulation, not only can varicose veins return to normal, but inflammation can also be reversed (resulting in a lasting end to the pain).

Feel better and look better

In fact, when there is less need for the muscles of the face and head to stabilize the head, that can even improve circulation to the skin tissues just underneath the eyes. While the lady shown below still has some obvious facial assymetry in the picture on the right, her head is more upright. In which of the two pictures does she look more happy, more alert, more relaxed, and even more attractive?

You might look at lot happier too if you had a situation like hers. What if you had been having frequent, intense chronic migraines that suddenly plunged in frequency and intensity (and then within a few months disappeared never to return)?

Notice again in these x-rays that, in the after photo on the right, the chin is much higher and the teeth are very close to horizontal. Again, the improved stability for the head means a release of chronic tension from muscles in the head, neck, shoulders, and back.

“So how can I get this kind of relief?”

You can’t expect to get lasting relief through the methods of the average “back-cracking” chiropractor. Even worse, with other medical specialists, about all that they can do is numb some of the pain (usually, by recommending that you use a particular drug for the rest of your life).

In contrast, to get quick relief that lasts, that takes a very precise intervention. So, precise measurements and analysis are relevant.

To correct the problem where the skull sits on the top vertebrae does not involve abrupt twists of the neck. It simply involves a short amount of gentle pressure to very specific points. Within seconds, your whole body will be better aligned and can unwind.

Why? All because your head will be positioned properly on your neck and shoulders. In fact, while you may need several adjustments across the first month or two, soon you may be able to go months (and then years) without needing another gentle re-positioning of your head.

This method not only corrects issues that many medical specialists might erroneously label as “incurable” or “hopeless cases,” but can save you many thousands of dollars (relative to remedial treatments that do not address the root issues). Further, once your head is positioned properly, then the communication between you head and body can improve greatly. In particular, within your head are glands that regulate the function of all of the lower glands in your body (like the thyroid, the adrenals, and even the ovaries). Severe pre-menstrual pains and even infertility can be resolved simply by re-opening previously pinched channels (where signals between the head and body may have been totally blocked).

While the two images above may not look strikingly different, there is a tilt shown in the skull X-ray on the left that has been leveled as of the X-ray on the right. It might not look like a huge change, but what will the long-term effects be of that improved head position?

Over the course of weeks, months, and years, a few precise treatments can lead to significant improvements in overall health as well as overall productivity. Another way of saying that is that not only can this method help you more than other methods and for thousands of dollars less, but it can result in you being able to earn far money income as well.

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