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Why do homeowners in AZ trust our team of pros?


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#1 Respect


“I really didn’t expect him to be so courteous!” 

“I felt immediately comfortable with you from the very first phone call.”

“I talked to reps from a few companies here in Mesa, but only this one was tuning in to what I actually wanted.”

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We respect you, your time, and your money. Because of that respect, we will be direct and concise. Many people find that unusual and refreshing.

We value respect because it is what works. It keeps everything simple. Plus, our sincere respect for you is what sets the foundation for you to value all of our other qualities.

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#2 Credibility

“His projections were not at all what most realtors were telling me. However, everything worked out just like he said it would. I was impressed. Following his advice saved me a big fat 6-figure chunk of equity! I cashed out at the perfect time. Thank you so much!”

“We were skeptical that they would be able to finish the fire restoration service as fast as they said, but… they sure did.”

“The repair crew arrived way out in North Scottsdale exactly when promised. Plus, they finished the service right on schedule. What a relief!”

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When you hire our team, you will get decades of proven expertise. Back when we were new, we could not make estimates as accurately as we can now. It’s like when you learned to drive, didn’t you become a better judge of how to drive safely? Experience matters!

Now, when we are unsure about some detail, we respect you enough to just say so. Plus, once we assess your priorities and your situation, we will give you input that you can rely on.

So, if you ask us about the expected long-term value of a home improvement, we can quote real statistics. We’ve heard of some companies in AZ inventing unrealistic numbers to throw at you to trick you in to a bad choice. In contrast, we can show you the research where we get our numbers (plus, because of decades our experience, we will give real-world examples that are very similar to your renovation or remodel).

In fact, our real estate market analyst published clear warnings in early 2003 about the downturn in the housing market that developed in Phoenix by mid-2005. The first month that local real estate sales slowed down, he had been looking for exactly that data and so he promptly published an update saying “this is the beginning of what I have been warning about for years.” It was. He explained in advance exactly why several market shifts were emerging (and those were the same price changes that many people still insist were “unpredictable”).

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#3 Value


“After all the stress and damage from the wind and the hail storm, I got a bid from a big roofing company in Phoenix to repair my roof (and I was prepared to pay that entire amount out-of-pocket), but then my aunt suggested that I call this company for a free estimate. By the day after that, Dane had met me, inspected my roof, and arranged for me to get my entire roof replaced with a brand new roof and all I had to pay was the insurance deductible. WOW! I’m so grateful that these guys really know what they are doing.”


Most people do not want the cheapest option or the most expensive one. They want the best value for their priorities. We help you identify the best deals on quality options, then find the best match for your budget (including options for financing when relevant).

Also, for people who need big renovations like a roof replacement or major water damage repairs, we have saved them more than $10,000 by helping them get the most from their warranty coverage and insurance policy. We know exactly what to look for and how to talk to your insurance company’s agents. Because repeated repairs can get expensive for the insurance company, they want the job done right, too! We help them help you.



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