As storm season in Phoenix, Arizona winds down….

As storm season in Phoenix, Arizona winds down, I have been continuing to add new content to my existing structure of websites. I am planning to relocate most of my web pages to a new “mega-hub:”

I have recent made a slight expansion by adding some metro areas of Colorado to my roofing promotions. This was not by adding a new roofing contractor to my network, but just adding some new regions for my main roofer who also handles my roofing leads in Phoenix Arizona.

My plan is to significantly increase the expansion soon (mostly, a geographic expansion). I might slightly expand the types of services that are featured in my primary promotions, but I expect them to remain my existing core services:

converting carports to garages
roofing (inspections, roof repair, new roofs, etc)
emergency damage restoration services (storm damage, water damage, fire damage, etc)
any other general contracting or remodeling

A few weeks ago, I added several new domains (so I now own several dozen). I already got a click to this new site on 8/2:

e-b click to r-r-c on 8-2

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