who’s afraid of vaccines?

Kristin Lëigh Fagan wrote: Why would you sign a consent form for your children (AND/OR YOURSELF) to be injected with mercury, which is even more brain-toxic than lead?

J.R. replies:

re: “why would someone….”

Well, some people trust certain sources, perhaps simply because those sources are familiar to them, then those sources tell

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them that they are in danger from external threats like parasites and flu (and cancer?). Then, those sources tell them that the solution is whatever pharmaceutical that the taxpayers are gullible enough not only to line up for but to pay for other people to get for free “because it is the right thing to do.”

How’s that?…

I was going to write this morning on the fact that when people throw a lot of trash into trash containers and then one fills up in one part of the house, we fill up the other trash containers and then eventually stack things next to them and then eventually the stack gets huge and starts to be a huge pile and the bags start leaking and so on. Then some doctor comes in and says “your house has cancer.”

That’s cancer, to the best of my knowledge: an accumulation of waste when there is more waste piling up than there is waste removal. If the waste cannot be contained in the cells and primary waste-related organs, than it is dumped into the tissues as convenient.

Leukemia treatment - immune system T-cells (ce...If the waste is increasing from the recent past, that is called malignancy. If the waste deposit is not increasing, that is a benign accumulation of waste. When trash containers are overflowing in various parts of the house, we say the house’s cancer is spreading. When trash has been dumped a while ago, but then starts to accumulate again, that is called going into remission and “the cancer is returning” (or whatever).

What is at the bottom of all of this is not really science, but language. I do not know if that is really an accurate description of cancer. Some people say that cancer is related to anger and resentment being held inside- like biochemical wastes that are not released but are just rotting and piling up over time.

I know that the irises of my eyes were brown and now are lightened to hazel (after a few yeas “favoring” the primal diet of Aajonus Vanderplanjitz). He told me that my eyes would eventually clear up to blue.

I am skeptical of modern science and governments. I figure that treatments which kill lots of healthy cells are most attractive to people who are rather desperate and yet fixated on keeping their activities within a certain range of “conventional” treatments. They would rather invest thousands of dollars to pay for the services of physicians who call the conditions “incurable” and then they may want the taxpayers to subsidize those same treatments of radiation and chemotherapy that are clearly established to be deadly. They fight for health care coverage for treatments that I would not be willing accept even if it was free.

So, the question I ask you is… which people have an interest in thousands of years of data indicating how to be so healthy that cancer and flues (and parasite infestations) do not arise or are so quickly gone that do one names them “a problem”, given a flourishing immune system and so on? Ah, but why have health and clarity when you can have something to complain about, someone to blame, a demon to condemn- whether that demon is the cancer or the parasite or whatever- maybe the FDA or the UN?

I have several friends and acquaintances who are MDs. They are aware of the lack of effectiveness of certain treatments. They know that symptom management is an entirely different realm than the promotion of wellness.

Most people I know are more interested in symptom management (i.e. symptom suppression). Symptom suppression is another term for impairing the immune system i.e. cultivating chronic “incurable” conditions that are easily “cured” by nourishing the immune system. However, nourishing the immune system can result in things like coughing and sneezing and vomiting and fevers and… who wants any of that when you could instead have a painful, expensive and slow death?

Is autism curable? Is scurvy curable? Is ill will curable? Is perfectionism curable? Is medical ignorance curable? Sure!

So, are people afraid of dying? Or, are we simply afraid of living?

7 Responses to “who’s afraid of vaccines?”

  1. Holly Says:

    I would agree – people are afraid to live CONSCIOUSLY. Because that means taking responsibility for their own health and success.

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    videos of tumors efficiently exiting right through the skin:

  3. lisachelton Says:

    I think that was very well written. The analogy of cancer to household waste seems logical, and I agree with you that in general, we humans like having someone to blame. I think that as humans, our greatest struggles include accepting full responsibility for our personal fates, taking action to resolve our own problems, and learning to fully love, accept and appreciate each other unconditionally.

    I personally agree with your statements, but “reality” is relative, and I can see how some people might believe that they are victims of things out of their control, and that in accepting the treatments recommended by western medicine, they ARE taking responsibility for themselves and ARE taking the action necessary to overcome the challenges they have been presented with.

    I have been known to say that people are “sheep,” who do whatever their leaders say without question. Most people don’t make choices for themselves beyond which clothes to wear that day or which, among the foods they’ve been told are “healthy,” they should eat for dinner. Having already tied my own hanging noose for calling people sheep, I might as well go all the way to the gallows and put the noose around my neck… I think most people are simply unable to think at deeper levels.

    I believe that the higher-thinking some of us refer to is intelligence. As someone who has an above-average IQ, I frequently experience the problems associated with trying to communicate with people of average IQ – they can’t understand why I reject “common wisdom” any more than I can operate at the same level of consciousness they do. Sometimes I wish I could reduce my IQ several notches so I could blend in better with the sheep, and see things as simply as they do, but that’s not going to happen, so I have to find peace in the way of the masses – it is something I struggle with.

    The same way no one with an average IQ can administer or evaluate an IQ test for someone with a higher IQ than his (because his mind isn’t able to understand higher intelligence), I don’t think that those of us with higher IQs can expect the “normals” to process thoughts the same way we do. Quite logically, people who think like most people do, tend to accept only what is agreed-upon by the masses, and reject ideas that challenge their beliefs.

    I get frustrated sometimes because people consume whatever ideas are fed to them, without caring enough about themselves (that’s my interpretation anyhow) to look for opposing opinions and decide for themselves if that’s really something they want. More often than not, I think that those of us who express alternative ideas are “preaching to the choir” because only those people who look for alternatives find them – but it’s good that we CAN find the alternatives we’re looking for and to know that we’re not alone.

    Slowly, very SLOWLY, radical views become accepted by the masses (then they’re no longer radical), but only after the people they look to for leadership have accepted the arguments for them, not because their thought processes have changed. As radical-thinkers, we need to express our ideas, because it is often the “noise” we make that gets the attention of the key change agents that the “normals” look to. This is called the Paradigm Effect.

    Whew!! This turned out to be a longer reply than I expected.

  4. jrfibonacci Says:

    Lisa: Thank you for your reply! I am cross-posting this here for you, re sheep, etc:

    THE MATURE TRUST! (and know intuitively what is and is not trustworthy, and how!)

    As the innocent sleep and the rebellious exhaust themselves, the mature trust- for they are beyond (have learned from) both ignorance and shame.

    Is it any wonder that an innocent child can sleep soundly while they
    are ignorant of an impending danger – like flood waters rising or a dam
    starting to crack? Is it any surprise that the rebellious will exhaust
    themselves with regret, complaining, and vainly hopeful interventions
    to turn back the tides, rather than simply flee toward a beacon of

  5. jrfibonacci Says:

    Lisa, by the way, If you and I are willing to lead, and then people follow us- like in this conversation, then that is LEADING, isn’t it?

  6. lisachelton Says:

    Yes, it is leading, but you and I have a very small group of followers, consisting mostly of other people with similar thought processes; I will probably never be the ONE who draws the masses to acceptance of whatever ideas I put forth, because for now, they call me weird, insane, different and radical, and I have difficulty communicating with them.

    As the paradigm effect illustrates, trailblazers (or those who initiate new ideas) have to reach the people who influence the masses (change agents) in order to see mass acceptance of their ideas. Trailblazers are good at creating visions and plans, and enjoy doing that, but they typically need to have a real estate agent sell the land for them. By the time their ideas/plans/products begin to gain popularity however, they have often moved on to something new, laying the foundation for their next idea and are not poised to be seen as leaders to the masses, whereas the agents are there with the masses.

    “The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopts them.” – Mark Twain, Notebook, 1898

    This is all my interpretation as to the reason it can seems like most people don’t think for themselves, why that perplexes others, and how understanding the Paradigm Effect can help us understand the process of social change.

  7. jrfibonacci Says:

    Lisa, for instance, I exposed perhaps several hundred people to advanced warnings of the first stage of the real estate decline in the US. I know of exactly 2 who heeded my warnings. I also know of many millions of dollars of equity lost, businesses closed, bankruptcies filed, divorces filed, and so on.

    1 of those 2 is personally known by your sister, and that other lady can also verify that millions of dollars of real estate equity were lost by people she personally knew who heard my warnings and neglected to heed them. Some of them also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars (like in a single household) in 2008 in their equity for stock market investments. They are amongst the masses of disappearing middle class, and if they insist on being amongst the masses, so be it. I have no interest in criticizing them for not “thinking for themselves.” They trusted how they trusted and they invested in the precise results that they are experiencing now- foreclosures and so on- and that they will be experiencing soon, unless they change.

    I am not talking about there no longer being any masses. I am talking about leading- 1 person and 1 household at a time- and the masses will eventually follow whoever is ahead of them in the direction they value going- whether to communism or fascism or whatever. Sure, the perceived “leader” may be a “change agent,” fine… perfect!

    I point repeatedly to opportunities to benefit from the predictable changes. Rather than merely avoid losses, I know of two trades this year that I forecast which together produced several hundred percent gains across just over 6 months- and very accessible to the average investor just two transactions, nothing complex.

    In 2 years or 5 years, someone will own the house you are in right now. You may be that one. You may not. Some will own the businesses and resources- perhaps you and perhaps not.

    I went to graduate school to understand social change and soon dropped out. There are those who are ravenous for understanding and being right (vanity: other people saying “you are right, you told me so!”), and there are those who are willing to serve, to lead, to follow their hearts and intuitions and let their intellects be tools of the future that inspires them to explore and develop.

    It SUCKS hearing “wow, you sure were right- you told us so,” when the person saying it has just handed their keys over to the deputy sheriff showing up for the foreclosure proceeding or the bankruptcy forfeiture. Or this: “Oh, of course it is reassuring to understand now that cancer is just a nutritional deficiency. Yeah, sure, I really liked having my husband alive- whatever- but too late now… plus, I admit that I really liked having ovaries and two breasts, but hey, at least I understand what I could have done then but did not do.” Understanding by itself is mere understanding. The peace beyond understanding- and the results available through understanding- re distinct from the merely “academic distinction” of “oh, look, here is another person who understood in advance what would happen with the retiring of the baby boom- or with eating crappy diets and worshiping the high priests of western “medicine” AKA symptom suppression techniques. Well, isn’t that special?”

    Lisa, it is delicate. The masses do not need our judgment against them for being asleep. We have the opportunity to wake up ourselves, to experience rebelliousness fully and then outgrow it. We rebel against physiology and nutrition and our own instincts, we rebel against the nature of investment markets and political systems, we rebel against our family members and culture- judging and condemning like we know better than God- until we are so exhausted perhaps that we get humble… like children.

    “Lest ye humble yourselves like children, ye shall not receive the kingdom of heaven within!” We’ll just be more automatons trying to tell the masses that they should not be like how they are.

    That can be quite frustrating… and even dangerous. People may get crucified over such things, and while that may be a fit for a few of us, for those of us who are parents, our kids may tend to favor having parents who are alive and well, not dead martyred idealists.

    1 by 1, I learn new things. 1 by 1, I speak with new people. 1 by 1, I make action plans with clients and 1 by 1 we proceed with those steps. 1 by 1, I live each day, take each breath, strike each letter key on the keyboard in a particular sequence, typing each email, and so on.

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