* “self-improvement”

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  1. Linda Ingraham Says:

    That was a wonderful metaphor for our relationship to God and the rest of the world. I really think that embodies it and it is so interesting when a “branch” thinks that they are right and most other “branches” wrong. Good article!

  2. danijela Says:

    Once I was walking with the friend near sea shore. It was sunset. We were standing and watching. He sad:” We see sun trace on the sea surface like line coming from the sun to us. But the reflection of sun you see are not the same I see because we don´t stand on the same place. It is ilusion. Reality is that all sea are covered with gold reflection of sun. But we see only line.”

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Not covered by sunshine, but showered, yes.

      Reality is that we see only whatever line we see.

      The line we see is within our neurochemical mechanism, not out there. We can even hallucinate a line that “no one else can see.” The perception is real, but what about the line?

      We can even dream of being awake. Reality is perception. Part of reality is the perception of illusion.

      People may ask “how do you know the difference between the illusory perceptions and the other ones?” I did not say that there were any other ones! If there are, we would not know how to distinguish them. That is the point.

      All we have is our own subective experience. As we interact with so-called others, some of our experiences are validated and some are ignored and some are invalidated or ridiculed or repressed or challenged.

      In fact, what if all of our subjective experiences actually are inherited from other people, like culturally transmitted? Of course, some experiences may seem revolutionary and radically new, but how would I know that I am the source of “my” experience of anything, even of “I?”

      In my experience, there may have been a bunch of other people experiencing “I” before my particular “I-experience” came along, so logically, it MIGHT be culturally transmitted, right? Or, is the root of the “I” also the root of all culture? That is, am I the creator of all culture, all perception, all experience, all illusion, all “reality,” all ALL?

      When has the “God experience” of the “I experience” ever not been “already here?” Experientially, it SEEMS eternal.

      Further, it SEEMS generally universal as in something recognizable by most any human older than perhaps 30 months of age. That is, “I” is fundamental to culture.

      However, “I” is not fundamental to language. “I” develops much later than certain other perceptions, but the self-reflectiveness of an isolated perceiver is a radical alteration to the prior experience of life- or apparently to those of us who have witnessed little humans enter that phase of self-conceptualization, or explored the senility of elders, and so on.

      Note that if “I” am the source of my own self-conceptualization, that could be what is meant by godliness. When one is seeking to borrow from the projected self-conceptualizations of others, that is the stage of vanity, which may be an essential and valuable develomental stage in the maturing of a godly god-being.

  3. Ado Sigal Says:

    Individual perception of life doesn’t mean that the individual perception is an illusion, and some other view of life process, like overall view is reality, primarily because many illusions cannot make reality, it can only make multiple illusions. What individual perception actually shows that life is not an illusion, but the case of absolutely individual life reality perception, where each specimen of all the species, including all human individuals perceives life process in its own individual way. Not counting for human only daydreaming periods, every moment of awake time, with open eyes, one receives life process reality. From all other species, only humans that look at life process through consensus, scientific, religious or other, can’t perceive the reality of life correctly, since consensus acts as a mental filter, so each individual from the godless consensus, and each individual from God consensus is perceiving life process reality, but that individual life explanation is an individual illusion, or the reflection of his or hers belief, and belief, no matter how nasty or nice is still belief, therefore an individual illusion of life process. Individual life perception is reality all the time, but it rests in real format only if perceived with common sense and open mind, like animals do, but becomes messed up as soon as metacognition is used, it can become anything, from nice to nasty, meaning that the highest only human asset, which is metacognition, or “thinking about thinking”, or what I call “free thought”, when used without open mind, which is the case when is substituted by a consensus, the explanation of a perception, becomes the expression of individual illusion, therefore human species worst enemy. Evidently, no other group of species except “modern” humans, has any problem with any of the life processes, whilst consensus covered society is full of it. Result is, there is least spiritual people in organised church, least healers within the medical industry, and least creativity within academia. Neurosciences are still guessing what Mind is, believes that brain produces its own signal, hasn’t got a clue what ego is, nor does it know how many entities can occupy the mind space etc., etc.

    However life is not just a process of totally individual perception, life also consists of absolute individuality, where each molecule of matter and every cell within all organisms, is in different position in space at each moment of life time and after death, which would never ever be repeated. Also, each living organism has different life experiences throughout its lifetime, (mentioned in reply as “subjective experience”), and each living organism has different number of cells throughout all the moments of its body life period.

    Life also consists of absolute evolution, meaning that life process is perpetually different with every moment of its duration throughout time and space domain, which means throughout the universe, or the first generation of life creating and life supporting biologicobiophysical operating system, throughout our solar system, which is the second generation of life creating and supporting BOS, and all of the living organisms on Earth, which are the third generation biologicobiophysicalcognitivo (and arguably spiritual) OS, whilst the human group in this scenario, is the third generation biologicobiophysicalmetacognitivospiritual OS, and this individual BOS is in fact “I”, or “Self”, or Chi, Prana etc., therefore a program, therefore software, and considering that Life means Bio, the individual BOS, like computer OS, is the spectrum of biological programs instead of binary programs.

    This means that Life, or process, or energy, or function, is a biological program, and like every program or product, must have a designer or creator, and here we have come to realise that the creator of Life program, must exist, whatever one chooses to call this entity, being God, the Creator, Big Designer or any other name.

    Furthermore, by Natural Law, the creator of anything, must exist on higher level of existence that its product or creation, therefore all Godless, primarily scientific/academic group is in fact totally wrong, and most of the Theists are partially wrong by believing that God the Creator of life program lives within its creation, which is by NL not possible. What we are praying to is the Gods of our choice, but those Gods are from the spiritual world, and as such the integral part of Life BOS. This also means that there is no Creators intervention of any kind ever needed since the very first start of absolute Life program, which started with existence and the interaction of Time and Space, the two fundamental biological programs of life, and not with Big Bangor out of chaos as scientists claim, because by NL, software must operate hardware, therefore biological software or program must operate, therefore control biophysical hardware, and being built on higher level of existence that human product, a computer, the biological software also creates, and controls the biophysical hardware. Biophysical matter, or hardware is the expression of biological software, and not the other way around, as the scientific view dictates. Evidently, in this scenario, God that organised church presents is not correct, although not by much, but prevailing scientific view is indeed completely upside down, due primarily to Darwin’s mental garbage, and worst of all, the bloated ego society claims that a member of operating platform can improve a processor processes within its own operating platform, as stupid as to claim that a computer is going to improve its own software and hardware without its software and hardware designers intervention, which is by NL impossible, and deeply stupid.

    We are already pretty far in uncharted territory for either theoretical camp, and many more needs to be said to complete the logical circle of the life process, but this much is said in order to start clarifying and challenging dialogue, which if anyone wishes to continue in that direction, I am interested, however preferably away from blog.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Hi Ado,

      A rare but valuable inquiry may be to understand language itself.

      If life “must” be created by “God,” what is the source or origin of “God?”

      Consider that it is sufficient to call life a self-organizing phenomenon, exemplified by the evolution of human languages and all other developments of evolution.

      The idea that “Creation” happened once a long time ago and then stopped may not be useful. It may be that only a creation that is in process eternally (an evolution or intelligent self-organizing) would be consistent with the direct experience of you or I or anyone else.

      So, any dialogue that does not address explicitly the issue of language (its existence, function, formation, operation, evolution and so on) may be like a bio-computer neglecting to acknowledge electricity, except perhaps much more fundamental than that. 😉

  4. Ado Sigal Says:

    Naturally, I am be talking with clear understanding that the entire cycle of life process cannot be logically explained, if life is not understood to be a program or software, and considering the important fact that throughout the universe, every molecule of matter and all the atoms within it, and every single part of every living cell and every single component that a cell is composed of, and every dead fundamental biophysical factory of life and all the components of it, must behave always and exclusively according to Natural Law, and my answer to your remarks is as follows:

    -“A rare but valuable inquiry may be to understand language itself.”

    I don’t share your enthusiasm for language inquiry. Why? What is this mental inquiry going to achieve, and for whose benefit? A language is biological program, and a part of communication group of programs, included in all complex organisms that have each individual biologicobiophysical operating system, or “Self”, or “I” have included in their structure, except biophysical hardware recycling group, which are microorganisms, because the microorganisms are a single biologicobiophysical programs, therefore they are applications that don’t need an BOS.

    So a language is a communication program, very specific to each species group, by which the individual organisms partially correspond with each other, as well as with other individuals from all other life process interacting groups, and no individual or a group of species has ever had a problem with any of the life processes of their installed language of correspondence, which whatever it is, its always perfectly suitable for its purpose at all stages of life. I am like you also fascinated with life processes, but for me, the unspoken language which other than human organisms use to correspond with Mother Nature, or humans use of spiritual dialogue is far more interesting and worth looking into, primarily because we know far less about it than about the language, although a thought in my theoretical scenario, is the fundamental biological software that belongs to the cognition software group, which therefore all complex organisms have installed within the OS, not just humans. Don’t you find it strange that we still don’t know what the thought is, and yet you want to exchange the thoughts with me and others about the language, although one is mentally dead without a thought, whilst one can live a full life without ever uttering a word?

    – “If life “must” be created by “God,” what is the source or origin of “God?”

    No, Life process is a spectrum of permanently interacting biological programs, that must have been created by the entity that must exist on higher level of existence that its product, and if one wants to call that entity a God or anything else, that’s fine with me.

    The origin of God comes from the human spiritual dialogue, and all those “books of life” where made on exactly such a dialogue. However, this also means that Jesus and Mohammed where not gods, but humans, which Buddhist always claimed correctly, that Buddha was a human. A very special humans that had a dialogue directly with spiritual world, or prophets, but human nonetheless. However, its not the prophets that wrote the ‘books of life’, it’s the disciples, and in the case of Bible it was translated from the old to a new language under full control of the church, so it ended up to be the book of population control, which anyone can explain anyway they want, whilst the truth is that there is not one person within the organised church that has a spiritual dialogue, simply because they approach life with closed Mind, and their mind has been closed by the consensus.

    -“Consider that it is sufficient to call life a self-organizing phenomenon, exemplified by the evolution of human languages and all other developments of evolution.”

    In my view, it’s not sufficient, nor correct to consider that life is a self organised phenomenon, firstly because lit reflect the ignorance of the viewer, because the programmed organisation, which reason of existence is to create life and to support life, cannot be by any means called self organising, where using word “phenomenon”, which is the word used for an occurrence for which humans haven’t a clue about how exactly, or why exactly is happening, means that one is ignorant of the fact tat within the parameters of Natural Law operation, which is within the domain of Time and Space, means that there is no phenomenon as such, it’s just an expression of an ignorant life process bystander. Furthermore, your expression continues to suggest that this self-organizing phenomenon, is somehow “exemplified by the evolution of human languages and all other developments of evolution.” You could indeed explain what to you is the process of evolution exactly, and why this blanket term is exemplified by human language in particular, and what other developments processes are a part of the evolution process.

    In the mean time I would say that in my theoretical picture, human language didn’t develop, but evolve from embedded core communication program that even the very first human had included within its spectrum of interdependent metabolic functions, just like it is with any other group of species, and like with all other groups and individuals, is always perfectly sufficient for all life performances and all life circumstances one might encounter during ones life period, where life conditions or life circumstances since the beginning of the third generation of life, where always provided by our parent BOS that created and supported the exact life circumstances, from which ingredients, all the individuals of the third generation of life, are entirely and exclusively made of, which is Mother Nature.

    This is why for me, Mother Nature is the only real Goddess, and Sun is the only real God we should warship, because the life circumstances, responsible for the very beginning of life, and for the perpetual evolution of it, belong mainly to these two entities. This means that the very first specimens of the very first species, and all the other species that started from the exact circumstances provided by the life process of the species before them, always had perfect communication tools, because contrary to mainstream science, the life conditions created us, not the other way around. We don’t adapt to life circumstances, we are born already fully adapted to to the life circumstances, and that process is done by the transfer of parents life experiences genetic database, which opposite to the scientific belief, happens without any conscience effort from a parent, gets imprinted by the parents BOS, and transferred to the future offspring via the new life startup program, that been sperm, pollen, seed,or spore. This means that not just the parental biological and biophysical characteristics genetic database get transferred to the offspring, as the science believes, but the LEGD also I found, must get transferred to the offspring, and reside within every cell just like other genetic database.

    This is exactly what the evolution process is all about, not what Godless or God clans claim.
    Anyway, a bit strange, but It seems to me that you support the “life out of a chance” as well as the evolution from common ancestor. Is it so?

    -“The idea that “Creation” happened once a long time ago and then stopped may not be useful. It may be that only a creation that is in process eternally (an evolution or intelligent self-organizing) would be consistent with the direct experience of you or I or anyone else.”

    Again, by the use of generic term “Creation^, which means someone’s product, which is not the idea that happened a long time ago, then stopped. It is like to suggest that mainframe computer, which software and to some degree the hardware, are designed to work on 24/24 basis, still needs the interaction of its designers, which it doesn”t. The software crash and hardware failure are the main reason of human attention, which is done by servicing personnel anyway, not by the system creators. I found life process to be. Otherwise a program must start, and can only start, function and stop only and exclusively from exact conditions.
    There is no self-organising, except by those who believe that a cell controls itself, which means that a cell must produce their own signal that operates them, which is impossible according to not just me, but to NL. This tells me that you believe what Claud Bernard suggested, which is that cells control themselves, and in doing so, produce the homeostasis, or the health state, which is total mental rubbish. Cells are the biophysical hardware, therefore like the computer hardware, only and exclusively perform the executive action of the software, that been biological or binary, not the other way around, as consensus dictates, whilst in reality, NL dictates that software must control hardware, which is why computers evidently work, and scientific belief doesn’t. In my theoretical scenario, this is the first impossibility of present scientific consensus, and unfortunately the very base of our allopathic medicine, which is quite frightening indeed.
    For now I am not going to say anything more about use of intelligence, until you tell me what it is for you, because mentioning the evolution and intelligence in conjunction with self organising doesn’t make any sense, because there is no self organising. Each cell and every single component of it is, and by NL, must be controlled by its BOS, which like a computer, must control every single fundamental unit within its domain.

    -“So, any dialogue that does not address explicitly the issue of language (its existence, function, formation, operation, evolution and so on) may be like a bio-computer neglecting to acknowledge electricity, except perhaps much more fundamental than that. ;)”

    Well, the evolution of a language or a speech is well down the importance scale of metabolic programs, firstly because as mentioned earlier, the language is just a part of communication set of biological software. I see the contraction as the most important metabolic function, or biological program, because by missing a single one from the heart muscle, one is on the way out. The second important biological function is co-ordination, without which one cannot live independent life. The vision is close third, and communications group comes after at least those bio programs. If one observes carefully how a child develops from the inception, and after the first breath of air, which is the starting signal for independent life, one could find that the order i suggest is correct. The speech evolves like all other functions, together with the biophysical body, therefore in progression, but importantly, at all stages of life, indeed every moment of it, the language, or the means of communication is always absolutely adequate for the stage of the life cycle, and that goes for every living organism that has BOS controlling it. A child doesn’t need more that to smile and cry, because that’s perfectly sufficient for that stage of life process, and so it is at any stage in life for humans and for any other individual of any other species.

    BTW, it’s not bio-computer, because computers are in fact yust large calculators, and we are absolute biologicobiophysicametacognitivospiritual metabolic life machines, which instead of electricity, which is BTW a software, used biological programs to operate. Those are: Time, Space, Light, Gravity, Temperature and Pressure, which each and every metabolic life machines must use in order to live.

    Anyway, feel free to address explicitly the importance of all you mention, I am prepared to listen, but try to make it in by NL, “must be” terms, not “maybe”, “could” or “should”. Then we could really have a dialogue, which I would much appreciate.

    Sorry about delay, moving to new computers and platforms is tedious and time consuming, but necessary from time to time. Resisted it for several years, but could no longer, since OS lost support .

    Have to say, one thing is for me very important, which is to continue our dialogue away from blog, because I don’t want to sound critical of your view, but want a challenging and clarifying dialogue, which at some stage should result in you reading my super-condensed, or rather say constipated theoretical essay, which describes full circle of life in less than 50 pages. My primary present task is to challenge and clarify, and after that to publish, not before, and this is exactly what I would like to achieve with our dialogue. Naturally. if you are game for it.

    Best, Ado

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