Almost preventing an impossibleness

Almost preventing an impossibleness

1) These are words, right? These are only words, so relax.

2) Relax, because if you are safe now, then you would not be less safe because of witnessing the sounds of some words or the shapes of some letters. Words in themselves are just symbols or codes that represent something else. While a development that words might represent may not be safe, you have never been unsafe directly because of the voicing or writing of words. Further, while you might not be safe from a tangible development that you might learn about through a communication of words, you can be certain that the words themselves are totally safe.

3) Effects arise from causes.

4) Human action is a type of cause that can produce effects.

5) Language is a type of human action.

6) Language can produce effects.

7) Language directs attention.

8) Re-directing attention can direct attention.

So, can I have obesity? Can I have slenderness, or have baldness, or have blindness, or have coldness, or have dryness or deafness or numbness or immobility? Can I have winglessness, clawlessness, hooflessness, and beaklessness, or rootlessness, leaflessness, and flowerlessness?

Consider that none of those concepts have any tangible existence.

Those concepts refer to a relative absence of something, like there is a real tangible thing of wetness, and the relative absence of wetness can be called dryness, but is there really any such thing as a dryness such that I could ever have a dryness?

There is more or less sound, but is there a silence? There is more or less visible light, but is there a darkness? There is more or less sight, but is there a blindness?

Can I have the absence of exercise, of nourishment, of hair, of sight, of warmth, of wetness, of hearing, of feeling, and of mobility? Can I really ever have an obesity, a slenderness, a baldness, a blindness, a coldness, a dryness, a deafness, a numbness, or an immobility?

Can I have cancer, which is the relative absence of a functioning eliminative system to remove waste rather than pile up waste in to an accumulation called a tumor? Or can I only have varying degrees of functionality in my physiology and varying results, such as accumulations of waste tissue that has not been removed yet?

Can I have a diabetes, which is the relative absence of a functioning pancreas? Can I have an ignorance, which is the relative absence of knowledge or wisdom?

Can’t I have confusion? Can’t I have the relative absence of a recognition that a conceptual model which I have been using does not apply to a particular experience that I may identify as “confusing,”when in fact I was just confusing it for something else. The confusing is actually a behavior performed by me: confusing one thing for something else.

Can I have fluentlessness, which is the absence of the ability to understand a particular language? Can I actually have the absence of anything at all?

Can I have spiritual darkness, which is the absence of introspective insight in to the functioning of language? Can I have incurable spiritual blindness, which means that I refuse to open my eyes or turn on the lamp?

Can I have hatlessness, bootlessness, jacketlessness, or glovelessness? Can I have a glass that is half full of emptiness? Can I have a blank storage device which is overflowing with unusued capacity and silence and 100 Gb of empty free space?

I can look down from out of this headless capacity and see a body with everything below the shoulders, and I notice that right here in the middle of nowhere at all is a big facelessness. My soul may be trapped by freedomlessness. My mindless mind may be consumed with the absence of reverse psychology. My body may be suffering from an accumulation of deficiencies and ignorances and inadaptivenesses and lessnesses, like hatlessness and winglessness and a bunch of nakedlessness covering up most of my body except of course, for right here, where there is just a really big headlessness.

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