archive of what I sent prospective affiliates (builders etc)

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. I have about 100 sites of my own ( and Some of the sites that I have built for other businesses are (which I redesigned using that client‘s existing GoDaddy sitebuilder).

For commissions, depending on the type of job and size (as in $200k vs $20k), I have agreed to a wide variety of commission rates (from under 3% to over 6%). I also like to have “backup contractors” (as in people who offer me lower rates) because some homeowners tell me “I will be getting multiple estimates,” so I like to be able to connect them to a few contractors. 

I generate inquiries from my websites (through Bing mostly and also Google). People usually send in a contact form, although I also list phone numbers that I personally answer when possible. For 

​Houston, my # is


​.​ Some of the info below is focused on garage construction, although I have a lot for storm damage repair, regular roofing, remodeling, and so on.
When people send in a form

, here is 

​an actual example of a lead:
Name:  Bruce J*****
Phone: #########
E-Mail: brujoi@*****.com

​ ##################​

Message: Hello,
I want an estimate for a second story on a 30×60 detached garage. Two bedroom, one bath, open living and kitchen.

​Lately, I have been making the first call to contact people who inquire (to get some very basic info​ that I forward to you).
As an example of my search results, my pages were recently ranked

​on BING ​

at #1 and #2 (below the map listings) for rv garage construction phoenix:




​some of ​

the actual webpage

​ displays ​
​are ​

further down in this email)

Inline image 1

​Those links take people to pages like this one (for mobile phone) with a fading slideshow of “before & after” pics:
Inline image 3
That is a “generic” nationwide page.
Here is a customized page of mine (with written reviews

​ – for a company that offered me a relatively high commission​


Inline image 5

This one features audio recordings of me interviewing past clients of that contractor:

Inline image 7

Here is another “generic” page for RV garage construction:

Inline image 4

and another

​ for remodeling a garage to make it in to a home addition or guest house​


Inline image 8

So, not all of my pages are so colorful. Those are a few quick examples though. I’ll check in with you next week unless you reach me first.

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J.R. Hunn

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