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6/22 update:

rv garage construction phoenix

BING: 1,2

Google: 7,8,16 (7 is THIS page)

RV garage builders Phoenix
Bing: 1,4,6

Google:9,11,20 (9 is THIS page)

Below are my original notes from 2/17/2017 (plus updates on 2/20 & 5/16). First, this is my latest update as of 5/26.

Today, for RV garage builders Phoenix, I had pages at #12 and #22 on google, plus #1 on Bing. For rv garage construction phoenix, THIS page is at #6, plus two more of mine at 18 & 19. (I’m still #1 on Bing.)


As of 5/16, I had not been monitoring this content for a while. On that day, I found that on Bing my page was #2 for RV garage builders Phoenix (down from #1). I made some minor updates and submitted it again just now. It is already #1 again.

Also, on google, that page was #20 (with another page of mine at #14). I submitted a third page that should outperform both of those.

For rv garage construction phoenix on Bing, my page is #1 (plus this page is #5). On Google, this page is #9, plus I have pages at #10, #14, & #15 currently.

Update from 2/20: My page is now #1 on bing for the search below (still with the old description) as well as #1 for this search: RV garage builders Phoenix:


For Google, my results were much bigger rises (since I was already at #2 on Bing on 2/17). For rv garage construction Phoenix, my pages went to 6 &7 (plus another site of mine at #46). For rv garage builders Phoenix, my pages went to 7 & 8 plus the other site at 39.


I am comparing the performance of two of my websites in relation to a few search terms. My first search was “RV garage construction in Phoenix” and then I searched “RV garage builders Phoenix.” I am not only tracking rank (search position), but seeing how the page titles and page descriptions display.

Let’s start with Bing. One of my pages is at #2 and another at #15.



I did not like how the description read on my result that ranked #2. So, I checked the code and it was fine. I submitted both pages again to Bing (and Google) so hopefully soon the description will be updated.

For the second search phrase, my RV page ranked #5 when I started this article, but since resubmitting the page, it is already up to #2. For this search, I did not have another page ranking on bing in top the 50.

Again, I was planning to compare two sites. One of the sites did not show up at all for Bing. So, I also made sure to submit 2 pages from that site to Bing.

On Google, that site showed twice (at 24 & 25) for one search:


and 1 of those pages is at 26 for the other search phrase:


While overall my pages have been quite successful so far for attracting home owners in Phoenix to contact me about an estimate for building a new garage, the RV garage pages are very new. I did make some additional updates to several related pages today s well (plus notified the search engines to re-index those pages). So, I will check back in a few days and see if my rankings improved.


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