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2018 updates

In prioritizing what search phrases to explore, here are some simple details. I know that my most profitable search positions so far have been searches from people who want garages built for them (including in the area of Phoenix AZ, which is where I have had the most success so far).

The most valuable types of garage construction projects have been RV garages (although 2-story garages can also be very lucrative). I have also had good volume for carport-to-garage conversions, although I can earn 10 to 20 times as much for a big RV garage project.

Lately, I focus on bing much more than google, though I do track both.

1st search phrase:  (results are for July 2nd, 2018)
rv garage builders phoenix
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 (all but #3 in top 7, which is the entire first page except for paid ads)
13 ( hometeamaz.net/az/Phoenix/RV-garage-builders.php  )
23  thegaragebuilders.net/AZ/Phoenix/RV-garage-construction.php
So, I made one new page today for targeting that search phrase:




For Phoenix Arizona, here are some older search results that have been tracking:



RV garage builders Phoenix

on 4/20, google at 14 (GEB), 17 (JRF blog), & 19 (HTAZ)

on 4/16, googled at 15, 16, 17 (still all of the top 4 on bing)

on 4/12:

on Google: 16, 17, & 18

(which is WAY down from 2/6, when my top 3 were 4, 6, & 7)

on Bing: my pages dominate at #1, 2, 3, & 4 (with only 6 organic results on the 1st page):










rv garage phoenix

On 4/16

#57 on google, same on BIng as 4/12



As of 4-12-2018 (with mainly Bing indexing my new website so far):

on Google, #68 is my top rank (for my old blog:

https://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/rv-garage-construction-in-phoenix/ )

on Bing, 4 out of the top 8 listings

rv garage phoenix- serach results on bing from 4-12-2018

For rv+garage+construction+phoenix
on 4/20, the JRF blog is #10, page 2 has my images, next is #28: rvgaragebuilders.com/az/

as of 4/16, my page is #3 on google,



as of 4/12

I have the top 5 results on Bing:

On google, my top result is #30

for this page of the new site:





February 8th

Search 1:  4,5

Search 2:

#1 thegaragebuilders.net/AZ/Phoenix/RV-garage-construction.php
#2 hometeamaz.net/az/Phoenix/RV-garage-builders.php
#10 blog

February 7th

Search 1: 5,6,14 (old #7 is gone)

Search 2:

#1 hometeamaz.net/az/Phoenix/RV-garage-construction.php
#9 blog

(February 6th)

Well, it has been quite a while since I updated this page. Today I added this link:


I also searched for my rankings again. My google rankings for rv+garage+builders+phoenix are decent, with 3 first page results, plus THIS blog at #16 on page 2.

#4 thegaragebuilders.net/AZ/Phoenix/RV-garage-construction.php
#6 hometeamaz.net/az/Phoenix/RV-garage-builders.php
#7 hometeamaz.net/az/Phoenix/Building-a-garage-or-carport.php
#16 https://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/rv-garage-construction-in-phoenix/

For the same search on Bing, my rankings are #1, #2 and #6, although there are several map listings above those results (on google as well).

For this next search, my rankings are better (with my two results both showing ABOVE the map listings):

rv+garage+construction+phoenix (on Google):
#1 thegaragebuilders.net/AZ/Phoenix/RV-garage-construction.php
#4 hometeamaz.net/az/Phoenix/RV-garage-builders.php
rv+garage+construction+phoenix (on BING):
#1 thegaragebuilders.net/AZ/Phoenix/RV-garage-construction.php
(then some map listings)
#2 azgaragebuilders.com/RV-garage-buildersPhoenix.php
#3 hometeamaz.net/az/Phoenix/custom-RVgarages.php
#6 THIS blog

2017 results:

6/22 update:

rv garage construction phoenix

BING: 1,2

Google: 7,8,16 (7 is THIS page)

RV garage builders Phoenix
Bing: 1,4,6

Google:9,11,20 (9 is THIS page)

Below are my original notes from 2/17/2017 (plus updates on 2/20 & 5/16). First, this is my latest update as of 5/26.

Today, for RV garage builders Phoenix, I had pages at #12 and #22 on google, plus #1 on Bing. For rv garage construction phoenix, THIS page is at #6, plus two more of mine at 18 & 19. (I’m still #1 on Bing.)


As of 5/16, I had not been monitoring this content for a while. On that day, I found that on Bing my page was #2 for RV garage builders Phoenix (down from #1). I made some minor updates and submitted it again just now. It is already #1 again.

Also, on google, that page was #20 (with another page of mine at #14). I submitted a third page that should outperform both of those.

For rv garage construction phoenix on Bing, my page is #1 (plus this page is #5). On Google, this page is #9, plus I have pages at #10, #14, & #15 currently.

Update from 2/20: My page is now #1 on bing for the search below (still with the old description) as well as #1 for this search: RV garage builders Phoenix:


For Google, my results were much bigger rises (since I was already at #2 on Bing on 2/17). For rv garage construction Phoenix, my pages went to 6 &7 (plus another site of mine at #46). For rv garage builders Phoenix, my pages went to 7 & 8 plus the other site at 39.


I am comparing the performance of two of my websites in relation to a few search terms. My first search was “RV garage construction in Phoenix” and then I searched “RV garage builders Phoenix.” I am not only tracking rank (search position), but seeing how the page titles and page descriptions display.

Let’s start with Bing. One of my pages is at #2 and another at #15.



I did not like how the description read on my result that ranked #2. So, I checked the code and it was fine. I submitted both pages again to Bing (and Google) so hopefully soon the description will be updated.

For the second search phrase, my RV page ranked #5 when I started this article, but since resubmitting the page, it is already up to #2. For this search, I did not have another page ranking on bing in top the 50.

Again, I was planning to compare two sites. One of the sites did not show up at all for Bing. So, I also made sure to submit 2 pages from that site to Bing.

On Google, that site showed twice (at 24 & 25) for one search:


and 1 of those pages is at 26 for the other search phrase:


While overall my pages have been quite successful so far for attracting home owners in Phoenix to contact me about an estimate for building a new garage, the RV garage pages are very new. I did make some additional updates to several related pages today s well (plus notified the search engines to re-index those pages). So, I will check back in a few days and see if my rankings improved.

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