a divine self-organizing

Pinus radiata cone

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pine cone

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You are a divine self-organizing.

Here is my unscripted 5 minute commentary on the self-organizing that is the whole of what is happening, that you are and that I am.

I use the example of a fern in the talk. Instead, below is an even more precise example. Notice the self-similarity of a pine tree and a pine cone (which contains the seeds from which a pine tree forms):

The same pattern of energy that forms the pine cone also forms the pine tree. The two formations of energy into material form (as “potential energy” or energy in a stable or stored or “battery” state) are variations on the same fundamental form or patterning of energy. In other words, the pine cone and pine tree are formations of energy. The specific pattern of the energy of the pine tree or pine cone is distinct from that of a rock, which is an extremely stabilized (“inanimate”) form of energy.

Everything is energy. The patterning of energy as pine tree and as pine cone are similar because those two patterns are very slight variations on the singular self-organizing that is life itself. Naturally, the linguistic category of “pine cone” refers to a recognizable pattern of energy that is similar to that of the linguistic category of “pine tree.”

A pine cone; on a pine tree

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3 Responses to “a divine self-organizing”

  1. judy osmundson Says:

    Yes, I agree. Similar in thought and idea. Supportive ideas! 😉

  2. gabi Says:

    Dan Winter would say self-similarity. More of the same, like attracts like. Bliss occurs when self-implosion occurs, no longer self-organising or even self-similar (fractal), but actually self-re-entering. I guess Jesus said it first in our recent history or version of same “God lies within”.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Gabi, thank you for your participation. Consider that when self-similarity shifts to self-reentering and then self-imploding, self-similarity self-organizes, and further, that is all that ever happens. There simply isn’t anything else.

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