HEY! Listen: …be WHOLE!

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Blame is just a sign of confusion.

Stop struggling against life.

Now, be WHOLE!

(sound familiar yet?)

First, blame is just a sign of confusion.

Blame is the natural result of a belief that the past ever could be a problem right now. The belief could be about how the past should have been how it may not have been or about how the past should not have been how it may have been. That could be confusing, couldn’t it?

The only possible problem is that confusing belief, but as soon as this is clear now, then the past has never been a problem


confusion (Photo credit: torbakhopper)

because the past never could be a problem. Why? The only time something can be a problem is in the present, and without a confusing belief about how the past should or should not have been, there is never any problem right now, was there?

Anyway, pretending that the past is now a problem would be confusing the present with the past. The present is just whatever it is: whatever opportunities are perceived now are the ones perceived now, and that is all so far. Finding someone to blame is the natural result of believing in problems, which, until the belief ends, could have been temporarily confusing to believe, wasn’t it?

Second, stop struggling against life.

Stop rejecting life. Stop fixing life. Stop resisting life. That is frustrating, exhausting, and vain- in that order.

Life is everything that all of us are. So, whenever one of us rejects life, that would be self-rejection, wouldn’t it? Can any life divide all of life into a bunch of divisions without itself being divided?

Stop struggling against life. Struggling against life naturally would have been exhausting (even crippling)!

Finally, now, be WHOLE!

Jesus Christ, how many times do I have to tell this to you, people? Oh right- seven times seventy or whatever….

Here’s the deal. Stop dividing life into good and evil, into villains and victim and heroes, into pasts and presents. There is only now. There is only one of us, God! Be still and know… I am that I am.

So, anyway, the “legion” of self-important, rebellious, bickering, miserable demons (who believed that they were separate from God and each other because of some past that they pretended could be a problem now), well, eventually they all, one by one by one, suddenly died somehow. Apparently, one of them got in an argument with a full-length mirror about the definition of insanity, then that led to an altercation, then a huge brawl… yada yada yada.

Now, be whole. Be undivided. Be holy. Be open to life living the will of God through us.

HEY! Listen: remember, first, blame is just a sign of confusion. Second, stop struggling against life in self-rejection, please. Jesus Christ, you are life… God! Life is everything that all of us are.

— JR


We do not have to sail in the direction of the wind, but if we ever sail off course, is it easier to change the direction of the wind or the direction of the sail?

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