Renovations in Scottsdale (Arizona)

I got some very favorable results on Bing recently for the search phrase Renovations in Scottsdale. On 2/19, my page were ranked at 7, 14, & 24. As of today, 2/22, the #24 page is still in the same position but my other 2 pages moved up to #1 and #3 on the first page (below the map listings):


Unfortunately, I made a small change this morning to one of my phone numbers which indirectly “ruined” my use of the phone number which is showing in those #1 and #3 listings, so for anyone interested, other #s to reach me (for an estimate on renovations in Scottsdale or elsewhere in Greater Phoenix AZ) are 48O 265 5522 or 6O2 625 572O.



as of 3/15, those pages slid to 14, 18, & 21 (so I did some work to improve my positions). Now, as of 3/18, my pages are at #4, 17, & 22

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