* to heaven from blame

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3 Responses to “* to heaven from blame”

  1. jrfibonacci Says:

    Matthew Peter Christodoulou:

    I completely agree with everything you have said in your last comments. I personally do not see anything wrong and at all times try my best to not judge others. I simply understand that we are going through a process of evolution here on planet Earth. We are evolving and transcending our third dimensional consciousness. I do feel however, in my heart, feel the need to assist others in their awakening. There is a major level of suppression on this planet and it tends to confuse and mislead many souls. I simply choose to shine some light and love, just as you are. We have, at the soul level and as a collective, chosen to move on already. The old ways of the past are something to observe and learn from. We are moving on to a world of light and love. 5th dimensional consciousness in a third dimensional experience. Whether we like it or not, this shift is taking place. If we choose to stay grounded and keep thinking in our old ways, it will be like sticking a 110V plug into a 220V outlet. We can choose to evolve, or we can choose to leave this experience. We are now being presented with this choice. We have, as of right now, although nothing is set in stone, approximately 5 years to evolve before the eco-system of the planet chooses to no longer support human life. I love this planet and every aspect of it. The dark, the light, the “evil” and the “love”. It is a beautiful place and an amazing experience. I have chosen to assist in the evolution of Earth and humanity. One Love to you brother.

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    JR repleis:

    You wrote: “I personally do not see anything wrong and at all times try my best to not judge others.”

    Trying your best? Is that all you can do? 😉

    If you have been operating from a model of should, then you have been judging everything and everyone, especially yourself. The need to judge others or help others or save others and so on always reflects a sense of guilt, and is a compensation for the perceived guilt, which is groundless (that is, arbitrary).

    And there is nothing wrong with self-condemnation and guilt. However, it is hell.

    By the way, there is no escaping from hell. There is only making life into hell or not, seeng that for what it is, then perhaps doing something else. Let life be- take away the sin of the world- and hell is a joke.

    There is no need to stop making life into hell. Once “how to make life into hell” is seen directly, any momentum is already over.

    You do not need to stop anyone from making life hell either. You can question it or not. You can match it or not. You can do anything. You can even blame hell on blame, at least as far as I know.

    However, if something is merely a subjective perception constructed out of language itself, how could one save another from what is merely a perception, a dream, an imagination? Why blame anyone (or anything) for making your life how they have not actually made your life?

    You can make life hell or not. Stop having a life, and living is already happening by itself, just as it always has been. That is called “being born again,” though many people may use those same words yet still believe that they are not in heaven already. That is what Jesus and Isaiah warned about with these words (translated into English): “They worship their own personal glorification in vain (in the pride of vanity)- with only their lips, not with their hearts- neglecting the way of Divinity and instead worshiping human traditions.” (variation derived from Mark 7:7-8)

  3. jrfibonacci Says:

    JR replies to MPC’s next reply (which I am not copying here in full, but is referenced throughout below):

    It is simply your ego that believes in darkness. Darkness is just a word for the contrast between the presence or absence of a perception of frequencies within the visible spectrum for a particular organism. There is no such thing as a darkness. By the way, there may be no such thing as an ego either….

    By the way, though, I used to have the same ego as you now do. In fact, I still do. However, my ego does not believe that it is any different than yours. That makes a rather profound difference, huh?

    Your ego may still believe that it is distinct from the rest of life, rather than life itself. I invite you to stop “working on yourself” (or anyone else). Notice the pervasiveness of your implicit self-importance, the nagging perpetuating of “having something important to do, to accomplish, to say.”

    If there is something important to be said, we can recognize those things by noticing what things are actually being expressed in any given moment. If anything is being said by anyone, that must be because it somehow fits for that to be exactly what and how the expressing of life itself is actually producing in this particular moment now.

    Your ego thinks it is eventually going to lead other egos, yet it is also thinking that it is eventually going to fix itself. That is all conflict.

    Your ego believes not only in its own special self-importance, but in its own existence and purpose and so on. Your ego needs the perception of someone to save to keep up the perception of a purpose for it to be. Consider that, to the extent that there is any such thing as an ego, its purpose may have already been fulfilled.

    MPC wrote: “I try not to depend on external sources.” MPC, notice that ego divides internal and external. Ego tries. All of that is optional (or even meaningless vanity).

    Which is more wise: to strain to eventually be more wise than you are already… or to have fun now?

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