“almost perfect enough”

almost perfect enough:

acceptance vs. complacent perfectionism… and questioning how useful it isn’t to presume that the planet is on the brink of destruction

March 22, 2010

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To me, acceptance and complacency may be unrelated. Acceptance of what is allows for an openness to what is relevant. With acceptance, clarity brings new explorations, developments, innovation, intuitions, and even seeking out of mentors.

Complacency, as I know the word, lacks curiosity as well as clarity. Complacency is “I’m confused, but I won’t let that effect my worship of my favorite paradigm, so I will wait for someone on TV to sell me a new ‘final solution’ or the latest war to end all wars, etc….” Instead of accepting and adjusting from clarity, complacency is investing confused, desperate hope in the latest promise of political salvation or whatever- like the idea that the cause of the developed world’s economic instability has been a severe lack of a mandatory subsidizing of insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry and symptom-suppressing allopathic interventions to save us all from a functioning immune system. 😉

Of course, there is a place and relevance for the theories and techniques of allopathic medicine– but also a place beyond that. To a Christian Scientist, it may not be that allopathic, pharmaceutical, bio-alchemical interventions are morally wrong [“evil’] or totally ineffective, but just outdated, slow, expensive, unreliable, and ridiculously inefficient relative to what is available through quantum biophysics.

Back to my prior analogy [about stubbornly denying the utility of bicycles simply because one is used to tricycles, while riding bicycles would be new and require more coordination and skill to use], tricycles are perfect tricycles and allopathic medicine is a rusty old tricycle, which was great for a certain stage of development but might be a bit ridiculous once outgrown, while the metaphysical “medical model” of quantum biophysics is, relative to the tricycle of allopathic medicine, not just a helicopter but a teleportation machine.

So, the entire process of reactionary interventionists (like political salvationists) is predictable and functional within the larger transition from certain destabilizing paradigms to certain emerging paradigms. If some young adults insist that everyone else should still ride tricycles, too, let them insist. Either way, soon adolescence will “rock their world” (or… melt it).

Back to basics, condemnation is attention and attention is cultivation. Repression is like a battery or capacitor, collecting charge for a sudden, explosive discharge.

Many people lately have reacted by being terrified of anger and also condemning fear. How ironic, huh? What other ultra-negative “anti-negativity” social-psychology could be a perfect fit for storing up the anger and fear to explode into a burst of panic due to ripple through mainstream cultures oh so soon?

Prophets like myself have already seen the lightning on the wall. Whether or not you had the eyes to see it, too, which I assume you did not, you may feel the thunder soon enough- more like a 10.0 earthquake, but who am I to mix metaphors?

As for the idea that the planet is on the brink of destruction, yes, perhaps the sun will heat up and swallow it in fire eventually. Otherwise, consider that humanity may be at the bottom of a ladder, and if it takes a bit of heat down here to motivate us up the ladder, that may be what manifests.

You’re scared about the planet because you think you are a body, right? You [Sherri, to whom I am responding] want to live and yet you believe that you are subject to death, right? Well, I’ll back off of the religion for now….

You may recognize that your favorite old paradigms no longer bring you security or inspiration. So, are you open to new ones? Are you willing to seek out those who have clear insight and calm in the midst of what so many may be experiencing as a storm?

By the way, among other things, I analyze and forecast economic trends, publishing precise explanations years in advance of the credit crunch, real estate destabilization, spike in fuel and other commodities, and highs and lows in stock markets worldwide. Acceptance of what is provides perfect insight into what is emerging and how to personally adjust to it well, as well as how other people (those perhaps more complacent than accepting) are likely to react, by which I mean, identify some portion of reality as problematic, then try to fix and/or prevent it- such as anger. (It’s the old allopathic medical model, but applied as Keynesian, interventionist, reactionary, socialist/communist politics, religion, etc….)

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