Builders, increase profits with discounted SIPS packages (faster to build)


If you are already familiar with SIPS, great. In that case, the key detail to know is that, through us, you can get them at a discount over the rates generally available to builders (because of our collective buying power and an exclusive discount from the manufacturer).  (503) 839-9625

If you’re not familiar with SIPS, keep reading. The key advantages are just below. After that is a quick explanation of what they are.

In general, the key advantages of SIPS often include:

for builder: cheaper, faster, simpler (so you can complete MANY more projects than with conventional framing – even during a labor shortage- plus maintain nice profit margins on each individual project)

for homeowner: all of the above plus long-term savings from far better insulation than most typical systems (due to the precise fit of the pre-cut panels which makes them extremely airtight). That means lower energy costs year after year.

What are SIPS?

The photo above shows a crew raising a panel. Briefly, each panel has foam insulation in the middle plus two sheets of wood. Because the panels can support roofs without additional studs or framing, they are called “structural panels.” Because they are insulated, they are called Structural Insulated Panel Systems (or SIPS).

Next is a bit more of the background (and much more background is below in the slides). Call Marshall to get examples / details relevant to specific projects of yours.  (503) 839-9625

(1) competitive prices for materials: materials prices for this method have not gone up as much as typical wood studs and wood sheets

(2) the time to build is much less because the materials can be ready faster and are simpler to build, so building takes less skill and less time (and thus lower labor costs).

(3) you can complete a dried-in shell with a lower cost than stick-framing. Plus, insulation and fittings (for plumbing and electrical) can be pre-cut (again saving lots of time and money for the interior finish)



(Note that any references to costs of materials in the slides below are from spring of 2020 or earlier. So, the advantages of SIPS vs conventional framing has greatly increased as of early fall of 2020.)

The overall construction cost is lower, plus profit margins can be increased. Labor shortages are also much less of a problem with these (and the skill level required is much lower as well). 

Even the roof is easily-assembled as pre-cut airtight panels. (See photo below.) So, that’s a huge decrease in safety issues / liability, especially when high winds or extreme temperatures are an issue.

While the materials do cost more for framing, the savings more than covers that with reduced labor cost, reduced cost for insulation, plus reduced costs due to needing a much lower capacity HVAC system. Further, because of the reduced cooling costs and increased speed of the build, it is reasonable to charge more to the buyer… increasing profit margins.

More on much faster build + greatly reduced costs for cooling (due to better insulation plus much more air-tight than stick-framing, so quieter and better indoor air quality/ greatly reduced risk of mold):(“energy payback period” is typically 5.1 years… to break even on the higher initial costs that builders can charge for this system)

avoids the settling issues of stick-frame|

does not expand as much in heat / cold, so less cracking in stucco & less nail pops

About twice as strong as conventional (in terms of bearing the weight of upper levels).

Typically a 20-year warranty
no need for trusses because of large spans / structural strength

More slides on benefits:

example (residential):

Examples (commercial: 7/11, starbucks, schools, etc)

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