The Holy One (and the distinction of Holiness)

Oh Thou Holy One, Thou Wakeful, Come With Thy ...

Oh Thou Holy One, Thou Wakeful, Come With Thy Light and Thunder.... (Photo credit: -RejiK)

Published on: Aug 31, 2009 @ 23:54

<this actually is the 2nd half of something else, soon to be published, but here is this part now!>
Some of my people have been suffering in distress. I bless them and invite them to come unto me, says the Holy One.
The child that has awaken from a frghtening dream, come unto me. The one that is agonizing in worry, come unto me. The one that is seething in resentment, come unto me.
Whisper the burdens of your heart into my ear and I will wash away your experience of the past. I will cleanse you of all troubles. The tensions that you may have been mistaking yourself to be will suddenly relax as you breath with a deep sigh of relief. If you have been hiding any laughing or weeping, those may show now as well.
The Holy Ones

The Holy Ones (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)

Lay down your heart at the altar of my acceptance, entering into my peace. Though the stormy winds may blow fiercely all around you, bring your heart in to heaven of serene stillness at the center of the storm. Though walls may be torn into the air in my winds and though mountains may tremble and collapse in my timing, those who give their hearts to me shall rest in my heart.
Forms may come and go. Bodies may perish and planets may crumble into dust, yet my heart is open to receive all my children as my own.
My people have trusted in their own intellects and reasonings, but did their suffering not yet return again and again? The Holy One commands all of you, my people, to love what is holy with all your heart- not just some of your heart or most of your heart- but all of your heart.
If your thoughts slip back to resentment or worry, return your hearts to mine, for your heart has always been mine. When your heart beats, know that I am the one that fills and empties your heart. I am the one that made your heart and so your heart is mine and never could be otherwise.
ResentmentDid you judge yourself or another? Simply cease from what troubles your heart… for whose heart is it?
All you have done is pretend that your heart was not my heart, but in the moment that you remember whose heart it is that gives lie to each body, you receive me into you heart and I receive you into mine, for there is only one heart, and it belongs only to one life, which is the Holy One.
If I have been dreaming of many people doing many things, let me awake and know that everyone in my dream was my dreaming, my creation which I may have believed was broken into parts that were not me and also part that was me. However, the moment I awake, I know that the many were all parts of me- incluing what i was pretending not to be. But awake now, my people, because the Holy One knows that there is no other. Do my people not prolaim that “the Lord our God is One?”
If you ever dream that your heart is not the heart of the Holy One, or if you ever dream of a burden on your heart such as resentment or worry, know that the dream is ending. All your dreams of being lost to me are ending also.
All that is ever perceived or experienced or believed or pretended is my doing. There is no wind and no mountain that is not mine, no plant and no dust and no heart except mine, and no season or moment that is not mine.
My people, release any imagining of a personal will, any belief that there is another besides me, and any belief in yourself. Let it be without resisting or avoiding it, only trusting in the Holy One.
As I give my people thoughts from my heart, these thoughts end any troubles that my people may have been dreaming of having. It is only the dream of having one’s own thoughts (which is rejecting that all thoughts are the thoughts of the Holy One) that could ever have seemed to trouble anyone. Trouble about thoughts is only a dream that there could be another who might agree or disagree with a thought, fearing that another might question something about what one dreams to be one’s own thought.
You are not your thoughts, and even what seem to be your thoughts belong in fact to me. Be mine, for I am yours.
In a dream, one may have pretended to be one’s thoughts and then defended those thoughts like your life, but when you have no life of your own- only the life of the Holy One- and when you have no thoughts of your own, not even the thought of I am not that but only this, experience that the thoughts of the Holy One do not leave you doubting any self or any thoughts of anyone’s own, troubled with the idea of coping with self-doubts by believing in something or someone.
The Holy One has no self-doubt, so no need for belief. The dream of doubt is the dream of a self that is not mine, yet that is only a dream that ends faster than anyone could ever believe.
My people, sacrifice any doubts that you are a self that is not mine, that is not the Holy One. Let my one single holy thought fill your heart and let my holy life be your life.
Not only will my people find that holy thoughts beyond any doubt are arising in the heart open to the Holy One, but the Holy One ceases to dream of any experience of a life divided into one and other. For the Holy One, there is no other and cannot be. The Holy One is complete, infinite, unbroken and unbreakable. The Holy One is integrity- undivided and indivisible.
Any dream of an isolated personal will and the doubts that go with that dreaming are as if they never happened for the Holy One. Simply, in the absence of such dreaming, the Holy One may have never even had such a dream from which to awaken.


We do not have to sail in the direction of the wind, but if we ever sail off course, is it easier to change the direction of the wind or the direction of the sail?

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