review of CAM contracting by Andrew Davis

Remodeling Testimonial from a Florida real estate investor and Licensed Realtor in Orlando, Andrew Davis
If somebody was buying a house and remodeling it (to rent out, or to live in, or to re-sell), your short list of contractors would include David {{clearly}}, is that correct?

Yeah, he’s at the top



How did you hear about him?

He actually did a remodel for a friend of mine

in College Park, which is a cool neighborhood in Orlando.

[to hear that person’s audio testimonial, click here ____________. ]


6:40 what factors were important in choosing to hire David to do the work for you?


He came very highly recommended.

I checked his license. There were no complaints against his license.

Basically, the biggest thing was the testimony from someone who had worked him and spoke very very highly of him.

anything specific about what he told you
5:10 that {{you know}} really caught your attention)


Basically, that he was ethical.


For whatever reason,
the residential contracting and remodeling business
tends to attract people that sometimes aren’t very ethical.

and So GOOSE

[the friend who had previously hired David]
[he] just
he keeps his word
he’s ethical
he’s honest
he’s up front
and he does really really really good work
he’s excellent
if something’s not done right, he goes out of his… he takes pains to correct it.
You mentioned that, in general, contractors who do remodeling or renovation have a bad reputation when it comes to being ethical or not. Are you just saying that as a Realtor who has heard a few rumors about builders and the construction industry, or do you have more first-hand personal experience with problems from remodeling contractors that you personally know there in Orlando?
I had hired somebody that did a really bad job, made a mess of things with the city building officials and we were just at a standstill on a project.

At the time I started the project, I didn’t know David
(or else it would have probably been a different project!)

So he came in later, like as a pinch-hitter.
Basically, he came in and made sense of everything. He made nice with the city officials

and in a matter of weeks has completely turned the project around (that was at a standstill).
After hiring David, what else did you notice about their work that was notable….?

Just that they take the time to do things right.
So you know
He just noticed things that I didn’t even notice.
(and he just went ahead and fixed them without even asking him to do so).
so that was the big thing
their professionalism.
he and his wife work together
she… handles the administration and books and things
they are both very professional
and the way they handle expenses and invoices and things like that


I just noticed that the people that he uses…

I visited the property
he has a lot of subcontractors working out there.

they’re all very professional and very polite.
very clean jobsite

the neighbors are happy
not complaining about the mess or noise
just really really professional.



You mentioned the invoices.
So that was very clear and
easy for you to see what was going on, is that right?


Yeah, that’s correct.
Very very good communication about what it’s going to cost.
what’s included in the bid, allowances for things that aren’t

so he’s given me a very good idea
of what the costs are going to be.

When you were talking about him noticing
11:21 things … you haven’t noticed already, I was wondering if …


like him being a partner?


11:30 yeah
yeah, i think that’s a great descriptor.
You very much get the sense that he really cares about your property and about the job
beyond just what you specifically tell him
like he’s not going to go “ah, well we did not talk about that!”
You can tell that he really cares.
yeah you feel like there’s a real ownership in the work.


2:32 So what were the actual remodels and renovations that were completed?

door install

screened in pool

sprinkler repair



if you were to
how would you rate
the whole team
including him and his wife

on a scale of one to ten.




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