* how free is too free?

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6 Responses to “* how free is too free?”

  1. Ante Says:

    we have similar history about it (learning to be free)…the results are almost the same. I was too free for my friends, students, collaborators. The differance (Derrida) is that i didn’t like others as you and did not adjust …but both path have the same result …lack of love and lack of freedom in ourselves and themselves.
    Dear J.r. we should unite and teach TOGETHER ourselves and them to be too free – IT IS OUR WAY, IT IS GOD WAY..

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Prof. Lauc, are you accusing me of liking other people? Well, I admit it. I do. However, I have pretended not to like people sometimes as a “defense” – like for years or even decades.

      We are united, Ante. Plus, we are free to create something amazing. One of your students added me on skype today. We just keep playing free and amazing things continue.

  2. Danijela Poropat Says:

    When somebody is “too free” he is not free at all. He is only somebody who feels uncomfortable in existence and who is trying to jump out this small shoes. When somebody is really free there is no need for pretending or hiding because freedom gives to person sens of real measure and he is on right place in right moment (and it is any place and any moment), there is no offense or defense. Absolutely free person have nothing for defend. We all are only freedom dreamers and freedom lovers, and it is sometime more attractive then be free.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Yes, Danijela “too free” is just a label- us some words. One is just however free one is. Freedom is a practice, and a way to be, and something to maintain and sustain. The word can be used in all of those ways. It is just a word. Knowing that a word is just a word… is freedom.

  3. Katarina Says:

    When we understand oneness, we most certain adept…freedom under responsability. Well that may seem like a prison. But the truth is somewhere inbetween, we are here to enjoy and to find out;what are those things that give joy in a long term, non harmful…and be of that kind that others can too. We can have an open mind, to research the best possible choice in every moment. And I prefer to live in the both worlds at the same time, not lose “myself” into a dream of absolution, just take the life in my hands…and create a good life, that also includes loving and respecting all, thus we are one. That is the way of the heart, and things will continue to happend…but we can change our minds not to judge. How could God ever fail, when God is all there is? We are having different life experiences, and all people and cirkumstances are needed in the big picture, however strange it may seem! Infinite Love is allready here, and everywhere…when we loose fear of deing,we can accept that all is energy…and energy cannot dissapear from here, so there is no Real death! But we shall at the same time give great value and respect for the Life there is, but not fear;which will ulitmatly blind us…to act in a non authentic loving way. Love is the answer, yes…..

  4. Danijela Poropat Says:

    I like idea that freedom is a practice, not some goal.

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