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the secret of reverse pyschology propaganda: resistance is creative attention

April 1, 2012

Resistance is attention and attention is creative.

This posts arises from a dialogue. Here is how it started.

Reverse of the Series 1934 $100 Gold Certificate

Reverse of the Series 1934 $100 Gold Certificate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mrs. Hope Johnson wrote:
“Thanks everyone for your comments on this post. They have helped me to more deeply understand resistance and how it can be used to bring about peace and freedom.

Here’s a link to my most recent article, inspired by my interaction with all of you: ”


My response to her:

Hope, here is my reply to your post, with two links added at the end here. Your conversation is to me like a push against a stack of dominoes that I have been setting up for the last 7 years. Thanks and do enjoy. Comments are of course welcome.

US gold certificate (1922)

US gold certificate (1922) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

re: “Just as eating optimal nutrients resists decay in the body by promoting physical health, so too does peaceful assertion of individual rights resist controlling or oppressive governmental forces by promoting freedom.”

I think of this re “assertion:” as we exercise authority, freedom, sovereignty, responsibility, and prudence, we practice intelligence in our investments of attention and other resources such as money. We organize our finances not around the default legal structures that benefit governments- like automatically putting our assets and revenues under “our own” SSN (it’s actually the SSA’s account, not yours or mine) and in our own legal name (again, a structure that is “legal fiction” as a corporate citizen franchise under the accounting and jurisdiction of the USA or UK or EU etc), such that they are exposed to maximum taxes and court liabilities.

In regard to the legal status of “CITIZEN,” I offer this quotation:
Citibank… is deemed a citizen of any state in which
it physically maintains branches.” – US District Ct of
Appeals, 1st Circuit, December 19, 2005.
See also

Further, there is the matter of the prudent allocation of investments, whether in a charitable trust or other structure explicitly exempt from taxation and legally protected by courts from most legal challenges or controversies. Most people ignore the obvious set-ups of recent decades, such as the retiring of the baby boom, and thus were surprised by market developments that I and many others have been forecasting for quite a while. (See

Rather than benefit from the emerging shift, many have poured themselves deeply into debt, aggressively entering markets like real estate and, more recently, gold. Citing the exact same rationalizations as gold investors did in the late 1970s, gold investors may be almost as disappointed as they were from 1980 to 2000… or even as disappointed as mainstream real estate investors have been recently and [according to my projections] will be much more so in the next few years… or even as disappointed as holders of US gold certificates in 1933, when the Federal Reserve foreclosed on the debts owed to it by the US Treasury and produced a “voluntary confiscation” by criminalizing the possession of gold certificates by US Citizens (but not foreigners, who were outside of the jurisdiction of the US and were not the underwriters or sureties of the debts incurred or billed to the taxpaying citizens by those Doing Business As the USA).

Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the Unit...

Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States Polski: Fragment preambuły Konstytucji Stanów Zjednoczonych (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Citizens may complain of constitutions and rights, rather than exercising their intelligence and responsibility. They may ignore the provisions in the US Constitution for the explicit acknowledgment of treaties as one of three components of the supreme law of the land:

Here is the “Supremacy Clause” of Article VI: “The judges of every
state shall be bound” by “this Constitution, the Laws of the United
States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof, and all Treaties
made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United
States, [which] shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

For more, see

The basic thing is that people can argue amongst themselves while bullets and bombs are flying, or they can take action to promote security and prosperity. Operations of government begin and end. They are not to be relied on as if they are God- and neither is gold or silver or any currency or investment or legal structure.

I’ve written extensively on the psychology of what is shifting as well as the history and economics. Rather than allowing change to inform their own actions and benefit dramatically from the most obvious and sudden redistribution of economic resources that I personally know of, and perhaps in the recorded history of mankind, how many of us are instead complaining about things like that the FDA is “full of sh!t” STILL. Seriously, when was that not the case? (Their information and agenda is limited…. So what?)

Those who are arrogant shall be humbled. Those who are asleep shall be wakened. Those who are antagonistic shall be mired in conflict. Those who are judgmental shall be agonizing in the hell of shame and guilt.

Deutsch: Polizeiwagen der Federal Reserve Poli...

Deutsch: Polizeiwagen der Federal Reserve Polizeil (Bundesbankpolizei) English: Federal reserve police car, St. Louis, MO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pieces of this message are not new to any of us, right? However, when the last piece of the puzzle is put into place, even those of us who have not been looking at the picture on the box in which the puzzle came… will know what the puzzle shows when assembled. By the way, if the governments or mass media or churches give us a boxtop that does not match the actual puzzle that is in the box, that does not mean that we should wait for them to give us the correct blueprint or build the puzzle for us.

Put it all together. Do the math.

Many people will experience dramatic increases in various forms of suffering. We are not at fault for their suffering- nor then for own our past suffering. However, we have the opportunity now to learn as well as to teach.

The meek shall inherit the earth and receive abundance overflowing, but the price of giving up vanity and self-righteousness may seem too high for some, so life may “turn the tables” and raise the relative cost of keeping vanity. Thank heavens for that.

(see also:

Published on: Oct 27, 2009

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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benefit by accepting change

March 27, 2012
A boy riding a bicycle with training wheels

A boy riding a bicycle with training wheels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you accept change, benefiting from changing developments in economics and society?

by Cal Euphoria,
of the Accepting Beneficiaries of a Changing World

Conditions are always changing- even while we sleep. We may notice some changes very suddenly- and those we may call “surprises” (and then we may look back and call some of the surprises pleasant or exciting and call others unpleasant, disappointing, or frustrating). We may notice many changes very slowly, calling them developments or trends. We may even notice changes just as they begin- long before others may notice them or may even be willing to accept them. We may call them intuitions or forecasts or prophecies or revelations or even revolutions emerging.

Any change- even just a possible change- may also be rejected, denied, and resisted. We could judge against a certain possible change as personally threatening or repulsive and then complain about it, protest against it, protect against it, campaign to reverse or “fix” it, or just try and try to prevent it simply by sustaining something else. Plus, we may just focus compulsively on what we hope may still be true.

Two men riding one bicycle in Paris, France.

Two men riding one bicycle in Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of that can be quite exhausting, plus eventually it just does not work. Whatever we do or do not do, life always changes anyway- breathing in only for a while, then breathing out only for a while, and so on.

However, accepting change is essential to responsibility, functionality, and leadership. Rejecting anything is a symptom of dis-ease, or a lack of adaptability… in that one can be so attached to a certain possibility that the absence of that possibility would result in the experience of distress or suffering. If we focus on anything that we believe would or could result in distress, that is already distressing or agonizing.

Mental dis-ease or distress or suffering or agonizing (which, by the way, always has physical consequences) is not the inherent result of any particular external change or development. (Note: I am not talking here about a lack of physical development due to undernourishment- such as the “modern epidemic” of undersized jaws and crowded teeth due to diets of refined, processed,
“convenience” foods. See or In contrast to organic nutritional deficiencies (or physical injury- which is highly correlated to undernourishment), mental dis-ease or “disorder” is always an interactive response in which some possible development may be filtered through some neuro-linguistic patterns and then those patterns (or beliefs) may delete, distort, or otherwise decode the particular possible development, then – in the case of a responding of dis-ease – interpret that development or perception as “a threat, a problem, or a worry.”

However, what exactly is threatened? If the development is not inherently threatening, but only perceived as a threat from the context of a certain specific belief system, then perhaps it is only the belief system itself (the neuro-linguistic pattern) that is threatened by a particular development.

For those who are not familiar with the term neuro-linguistic pattern, consider that all beliefs are made up of words (language). Beliefs are inherently linguistic. Life (and experience) is not inherently linguistic, except for language itself.

Using language is like trying to describe a dream- the words are always related to the dream, but never replicating the actual experience of the dream for another. For instance, if two people both have direct experience with riding a bicycle, then they can linguistically refer to the direct experience of riding a bicycle and no beliefs need be involved.

Because their neurology has direct experience with bicycle-riding, the words about bicycle riding simply prompt a triggering of the associated neurology. The bicycle riders have direct experience patterned in to their neurology, and are not especially prone to argue with other people about any particular beliefs about bicycle-riding. Bicycle riders know bicycle-riding, and they know when other people know from personal experience or when other people merely are operating or talking from presumptions or concepts or beliefs or theories about riding a bicycle.

Any particular concept may be instantly recognized as a misconception, at least, by an experienced bicycle rider. Only for those that are not experienced bicycle riders, theories and arguments may be very interesting about what bicycle riding would be like, could be like or should be like. All of those intellectual conversations may lead someone to eventually experience bicycle riding- or may primarily have a social value, as in when people go on for years or decades about something and how it may be attractive or repulsive- yet never experience it directly. Notice that while bicycle riders may reminisce and discuss bicycle riding, they are not likely to argue about it, especially not arguing about how it should or should not be done.

They may share their experiences of how they did it as distinct anything else that they may have also explored. They may offer instructions or guiding questions, but would an experienced bicycle rider ever argue about what bicycle riding would be like?

Now, I did not select the analogy of bicycle riding because it is particularly important. However, it is common. Most children I know have seen bicycle riding and will eventually do it.

Further, there are many different variations of riding a bicycle. There is riding a bicycle up a mountain… or for hours in a highway

An ordinary bicycle. Man riding the bicycle in...

An ordinary bicycle. Man riding the bicycle in the centre of Kraków, Poland Polski: Bicykl. Mężczyzna jadący na bicyklu po krakowskim rynku, Polska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

race… or in very different weather conditions- like during a snowstorm, hailstorm or on a muddy dirt road. I am clear between which types of bicycle riding are personally familiar to me from direct experience, and which ones I could imagine with my neurology and describe with words speculatively, but that I do not actually know.

However, some people may not be so clear about their own direct experience and what may ultimately be merely their opinions. Anyone who argues about politics or religion or economics… or human relationships or ANYTHING at all may be quite confused about language itself, that is, about the social function of arguing.

What do I mean by the social function of arguing? Arguing about bicycle riding is never really about bicycle riding. Arguing about bicycle riding is really always about the personalities doing the arguing. The social function of arguing is for people to test who actually knows what they are talking about from direct experience and who is just exploring concepts and theories and beliefs and words.

People who know the social function of arguing do not argue about arguing- nor about anything else, at least not other than in humor. People who argue do not know about the social function of arguing are the ones who argue RELIGIOUSLY. Arguing may be the central quality of their personality. They may argue about certain things in particular or about anything in general.

Arguing is always supposing as in speculating– and supposing or speculating certainly can have value. However, arguing is merely supposing or speculating WITHOUT recognizing that whatever is supposed to be is merely whatever is speculated to be.

Anything is possible- but supposing without knowing that one is merely speculating: that just may not work well, if at all. So, the social function of arguing is to identify – for all the rest of us – those of us who do not know that they are merely speculating about what is supposed by them personally to in fact be, but actually may not be… or even may be.

So, this article is not particularly about arguing (or bicycle riding). However, distinguishing what arguing is may be essential to what this article is particularly about. This article is about accepting the changing world- as distinct from arguing about it. In accepting the changing world, one may personally adjust to any changes such that one benefits from those changes.

It is possible for someone to benefit from changes that they argue against, but that benefit may be quite temporary. To reliably benefit from however the world is changing, one MUST accept however the world is changing- like not accept a certain set of changes, but accept any possible change- absolutely ANYTHING! If one is attached to arguing against (or for) ANYTHING, than one rejects what is already possible now as the world. If one rejects the world now for one’s personal attachments and opinions, the world may reject that one.

That is, the benefits of this changing world- benefits that I could otherwise be experiencing now- may instead just flow through my hands as I may try to grab the flowing water. I cannot grab the water- though I can exhaust myself trying- but I can cup my hands and allow the water to collect in my hands and to benefit me, to quench my thirst.

A famous man once said that one can drink from a well and remedy one’s thirst temporarily- but that there is also a drink that will cure one’s thirst forever- removing all possibility of the dis-ease of agonizing over the changing world, cleansing one of the rusty accumulations of obsolete belief systems, giving one a direct experience of something profound and unspeakable, something beyond the reasoning or speculative mind, something that the famous man called the peace beyond understanding, the peace of God. Another famous proverb says that the meek shall inherit the earth.

The vain may argue over what they suppose to be more important than what actually is. They may seek approval and glory.

The meek or humble recognize the glory of God in all of God’s works, that is, in everything and everyone. Because of their accepting the changing world just as it is, rather than exhausting themselves by condemning how the world may or may not be and should or should not be, struggling against the changing world, rejecting it and rejecting God, those who accept the changing world just as it is naturally and automatically go with the flow and adjust themselves into positions and relationships and patterns that bring to them benefit from the changes of the world. In other words, the humble inherit the changing world while the vain or arrogant reject and argue about it.

Notice (Photo credit: Squirmelia)

So, I have been accurately forecasting various major global changes for the last 7 or so years. Many of those changes have manifested since then, surprising much of humanity, such as the rise and then fall of commodity prices, especially fuel and oil, as well as the changes in lending markets, real estate markets, financial institutions, stock prices, and rates of unemployment, delinquency, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. However, the changes that I began publicly forecasting 7 years ago have not competed, and with each new development, I can update my forecasts to be more specific about the near future. Knowing how to recognize changes before most others even have a chance to reject and argue about them, I can adjust to benefit from them. I can also help you to do the same.

What I did not know 7 years ago is the extent to which not only other people but the extent to which I had learned to reject the changing world, condemning it and many of the people within it, most particularly, myself. Those who reject themselves and the changing world seek to prove themselves, to enter and win arguments, and to earn approval and love and rescue or salvation. Those who accept the changing world and themselves AUTOMATICALLY align and attune and adjust, thus benefiting from the changing world, inheriting the future.

I invite you to contact me for either or both of the following explorations: not only how to adjust economically and financially to accept the benefits offered by the changing world, but also how to open one’s heart to accepting all that is possible for this changing world and for each of us. I look forward to hearing from you and from benefiting along with you.

“Lest ye humble yourselves like children, ye shall not enter….” Seek first to accept this world as already heaven now, be redeemed from judgment against it… into innocence, and then all else shall be added unto you- fountains of blessings that will overflow like a gushing spring or geyser.

Receive the spirit and character of the Holy One as your own, and accept that you are made in the image of the Holy One, exactly according to God’s will, as an expression or form of God- just as is everyone else. So, if the beam in your own eye offends thee, cast it out! If you judge another as wrong, just forgive them and the error shall be corrected. However, if you are unwilling to forgive, error shall persist- within you as resentment and perhaps even within them as guilt.

You who have known what it is like to wallow in guilt and resentment and dis-ease and generally to make life hell, how dare you allow others to suffer when you could end the suffering now just by your blessing the changing world and everyone of us here, including yourself…. How dare you arrogantly reject the benefits that the changing world is offering you? Would you rather complain and protest and struggle against the changing world- condemning God indirectly- or accept the blessings which God offers generously, reliably, predictably, faithfully?

First published: October 3, 2009

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the eyes to see: how the meek shall inherit the earth

March 3, 2012

“Many have eyes, but how many see?”


Eyes (Photo credit: courosa)

For those who know that they may have been judging the world, but are willing to have already stopped:

Some people look but do not see. Some do not even look. Some do not even open their eyes at all. Some may even see, yet do not understand….

What is surprising and even confusing to one person may be familiar to another. The same thing may even have been predicted by some of us.

Many have eyes, but how many see? Shall we take the speck out of another’s eye while there is still a log in our own?

The baby boom is pending retirement, but how many are willing to humbly look even for a moment at what clearly lies before us as we witness the historic shift in the number of people leaving the workforce? The overall rate of people entering and leaving the workforce has been relatively stable for decades, with numbers increasing rather gradually due to factors like more and more women entering the workforce over time- but even women reach retirement age!

We are experiencing the front edge of a huge shift of perhaps the most obvious long-term demographic trend in our lifetimes, with huge numbers of people beginning to leave the workforce (relative to the number entering the workforce, at least in the baby boom countries like the US, Japan, Germany, and the UK). As the baby boomers leave the workforce in record numbers, what is predictable? They reduce their earnings, thus reducing their creditworthiness, reversing their participation in the investing markets of real estate and stocks and even silver and so on, beginning to sell their retirement investments for everyday living expenses.

As the prior inflating of the world’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) begins to deflate, the expanding lending markets of the 80s and 90s simply

Market Street

Market Street (Photo credit: glennharper)

no longer exist. Without new borrowing pouring in faster than ever before, the whole ponzi scheme destabilizes. Prices that have been inflating for decades can deflate suddenly, like a balloon flying around wildly. Those who fear the destabilizing of the financial system most also are subject to misunderstand it, so they have been fearing hyperinflation and thus pouring in to markets like gold, ignoring the clear evidence (for those who have the eyes to see) that hyperinflation is not present, but deflation.

What’s happening is about the difference between cash and debt. Cash rockets in value (real purchasing power), as debtors scramble to liquidate their illiquid investments to get the cash to get current on their high-risk gambles in the form of mortgages… while rates of delinquency, foreclosure, and bankruptcy continue to surge. Debt contracts plunge in value, with short sales, defaults, and auctions becoming the norm- rather than the exception.

But just having open eyes may not keep you safe. A deer frozen in the headlights is not especially safe- even with eyes as wide as they can go. Seeing the avalanche approaching us is only useful if we are willing to get out of the way- and able! Would you allow me to help you with organizing a new future of responsible prosperity?

If you say yes, then I’d like you to know that, along with forecasting well in advance the major developments in various markets such as real estate prices, fuel prices, and stock market prices, there are two basic adjustments that I have been promoting for the last several years to people like us. The first adjustment is the more conservative one: totally shelter all exposed assets (cars, banks accounts, real estate equity, revenue streams) and then aggressively negotiate reductions in debts, even if eventually seeking the legal protections of a bankruptcy court. However, there is also another way to look at the predictable developments emerging in markets, like a series of stacked dominoes falling one into the next….

Whenever there is a redistribution of economic activity, some investments (some investors) benefit more than others. Many complain about the latest surprise (and who is to blame or how the politicians really should save them eventually)- and those are like deers standing on the tracks while the train approaches. However, others allow the emotionally maturity to accept that the sound of the train coming louder and louder is a signal to MOVE RIGHT NOW!

So, some are already benefiting more than others. Those who accept the emerging developments can get in a position to assist others in rescuing themselves (not waiting to be rescued like frozen deers). Those who resist what is happening and their own natural responsiveness to it, their so-called faith in repressing the wisdom of fear is vain. They will refuse the immense benefits available to them; they will fail to invest in the opportunities that are prospering as the baby boom retires and the deflation of the credit bubble accelerates. They will eventually be stripped even of their pride. The meek shall inherit the earth.

As we humble ourselves like children, we enter through the eye of the needle into the open eye of the storm. One cannot experience peace and still serve another master: pride. Without pride, all that we may have proudly worshiped- like self-righteousness and blame and guilt and the wisdom of fools called personal glory- all of that may have suddenly just disappeared.

We simply and humbly receive the instructions of life: “do this.” Faithful to life itself, are we willing to meekly inherit the earth- even at the cost of the loss of “the devil’s pride?” The one attached to perpetuating the misery of making life hell refuses to enter heaven, indeed condemning those who do.

Choose wisely, dear. You have all the time in the world, even to stand on the tracks and exhaust yourself protesting the existence of the evil trains and corrupt avalanches and so on… unless you realize that it is you that may have abandoned the world for your own pride, and if only you stop judging the world, it is all yours to inherit.

[When I wrote this on October 20, 2009, I called it a promo for “open eye financial solutions.” A few years later, I created the website ]

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