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The purpose of the media: propaganda (influence)

February 9, 2015

The purpose of the media is to direct the attention of the audience to subjects that the ruling class (the decision-makers) prefer for the audience to notice. This is the same purpose as schools and churches, by the way.

The attention of the audience is directed toward certain things (and thus implicitly away from certain other things). The way that the masses interpret or relate to those subjects may be presented from a few different ways by different media outlets (or different guests on a single show), but the point of some broadcasting is simply to promote public controversy about specific issues.

Typically, two mutually-exclusive forms of delusional idealism are promoted to the public and then continuously repeated. The subject of controversy is carefully selected. The dynamic of the controversy is carefully cultivated. These issues are designed for lasting controversy, not respectful dialogue and innovative solutions.

Favorable political outcomes are selected, then problems are identified for which each eventual outcome can be reasonably justified as a solution. Paranoias are created, then hysterias.

The institutions select what the masses will focus on, how they will relate to it or interpret it, and thus the institutions control the behaviors of the public by influencing the experiences of the public. They public does not just respond to what they notice, but to how they experience what they notice.

For instance, certain European interests in the 1910s wanted the US to invade Germany (and perhaps borrow immense amounts of money from certain foreign banks to do so). So, they hired Edward Bernays to use any means to influence the public in the US to accept that outcome (to justify a US invasion). How did he do it? In large part, an invasion was justified through the publicizing of emotionally-charged stories about German atrocities. Bernays later published clear statements that he invented the atrocities, but the accuracy of the reports was apparently not a priority to the public or the news outlets at the time. If the same methods keep working to mold public opinion, why not use them to justify invading Germany and Japan and then occupy those nations for a century or two?

Was the ultimate outcome of a lasting US military presence in Japan and Germany identified as favorable by some people long before the US entered world War 2? Maybe most of the lobbyists did not know that there was a larger plan, but what if the people in charge (the ones who paid the lobbyists and PR specialists) knew exactly what their latest “final solution” / political salvation would be?

The propaganda of centralized governments (about health)

September 2, 2014
“Land of the free” is just a slogan. Ask a Native American (who knows the real history of their tribe). However, if you ask an immigrant to the US who came from the Soviet bloc (for instance), they will also note that some slogans have a lot of truth to them.

Let’s talk about centralization and decentralization. First, let’s talk about systems for influencing public perception (as well as public focus and public behavior). These are systems for forming herds (and leading them, governing them, and regulating them, as in managing the herd of human resources).
Modern civilization includes a few institutions for influencing public perceptions. The oldest one that I will mention is “the church.” In places like Great Britain or parts of the middle east, the political leader (hereditary monarch) is also the official head of the religious intstitutions. The churches, whether government-funded or otherwise, focus on certain issues and ignore or dismiss others.

Another innovation in the influencing of public opinion was the printing press (and publications like newspapaer and magazines). Later, that became raido and TV and so on. Again, the media outlets focus on certain issues and ignore or dismiss others.

When these are government-regulated, like by the FCC, that produces a culture of a certain level of censorship. When the media is government-funded or government-operated, then every single program can be presumed to be government propaganda.
In the case of public schools, with virtually all schools government-operated in the US for the last century or so, then every bit of the curriculum is not only funded by the government, not only regulated, but entirely produced by them. Whether any particular school is a government propaganda program or otherwise, each school will focus on certain issues and ignore or dismiss others. 
With big, controlling networks that have a “common core,” there will naturally be a dramatic reduction in diversity of content. That is what common core means, after all, right?

So, centralization of authority ALWAYS corresponds to less receptivity to certain kinds of content as well as “bias” toward big funders. When there is a decentralized set of media outlets, then it can be challenging for a single “tyrant” to influence every single media outlet (or school or church). It is harder to censor or suppress information without centralized distribution and control mechanisms.

In particular, the “wire services” of AP & Reuters allow for huge numbers of media outlets to all program the masses with the same “curriculum.” Further, when there is a regulatory power like the FCC watching every move by AP and Reuters, then that effects content, too.

Plus, there are many cases of fabricated propaganda that governments create and then feed to the private media. Edward Bernays wrote about the deceptions that he used as a US government contractor to get the US public to be more receptive to the idea of invading Europe. He “sold” World War 1 to the US public. How? Deception was a reliable method (consistently effective). He made up emotionally-charged accusations and then had a big budget to get those stories published as “news.”

In WW2, while our allies the USSR were slaughtering tens of millions of their own citizens, they also massacred about 22,000 Polish people and blamed it on the Nazis. Because the USSR was our ally and the Nazis were our enemy, the US (and UK) media publicized the Katyn Forest Massacre as another Nazi atrocity. It was not.

Further, the idea of a massive holocaust in Germany is notable relative to the devastation conducted by the USSR in Ukraine and elsewhere. The popular figure for the total deaths in the German holocasut is 6 million.  Not only is that figure considered by many to be immesnely inflated, but it is still dwarfed by the series of genocide conducted by the USSR (the US ally).

But the US government’s “ministry of information” did not “feed” AP & Reuters stories about the genocides of our communist allies. Instead, the Katyn Forest massacre was blamed on the Nazis as well as a variety of emotionally-charged stories, like making soap from human flesh or using human skin for lampshades. If some of these stories were “recycled” inflammatory content created by Edward Bernays, they were not publicized for accuracy but for emotional impact.

So there are many layers to the issue of centralizing information. There are clear cases of falsehood like the Gulf of Tonkin “attacks against the US” that the US used to justify aggression against Vietnam. Basically, the US Navy traveled many thousands of miles to bring immense military power to the edge of Vietnam, then publicized a report of an attack against a US vessel, then “retaliated.” The report of the original attack was later admitted as entirely false, but the invasion itself did not stop because of that detail.

The current “official” version of the story is that the US Secreatry of Defense McNamara intentionally deceived President Johnson. However, some radicals assert that the US invasion of Vietnam was a choice made long before that, with the assassination of JFK to remove him as a “barrier” to the invasion. LBJ may have been ignorant and naive or may have just been smart enough to have a lower-ranking agent (lower than his rank) be the “bad guy.”

What about matters of health? Would commercial interests lobby for the creation of US government agencies to advance the interests of the lobbyists? Would the lobbyists try to influence their agency (the one that they created)  so as to protect the economic interests of the lobbyists?

If margarine sales depended on a demonization of saturated fat, could the commercial interests get the FDA to approve the use of margarine (whether safe or healthy or what) and also permit a demonizing of saturated fat? What if the lobbyists could get the FDA to do the demonizing itself and at the expense of taxpayers? That would be a great result for a lobbyist or PR firm, right?

The idea that the FDA or the CDC ever had any scientific credibility or integrity is an interesting idea. Where did you learn it? From the government-operated schools and government-regulated media?

Consider the allegation by the FDA that cholesterol is a dangerous substance. Millions of species of animal on this planet all have livers and all of those livers are constantly producing cholesterol, which can then be made in to estrogen and cortisol and vitamin D. How many of those animals are harmed by cholesterol?

The FDA can publicize the idea that all of those animals are harmed by cholesterol. That is not only false, but ridiculous. Even now, though, if you go to a grocery store or search online for cholesterol, you can find reference to “lowering cholesterol” as if that is a good thing. (What if there is extensive evidence that lowering cholesterol has huge long-term detriments?)

What is the actual issue that led to the demonization of cholesterol? Cholesterol is sent to damaged tissue to help repair it. So, there is a correlation between cholesterol and various kinds of medical conditions.

The FDA, as an instrument of lobbyists, publicized the idea that cholesterol caused the damage to the tissue. This is exactly like saying that the presence of paramedics CAUSES medical emergencies. It has no scientific credibility and never did.

However, demonizing cholesterol was recognized as a profitable promotion. This allowed for the creation of a new industry: toxic drugs to impair the function of the liver in regard to the manufacturing of cholesterol.

Some radicals assert that the FDA has always been an instrument of special commercial interests (created by them and directed by them). They say things like “the only thing the FDA has ever done is to conduct a war on science.”

However, anonymous sources within the FDA have issued statements saying “we operate only to promote the interests of you personally and of all of the other human resources that we manage.” Hillary Clinton recently said, “This is a huge relief to know, right?”

So, as to the issue of “holding the government officials accountable,” who will do that? Other government agencies? Really?

The wise thing to do is to “wake up” to the nature of governments. They are systematically violent and deceptive.

In the case of the 1979 Iran hostage situation, certain US politicians took actions to delay the release of the hostages to promote the campaign of Reagan over Carter. Among the leading agents of the operation were Oliver North and Caspar Weinberger. They illegally laundered drug money from central America and they illegally traded in weapons in order to convince the Iranians to keep the US hostages captive until Reagan’s inauguration.

North was later convicted (and sentenced) and Weinberger was indicted (plus 4 others) and awaiting trial. President GWH Bush had the legal right to interrupt all of those legal punishments and did so.

Marc Rich was not as well known. He was involved in illegal smuggling of oil out of Iran during the embargo of the late 1970s. After massive donations to causes “near to the heart of Bill Clinton,” Clinton also reversed the convictions against Marc Rich (which included tax evasion and fraud, etc).

Those are events within our lifetimes. Prior to our lifetimes, were governments less violent or less deceptive? Government propaganda all over the world may suggest that “our government, which is so unlike the evil governments of so many other places and times, has always been the best one ever.”



The myth of “declining government honesty”

August 19, 2014
  • The idea that the US government was previously more honest than lately has been a popular idea… for centuries. It is based of course on a particular perception about past honesty.

    Those who independently study the nature of government may encounter some simple facts about all governments. (Note that in order to distract the masses from independent research, governments often make it a high priority to program the masses with pro-government propaganda through indoctrination systems of schools which may be government-regulated, or even government-funded or, in the most extreme cases, even operated by governments.)

    The mainstream media is similar (though in the US, the media is not as socialized as the primary school system). If you care to research the history of US government pro-war propaganda, two good sources are War is a Racket by USMC Major General Smedley Butler (1935)…/major_general…

    Throughout the years various men of military service have spoken up and….

    There is also this book from 1928 in which the nephew of Sigmund Freud (who was also the founder of the PR industry) details how he invented inflammatory anti-German propaganda in order to incite antagonism in the US public so as to reduce the resistance to the first US invasion of Europe (what later became known as “World War One”)

Lyrics: ​​”Chain Worshiper”

May 9, 2014
What does the master call a slave who worships their own chains?  …Well-trained.
What does another slave call that slave who worships their own chains? …True to the faith.
The last thing a fool would want to admit… is typically the last thing that they do.
What if your empire’s system of influence is simply a system of influence?
The human resources are herded and governed- trained and programmed to obey.
Santa rewards the good slaves with heaven, while tortures of hell scare the brave.
In propaganda, consensus is key. Accuracy is no issue.
The media drills the public with science or is it just a marketing tool?
Worship the words of the holy authority. That institution is God.
Their witches create the curses that cripple… the masses will chant to the song.
What does the master call a slave who worships their own chains? Well-trained.
What does another slave call that slave who worships their own chains? True to the faith.
In paranoia, the threat is just trivia. Again, consensus is key.
Like the masses all panic for they believe that fat is their enemy
It  spreads through their blood and attacks their brain. How can they ever escape?
The faster they run on their hamster wheel minds, the faster that they will feel drained.
Before hibernation, what does a bear eat? The starches are what make it fat.
But not for the masses- their science is different. Or at least they proclaim that as fact.
In religions of saviors, there must be a victim. It’s been this way thousands of years.
Save us from Hel, Hades; we need your mercy. Protect us from all of our fears.
What does the master call a slave who worships their own chains? Well-trained.
What does another slave call that slave who worships their own chains? True to the faith.
Cling to your chains. Worship the boogeyman. Or else his high priest will label you damned.
Cling to your chains. Worship the boogeyman. Or else his high priest will label you damned.
Cling to your chains. Worship the boogeyman. Or else his high priest will label you damned.
Cling to your chains. Worship the boogeyman. Or else his high priest will label you damned.

The ideal of an honest, fair, propaganda-free government

April 22, 2014

Some perfectionists may raise a cry of rebellion and rally together with words like “fellow citizens of the world.” Let’s slow down a bit and review the reality of things, like the phrase “no longer” in the image below….

No longer? Like in 1820? Like in 1910?

Once there was a baby who was so ashamed that the baby complained about how much things had changed in the last 3 months, then blamed the changes on others. What had changed? Mostly the baby’s own perceptions.

On March 32nd, 1984, the US government switched from being exactly how they presented themselves in propaganda as the perfect glorious ideal. Suddenly, they were overtaken by exactly 7 people who were willing to begin to use violence and deception and propaganda in the operation of government, which had never before happened in human history. The next day, the horrible shame and demoralization that the baby experienced when it realized that it had just been a naive baby all along… suddenly relaxed and disappeared.

unraveling mainstream propaganda about “cancer”

February 28, 2014
A fellow and I were chatting about what causes cancer. The pictures are of acid burns, but they look “strangely” similar to skin cancer, don’t they?
JR: Epigenetics is huge. A queen bee has the same DNA as her sisters, but because of eating royal jelly, it is LIKE a totally distinct gender.(So, let’s not focus too much on DNA. The same DNA in an adolescent and a child produce very different-looking organisms because of which DNA codes are operating at which time.)

So you don’t buy the genetic testing?
No, not if it is a model of 19th century demon worship of “anemia, cancer, arthritis,” etc

I had an interesting experience.

I got genetically tested. turns out that I have a mutation that makes me 300% more likely to get skin cancer. I went and got checked and it turned out that I had a melanoma. I was 43. I know that is only one data point. but it made me think


Cancer is an effect. Are you clear that it is an effect, not a cause?

its a cause of death
JR: “I have melanoma” is that 19th century model of demon worship. There is no melanoma creating effects. Melanoma is a labeling of an effect.
Scurvy can “cause death” according to an ignorant MDs coroner report. However, there is no substance “scurvy.” It is a label for a physiological effect (or group of effects).
J:So cancer is not a disease process but a symptom, is that what you are saying?
JR: Right, I “had” MS until I did not. I woke up one morning and could walk again. I could run again within a few days. I did something radically different the day before I recovered the ability to walk. It cost me about $5.MS is a label for an effect. It is not a substance or a demon possessing anyone.

thats fantastic
JR: Cancer is the inevitable result of a certain metabolic irregularity. (as I understand it)
Do you know what the letters pH stand for?
J: yes
JR: what is the H?

I have heard that PH cancer idea before, but I also heard that cancer itself acidifies the body
JR: So is cancer an effect or a cause?

I am guessing its non-monotonic
JR: I do not know that term in this context.

I just meant that it likely is influenced by and influences the rest of the system-

so not one direction only

JR: No, cancer is not a living thing (like fungus). Cancer is like a label placed on a jar. The label on the jar does not alter the contents of the jar.Ok, so, pH is “potential hydrogen.” If a substance with a pH of let’s say 2 is poured on the skin or surface of a animal or plant, will it have an effect?


of course
JR: Do you know why? Do you know what happens biochemically when a bunch of stuff with a potential HYDROGEN rating of 2 contacts something with a pH of, say, about 7.0?

Not sure about bio but acid and base would make a salt in a flask
JR: OK, yes. I am talking about cause and effect here as it relates to skin cancer.
aka possession by the demon of “melanoma”
So a strong acid with a pH of 2 will rip apart the molecules on the surface of an animal’s skin or a plant’s surface. The electron bonds (of the molecules forming the cells of the skin) will be broken by the electromagnetic charge of the acid. It is the exact same effect as a lightning strike or other strong electric shock. The charge of the acid with a pH of 2 RIPS the electrons from the tissue with a pH of 7.

An acid burn and a burn from lightning are functionally the same electromagnetically. (or maybe the lightning functions like a very high pH- I do not know that detail).

J: what food has a pH of 2 – i am presuming this is a food thing.


No, HCl has a pH of 2. That is Hydrogen and Chlorine AKA stomach acid. (Hydrochloric acid)
J: ok so its the 7 thats the problem?
JR: Most soda has a pH of 3 and is extremely unfavorable electromagnetically, especially in large volumes.

I never really drank soda. never developed a taste for it
 JR: No, pH of 7 is neutral. I thought you might me more familiar with pH.
J: well you said 7 in contact with 2.
JR: and food is not the issue. The issue is the balance of electrons to protons. That can be measured as pH or as voltage.

so what causes the ph then if not food
JR: Yes, normal healthy skin would have a pH of about 7.4 (slightly alkaline). pH is just a name for a system for measuring the balance of electrons to protons… which is the same as the voltage. pH measures the balance of electrons to protons in liquids.That same electromagnetic balance in liquids can also be measured in voltage, like the strength of some amount of battery acid can be measured either in pH or in voltage. It is kind of like saying Fahrenheit or Celsius when measuring temperature.


sure –

so what causes the change in PH… in the body

JR: any change in the balance of electrons to protons: from food, from EMFs, from a nuclear detonation bombarding tissue with neutrons, etc…. Stay with me and this will be simple.

waiting for it
JR: pH matters. That is my point. (my first point).
To label a low pH with the demonic diagnostic label “cancer” is not useful. However, if you measure the voltage (which is the same as the pH) of a cancerous tissue, it is way too acidic for normal metabolic functioning.
The mitochondria cannot perform aerobic metabolism of carbohydrates, so all energetic conversions plunge in efficiency to anaerobic metabolism. Mitochondria cannot operate when there is an “egregious” abnormality in the balance of protons to electrons.
Oxygen cannot be used (when pH is too low) to metabolize carbohydrates even if there is a lot of oxygen present. So, when a huge region of tissue has a very low pH, that “screws everything up” and a bunch of dead cells accumulate because (1) the body cannot even keep those cells alive when the pH is too low and (2) the body needs to constantly replenish new cells and cannot make ANY new cells when the pH is too low.
J: so don’t drink soda, avoid nuclear bombs and EMFs. got it.
JR: So, we “say” that there is a tumor *because* someone “has cancer.” That is totally superstitious.
No, you keep jumping to some food-related point. 100 people exposed to the same EMF wifi signals or the same nuclear detonation will have widely different effects.
Why? pH!
 (among other things, but that one is SO simple)

and what causes PH?

which inputs?

JR: pH is “caused” by the balance of electrons to protons (as in the voltage or the acidity- that is all the same thing). pH is a scale for measuring the potential reactivity of hydrogen atoms. pH is nothing but the relative balance of protons to electrons. Again, it means the electromagnetic charge or the voltage or potential reactivity of the substance. Potential Hydrogen (pH) is just potential reactivity, like volatility. There are neutral substances with little reactivity, then varying strengths of acids (positive voltage or excess protons) and of bases (negative voltage or excess of electrons).
J: right, but if I am following you, your argument is that these diseases are ones of imbalance of PH

I’m glad you are asking about how to influence the pH. You are still a bit ahead.

Basically, pH extremes can destroy tissue. To label that “cancer” is trivial. To say “stage 3 cancer” is also horribly imprecise relative to saying “that tissue has a pH of exactly 6.5413.”

J: So then what cause the imbalance of PH
JR: You are still missing something very easy. pH is a measure of the balance of electrons to protons, as in voltage, as in the strength of acidity or alkalinity. Lots of things effect the balance of electrons to protons.
Would you mind if I start with “why did nature work so well for so long and then in recent decades cancer rates spiked?”

thanks for the explanation
JR: the biggest drains on voltage / electrons /pH are mercury fillings that overlap in to the body’s electrical system (the roots of the teeth). But there are a few issues:
So what is the natural pH of most living organisms? It is still the pH of the ancient oceans, which is slightly alkaline (7.35 – 7.4 pH).
For many billion years, life on this planet existed only in the ocean, first in single-cell creatures and then on from there. Life existed in the ocean. Then when land-based plants started to evolve, they “took the ocean with them.” They reproduced the ocean by developing root systems to collect water and minerals, copying the ancient ocean.
When land-based animals evolved, they needed to take the ocean with them too. They ate plants and “stole” the “ocean” from the plants. Later, carnivores evolved that “stole” the ocean juices from the herbivores. By ocean juices, I mean all of the primary bodily fluids: blood, cerebro-spinal fluid, intracellular fuid, extracellular fluid, everything!
So, where can you put your body that quickly returns your pH to “optimal?” The ocean. Next best thing: the ground. Touch the earth with no insulation (no rubber soles) and you will get electrons from the earth to restore your proper charge (pH).
You can use the straps that high-tech employees use or you can ground through a wire in a 3-prong wall outlet’s electrical ground. That part could not be much simpler.
However, the next issue is major drains on voltage. That is where dental fillings link up to cancer types. Each tooth is part of an electrical circuit or meridian in the body. When that circuit is “shorted” by a filling that has metal too close to the nerve endings, the drain can be significant, especially over months and years.
Further, it gets more complicated. You need to have functioning cell walls to be able to insulate cells. The whole body should not be the same pH. You need functioning insulation.
When I could not walk, that was apparently because of a lack of an organic insulating material called myelin. Doctors can call that the demon of Multiple Sclerosis, but that is because they do not understand basic physics as it relates to cellular function and physiology.
So, the biggest issue in modern diets is the lack of healthy fats. The paranoia about saturated fat has led to one of the most rapid declines in human health in history. Healthy fats are essential for proper cellular insulation. That is why primitive eskimos, who eats huge amounts of fat and have zero incidence of cancer, are so intriguing to anthropologists (and so threatening to the quacks of modern medicine raving in paranoia hysteria about how cancer is incurable.) They do not even know what cancer is, so why should we expect them to be able to prevent it or resolve it?
Also, there are also various kinds of radiation that can contribute to low pH (and thus produce the effect called cancer). The most famous is nuclear fallout but in modern times there are also extremely unusual electromagnetic fields (unusual from an evolutionary perspective) like cell phones and wifi systems. The best circumstance for pH is to be both away from detrimental EMFs and constantly or nearly constantly grounded to the earth (especially near an ocean where the air is rich in ions/ available electrons). Also, any dental fillings that are draining electrons can be removed.This may seem remarkable, but if removing dental fillings consistently and predictably ends the effect of cancer in the appropriate tissues of a human or animal, that is proof. One case is intriguing. Dozens of cases are startling. Thousands of cases in dozens of trials and experiments establishes the model as “good enough to be consistently useful.”

Grounding (and EMFs) make a difference on plants, on pets, on livestock, and on all humans. Further, most of this is extremely inexpensive (except it may be a few thousand dollars for someone in the US to have all their fillings replaced with porcelain). That is just because of the politics of health care in the US which wildly increase health care costs.
Anyway, if pH is returned to the evolutionary ideal range, the effect of cancer is no longer produced. Cells begin to rebuild at a normal rate. If someone is already near death, of course, then these methods may only extend their life a few months or years.For young people, a modern “epidemic” like ADHD can be promptly resolved if the pH of the brain tissues is brought back to the ideal evolutionary range. With these methods and others that use simple physics, the effect of malaria can be ended in a few hours. Something like AIDS takes a few weeks to disappear- of course depending on the extent of the prior energetic and metabolic irregularity.
That is enough to give you a hint of the power of applying physics and electromagnetics to health rather than pretending that biochemistry is the only field of science relevant to health. If a lightning bolt will kill a mouse 100% of the time, then that is not biochemistry. That is electromagnetic charge. Electricity rules biochemistry, even producing instant death.Modern medicine somehow neglects almost the entire realm of electromagnetics. Modern medicine is “addicted” to a 19th century model of demon worship, with the demons being worshiped including “cancer” and “arthritis” and “autism” and so on. When there is no comprehension of physiology, people will use primitive terms like cancer and then panic over those terms.

Under the spell of the witchcraft of modern medicine, people flock to oncologists who do not even know what cancer is or how to prevent it or discontinue it. However, because of marketing and propaganda and the power of marketing and emotion (panic), many people lack the cognitive capacity to recognize the simplicity of this issue and they will continue to invest faith in their religion of demon worship, saying things like “I have melanoma.” They are hypnotized. They do not even know what causes the effect that they call melanoma, but then they worship their sacred label as if it is something real and tangible and powerful (something besides a label for an effect). They are idolaters who discard God for the demon that the MDs have programmed them to worship.

So, it does not matter what “stage” of cancer that some imbecile labels you with. They still have no idea what to really do to END the effect ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME.

Diagnostic labels are largely worthless trivia. What is important is to know how far the pH is from ideal. Also, it is pretty easy to precisely measure the voltage of tissue (or the resistance, pH, etc). It is pretty easy to alter the pH /voltage, like by touching both ends of a battery to the tongue.

Modern medicine is failing not because 21st century technology is inaccurate. The issue is that conceptual models include a lot of garbage. We use electromagnetics for diagnostics, like MRIs and CAT scans and EKG. However, other than after heart attacks, there is virtually no use of electricity as an intervention by the demon-worshiping priesthood of western medical paranoias and delusions.

However, I do not think that the medical industry wants to acknowledge the importance of electricity. We know that applying shocks to the brain has drastic effects. There is no doubt about it. Also, it is clear that seizures and alzheimer’s are related to neuro-electromagnetics.

They are not THAT stupid, are they? Maybe most of them, but ALL of them?

I think some of them know exactly how quickly a few simple innovations would destroy the current medical industry. The pharmaceutical industry would be devastated. The cancer treatment industry would disappear.

The paranoia of the sheeple would dramatically drop and independent thinking would flourish. That’s not good from the perspective of ruling the masses efficiently. Worshiping demons is what the MDs indoctrinate the masses to do and that is because the systems works rather well for them that way. 😉

Oh, and you might want to research conservative measures for exploring ways to raise pH, like baths with added baking soda. I’ll say more about that later.

Respect for consensus & propaganda

January 14, 2014

I think of the practice of respect as important. I am open to respecting anything. I respect language and the clear utility of communication. I also respect governments as operations of organized coercion that tend to present biased perspective and may even frequently use deceptive propaganda.

Social propaganda has conditioned the masses to associate credibility with popularity, like if “most everyone” believes that all saturated fat is poisonous to all living things, then the consensus acceptance of the concept is typically presumed to be correlated (positively) to accuracy.  In other words, if 9 out of 10 witch doctors believe that scurvy is a demon which possesses people and steals Vitamin C from them, then the apparent consensus can be interpreted as evidence of accuracy.

So, “we must fund research for a cure for scurvy!” The root presumptions of a paradigm are not questioned because they are roots: underground, unconscious.

Further, I consider “social propaganda” to be an “artifact” of all cultures. In other words, there are no cultures without “social propaganda.” We cannot save a culture from cultural bias. All cultures program bias. That is simply what cultures do- just like governments influence perception and behavior.

So, I respect social propaganda (including all forms of “idealism”). However, I also respect precision.

There are some forms of fat that may be poisonous to some living things. Respect for precision in language means that I comprehend the idea presented by someone who says “milk makes people sick.” I understand the words in English. They did not say “SOME milk makes SOME people sick,” but I know that is what they meant… EVEN if they say something to a logical extreme like “ALL milk is detrimental to ALL mammals, especially infants.”

I understand that they may be attempting humor or perhaps they are mentally ill (in a panic of inflamed neurological pathology or schizophrenia). When you start looking at government bureaucrats as a bunch of panicking retards, you can still respect them. You can respect a pack of sheep and still fleece them or eat them or sell them or buy them.

When facing illogical/irrational hysteria, then respect and compassion can be relevant. That does not mean never locking doors or raising fences or firing bullets at the masses of panicking zombies.

Governments more or less conduct warfare and extortion rackets on domestic populations, then use propaganda to legitimize the extortion racket. I have extensively written about the history of the imperial systems of human government (going back at least to the Prophet Noah and the claim that unless all of humanity recognized the authority of the Hebrew Pharoah/Pope/Dictator, then another calamity like a flood would wipe out humanity in an apocalypse).

This story has been very popular as an instrument of terrifying propaganda, so it has been used repeatedly, just like many cultures have variations on the lie we call “Santa Claus” because the story-line is effective at influencing the behavior of children through deception. The story is more efficient than things like imposing physical punishment and pain intentionally in order to train the children.

So, the threat of divine apocalypse (or similar ideas like an alien invasion or devastating meteor) has been very effective for organizing human societies (being “shepherds of men”), at least when combined with occasional demonstrations of military genocide, such as the slaughter ordered by Moses in Exodus 32. (See…/a-brief-history-of…/ ).

Of course, with volcanoes and so on, there are real threats to human life. When humans claim to have power over these powerful things, like an astronomer might claim to have power over the sun merely because the astronomer can do math and forecast an eclipse, then the masses are not unreasonable in respecting the authority of the one who at least predicted the eclipse, even if the ruling Witch’s claim was “inaccurate” in regard to the idea that “this eclipse was caused because you people practiced homosexuality and drank raw milk and smoked pot, and therefore you must pay me ten coins a month for me to spend on behalf of God while in regard to all of the evil things that you have been doing to bring shame and disaster on yourselves, you must do as Bob Newhart said in Genesis 12:15… STOP IT!”

Blood rules. Ink fools.

October 18, 2013

Blood rules. Ink fools.

A harmonic oscillator in classical mechanics (...

A harmonic oscillator in classical mechanics (A-B) and quantum mechanics (C-H). In (A-B), a ball, attached to a spring, oscillates back and forth. (C-H) are six solutions to the Schrödinger Equation for this situation. The horizontal axis is position, the vertical axis is the real part (blue) or imaginary part (red) of the wavefunction. (C,D,E,F), but not (G,H), are stationary states (energy eigenstates), which come from solutions to the Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Physics and biology are studies for predicting action. By measuring the electromagnetic charges of two fields, equations can be used to predict the amount of attraction or repulsion expected.

What is true in physics also guides biological processes. For instance, physics can be used to predict the stimulation of nerve signals and the transmission of sensations, as well as the forming of chemical bonds and the releasing of those bonds. Biology is not contrary to physics. Biology is an extension of physics.

What if there was a revolution in one’s understanding of physics? Could that also produce a shift in the understanding of biology (and even other fields)?

Quantum mechanics is a specialty within physics that measures the influence of consciousness on… the rest of consciousness. Even by measuring something, physicists can actually alter reality through the process of measuring.

By shining light through a set of slits, physicists can check for the dispersal pattern of the light that reaches a flat surface beyond the slits. What are slits? Slit is a label for the absence of something. Slits are actually just labels for “holes” or gaps within some other material.

The reality is that there are stable patterns of materialized energy (solidified energy). In the case of a piece of firewood, we know that the solidified energy can be converted “back in to energy” by exposing the solidified energy to sufficient heat (a particular form of energy that some people say is slightly contagious).

So, if we make some wood in to a flat panel like a board, and then we “carve out” some tiny slits “in to” the firewood, what we have then is the same panel of firewood except with just a little less wood (solidified energy) where there are now only empty “slits” (the absence of firewood). The slits are just gaps in the solidified energy of the panel of wood.

slit scan water

slit scan water (Photo credit: Kyle McDonald)

So, imagine that we shine light at the panel. Of course, most of the light is blocked or absorbed by the panel (which we might even light in to fire with a sufficient concentration of light, which is energy). So, we take some mobile energy and shine it at some solidified energy and then measure how the mobile energy “behaves” after it “goes through the holes in the panel.”

The mobile energy of light can be bent (or focused, refracted, etc) by various kinds of solidified energy, such as a piece of curved glass or a mirror or even a panel of wood. That is common knowledge.

However, quantum physics goes beyond rudimentary physics and measures the influence of the process of observing or measuring. The energy of the observation can also influence (or bend) the movement of a beam of shining light.

So, can different forms of observation consistently produces different influences? Can “highly-trained observers” produce more intense results than “average?”

Biology is all about energy. Patterns of energy (life forms) reproduce similar patterns of energy, like a seed from a mustard tree produces more mustard trees, while a tiger does not reproduce to create mustard trees, but to create more tigers.

Observing is influencing. When a tiger focuses on a creature that it would like to capture and kill, the target prey may sense the attention of the tiger. Hairs on the back of the neck of the prey may straighten out because of the electromagnetic field “shined” from the tiger toward the prey. Those prey who are least sensitive to those electromagnetic impulses and waves may be most likely to be captured and eaten. A tiger may focus on a few different possible targets before launching forward in an attempt to kill the next meal.

 Language is influence

Evolution and Human Behavior cover

Evolution and Human Behavior cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I will be addressing the issue of family soon. All of what I have stated so far is simply to clarify some conceptual foundations including demonstrating some principles in language.

Language is influence. I am establishing patterns of consciousness and presenting them through language. When someone who is fluent in this language (English) is attentive to this sequence of linguistic symbols, there is a shift in the consciousness of the audience.

If I simply reference the color red, again, that produces a shift in the consciousness, attention, and experience of the audience. Language is a tool for influencing consciousness, just like measuring light alters the “behavior” of the light (a form of energy or consciousness).

Language allows for the transmission of patterns of consciousness. Language is a tool for communicating patterns of consciousness.

Consciousness Evolving

Consciousness Evolving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Observation is influence. Language is influence. Consciousness is influence. Consciousness responds to consciousness, whether with attraction or repulsion or a more complex behavior of

Confusion is a relatively disordered pattern of consciousness. Confusion can be created in regard to certain subjects to promote focusing on some other subject.

It is like clearing the top of a table to be able to put something on it. First, the top of the table must be clear before something can be put directly on top of the table. If anything is already on the table, it must be cleared away first.

Governments govern through influence

So, governments create programs to influence humans. Governments create systems of rewarding and punishing which are designed specifically to influence human behavior. Governments govern not only behavior, but also perception (as in “mind control”). For instance, that is what education systems do.

Government-regulated education refers to systems for influencing human behavior (like schools) that are regulated by other systems of influencing human behavior (like school boards or church councils or legislatures or courts). Even more regimentation could come through schools that are not just regulated by governments, but schools that are funded or even directly operated by governments.

Of course, governing behavior can be done without governing perception, but governing perception can produce dramatic increases in efficiency. So, schools train students to perceive certain things in certain ways and to value certain things more than others. All of that involves language.

Students can be taught that slits are possessing a panel of wood and spreading across the wood to destroy it. However, that is too directly contrary to observation to be very effective. What about this, though…?

Baldness is beginning to possess the head of the old man.” Baldness is just the absence of something, just like panels of wood may not have any hair. So, if we are taught to label certain slits as bald, then we are focusing away from the fact that the panel of wood is just a stable form of solidified energy which produces repulsion when similar forms of solidified energy approach it.

A dart flies toward a panel of wood. The dart and the wood are similar patterns of stable energy. The dart lands in the panel and stays there.

In contrast, sound does not “land in” the wood. Sound “goes around” the wood.

The dart flies in to the wood and lands there. Then the sound “thwunk” bounces back toward where the dart came from, but also in many other directions. Where did the sound come from? It is a new form of the old energy that was “in” the dart and/or the wood panel.

Note that I referenced energy “in” the wood. I did not call the wood energy. I said there was energy in the wood. I implied that wood is not energy, but a container for energy. Further, that patterning of language is quite useful, right?

So, before long, I notice that an incurable baldness is spreading across the surface of the wood panel. It is not just one or two slits, but a big hole now where there is no wood at all but only an empty hole with nothing in it except for a label. Further, there is no hair where there is no wood. There is nothing. You can see right through the nothing because it is nothing.

The first few hydrogen atom electron orbitals ...

The first few hydrogen atom electron orbitals shown as cross-sections with color-coded probability density (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, you may be wondering why did I mention what I mentioned about government schools. Well, there was a reason.

Anyway, back to the subject of the incurable baldness spreading across the panel of wood, a new panel replaced the old panel and the new panel is growing hair very quickly. It was apparently some kind of a transplant in which the energy of the new panel is reforming itself in to the form of energy called hair.

Now, you may be wondering why did I mention government schools at all. It is not because they influence perception or behavior. They don’t. That is not why they exist. They exist to promote families.

Pro-family governments

The way that government schools promote families is by preparing the human resources (the students) for extensive commercial assignments such as in the military or in factories or government bureaucracies. People should not be interested in procreation, which is immoral (or even criminal) without proper licensure from the relevant governing agency. In order to rescue people from the dangers of procreation and family, they are taught to focus on more important things, such as preserving the honor and dignity of the government.

On other words, students are trained to perceive only the things that the government wishes for them to perceive. However, this is morally wrong. Therefore, we must reform public education so that students are not exposed to language and other instruments for influencing the behavior and perception of the human resources.

Government schools are a leading cause of incurable baldness, which is contagious and is spreading from wood panel slit to wood panel slit. The way that people use language has nothing to do with the way that language is used in their midst, especially not during the very impressionable years of 6-21.

en: The Holy Family pl: Święta rodzina

en: The Holy Family pl: Święta rodzina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Governments should teach students how to effectively court appealing members of the opposite sex and produce lifelong happy marriages. Governments should never influence students in regard to what is attractive in members of the opposite sex. That is going too far and is immoral and criminal which is why governments would never do that (because they are totally opposed to reverse psychology for the monopolizing of government-regulated methods of human resource management).

In fact, governments are so interested in not influencing what students find interpersonally attractive that the very best governments of all are governments that at least indoctrinate the masses to believe that their government is the best for a very good reason. Anyway, you might be interested in the very good reason, so I guess that I will go ahead and tell you about it eventually, but perhaps not yet if at all….

Therefore, when top-level government officials closely monitor certain issues within other government agencies, that may or may not influence the perception and behavior of the bureaucrats within those agencies. Note that when I say “perception and behavior,” I am implying that perception is not behavioral. Perception of course is behavioral in the sense of the behavior of electrons and of chemical bonding and so on, but other than that, perception is in no way whatsoever behavioral. That’s ridiculous.

Governments train students in what is presumed to be true (without any particular independent validation). Governments also train students what is ridiculous, obsolete, criminal, immoral, unpopular, and in any way threatening to the interests of those who plan and guide governments.

Fortunately, the best governments are not influenced by their founders or by isolated groups of lobbyists. Yes, lobbying may happen occasionally, but that is nothing like bribery. The very best governments are entirely free of any form of corruption, deception, secrecy, or spying. Spying is immoral and criminal, which is why we must very carefully monitor our citizens (and the citizens of other regions of the planet) to make sure that the masses do not suffer the evil repercussions of engaging in any spying (unless authorized by the relevant licensing board of course, in which case spying is not actually spying, but just a form of baldness). We’re just protecting them from themselves.

From each according to his ability, to each ac...

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The government hotline on political salvation

In contrast, in reference to the title of this piece, ink does not fool. I was just kidding about that. Ink regulates (rules).

Furthermore, family is not important to those who form governments or invade and colonize. Family is not important at all to anyone. It is trivial.

If you want to know who really cares about you, just ask the government. They will tell you that they care about you, if you just call enough times and wait on hold for about half an hour and then press the right sequence of numbers on your phone to let them know that you are just calling to find out who cares about you the most. It is them. They do.

You can rely on governments to always operate with only your very best interests in mind. Rumors spread by malicious native americans suggesting that sometimes governments operate without the best interests of all of humanity in mind are clearly signs of mental illness. They are just jealous anyway.

Ask any soldier and they will tell you that governments never would encourage citizens to risk their lives on behalf of the government or to advance the interests of the government. That is ridiculous, rude, and quite imprecise. The basic laws of physics clearly demonstrate that governments love you more than anyone else and they like your family the best of all families, but are otherwise totally unbiased.

The mainstream media naturally has no special influence on the perceptions and behaviors of the masses (except of course for commercial advertising, but the exception only proves the rule). There is no interest in governing or controlling the kinds of programming that the mass media installs in to public consciousness because conspiracy theories are all inherently preposterous.

If you have any doubt about that, just call back the toll-free government hotline. Press the right sequence of buttons and then the government-approved voice recording can tell you exactly which scandals are the most valuable for you to focus on, because governments are the most unbiased form of human social organization in the history of bald slits.

For example, if you want to know the diet which the government recommends to you and your family, call the hotline. If you want to know which organizations to avoid as the biggest threat to your perception (to prevent remission of incurable government-induced mental illnesses), there is a government hotline just waiting for you to first call, then next wait on hold for approximately 24 minutes, and then finally press the very best sequence of buttons on your phone.

We’ve got your health care covered. We’ve got your national parks covered. We know how to balance a budget and produce long-term partnership and affinity amongst our members and staff.

We’re the government. We love you. Thank you again for your loyalty to our operation of organized coercion designed to produce well-regulated flows of the disproportionate redistribution of affluence.

By the way, while there is no charge for the act of calling the toll-free hotline, you may notice that on your phone bill there are $81 of monthly taxes and fees mandated by the government for supporting our programs to teach people the dangers of communist propaganda and unscientific mythology. By the way, you may want to know that our incurable bald slits are the very best for bending light from particles in to waves.

Now, the only reason that we do not want you researching communist propaganda is that it may result in confusion as you wonder what is the difference between communist propaganda which programs the masses to avoid dangerous forms of propaganda and non-communist propaganda which also programs the masses to avoid dangerous forms of propaganda. As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, just call the government hotline again and we will repeat some emotional slogans and confusing programming for the best interests of you and your family. 

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Karl Marx (1818-1883) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We govern what the public think about.” – Edward Bernays

April 16, 2013



Cover of Bernays' 1928 book, Propaganda.

Cover of Bernays’ 1928 book, Propaganda. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Wedding rings

Wedding rings (Photo credit: SParadisPhoto)


I have not watched TV news in a long time. (Everybody say it with me: “Ahhhhh!”) However, I worked in mass media briefly and studied it extensively. Here are some comments from an insider (spurred by a criticism of the sensationalism of the coverage of the Boston race bombing).




Media programming is to direct the attention of the audience (same as in public schools, etc). Programming directs perception and language (how we categorize perceptions and organize behavioral responses), “instilling values” and training people in specific models of behavior.




For instance, focusing on the possibility of drunk driving is not focusing on the possibility of safe driving. Focusing on violence hundreds or thousands of miles away is not focusing on pre-natal nutrition or the latest study on how to reduce blood sugar spikes simply by not eating so much simple sugars and complex sugars (starches).




News was never “just news” for the PR industry and the commercial advertising industry. The pentagon actually produces “news segments” (as do the agents of Monsanto and Raytheon and Tavistock, etc) which are distributed for use as is, or with scripts provided for local media professionals to read. This goes back to before TV– back to WW1.


Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings (Photo credit: Werner Vermaak)




Why is an FCC license so expensive? Because governing the masses is so important and media programming focuses the attention of *enough* of the population that something like gay marriage can quickly become a dominant political controversy with enough media repetition. (Maybe the wedding ring industry has some lobbyists pushing that topic in the media, though I do not know or care).




Terms like “sequestering” are all over my Facebook stream- but how many times did you see that word in 2011? Once? Twice? Now you can see it every day. However, federal budget deficit issues are not new!




Here is the most memorable sentence that I learned in college, in a mass media course: “the media does not govern what the public thinks- but only what the public thinks about.” However, the media (including Hollywood and it’s choices about which movies to produce with big promotional budgets) does of course guide what the public thinks… about what the public is guided to think about.









By the way, I do not think that the founder of the Public Relations industry, Edward Bernays, actually is the source of the quote in the title of this article, but you will forget this retraction faster than you will forget the following detail about Edward Bernays, mostly because it will trigger deep emotions in you. Here is why you should listen to whatever I say that Bernays said:




Where does his alleged authority come from? Because he concocted the myths used to sell the American public on World War 1 (among other things). Then, he was hired by the diamond industry to help them balloon demand for diamonds by consumers. So what? Well check out a quick reference to the results he produced….


Photo of my bridal set (engagement and wedding...

Photo of my bridal set (engagement and wedding rings) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What did he do? He produced movies in which the script centered around a wedding proposal with a diamond ring. Then, over the course of just a few years, diamond wedding rings rocketed in popularity (and price).




You may even remember some of the famous movie titles like “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and “diamonds are forever.” (You may have forgot the movies themselves though.) You also may not remember that in the early 19th century, diamond rings were not “standard” for wedding rings. Give Edward Bernays enough time and enough of a budget, and he could have trained the masses to demand platinum wedding rings or ivory wedding rings.




Once consumer demand was manipulated up by Bernays and his movie industry, then the diamond cartels simply tightened the supply made available to the public, causing prices (and profits) to rocket. That’s who Edward Bernays was. That is also why when I pretend that he is the source of the quote “we govern what the public think about,” then you should believe what I am pretending that he said. (I actually just do not remember the source of the quotation above.)




Wedding ring, Byzantium, 7th c. AD, nielloed gold.

Wedding ring, Byzantium, 7th c. AD, nielloed gold. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Anyway, as an example that is  more familiar to the average TV screen today, people are programmed to think about a long list of ailments and which miracle drug to get addicted to. Then, people are trained to think about the latest video game units and a new car and a vacation to Hawaii.




Imagine a game show. Where do all the prizes come from? Who goes to all the expense to produce a half-hour long commercial for all of those free prizes? Is it so hard to figure out?




Another famous statement of Bernays is something he wrote in a letter to his eldest son: “Ah, what you really need is a college degree- then you will attract love and happiness!” If these messages are repeated enough to enough people, then a culture of “common sense” forms around these deliberately-programmed presumptions and behaviors.




In fact, a college degree will be so valuable to you personally, that you should probably borrow at least $50,000 to get one (or two). It’s obviously the best financial decision for you, right?


MTSU Mass Media Students - Capitol Street Part...

MTSU Mass Media Students – Capitol Street Party 2011 – Nashville,TN (Photo credit: tncountryfan)


Bernays also said  that “Propaganda is morally wrong and that is why it only happens in other nations.” That’s classic propaganda! Models of what is right and wrong are just as arbitrary as models of what is criminal and legal (like in one state I might get a license that allows me to do something such as practice law, but then I cross a state line and suddenly that same behavior is criminal!)




Bernays also accused me of saying the following in 1919, but that was a complete fabrication: “Our national myths and religious rituals are not myths or religious rituals. Our holy days for the founding of the nation and for our fallen soldiers and for our favorite Presidents are completely unrelated to secular holidays like the anniversary of the date of birth of some prophet, the anniversary of the death of some saint, or the beginning of a so-called new year according to a religious calendar. Those religious calendars and their religious holidays are religious. Ours are not. Ours is a *real* calendar.”




It’s all propaganda. Fortunately for us, though, propaganda is a lot like reverse psychology in that it simply does not exist (because it obviously shouldn’t, at least according to Edward Bernays).




Soldiers returned from war service marching fr...

Soldiers returned from war service marching from Adelaide railway station (Photo credit: State Library of South Australia)







the fear of propaganda

December 27, 2012
Cover to the propaganda comic book "Is Th...

Cover to the propaganda comic book “Is This Tomorrow”‘ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


C.M. replied to my prior post (regarding “be the change” and “we should be outraged!”).


Sounds fascinating how you came to that conclusion and I will assume you mean as your own point of view, a vision of what you believe to be, and by the use of heaven and such seems like all propaganda to me. I could sit there and dissect it and attempt figure out what you mean based on what you know or I can just tell you knowing starts with the trivium and quadrivium and detecting fallacies to achieve knowledge and understanding of what is.


F()ck the fear, my man- its a figment of your imagination and one’s own ignorance. I do not subscribe to it. Trivium and quadrivium. That’s it.


J.R. replied:


C.M., the word fear refers the source of someone saying “f()ck that!” We can use anatomical terms and biochemical terms like amygdala and cortisone and adrenalin, but the bottom line is that the word fear is a familiar word to you. You may even fear that word.


(Also, I consider all forms of anger to be more extreme versions of fear- like in objective, concrete terms of the concentrations of adrenalin and cortisone and the sequence of neurological processes. So, outrage is just one of the more extreme forms of frightened anger.)


Consider that everything that is presented to a mass audience is what I mean by propaganda, so that would include all religious scripture, all books, all mass media programming, all PR, all commercial advertising, and even an article I write on a blog or a painting or song that is created with some political theme designed to influence people to “be the change” or “practice non-violence” or “just say no to fear.” All of that is propaganda.


Incidentally, I am using the word in the classic Roman Catholic sense of the propagating of doctrine or dogma or values. The Vatican is not against propaganda and indoctrination. They openly admit that symbols in the form of words are essential to the perpetuation of their operations, which include the UN, the IMF, the US, the USSR, the UK, and all of the other branches of human culture which use the Roman calendar system (as in A.D. dating like “December 27, 2013“) and their 7-day week and their court systems which still use the ancient magic words of Latin like “pro bono” and “amicus curiae” and so on. (To be fair, I recognize that the Holy Roman Empire is itself just a branch of the Ancient Babylonian Talmudists that grew out of the Egyptian and Hebrew evolutions.)


Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between...

Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between 1200 and 1350. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




C.M. replied:




Correct. So have you ever heard any or all of these podcast www.peacerevolution.orgusing the trivium and quadrivium to disassemble the fear is the best method I have come across according to what I know now…now…now. One of my favorite videos on youtube is the one on who actually has the contract on greenwich meridian time. If you want real books help me find the unlisted secret archives of vatican. Fascinating reads I am told.




J.R. replied further:


No, I have not heard any of those. However, why would you want to disassemble fear? Are you not grateful for it? Do you fear it?


The idea of fearing fear is optional. You should fear it- sometimes. You should fear other things- sometimes- like when a vehicle crosses in to the wrong lane of traffic and is speeding toward you or when you hear a loud sound that wakes you up from sleep. As for deprogramming of propaganda, hysteria, paranoia, and so on, there are many forms of that, but no form is needed at all except the awareness which has always been eternally present.




Roman soldiers

Roman soldiers – note that each Centurion carries a “red shield” or, in German, “rothschild” (Photo credit: Dale Gillard)


Rotschild Canticles, f. 6v. 13th-14th centures...

Rotschild Canticles, f. 6v. 13th-14th centures (end of 13th). Northern France. Yale University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






English: coats of arms of the Holy Roman Empire

English: coats of arms of the Holy Roman Empire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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