the secret of power

“The secret of power” is my new blog. As traffic to my main blog has averaged far above 200 views per day last week, I have launched a new project.

If I had to use just one word to describe the new blog, it would that it is about INTROSPECTION. However, there are several keywords that I have listed on it to attract traffic, such as:

cfr, Council on Foreign Relations, forbidden, introspection, New World Order, nwo, power, secret, secret of power, taboo, the power of, the secret, Trilateral Commission

Here are some of the links I am using to connect my page with others, including for the purpose of “tickling” search engines with several instances of the words listed above:

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5 Responses to “the secret of power”

  1. meiro Says:

    Thank you so much for visited my site.


  2. Liar: Newt Gingrich Denies CFR’s Bohemian Grove Exists, Video Footage of CFR’s Bohemian Grove, Photos of Newt At CFR’s Bohemian Grove « Political Vel Craft Says:

    […] the secret of power ( […]

  3. NWO, Surveillance, & Investments – 04-11-2012 « Hidden Agendas Says:

    […] the secret of power ( […]

  4. Says:

    you will like this

  5. NWO and Masonic Child Sacrifice – TRUTH WARS Says:

    […] the secret of power ( […]

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