An introduction to language

This is language. Language is an activity of human consciousness.

Universal consciousness has formed human consciousness. Universal consciousness, through it’s form as human consciousness, has formed language. Through language, consciousness constructs complex patterns of human interaction.
Language emerged through the distinct capacities of the human brain. Neurological studies have produced ideas in language about the evolution of the human brain distinct from the brains of other creatures (as well as creatures without brains).
Human language is distinct from the signal sounds used by most animals on this planet. Human language involves syntax or sequential meanings. In other words, the words “a girl” and “a boy” and “kissed” can be arranged sequentially to present distinct meanings: “a girl kissed a boy” or “a boy kissed a girl” or “a boy and a girl kissed.”
The signal sounds of other species of animal besides humans do not present varying meaning depending on the sequence of the signal sounds. Each signal is distinct and associated with a particular action, like “stop” or “danger” or “speed up.”
How did the human brain evolve syntax? Neurologists have suggested that the neurological networks for the physical act of throwing were used for sequencing words in to complex ideas.
Throwing is most important for humans for one specific purpose: hunting. The capacity of humans to effectively hunt (by accurate throwing) is what allowed for humans to access large quantities of nourishing animal fat, especially the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The large intake of those fatty acids, over time, allowed for human brains to develop capacities far beyond the brain capacities of any other species on this planet.
Back to throwing, the neurological process of throwing is extremely complex. The sequence of muscular contractions and electrical signals for accurate throwing is quite intricate, especially to hit moving targets. Other animals are not nearly as accurate at throwing as humans. The only system comparable to the intricacy of throwing a knife or a spear is the guidance systems for missile rockets, which are even named after the word used for weapons that are thrown: missile.
So, human biological selection favored the ability to throw. Humans that could throw well survived and thrived.
Then, humans also developed the capacity for language, which allowed for them to be much more effective in group hunting than they could be individually, even as rather accurate throwers. The human brain grew even faster as a result of the increased success of the humans who not only could throw much more accurately than any other creature, but could work together to hunt their prey.
Then, through their large brains and their use of language, humans worked together with each other and developed the capacity to build bombs, then eventually to fly them with great precision through the air across miles and even oceans on the tips of a type of rocket called a guided missile. Humans created these flying rocket bombs not for hunting, but for thinning out the competition from other humans who could also throw and talk and hunt and perhaps even build bombs and guided missiles.
Bombs are for killing humans. Killing humans could be relevant whenever there are so many humans around that resources like wild game or fossil fuels are getting scarce.
The first tribal wars were for competing over hunting territories. Modern wars are similar, but distinct. Modern war is for killing humans but also for intimidation as in diplomatic control of other humans, for governing, for empire.
Why is it valuable to control other humans? They can be discouraged from hunting scarce remaining wild game, from using scarce fossil fuels, or from eating animal fats like the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Also, language is one of the most dangerous of all technologies. Weapons of mass destruction can be important for influencing the language of other humans, since language is part of the process that directs behavior such as hunting and dieting and warring and so on. In other words, killing and intimidation are also important in controlling the language of other people.
If other humans are to be most easily conquered or controlled, then using language and all other means to discourage them from warfare is important. They should be trained to be ashamed of things like hunting and warring. They should also be indoctrinated to consume unhealthy food and avoid healthy food. They should kept desperate, distracted, and confused.
The effective use of violence and also of language is essential for a lasting system of government. People should be taught that churches and the media and corporations and governments are all isolated and competing against one another, rather than branches of a single metaphorical tree. Drama and contentiousness and antagonism are essential in keeping a target population divided and conquered (controlled or governed or ruled or organized).

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8 Responses to “An introduction to language”

  1. the secret of society « JRFibonacci’s blog: partnering with reality Says:

    […] can last decades, centuries, or even longer. The later segments will continue with this content: Share this:FacebookLinkedInTwitterLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    new fun video:

  3. Bhavanajagat Says:

    I describe spiritualism as the potency that brings man’s essence and existence together. Man keeps his existence in the physical world because of mutually beneficial interactions between the cells, the tissues, and the organ systems that constitute his physical body. These biotic interactions display characteristics such as mutual tolerance, mutual assistance, mutual cooperation, and mutual subservience to provide some benefit to others participating in the biotic interactions. Apart from this, the food and drink that man consumes for his existence is shared with 10 times 100 trillion microbes that reside in man’s intestinal tract. Getting or Receiving food and energy from an external source is inescapable for man’s living and Giving or Sharing it with others is the inevitable consequence of Life. Man has to know as to how he exists in the world and practice the Art of Receiving and the Art of Giving. Man needs the awareness or consciousness of his true nature and his real essence that involves the principle of Altruism.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I can refine what I mean by “true nature.” True nature is like entirity of nature. True nature, to me, includes giving, receiving, taking, altruism, extortion through the organized coercion of allegedly legitimate governments or any other system, and so on. As a Bible verse says (and this verse may even be in the blog above): “to the one who is pure, all is pure. To the one who is corrupt,” corruption can appear more or less anywhere- like some perception that one judges against and then campaigns to fix or reform some external pattern. That is of course a valid way to relate to some perceived reality, but I say “that is valid” as one who can see the purity of true nature both in campaigns to reform and campaigns to counter-reform and resist reform and so on. That is the world of struggle and suffering, and it is a perfectly valid world, but perhaps entirely optional.

  4. Bhavanajagat Says:

    I would prefer to understand true nature from knowing the structure and function. I am not saying that I am blind to the problem of corruption. If I place a most corrupt person on an examination table to diagnose a medical condition or problem, the fact of the person’s corruption may play no role in arriving at a correct diagnosis. I would only give attention to the cells, tissues, and organ systems and their interactions. Mental cravings, desires, mental traits like envy, jealousy, and aggression do contribute to actions and behaviors but the biological existence is not directly related to such mental attitudes and behavior generated by them. For good health and well-being, we need the component parts of our body to function with peace and harmony.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Thank you again your reply. I do not know much about your background or interests. However, if you have attention to corruption as a problem, that to me is quite distinct from attention to true nature. If you relate to your own corruption as a problem, so be it. If you relate to any quality or pattern as a problem, so be it.

      To a veterinarian, the patterns of aggression of an organism may be interpreted as reflexive and adaptive, though there are also cases like “rabies” in which the inflammation of the nervous system may be quite extreme.Also, to me, aggression and inflammation are both behaviors- one biochemical and one social. There is nothing that is not activity as in behavior.

      A fixation on the social or interpersonal level is possible, but that is one’s own fixation or focus or pre-occupation, not someone else’s. If it is adaptive for me to focus primarily on social and interpersonal dynamics, so be it. To me, “true nature” is not about condemning (or approving) of someone else’s behavior, but an introspective inquiry in to the root and trunk that produce branches- whether in terms of the tree of a nervous system and the “fruit” of the metabolic mechanics and nutrition and so on- all the way up the macrocosm to speech patterns, interpersonal dynamics and so on. There is no part of the tree which is isolated from the rest of the tree. As the karma kagyu folks say, “take refuge in the buddha. Take refuge in the dharma. Take refuge in the sangha.” Take refuge does not mean label as a problem or fix (repress) symptoms allopathically, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is not taking refuge, is it?

  5. Listener Says:

    I’ve thought about the idea of making audio or video recordings to essentially duplicate some of my posts in another format. Do you find this is working for your audience?

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Working for them? Well, I would say that some sizable fraction of the folks who click a link on my blog that has a video link do play the video link. I can see some indicators of that from my tracking analytics.

      I like offering audio and video. In the case of songs, the audio is the actual primary medium and the printed lyrics on the blog are… just the lyrics. The audio for the recent post “a perfect world” was made without any script, which is unusual for me. Usually, I type a script, then read it and insert comments and elaborations. I like doing that. I enjoy it. I think it can add a HUGE amount to hear the voice or even see the video of someone talking. Since I experience creative activity as a spiritual ritual or an invocation of intelligence, I like repeating the language and the ideas, so making the youtubes tends to be a joy.

      I know that I have a lot of content that is quite long relative to other blogs and youtubes. However, I have also watched hour-long TV shows or movies and read book series. I have many times listened to Alan Watts for an hour or watched Mooji for an hour, plus thousands of hours of listening to recordings of music (and also lots and lots of comedy).

      I am much more prolific now than I used to be. As a teenager, I wrote several songs and spent huge amounts of time rehearsing them and then occasionally recorded or performed for an audience. Now, I typically spend a huge amount of time creating and very little time rehearsing or cultivating an audience, not that my music or anything else was ever especially popular.

      There are a few people who have invested huge amounts of time in to exposing themselves to my creations. I am clear that with 700 visits to my blog in the last two days (more than in the typical month prior to 2012), there are a lot of folks who will have at least a quick exposure to something that I did. Many will not like it much and will not return. Some will- perhaps even only a few.

      I create and share for all of them. The person who is shocked or repulsed by something I present may eventually find their way back… or not.

      My blog is something of an obsession for me. I have not oriented it to commercial interests.

      If you have doubts about making other formats of your posts, then instead you will do something about which you have no doubt. On the other hand, if you are capable of experimenting and curious as to the results, no doubts could stop you anyway.

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