the eyes to see: how the meek shall inherit the earth

“Many have eyes, but how many see?”


Eyes (Photo credit: courosa)

For those who know that they may have been judging the world, but are willing to have already stopped:

Some people look but do not see. Some do not even look. Some do not even open their eyes at all. Some may even see, yet do not understand….

What is surprising and even confusing to one person may be familiar to another. The same thing may even have been predicted by some of us.

Many have eyes, but how many see? Shall we take the speck out of another’s eye while there is still a log in our own?

The baby boom is pending retirement, but how many are willing to humbly look even for a moment at what clearly lies before us as we witness the historic shift in the number of people leaving the workforce? The overall rate of people entering and leaving the workforce has been relatively stable for decades, with numbers increasing rather gradually due to factors like more and more women entering the workforce over time- but even women reach retirement age!

We are experiencing the front edge of a huge shift of perhaps the most obvious long-term demographic trend in our lifetimes, with huge numbers of people beginning to leave the workforce (relative to the number entering the workforce, at least in the baby boom countries like the US, Japan, Germany, and the UK). As the baby boomers leave the workforce in record numbers, what is predictable? They reduce their earnings, thus reducing their creditworthiness, reversing their participation in the investing markets of real estate and stocks and even silver and so on, beginning to sell their retirement investments for everyday living expenses.

As the prior inflating of the world’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) begins to deflate, the expanding lending markets of the 80s and 90s simply

Market Street

Market Street (Photo credit: glennharper)

no longer exist. Without new borrowing pouring in faster than ever before, the whole ponzi scheme destabilizes. Prices that have been inflating for decades can deflate suddenly, like a balloon flying around wildly. Those who fear the destabilizing of the financial system most also are subject to misunderstand it, so they have been fearing hyperinflation and thus pouring in to markets like gold, ignoring the clear evidence (for those who have the eyes to see) that hyperinflation is not present, but deflation.

What’s happening is about the difference between cash and debt. Cash rockets in value (real purchasing power), as debtors scramble to liquidate their illiquid investments to get the cash to get current on their high-risk gambles in the form of mortgages… while rates of delinquency, foreclosure, and bankruptcy continue to surge. Debt contracts plunge in value, with short sales, defaults, and auctions becoming the norm- rather than the exception.

But just having open eyes may not keep you safe. A deer frozen in the headlights is not especially safe- even with eyes as wide as they can go. Seeing the avalanche approaching us is only useful if we are willing to get out of the way- and able! Would you allow me to help you with organizing a new future of responsible prosperity?

If you say yes, then I’d like you to know that, along with forecasting well in advance the major developments in various markets such as real estate prices, fuel prices, and stock market prices, there are two basic adjustments that I have been promoting for the last several years to people like us. The first adjustment is the more conservative one: totally shelter all exposed assets (cars, banks accounts, real estate equity, revenue streams) and then aggressively negotiate reductions in debts, even if eventually seeking the legal protections of a bankruptcy court. However, there is also another way to look at the predictable developments emerging in markets, like a series of stacked dominoes falling one into the next….

Whenever there is a redistribution of economic activity, some investments (some investors) benefit more than others. Many complain about the latest surprise (and who is to blame or how the politicians really should save them eventually)- and those are like deers standing on the tracks while the train approaches. However, others allow the emotionally maturity to accept that the sound of the train coming louder and louder is a signal to MOVE RIGHT NOW!

So, some are already benefiting more than others. Those who accept the emerging developments can get in a position to assist others in rescuing themselves (not waiting to be rescued like frozen deers). Those who resist what is happening and their own natural responsiveness to it, their so-called faith in repressing the wisdom of fear is vain. They will refuse the immense benefits available to them; they will fail to invest in the opportunities that are prospering as the baby boom retires and the deflation of the credit bubble accelerates. They will eventually be stripped even of their pride. The meek shall inherit the earth.

As we humble ourselves like children, we enter through the eye of the needle into the open eye of the storm. One cannot experience peace and still serve another master: pride. Without pride, all that we may have proudly worshiped- like self-righteousness and blame and guilt and the wisdom of fools called personal glory- all of that may have suddenly just disappeared.

We simply and humbly receive the instructions of life: “do this.” Faithful to life itself, are we willing to meekly inherit the earth- even at the cost of the loss of “the devil’s pride?” The one attached to perpetuating the misery of making life hell refuses to enter heaven, indeed condemning those who do.

Choose wisely, dear. You have all the time in the world, even to stand on the tracks and exhaust yourself protesting the existence of the evil trains and corrupt avalanches and so on… unless you realize that it is you that may have abandoned the world for your own pride, and if only you stop judging the world, it is all yours to inherit.

[When I wrote this on October 20, 2009, I called it a promo for “open eye financial solutions.” A few years later, I created the website ]

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