parody on the language of propaganda: “that should be different, too!”

“that should be different, too”

A Grateful Tirade: ”that should be different, too”

NO NO NO! All of you are totally wrong, especially you, you, and definitely you and, last but certainly not least, me.

Nothing is as it should be. Everything is all wrong. I should know.

Wrong Is Right

Wrong Is Right (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, given that we all now agree that everything is totally wrong, it is absolutely, desperately imperative that we fix EVERYTHING, and right away, so that each thing can be some different form of how it should not be, entirely accidentally, and with no particular importance to anything that we have ever said or done….

Some of us may wish to start by changing the government or the financial system into ANYTHING other than how it should not be how it currently is. It still may not be how it obviously should be, of course, but at least it won’t be like THIS. EGAD!

That whole stupid idea of stupidity, of course, is totally stupid, but go for it if you like. Personally, I’ll leave all that to you and I’m going to go around trying to change the way that my ex spells the word should.

That’s right. She is spelling it totally wrong. It’s a scandal.

Listen closely: “shood.” Clearly, it was only some idiot that wood spell shood with an L! (She knowls who she is!)

We shood have nolticed this from the start, but, loolk, there is alsolulely nolthing about any of us that is how we shood be. Everything is exactly howl it shood not be, even the shape of the letter L… ESPECIALLY thalt! EGALD!

So, for VERY good reasons, I am very disappointed. I’m angry at how angry my ex was pretending not to be. I shood have saved her, but maybe it’s not too late… not yet, right?

I can wait. How soon is it until it’s too late to save the world from being exactly how it shood not be?

I’m only asking because I really shood get back to doing a few things around the little box in which I live. I’ve only got so much time, you know!

Anyway, after I fix the way that my ex spells shood uncorrectly and then almost make a sincere effort to attempt to try to save the world from the world real quick, I’d like to have a word with myself for a moment, young man:

I am very disappointed about how you have been pretending that the world should not be how it may actually be. It’s not the basic idea that it should not be how it should not be, because obviously it should not be how it obviously should not be.

It’s the WAY that you have been pretending that it should not be like this. I know that you know that I know what you are talking about, so do Anger Management

not go trying to play stupid with me, buddy, okay? I know ALL your tricks. I invented them ourselves.

So, we agree now that you should not be pretending in that particular WAY. It’s VERY disappointing… obviously!

Anyway, I’m sure you can fix it. You’ll probably do it wrong, of course, but I am sure that you COULD fix it.

You just won’t. You always refuse. You’re so stubborn sometimes, like especially about not agreeing with me about my particular way of seeing how the world should not be like it is. Then again, I suppose that is only to be expected… from someone like you!

published: Nov 26, 2009

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