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The secrets of power:

January 28, 2014

The secrets of power:
1) Know what power is
2) Find at least one very powerful way to invest energy
3) Invest only a very precise amount of energy in that powerful way

4) Keep these secrets from the masses
Let’s focus on #4 for a few moments. In evolution, the point of an organism exercising power is not just to exercise power for the simple pleasure of it, but to dominate as in to dramatically outperform the competition. That could include disrupting the exercise of power by others, or distracting them from exercising any power at all, like confusing them, blinding them, crippling them, or even enslaving them.

Of course, we may have been programmed that it is morally shameful to dominate, exploit, or even enslave others. We may have been trained to recoil in disgust and terror from the idea of exercising so much power to the point of being socially dominant. Again, that is part of the simple reality of the fourth secret of power: program the masses to flee from power and abdicate it to “representatives.”

Secrets of the Rulers

January 17, 2014
Secrets of the Rulers
The rulers are those who set the rules for the masses to adopt. The rulers also arrange for the enforcing of the rules (by influencing their subjects to limit their behaviors to operate within the limits of the rules). The classic figure of power is the father figure, which can be taken to extremes as the heavenly father or Godfather, who may be called the father of fathers, the ruler of rulers, or the king of the kings. The holy father is a typical title for the ruling high priests (such as Father Murphy or Father MacDonald, etc), and the ruling father figure is not alone in ruling. There can be the great mother and also the elder brothers (deacons, etc).
These saintly intermediaries (below the Almighty Overlord) may take the role of the ally of the subjects (the good cop as distinct from the bad cop of the tyrannical and even brutal Godfather). These good cops gently train or program the subjects, though keeping available the psychological tool of a constant potential threat of conjuring the frightening demon of the higher authority (such as the principal of the school).
So, these rulers are interested in efficiency. Obviously, there must occasionally be SOME violation of some of the rules so that the rulers can make examples out of the violators. This is good for publicizing the penalties so as to promote widespread terror and compliance with a minimum of actual investment of resources.
Also, once the public’s attention has been magnetically attracted by traumatic punishments, there will be cases publicized of the great rewards earned by “heroes” who followed the rules exceptionally well. Beyond the glorification of exceptional cases of compliance with the rules, there can also be promotion of an ideal of even more extreme loyalty to the ruler’s ideals. In that case, we can glorify a hero who, in the face of temptation and even threats of persecution, demonstrates the ultimate in blind faith by rebelling against “unjust regulations” or “corruption.” The “whistleblower” and the “reformer” are, ironically, the ones most hysterically focused on “serving the greater good,” (which has been defined not by them personally, of course, but by the rulers). Why the obsessions with a particular ideal of “the greater good?”
Here is the formula of loyalist conformity: learn the pre-existing rules, follow those inherited rules, ferociously complain when others break them (out of competitive outrage over “them getting away with it” as in the jealous fear of “why should they be allowed to do what everyone else expects to be punished for doing?!?!?”), then heroically face “any consequences” of “blowing the whistle” on others. Loyalists will eventually cling to a particular problem, then a specific method of reform, then resist competing reformers (often with tremendous animosity). Note that it is easiest to rule those who are compulsive, who are most predictable in their reflexive responses, who react with the maximum of consistency.
What is the pinnacle of the fanatical idealism? “With no concern for the appreciation of others, the great heroic savior will sacrifice everything (except their own ego) to be the martyr who bring downs the corrupt rulers (or dies trying).” The ruling system glorifies martyrs and rebels, which serves to program the masses with sentimental and emotional compulsions and obsessions.
In fact, the heroic revolutionary is the most glorified ideal of many systems of imperialist coercion. The two central figures of worship are typically the great savior and the great villain.Those who agonize over “good vs evil” or “right vs wrong” are possessed by the ruler’s demon of worshiping social conformity (paranoia). They obsess over policing their world. They are the ones who most ferociously attempt to instill in others a sense of guilt and shame for “not preventing the world from being how it should not be.”They neglect “the tree of life” in order to attempt to bring down evil, but they are like people trying to preserve one side of a piece of paper while destroying the other side of the same piece of paper. They are perfectionists in hell, climbing high up the forbidden tree of the obsession over good and evil, then refusing to climb down, insisting that first they need to save the tree from leaves.
Specifically, they say that they desperately need to save the tree from “the down side leaves” which means the side of the leaves that face the ground. They turn the leaf upside down in order to save it from having a side that faces down, but soon they are exhausted because there is something wrong with these leaves which almost seem to have two sides, which is an insult to their sincere idealism about how leaves should be.They are fools who are not fully fluent in language and argue over paradoxical phrases like “literal interpretations.” (How can an interpretation be absolutely literal if it is also an interpretation?) They are fanatical conformists, idealistic perfectionists, fundamentalist loyalists, paranoid worshipers of a sacred demon called “evil.”
Of great value to the rulers are confusion, paranoia, guilt, and even panic. With systems of confusing deceptions, such as the Santa Claus myth, the behavior of naive children can be very efficiently influenced. The anticipation of heavenly rewards can be contrasted with anticipation of embarrassing “gifts” of coal for the disobedient, untamed child.
Through the methods of deception, small amounts of reward or punishment can be used for even greater influence. Further, by concentrating the rewards or punishments in to special rituals such as the Christmas morning festivities, maximum lasting emotional impact can be achieved. The idea of the great benefactor is driven deep in to the psychological frameworks of the impressionable children of many cultures.
In order to maximize efficiency, the rulers also tend to concentrate their acts of violence. A few very disturbing attacks can be more much effective at intimidating the target populations, especially if the attacks are well-publicized, then frequent small attacks.
Rather than an occasional smack on the wrist, parents can efficiently rule through the psychological intimidation of “do you want a spanking?” Of course, occasional fulfillment of these threats maximizes compliance. The best threats may be those that are big and emotionally-preocuppying, yet without being altogether disturbing (like so much that it interrupts the economic productivity of the human resources). Generally, programming disgust or contempt is sufficient to produce compliance. However, in some cases, disturbing certain subjects may be valuable to the rulers- or even sacrificing them, such as in rituals of human sacrifice like capital punishment or warfare.
Less extreme than disturbing the subjects (terrorizing them) is crippling or handicapping them. This is typically much easier than constantly terrorizing them and can be done in a variety of ways.
For the moment, let’s consider obvious things like high-heeled shoes and then biochemical intoxication. The high-heeled shoes not only impair the ability to walk, but have long-term health effects on those influenced to wear them regularly. But that is a relatively small “handicap.”
As for constant intoxication, that can be produced by programming the masses to desire to eat substances that impair their neurological functioning, then providing those substances in abundance, even at the exclusion of any alternative. Obvious instances would be alcoholic beverages, but there is a long list of substances that rulers may value for promoting compliance among the subject populations.
Another obvious example would be cola beverages, with acidic pH typically in the range of 2.5 (which is not acidic enough to damage a healthy stomach, but will steal energy / electrons from the subject organism). Some substances promoted by the rulers are highly toxic, others moderately toxic, and other addictive without being especially damaging- at least as long as the addict can avoid withdrawal symptoms by maintaining their dependency on the medications or other intoxicating drugs.
As a result of the deliberate systems of biochemical intoxication, certain subjects will experience chronic pain or fatigue, and others chronic brain fog, seizures, or sudden inability to concentrate. Whether the medical crippling is moderate or extreme, physical or neurological, the rulers may greatly value a bureaucracy to govern the administration of “food” and drugs. The lower-ranking priests of the ruling class will be systematically hypnotized, then they will swear oaths to the system and finally be licensed as agents of the system for programming medical doctrines in to the masses. The practices of these “medical doctors” will then be protected and promoted (such as when subsidized by tax-payer funding). Further, competition can be excluded, especially competition that promotes health and detoxification, which tend to reduce compliance and require the rulers to use greater amounts of force (and more frequently) in order to maintain the submission of their subjects. (Of course, any method of promoting health that is especially effective can be adopted by the rulers and forbidden to the subjects.) labeled jar A brilliant system for promoting paranoia is the use of diagnostic labels as if those labels have the power to cause illness. Naive, intoxicated, hypnotized subjects can be programmed to worship a demon which they believe is possessing them, such as by telling them that “your baldness is causing you to lose your hair.” By making up a name for an effect and then referencing that diagnostic label for a symptom as if it is a cause of the symptom, the witchcraft of these licensed agents of the rulers can produce massive amounts of paranoia and even hysterical panics, leading the gullible to line up for “mandatory, free shots” that may produce well-documented detrimental effects (that are probably unknown to the well-indoctrinated subjects). Note further that this is all “hidden in plain sight,” yet directly referencing these topics may produce fits of repulsion in those most loyal to the system (those most terrified from social paranoias). Extracting the immature from this system can be time-consuming.
The physical tension of the passionate loyalists can be extreme. Further, the system typically involves frequent impairments to the functioning of the immune system, such as cough suppressants. Thus, the process of discontinuing to imbibe the primary intoxicants of the system can involve a sudden re-activation of the immune system. For those with economic paranoia, a re-activation of the immune system can mean unpaid time off from work. That can be terrifying.
Also note that nothing presented here is a condemnation of the system. If I tell you how a fence can be built to trap your dog in your yard, that is not a condemnation of the system for trapping the dog, is it? When a subject of this system is ripe to discontinue the worship of the invented demons of this system, then they will be able to recognize the system with minimal or moderate repulsion, rather than with tantrums of contempt and hysterical panics of guilt, leading to idealist insistence on finding ways of reforming or correcting the system. Who trained the masses to relate to revelations about this system with feelings of guilt and desperation to fix the system (or destroy it) and thus be the perfectionist savior of the millions of deceived subjects of the system? The system indoctrinated the masses with guilt. Guilt is paranoia about future punishment. What is the pinnacle of all threats? The threat of damnation to eternal tortures. What is the pinnacle of all bribery? The promise of rewards after death, such as through karmically-segregated reincarnation in to various degrees of paradise. There are many deceptions that can be promoted to the masses about various kinds of spiritual superiority. These competing fads can come and go like the ideals in the famous story of the Star-Bellied Sneetches. How much should we agonize over how to best prevent the massive deceptions of innocent children performed through ritual indoctrinations such as the myths of Santa Claus or Cinderella or the Superhero Power Rangers of the Criminal Justice League? We should agonize exactly as much or as little as our social conditioning dictates. There is no way to prevent all social conditioning. Social conditioning is part of the reality of all social animals. There are simply occasional evolutionary leaps in the effectiveness of competing systems of social conditioning. Respect the secrets of the rulers. Respect the rulers. Respect the rules. Be aware that influencing public perception is the greatest weapon of the rulers. They sacrifice who it is convenient for them to sacrifice. However, they demonize and “spare” their greatest partners in terrifying their subjects. It is no great slogan to put on a tombstone that someone was unjustly demonized by the rulers. Imagine a parade of non-violent protests condemning that another sincere, heroic savior was “unjustly punished” and consider if such parades perform the greatest possible service to the rulers. What a great ritual for glorifying the sacred rebel!
So, why did the Romans so rigorously publicize the story of a hero to worship who was “unjustly” tortured and then executed in a ritual of human sacrifice? Publicizing the drama (whether fictional or accurate) may serve the purposes of the empire. Is the story of Osiris or Mithras or Serapis all the more emotionally-powerful because of the “final victory” by the holy child of a virgin who is resurrected as the Divine Superhero over the Imperialist villains? The imperialists seem to think that there is great emotional power in that particular “happy ending.” They love that story so much that they put it in to lots of languages and made many variations to it. That story, in all it’s glamour and glory and gore, is the crowning pinnacle of all imperialist cultures so far.
REPLY from J.F.:The game is rigged. The whistles apparently need to be blown now more than ever, though, when blown, they only help to increase the paranoia, and helplessness, which ‘seems’ justified, and even neccesary.

More from J.R:

There are different kinds of whisteblowing. Not all are “idealistic.” There is filing a lawsuit, shouting to warn your family from approaching a dangerous boundary because a train is coming, or trying to launch a publicity stunt protest with bullhorns and signs to intimidate or shame the opposition in to some kind of reform.

There are also two very distinct kinds of paranoia. One is an indicator of a lasting exposure to an accurately perceived risk, like I am so paranoid about theft that I buy a dead bolt lock and use it in my front door. That kind of “paranoia” eventually resolves in to action, like a sense of being bothered enough to do something different, to explore some new action. That is “healthy.”

There is also paranoid delusion, which is like when someone has deep terror about the possibility that their own government would ever intentionally do anything that is not “very beneficial to everyone”, like a state lottery gambling promotion that is horrible financially for most of the participants. So, there is the first delusion (programmed by propaganda) and then a complex set of “compensations,” like distractions from the obvious. So, there can be delusions that lead to paranoia like the idea that there is a form of physical reality called diabetes or goiter which possesses people and alters their blood sugar or produces growths on the neck. That is delusion and it is rooted in paranoia.

In the case of goiter, it is the relative absence of iodine (relative to “poisons” like flouride and chlorine) which prevents the thyroid gland from properly functioning and removing waste, thus leaving a “growth” of dead cells that the body is unable to remove. The growth or tumor is physically real, but it is an effect or symptom.

Then, a linguistic label is created called “goiter,” which is related to as a cause. The Almighty creator is rejected so that the winner can instead worship the demon of goiter and try to fight the demon. They take more antibiotics to fight the demon that they worship, which helps a bit for 3 days, but then causes 5 other problems.

Soon, the worshiper of mainstream demons is scheduling a surgery and arranging to live with 6 lifelong medical addictions. They fight not just the demon of goiter, but also diabetes and obesity and hypertension and a long list of demons that they claim to “have” (to be possessed by). “I have diabetes, which is a linguistic label for an effect. I am worshiping the label and fighting it and trying to remove the label from a jar by rotating the jar exactly 90 degrees.”

That is deep in mainstream paranoid delusion. That is the typical program of the masses.

The same kind of delusional paranoia is at the core of many other fields of activity, such as investing. “I am investing to hedge against inflation.” That could be functional paranoia, but only if people are actually monitoring objective measures of inflation. Most people are fighting something that is not present. They do not recognize that inflation is a human behavior. They think of it as some mysterious demon. Of course, that is just what the media programs them to do.

“I must concentrate all of my wealth in to mortgaged real estate to reduce risk.” That is delusional. Diversification reduces risk, not concentration- especially not in to the least safe market available: investing in real estate with borrowed funds.

secrets of spreading heaven

March 29, 2012

HEAVEN (Photo credit: Telstar2000)

The secrets of how to spread heaven



Heaven is available now for the faithful, the holy, the pure, the angelic, the godly. What does it mean to be faithful, holy, and pure? We address that after we explore what heaven is and what heaven is not.

Heaven is notable for the absence of ill will, suffering, guilt, discord, conflict, despair, and dis-ease. Heaven is the domain in which the holy,

Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibetaanse On...

Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibetaanse Oneindige knoop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

faithful, and pure live. They experience in heaven first curiosity, then clarity, then gratitude and courage and inspiration as well as inner peace and powerful influence through a direct awareness of a miraculous order to all developments, in contrast to being confused by conceptual models of how things could be (speculating) or should be (agonizing).

The guilty and the proud are cast out from the domain of heaven (also called paradise). However, those who have been guilty and proud may, through humility (humiliation), have the opportunity to experience heaven.

I had ill will toward others, even a spirit of divisiveness and contentiousness, until by the grace of heaven, I returned to the humble curiosity of a child: the “beginner’s mind.” This is called the first stage: approaching heaven.

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the...
Image via Wikipedia

I had experienced the behaviors of suffering, worrying, and agonizing, until by the grace of heaven, I returned to curiosity and the result was learning (clarity). This is called the second stage: recognizing heaven.

Recognizing heaven as available to me, I was grateful, while before I had been afraid and resentful and blaming and frustrated and disappointed and guilty and regretful and even ashamed. The arising of heavenly gratitude is the third stage, called receiving heaven (or receiving the holy spirit of heaven or from heaven).

With each experience of gratitude, new actions came to my attention as available and relevant and valuable. This is called inspiration and also nourishing heaven. One’s capacity to influence the behavior of other people, including through the instruments of language, wealth, and other forms of influence, may shift dramatically at this stage, for one recognizes relevant practical adjustments to make in accord with changing economic values of humanity, as well as how to communicate effectively, and so on.

With clarity as well as gratitude, there is a flow of abundance and influence toward those who conduct themselves faithfully to the actions inspired by a direct awareness of the miraculous order of all developments. Such awareness may be intuitive or analytical or both. The results of inspired actions arising from heavenly gratitude and clarity always produce value- that is- gratitude for the results is inherent in the process, as distinct from blame and frustration and fear and so on.

Grateful for the miraculous order of the particular instrument of divinity expressing itself which may be called the physical bodily organism, inspired actions led from nourishing heaven to healing by way of that nourishment and training. Training includes the arts of physical awareness and the so-called “inner martial arts” (including certain forms of yoga).

So, while before I had been despairing and impoverished and envious, by the grace of heaven, I was led through humiliation to curiosity and clarity and gratitude to inspiration and then the inspired actions that cultivate the capacity to nourish myself and others materially and otherwise. By the grace of heaven, I have been saved from the hells of agonizing and contentiousness and resentment. I have been delivered from hell to heaven, with an abundance of blessings that spills over from me to all in my midst. This final stage is called spreading heaven.

Who are the faithful, the holy, the pure, the angelic, the godly? They are the ones who spread heaven.



First Published on: Jun 6, 2010

Dome of the Rotunda of the Church of the Holy ...

Dome of the Rotunda of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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secrets of humble partnering- the key to consistent, easy investment gains

March 4, 2012

a simple, bold assertion: partnering with markets is the key to consistent, easy investment gains

Imagine two groups of people: one group keeps investing in an old, familiar industry and the other group invests in a new technology. Will their investment results be exactly the same or somewhat different?

For instance, will bicycle investors perform the same a automobile industry investors? Will telegraph investors perform the same as those who invest in telephone technology or even in the radio industry?

Recall the children’s story of “The Three Little Pigs.” You were probably tucked in a warm bed looking at pictures of the different results of investing in a straw hut, a wooden shack, or even a brick mansion. Some structures collapsed from a blowing wind while only one provided secure shelter from a hungry wolf.

So, different methods clearly produce different results, right? When hurricanes and tornadoes arrive, will a house built on the sand provide the same results as a house built on the rock?

You may be wondering whether childrens’ stories and proverbs from scripture could have anything to teach us about our investment results recently and in the future. Consider that in just the next couple of minutes, we might learn something very valuable from briefly exploring the principle that different methods produce different results.

Most concisely, here is my fundamental assertion about accessing easy gains; for those who partner with markets, consistent investment gains are easy. Also, for all the rest, investing that is risky but is not recognized as risky is what provides the source of those easy gains to those who partner with markets, because so many blindly under-estimate risks that a few notice long before the mobs learn about those risks, such as from the mass media reporting one statistics that are already a month old or even an entire quarter or year out-of-date. The masses may be unpleasantly surprised because what they had believed to be safe or stable may be suddenly recognized as not currently safe or stable.

Those select few who notice changes early may prudently make practical adjustments that are insightful, brave, and of course not popular… yet. However, once those adjustments get popular, the easy gains of selective investors can be immense.

So, some humbly partner with markets, while others instead simply ignore or even violently resist market realities, discarding the simple truth of market realities and risks in favor of idolizing various ideals and ideologies in which they have been indoctrinated. They may vainly worship the guidance of commercial advertising, or of salespeople earning commissions and bearing the title of “licensed advisor” or “licensed agent,” or of the mass media’s dramatic and confusing analysis developed by only the most politically-correct economists. The masses may as well even complain forever about the unsatisfying guidance they have been following without making any personal adjustments to continuing to follow it!

Those blind speculators following the blind advisors are inevitably surprised when they recognize the reality of their speculative gambling, typically focusing desperately on the latest possible saviors as well as on any convenient excuses and targets of blame to explain how they have been victimized, rather than openly admitting that they have been negligently responsible for producing for themselves the natural results of their high-risk investing. They may as well keep putting all of their hysterical faith in partisan politicians to rescue their favorite investments from the realities of markets and economics.

But couldn’t politicians rescue the bicycle industry from the automobile industry? Could politicians rescue the tent industry from the construction industry? Could politicians rescue the firewood industry from the coal industry or the woodstove industry from the electrical stove industry? Could politicians rescue the telegraph industry from the telephone industry (or from fax machines and email)?

Or, what if we pass a pro-telegraph constitutional amendment or make a treaty with every nation in the world to only use telegraphs? Subsidies and restrictions on competition can certainly influence isolated territories, but eventually, telegraph technology simply may not compete with things like CBs and cell phones.

Politicians simply cannot rescue everyone from the progress of technological innovation. Politicians cannot rescue anyone at all from personal responsibility for diet and exercise. Politicians certainly cannot rescue everyone from the realities of geology (such as the depletion of fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas and the natural consequences of such depletion).

Markets are informal collectives formed by the spontaneous actions of masses of people. Politicians cannot rescue the masses of people from the masses of people and their own actions.

You may have heard that God helps those who help themselves. Consider that God helps those who are committed to partnering.

Those who partner with markets prosper. For those who ignore or even resist the realities of market risks and opportunities (and instead stay withdrawn to read headlines and continue blindly investing in the promises of politicians and insurance companies and so on), such masses are still subject to the risks of a redistribution away from them toward those who have been insightful and brave and adaptive. In other words, different methods produce different results!

To partner with markets to access easy gains, call
407 4 EZ GAINS
(407 439 4246)

[that # is just a voice mail. You can directly reach me at 480 265 5522.]

Published on Dec. 10, 2010

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