the secret of society

beyond the normal range of common knowledge
an organized group of people associated for some specific purpose 
or on account of some common interest

How do humans organize in to societies? Societies organize through language. It is no secret that the huge advantage that humans have over other species is language.
While opposable thumbs are distinct, they are not unique to homo sapiens. However, when humans developed language, they developed a new capacity to organize societies and transmit learning from one generation to the next. Also, language allowed for an entirely new possibility: the keeping of secrets.
Since learning and technology could be easily transmitted through language, the importance of language rose along with other technological advances. Language allowed for information to be selectively transmitted, which created the possibility of sharing with a wide audience or an exclusive audience (as in secrets). Language also allowed for the possibility of intentional lying, distortion, misrepresentation, and even simple distraction, as well as the use of codes that carry a secret message.
In later segments, I will briefly detail an introduction to what language is, how it originated language, and the function of language in societies, including through the formation of secret societies and their influence. Briefly, when a new society or association forms, it may publicized. Otherwise, the new society or group is a secret that only a few people know exists and whose specific features may also be kept secret or even distorted. While that can change over time, some secrets can last decades, centuries, or even longer.
The later segments will continue with this content:

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