magic words: the secret codes of symbolic language

Magic words

These are magic shapes. These letters that you are reading right now are magic.

What is the difference between these shapes that are magic and other shapes that are not magic? You- like you personally- are the difference between these magic shapes and just any shape.

Imagine a round shape. Imagine the shape of the letter O. Imagine the shape of the numeral 0. Finally, imagine a circle or oval.

What is the difference between these shapes? Which ones are magic and which are not?

Your imagination is the difference between a shape that is just a shape and a shape that is not just a shape. A shape that is not just a shape is a magic shape and the magic is not in the shape. The magic is entirely in your imagication. (In fact, you are entirely in your imagination, but let’s set that aside for later.)

All shapes are just shapes. Some shapes, though, are also magic. However, they are magic only because you- yes, you personally- imagine them to be something that they are really not- or not inherently within themselves already.

A circle is just some unidentified shape until someone identifies it as a circle. The letter O or the numeral 0 are just shapes, too, unless someone identifies them as symbols of something else. Symbols are magic.

Symbols are not symbols inherently. Shapes are obviously just shapes!

Top hat as an icon for magic

Top hat as an icon for magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, we use codes to take shapes and make shapes into symbols. Codes are magic. Symbols are magic. Magic is symbolism, coding, when something represents something else, when it is for you something that it actually isn’t at all.

Words, by the way, are all magic codes. For written words, we begin with regular shapes and then make them into magic shapes called letters. Then, we take a bunch of magic shapes and put them in sequences that make magic shape codes called words.

The magic shape codes are visual codes for magic sound codes. In fact, all sounds are just sounds. However, some sounds- because you personally say so- are also magic sounds.

Which sounds are magic sounds? Magic sounds are the ones that are also code symbols for something besides the actual sound… but only if you say so.

What other things are magic? Are any gestures magic (for you)?

Think of someone with an arm stretched up in the air. That could be just an arm stretched up in the air, which we might call just stretching. Or, if that arm was stretched up in a group of people, that could be a signal movement or code movement or symbolic movement or magic movement.

One person says, speaking to a group of other people: “who can think of a magic movement?” Another person raises up their arm- and not just their arm, but the hand at the end of the arm. Are they just raising their arm… or are they actually raising not so much their entire arm, but raising their hand in particular?

What is the difference between just raising an arm and the magic of the symbolic act of raising a hand? You are the only difference- your imagining, your identifying, your magic.

You’re magic. You do not just have magic or do magic. You are magic.

Remember, all words are magic, even the word “you.” Written words are really just sequences of shapes until someone brings magic to make the shapes into magic letters and magic wordsSpoken words are just sequences of sounds until someone brings magic to make the sounds into magic sounds of magic words.

However, where did this imaginary someone suddenly come from? Shapes are shapes and sounds are sounds, but what is a someone?

Someone does not exist until someone says so. Now that is magic!

Everything else is just whatever it already is. You, however, are the imagination of language. You are made in the image of magic. You are made as the imagining of language.

Language did not come from anyone. Language just somehow happens- like these shapes just suddenly happen to be here and you just suddenly happen to be here reading them out there.

In fact, can you personally remember a time when you were not already here? I’m not asking if you can imagine a time when you were not here, because I know that you are magic and obviously you are so powerful that you can imagic a time that is not now, as well as a time when you were not here, as well as a time when you may or may not be not now, such as an imagined future possibility. By the way, the only time that the past or future could ever happen is whenever you imagine them now to happen at some imaginary not now, which is actually always now as well (such as even if you imagine yourself in the future – tomorrow- to be imagining this very moment now- which will soon be yesterday as of that imaginary tomorrow- and then you may call that moment- which is actually still today all along- “the past,” but of course none of that can actually happen until exactly right now- eternity).

So, anyway, in the only right now when magic is possible, what I was saying to you is that you don’t just take these regular shapes and make them magic. You actually are magic!

Wherever you show up, magic shows up. Seriously: wherever magic shows up, haven’t you noticed that you are always here already?

That’s not just a coincidence. That’s magic. In fact, that’s not just any everyday magic. You showing up is a miracle, a total mystery, an absurd impossibility.

In fact, I’m starting to wonder if you are even here at all. Are you really actually there, or is it only me?

Is it only me… or is there actually anyone else besides me? Are you a figment of my imagination? Are you actually there at all without me here saying so?

I am the creator of letter symbols out of mere shapes and magic words out of these magic shapes. I am the creator of codes of language signals out of mere sounds and shapes. I am the creator of all magic, all words, all interpretations, all meanings, all language, everything that I notice happening.

But what is really amazing is that of all of those things out there, I also created me. I did not even do it on purpose. It just happens by itself (for me) and now here I am (still, as always). Sure, I can imagine a time when I was not here and explanations for how I got to be here from allegedly not being here, but the idea that I was ever not here is also just an imagination now.

So, among the many things I create, I create you. You do not even exist- at least not for me- until I say so. By the way, when I say that you do not exist for me until I say so, what other kind of existing is there except existing for me?

You do exist for me, though, so you can relax now. When I blink, yes, you do disappear, but just as I can destroy what I create, I can also create it again instantly.

Anyway, the point is that you only exist for me. For me, as far as I know, you do not even exist for anyone else- or not unless I say so.

They do not exist for me either unless I say so, so how could you possibly exist for them unless I say so? By the way, they exist for you exactly how I say they exist for you- for you and them aimply do not exist for me at all unless I say so, and only how I say so, exactly how I say so, when I say so, if I do at all.

So, as I was saying, you are relaxed now because I say so- but perhaps not only relaxed. Aren’t you also at least just a little bit curious?

Now, which is the only time that really ever matters, if I reject some part of life as not me- with me over here and the rest of life over there- then I might divide the rest of life into various identities: shapes and sounds and people and all sorts of beginning and endings and boundaries and treaties and invasions and mergers and acquisitions and negotiations and surrenderings and creations and destructions. I may create you and various other people as well. I may say “here is how you exist for them and how they exist for you.” Or, I may not say that. I could say anything.

No, seriously, I could literally say anything. I do not even know all of the things I could say- not yet.

However, on the other hand- no, not on this one here and not on that one here but on the other one over there- on the only hand that there ever is for me, which is the one that I say is here for me now, I notice that the only thing actually happening is the only thing actually happening. In other magic words, it’s all just language.

Obviously, I could say anything now, right? However I notice that I only say what I actually say.

Further, I only create what I actually create. I do not create anything except what I am actually creating in the moment I am creating it.

So, sure I could create literally anything. However, I notice that I actually only create what I am actually creating.

By the way, you may be wondering now how I create what I am creating. (I know this because you only exist for me because I say so, so you may be wondering whatever I say you may be wondering. As far as I know, you do not even exist unless I say so, right?) So, here it is.

I am going to tell you the secret of how to create anything. Are you ready? No, ah, well then I can wait….

Anyway, while I am waiting for you to eventually get ready for eternity, I invite you to notice now that not only is “I” always here, and not only is “I” always magic, but “I” creates everything merely by noticing it now. Noticing is creating. Language is just patterns of noticing. Noticing is magic.

I don’t even have to actually say so to create everything. I just notice things and, suddenly, there they are!

If I notice me saying things, is it the saying of the things, or the noticing of the things, or the noticing of the sayings of the things that magically creates them?

Of course, the obvious answer is “yes.” What else could it possibly be (for me)?

Remember, I am magic, too. I am so magic that I create anything just by noticing how it already is here…. as me (yes, including these words of “mine” which of course are no more mine than any others- which I can also notice as mine, but only if I actually am).

For me, if someone says anything, I am there- I am the one speaking. How I am the one speaking here whenever speaking happens anywhere? Because I say so! (Well, at least that is what I personally have noticed….)

January 22, 2010

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