on “The Supreme Being” (and dreams of isolation)


CB wrote:

@JR – in your mind, “Who is the Supreme Being”? In speaking of the “one”, is the one you? I’m having difficulty following you train of thought as your words are foreign to me.

JR replies:


I could make many references to the term Supreme Being, and some would be familiar to you. “Supreme Being” is metaphorical or symbolic, not literal. It is a term used in parables like the following:

If all of life was a tree, the branches [of that tree] would still be life, right? The Supreme Being is like a vine and we (as individual identities) are like the branches of the vine of Supreme Being, but there is nothing but vine in every branch of that vine. You know that metaphor already, right?

Here is another. In an ocean, the surface may form in to waves. Which wave is apart from the ocean? Which wave is not the ocean?


Waves (Photo credit: waɪ.tiː)

The Supreme Being is like the ocean while the details of life are like the waves. There is no wave that happens beyond the motion of the ocean itself. The waves are the motion of the ocean.

What creation is not created by the Supreme Being? What creation is a threat to the Supreme Being? What wave is a threat to the ocean?

Words may come, saying “I am an isolated wave apart from the ocean and I am competing against those waves over there.” Could it be that the ocean has formed those words too? Could it be that the vine has formed each branch?

The Supreme Being is not apart from you or me. You and I are not apart from the Supreme Being.

We are the branches of the Tree of Life. We are the motion of the Supreme Being.

These words on this screen are the motion of the Supreme Being. Everything is the motion of the Supreme Being.

The breathing that may be noticed- whose is it? The hairs on every head- who put them there? Whose are they?

Crashing Wave

Crashing Wave (Photo credit: Clearly Ambiguous)

Words may say: “No, this is my doing. I personally did it. The glory and the shame are mine alone.” Who invents words? Who puts them together?

Even glory and shame are concepts invented by the Supreme Being. Is the Supreme Being ashamed or proud? Shame and pride are just waves, just branches, just words.

Does the word shame change the ocean? Does the word pride change the ocean? The ocean changes and words are like the sunlight glistening off of the top of the ocean’s changing.

The ocean does not need to speak to be the ocean. The Supreme Being does not need to speak to be the Supreme Being. However, just as the ocean makes waves and the waves make sounds, so also does the Supreme Being make words.

CB replies:

To JR – I understand your post, and I agree with your post where the ocean, and vines are concerned.  As for who you are referring to as the “Supreme Being”, your answer remains ambiguous – like answering a question with a question – open ended as it were.  I would have to repeat the question, “…in your mind, who is the “Supreme Being”?  In speaking of the “one”, is the one you?”

While it would appear that you come from the stance that you and the “Supreme Being” are “one” like the wave and the ocean, I would have to disagree.  To be “one” with the “Supreme Being” we must take upon ourselves His attributes and non-physical characteristics.  To be of one heart, one mind, one purpose, one faith – that we may all be “one”.  This is the challenge and quest of life.  It is an absolute.♥

JR replies back:

The ocean has no challenge in having waves (or not). The waves have no challenge in being the ocean (or not).

The Supreme Being is not a personal or exclusive identity [but, in contrast, is all-inclusive or whole or “holy”]. The characteristics of vine are already within every branch of vine. [The branches do not need any rituals to become more the like the vine, for they are already entirely the vine.]

One may think that one needs to strive to attain holiness. Such striving may be the devil’s trick: “I do not have holiness, so I will try to become holy eventually and here let me invent a new and more complex method for pretending that I am not already of the vine of the Supreme Being.” However, even that “devil’s trick” is God‘s creation.

While dreaming this morning, one aspect of the neurological process of dreaming perceived itself as the dreamer who witnessed the various events of the dream and the other participants in the dream. However, the dream includes all the events and all the “participants,” including the perceiving of a dreamer.

So, yes, the dreamer is the Supreme Being and so are all the events of the Supreme Being’s “dream,” and all of the identifyings in language of self and other.

The dreaming does not need to do anything to make the dreamer more dreamy (or less dreamy). The dreamer is part of the dream. The experience of an isolated identity of “me, the dreamer” is incidental.

Supreme Court

Supreme Court (Photo credit: P Hansen)

So, does one stop perceiving dreams as real? Perhaps! But dreaming may go on and there is no real challenge in dreaming, though the perception of a dream challenge may arise in the dream [like this: “but how can I ever reconnect with life? I am over here and life is over there? How will I ever reconnect!?!?!”]

The dreaming begins, perceptions arise, including perception of a someone [who is] dreaming the dream, and then the dreaming ends. When the dreaming continues during the “wakefulness” of the physical organism [after a body wakes up from sleep], we can call that sin or maya or error. When the awake dreaming is “lucid,” then that [mode] can be called enlightenment or salvation, and the operating of language is recognized as merely the operating of language.

This is the shift from the experience of a [so-called] isolated identity talking about the spirit of God to the spirit of God actually experiencing itself talking. The spirit of God already has the characteristics of the spirit of God. The experience of [“broken”] individuality must “die” [or cease] before the spirit of God [again] experiences itself without the “dream” of an isolated self “doing” the dream.

The Supreme Being is the source of the dreaming. The experience of isolated individuality (and of needing to strive to become like the Supreme Being) is a language-related figment of the dream of the Supreme Being.

“You” may not understand this at least not within any pre-existing belief system. “You” may be terrified of it. Furthermore, it may

Supreme Court

Holy Temple of the Supreme Court (Photo credit: pepsobert)

“kill” that “you.”

However, when a dream is “killed,” it is recognized as being only a dream. Nothing “real” is changed by the ending of a dream. In the dream, the dreamer may be terrified of dying in the dream. However, the Supreme Being is eternal and when a direct awareness of the Supreme Being is present within a particular human organism, a fearing of the death of the organism does not arise. Fear is part of the dreaming, as is shaming, and striving, and so on.

The effects of the dream perceptions are real effects for organisms. However, the Supreme Being does not identify itself as limited to a particular organism, except if dreaming “momentarily.”

You may find all of this quite consistent with certain parts of familiar scripture. Generally, institutional religious [traditions] do not preserve the simplicity and coherence of this message. Perhaps all churches are apostasy, but perhaps that is entirely functional [and incidental].

The [“Almighty”] Supreme Being is not threatened by apostasy or heresy or blasphemy. The Supreme Being is the creator of all of that as well.

CB replies again:

I will once again have to disagree with your statement that the Supreme Being is the “creator” of “apostasy…heresy…or blasphemy”.  All that exists has always existed in one form or another, that would include good and evil.  We, through our choices, identify with one or the other, God or the adversary.  It has little to do with outward thoughts and appearances and more to do with the spirit and heart of mankind.  Appearances can be deceiving as mankind battles with overcoming the flesh and subjecting himself to the Spirit.  The adversary is the creation of God, while the “devil’s trick[s]” are his own creation and not those of God.  Our choices are our own creation and determine our “holiness” or lack thereof.  Holiness is not to be sought after, it is achieved as one chooses to draw close to the Supreme Being, through witnesses from the Spirit.  This can never be achieved until one accepts His existence, His love, and His plan, and feels after Him.

United States Supreme Court building in Washin...

The Supreme Being is God the Father of us all, who have or will exist, on the earth as we know it.  He is both personal and exclusive in identity.  How well one identifies with Him, depends on how well they know Him.  How well they know Him depends on how diligently they seek to know Him as they listen to the Spirit, the witness of all truth, who speaks to our spirit.♥

JR replies again:

I see- you think that the adversary is the creation of God, but has power distinct from God. Consider that “I have power distinct from God” is the voice of the adversary, which is just a form of God.

Also, to clarify, I was not referencing the spirit and heart of mankind (the “lower” man), but of the Supreme Being (the “higher” self). When the spirit of the “lower” is absent, the eternal presence of the Supreme Being is not covered or obscured. Further, once the “higher” (or core) is recognized, any momentary arising of the “lower” or superficial is recognized as… merely superficial.

Without beliefs, do you still exist? Without idealism and idolatry, do you still exist?

What would happen if argumentativeness was seen as innocent, if “the adversary” was seen as innocent, if there was no fearing of an adversary? Do you dare to find out? 😉

There is a stage of the process in which terms like “diligence” may be relevant. Also, there is a stage when the witnessing from “the Spirit” may include these words here, and even all others!

The inscription Equal Justice Under Law as see...

The inscription Equal Justice Under Law as seen on the frieze of the United States Supreme Court building- with the archetypical/mythological Gods of the Roman Pantheon carved under the crest of the Holy Temple of the great imperial Church of the United States of America  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Published on: Sep 13, 2011
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