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Nutrition: a secondary source of hydration and electrons

October 29, 2014

I begin by continuing a few lines from the prior exchange:

Let me focus on simple matters for a moment that will not be in a realm that confuses you. This will promote clarity and wisdom.

Electrical charge is important. Too much of certain charges can instantly kill any organism.

Also, electrical charge is what produces every “action” you experience, such as allowing your eyes to see this screen, my fingers to type out these letters, and hurricanes to form and create wind and so on.

Below are examples of what an electrical vortex can produce:

In regard to tornadoes, note that water conducts electricity and also that a spinning vortex of water creates a magnetic field. Why does water (including in a tornado) spin in a different rotation in the Northern Hemisphere compared to the Southern Hemisphere? Because of electromagnetics.

So, the above information is incomplete. The “funnel” is an electromagnetic vortex (like a whirlpool or water flowing out of a sink). Only in the proper electromagnetic situation (which PRODUCES a stormcloud) will hot and warm air make a tornado (like shown in the over-simplified info above).

Humidity and temperature variation are simply not enough. The real primary issue is electromagnetic charge.

To have a tornado, we need the presence of water, air, and earth, plus the electromagnetic imbalances between those 3 “substances.” Temperature imbalances can be created by the presence of the other 4 factors.




  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Back to the basics, it is useful to think of energy as fundamental and matter (as in solid food, liquids, etc) as stable concentrations of energy. Baking soda is a pretty simple molecule (compared to a fatty acid chain or a carbohydrate fiber).

    So, with concentrations of energy, sometimes it is very easy to access that energy and sometimes the energy is in a complex form that is very stable relative to “highly reactive” forms. Baking soda “has a loosely-bonded electron just hanging right out.” That means it produces a very gentle electrical reaction very easily.

    In contrast, if you take some whale oil, it takes a lot to spark a release of the energy. You need a flame to burn the whale oil (like in a lamp) or a very complex metabolic process to convert the oil in to lots of something called ATP (through ketogenic metabolism). ATP is highly reactive, like even moreso than baking soda.

    From fat or carbs, animals can get ATP and then get one electron from each molecule of ATP. That is a “very inefficient” way to go (even though ketosis is WAY more efficient than “anaerobic metabolism of carbs”).

    A much more efficient way to produce energy (than ATP) is PPP. Any geeks can look that up and find out what I mean.

    Ultimately, the issue is always electrons and protons. Another issue is storage and release of those electrons and protons (the electricity or electromagnetic “power”) in specific ways.

    So, if you want a “burst” of energy, baking soda is not the way to go. Fats are great ways to store energy and then release it pretty suddenly.

    If you want to promote alkalinity in general in an organism, that means increasing the balance of electrons (relative to protons). Different cells and tissues SHOULD have different electromagnetic balances. The brain (and heart) create powerful electromagnetic fields and they should. Note that “totally neutral” is basically “dead.”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What is the best way to promote proper electromagnetic charge in an organism? Contact with the earth (electromagnetically). There is no replacement for that.

    Wearing rubber-soled shoes and living in structures that disconnect us from the vast supply of electrons of the earth is “unhealthy.” Those practices are okay occasionally, but not constantly. We need to “recharge” our electron balance.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Keep in mind that plants make stable forms of energy (that can be stored like a battery) because of water hitting sunlight. The plants also get electrons from their roots (the earth) or from whatever else they are touching (like from the air or in the case of algae from the sea water).

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If you do not have proper hydration (where most of the electrical charge in your body should be stored), that is not something that fat or carbs will fix. To have proper energy, you need charge (electrons), some form of insulation (cell walls with healthy fat- which your body can manufacture), and some medium for storing the charge (INTRAcellular water). You need to make lots of little “battery cells.”

      Anyone who is asking about “getting more alkaline” and “should I eat baking soda” is a long way from the most direct approach. AV [Aajonus Vanderplanitz, a recently deceased nutritional consultant] may have dismissed certain methods or issues not as totally ineffective but simply as inefficient and distracting.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Further, there is only so much that he understood. Not only do you need to be able to store charge (in “battery” cells of liquid crystal water), but you also need to be able to generate sudden bursts of charge. In other words, ketogenic metablism is also important. It is just not as important if someone is dead from lack of hydration (or from a lightning bolt).
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn There are some ancient manuscripts that contain suggestions like “do not worry about what you should eat.” That is not the same as “be inattentive.” That is just “do not agonize over it.” Do not make it in to an issue to blindly worship and stress out about.

      If you trust someone who tells you “never eat ______” and always eat ____ first thing in the morning,” so be it. Be cautious about who you trust though. Confidence and popularity are not the same as intelligence or accuracy or relevance, right? (See Luke 7:7.)

      Caution or alertness are not agonizing. If you are interested in interacting with a competent specialist, it may be relevant to have something to offer them in exchange for their time and expertise.

promoting health or… agonizing about health?

October 29, 2014
  • Sam wrote:
    So if alkalinity is the key to reducing inflammation and illness then are not meats…eggs….milk….all acidic foods??? And fruits and veggies are alkaline foods??? So how would that work??

  • Sam, if you suspect that you are having an unfavorable reaction to any food, then stop eating it, at least temporarily. As for inflammation, it is an electromagnetic effect (a charge imbalance). You need electrons in order to restore the proper charge and correct the inflammation (the burning).

    If the inflammation is very contained, like a little sunburn on your shoulders, then something topical like baking soda paste or aloe vera gel is relevant. For most people today, they have extreme systemic inflammation (electromagnetic imbalance) and need to ground themselves to the earth.

    Most people have massive deficiencies of electrons and only after weeks or even months of resumed contact with the earth (like at least 12 hours a day), will their “allergies” (inflammatory repsonses) begin to disappear. You can construct your own “grounding device” for under $20. I show how in this video (though I now recommend that people use UNinsulated wires for greater surface area contact): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naSgbQUN674

    DIY grounding demonstration: the wires I put in my wall…
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn To promote health, I recommend that people focus more on electromagnetic balance (grounding/ pH/ voltage, etc), on proper breathing (that could be another thread, but mostly is just slowing down your breathing by about 1/2 of the normal pace for most people), on proper hydration (not just Reverse Osmosis water, but that is a good start), and proper SLEEP (which requires attention to issues like exposure to visible light and EMF exposure from cell phones and wifi and regular household electrical flows).

    Organisms who have major problems in those realms will die in seconds, minutes, hours, or weeks. Much less important to me (once the main “poisons” are removed from someone’s diet) is nutrition, including things like the use of iodine “supplementation” on the skin.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So if one is operating from the logic I present above, the most important “nutrient” BY FAR is water. What foods have lots of moisture? Lots of them.

    Raw meat has much more water than cooked meat (which is dehydrated by heat). Raw fruit has much more water th
    an cooked fruit (which is dehydrated by heat). Notice a pattern there yet? (Of course, if you are steaming some veggies, that adds moisture.)

    So, if someone eats 4 ounces of juice from raw calf liver every morning and 8 ounces of raw celery juice every night (like in the classic Gerson method to “cure cancer”), is all of that enough daily hydration? It might be enough to survive- much better than none- but nowhere close to optimal.

    If you have done nutrition “poorly” for decades and are still alive, that is a sign that it is not an URGENT matter for you. Maybe it is a good investment for someone to explore improving nutrition, but keep it all in perspective.

    Agonizing is totally optional- which is easy to say. I consider it a signal of distress. If agonizing can help you to withdraw from interacting with an incompetent specialist (or to remain withdrawn), that is good. Beyond that temporary benefit, agonizing may be of little benefit.

    Let it frighten off those who do not care or are incompetent to help. Be grateful for it’s purpose and value. When that value is fulfilled, other patterns of activi56ty are relevant becasue the behavioral pattern of agonizing.

How much should I agonize about pH and baking soda?

October 29, 2014
  • BS wrote: …so baking soda alkalizes both the blood and the intestines or just the intestine or just the blood?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn B, baking soda is slightly alkaline. That means more electrons than protons (a pH of between 8 and 9, which is a little more than “neutral”: 7).Baking soda is a label for NaHCO3. It is made in every pancreas of every creature who has a pancreas.

    The pancreas makes it toalkalyze the small intestine (to raise pH). Generally speaking, something alkaline onlyalkalyzes what it contacts / reacts with. It simply has a tendency to donate a small voltage of electrons to anything nearby.

    So, if you bathe in water with baking soda, then electrons get “donated” through the skin to be distributed widely. If you drink something alkaline, especially if you swish it in your mouth before swallowing, that has another effect. If you get a bee sting and put wet baking soda as a paste right on the inflamed tissue, it reduces that local inflamation. If you use it in toothpaste and rinse it out after several seconds, that is yet a different effect.

    BS: J R Fibonacci Hunn, AV [Aajonus Vanderplanitz, a remarkable nutritional consultant who died in 2013] said that veggie juice alkalizes the blood but not the intestines… which is perfect… i was wondering if baking soda would do the same… without the sugars from the veg juice
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Your questions, B, are often misemphasizing some detail. Let me focus on simple matters for a moment that will not be in a realm that confuses you.Electrical charge is important. Too much of certain charges can instantly kill any organism.Also, electrical charge is what produces every “action” you experience, such as allowing your eyes to see this screen, my fingers to type out these letters, and hurricanes to form and create wind and so on.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Okay, B. Back to your latest question. Is it logical that baking soda would produce one effect that veggie juice does? Yes. Is it logical that it would produce all the effects of veggie juice. Absolutely not.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn To me, you demonstrate a “remedial” approach, like always trying to cure something. That is fine, but simply does not correspond to producing broad comprehension.If you want a personalized protocol, hire a specialist for a consultation. Since AV’s death, you may not know one. Find one anyway. A thread on facebook is not what I mean by a consultation.If you want to comprehend how and why things work, you need to be calm. If you are anxious to “find the right protocol,” that is not calm. It is possible to learn in the medium of threads on facebook, but not if you are “married to your worship of a model that is familiar to you but that you do not understand.”

    To me, that is a psychological mechanism for avoiding what promotes health. It is agonizing. It promotes neither health nor comprehension of biology.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn It naturally leads to disappointment, frustration, and, in many cases, blame and antagonism. I have personal experience with all of that sequence. We could call it “one stage of healing.”It is not the only stage. It is not the last stage.

What if governments only REGULATE coercion and fraud?

October 26, 2014

  • Cathryn Ciotti Lynch Not surprised. This world is broken.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Perhaps those who are most corrupt are the creators of governments. They create governments to protect them and create a monopoly.

    Ho hum. Nothing new here. Just a bunch of “idealists” waking up to what was never true, then claiming that “government has gotten corrupt since the 1990s [or whatever] when I was naive and believed that governments were less corrupt than I think they are today.”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, the origin of all modern governments, more or less, was a syndicate of organized coercion known as the Levites, led by such famous chiefs as Noah and Moses. biblehub.com/numbers/31-7.htm

  • Barry Soetoro J R Fibonacci Hunn, what about hitler, mao, stalin, obama etc.. they were/are luciferians/satanists/atheists… only in the 20th century murdered 360+ millions… more people killed during the 20th century then in any other times…COMBINED…. all in the name of the more ”evolved” races..aka the THEORY(nothing more) of ”evolution”…
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, all of those “leaders” were part of the same network (agents of that network- not really leaders technically… so much as figureheads or pawns). The ancient Babylonian secret societies “evolved” in to the Egyptian secret societies, the Hebrew secret societies, then the Roman secret societies. Those include the Knights Templar and Jesuits and so on, who eventually formed the “neutral” jurisdiction of Switzerland which was the origin of other secret societies like the KKK, the Thule Society, Tavistock, and Skull and Bones. Elements within that “neutral” jurisdiction are alleged by some to have had a history of secretly creating massive conflicts amongst others, then making immense economic benefits during and after the slaughters.

    Is it true that Free Masons in the US like Schiff and JP Morgan were the primary economic beneficiaries of the formation of the USSR? Clearly, Germany benefited strategically from the Bolshevik “revolution” and the withdrawal of pre-bolshevik Russia from World War 1. However, who actually received the wealth stripped directly from the Russian people (confiscated)?

    Just like Dick Cheney and friends have “allegedly” used the conflicts in the middle east to embezzle billions of dollars from the US government, is it possible that Free Masons in New York and Paris and London were the ones who actually received all the valuables that went “mysteriously missing” (embezzled from the new Soviet government)? When Cambodian “leader” Pol Pot and is collaborators were trained in Paris by the Free Masons to use the slogans known as “communism,” is it possible that some of the massive amount of property confiscated from Cambodians was mysteriously embezzled from the new Cambodian Communist “Party” (“the new government”) and smuggled in to Paris (or Zurich)?

    War profiteering may be so profitable that it leads companies to promote wars just for the opportunity to embezzle wealth that goes with the transition from one system of coercion to another. See http://www.alternet.org/story/41083/the_10_most_brazen_war_profiteers

    This has been happening recently in Iraq. See these articles
    from 2005: http://articles.latimes.com/2005/may/05/world/fg-fraud5
    from 2008: http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/washington/2008-05-22-2130123016_x.htm

    “But what about in US-occupied Japan or British-occupied India?” Consider that these dynamics are “standard” (as in “business as usual”). Recently, it has been happening in the Ukrana:  from 2014: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/27/ukraine-search-missing-billions-yanukovych-russia
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn This reminds me of questions about “what happened to all the gold stored under WTC Building #7 on September 10th, 2001?”

    The official answer is apparently “what gold?”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Of course, these groups “might” also create programs of propaganda and indoctrination. They create religious training and public schools and mass media (and governments).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “Propaganda is a modern Latin word, the gerund form of propagare, meaning to spread or to propagate, thus propaganda means that which is to be propagated.[1] Originally this word derived from a new administrative body of the Catholic Church (congregation) created in 1622, called the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide (Congregation for Propagating the Faith), or informally simply Propaganda.[2][3] Its activity was aimed at “propagating” the Catholic faith in non-Catholic countries.[2]

    From the 1790s, the term began being used also for propaganda in secular activities.[2] The term began taking a pejorative connotation in the mid-19th century, when it was used in the political sphere.[2]“


    Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards…
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The term indoctrination is used frequently in the US Navy:






Language patterns of leaders and loyalists

October 23, 2014

Language patterns of  leaders and loyalists

Humans are social animals. Within human social groups, we can notice different patterns of action. Human infants will perform a certain range of actions, while older children other patterns of behavior, and then a variety of behavioral specializations can be developed amongst the adult males and adult females.

One relatively complex form of social organization is the empire. The essential requirement of an empire is that there is a contrast between the actions of the leaders and the actions of the followers.

One form of action is communication, including the use of language. In regard to how language can be used in different patterns, should we be surprised to learn that the leaders in an empire use language in ways that are distinct from the ways that the followers use language? For instance, do military officers speak to low-ranking personnel the same way that low-ranking personnel speak to each other?

One typical statement of the masses would be “that should not be like that.” They do not just make such a statement to calmly note a contrast between their preferences and their observations. The masses practice a religion of hysteria. The hysteria is based on a thin, anxious clinging to ideals of how life should be, how people should be, and, in particular, how they perceive themselves to be.

When one of the masses say “that should not be like that,” they may be expressing distress, embarrassment, or even outrage. In contrast, one of the leaders might calmly say “that should not be like that,” and they could simply mean “there is a difference between what I am observing here and what I expected,” as in “that not does not fit my standards.” Or, they may mean “if you do not conform to my standards, there will be no rewards and may even be punishments.”

If the leader has an ideal of how something should be, then they simply notice when that ideal is only partly matched or totally matched (or totally violated). Leaders also may present to the masses many ideals of how various things should be. The specific ideals presented will correspond to the leader’s interests as well as to their perceptions of their audience.

A leader may train the followers to learn an ideal and then present rewards for those who loyally repeat the ideal. Even larger rewards may be offered to those who conform to the ideal. Of course, punishments are also typical for those who do not conform to the behavioral ideal (including behavioral patterns of speaking).
So, after a follower learns an ideal from their leader (and expects rewards and punishment relative to their continued display of loyalty), then there may be some chronic physical tension for the follower in regard to one or more ideals. There may be a lingering trauma or terror.

If the follower is terrified of the possibility that a particular ideal might be inconsistent with reality, a sudden panic can result from an apparent disparity between the worshiped ideal and actual observations. Especially if other people are present to witness a possible disparity, then a variety of unusual behaviors are possible, including fight, flight, and pretense.

The terrified loyalist (loyal to the programmed ideal) may attempt to repel potential skeptics and dominate an interaction, including through methods of distraction. The curiosity of a skeptic, such as a child, may be targeted with animosity and condemnation.

If the loyalist perceives a potential threat, then they may attempt to humiliate those who are curious or skeptical (or even who show inadequate enthusiasm for the worshiped ideal). If they seem unable to intimidate a skeptic, then they may attempt to confuse any witnesses.

If you fail to display loyalty to an ideal that someone worships, what responses are predictable from a loyalist? If you show a type of attentiveness or curiosity that a loyalist interprets as a threat to their self-image, what responses are predictable from the loyalist? If you directly challenge the fragile self-image of a loyalist, what responses are predictable from the loyalist?

Does a leader rescue loyalists from their loyalties? Or, does a leader have respect for loyalty as well as for leadership?

Loyalty is the natural trait of followers. Within a social herd, there will always be some fanatical loyalists, some loyalists who are much more relaxed, and some leaders who are not terrified about whether or not ideals “should” be worshiped.

Some people may sometimes worship certain ideals. Leaders respect that. Leaders also respect that they may have some influence over which ideals are worshiped and how they are worshiped. Leaders are open to leading (to being followed).

To be a leader, it can be useful to have experience as a naive, terrified follower. It can be useful to understand the typical patterns of hysterical loyalist.

Some may react in a panic and shout that “there should not be so much hysteria.” I completely agree. There should be exactly the right amount of hysteria, and certainly no more and no less.

Gruesome pictures of Ebola victims? Sorry, but no….

October 19, 2014

Add to this, where are all the phone pics of bloody victims? Africans all have phone cameras. We are a fully wireless world. If people were really dying of Ebola, it’s much worse than vomit and diarrhea….the link I posted earlier about the Ebola test (created by Nobel prize winner who describes it’s short comings) is hardly reliable….so….in the absence of actual evidence, the US is now doing a PR campaign to convince people? I would think dead people would be more than sufficient….unless they haven’t died from Ebola….

If Ebola is so real that people are dropping dead in the streets left and right in…
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  • Valerie Frydrych Pearcy I have some faith in Doctors Without Borders, an organization whose agenda seems pure.
  • Lisa Merrai Labon How did they earn your faith?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I think that she means that they seem sincere.
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  • Valerie Frydrych Pearcy Maybe respect is a better word. All they seen to do is pretty selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to help others. I find that admirable. I’m not saying I don’t have criticism of some of the official handling and fear-mongering, but I have followed DWB for enough time that they have earned some of my respect, as do most who run head-first into danger.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In my studies of mainstream media and my work in that field, I consider anything that gets heavy emphasis from the mainstream media to be worthy of an extra dose of skepticism.


    Bob wrote that “Ebola is a hoax.” He was joking. He was making fun of hysteria. Ebola is not a hoax. It is a real…
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer JRF- lost me 2/3 in so I went back and started over. This sounds like the attractive but perhaps incomplete notion that if we all just meditate and breathe deeply, all will be healed. Too much “Intention Experient”, etc thinking to be useful
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  • Lisa Merrai Labon Where are the pics? When I was little, there was a relatively small but deadly outbreak in Africa and a documentary news show went in with health workers to show how victims suffered….It stayed with me. It was the most horrific thing I’d seen. I’ve seen zero evidence in our media saturated world of Ebola….we’re taking everything on faith now?
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Gincy, intention is generally irrelevant to biochemists. If a human is kept underwater for ten minutes with no access to oxygen, that always affects the functioning of the brain, right? Hyperventilating also always affects the functioning of the brain, right?

    Most people (around 90% according to the research that I have read) have deficiencies of oxygen in their brain cells. This is very easy to resolve. There are many testimonials and research papers on the methods used and the results produced.

    But if it is your intention to avoid health, then intention does matter. Most people are too terrified of learning something new to explore any established science that could result in the experience of humility.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Breathing poorly (like heavy mouth breathing) always compromises health. If that sounds radical to someone, so be it.
  • Lisa Merrai Labon J R, you’re correct. My husband has been researching proper breathing for exercise and I have trained in pranayama….it seems silly at first but it’s profoundly vital to overall health and consequently brain function. And fear definitely constricts breathing. I’m going to do some pranayama now
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer No no, I embrace all of that for health. I also believe that our immune system is greatly strengthened by both meditation and deep breathing. I am totally on board for all of that. And I love reading about the new possibilities to health implied by this and exploring quantum physics. There still seems to be some disconnect between both theory and practice of all of this and the reality of what’s happening with this virus. Where does the rubber really meet the road? It’s like observing the tornado’s tendency to hit a trailer park: are trailer parks built in areas no one else wants because they are established danger zones? Are tornadoes created by or augmented by or attracted to places full of poverty and despair? Some combination of this? How much does our belief and intention affect reality; how much do others’ beliefs and intentions affect my personal reality, how much is physics apart from belief and intention, if any? Most importantly, can we affirm life and peace in the face of this particular instance (Ebola) in a way that protects us from it?
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  • Lisa Merrai Labon I agree Ginc. I have been struggling with anger about the hype and (what I perceive as) intentional mass fear hypnosis….but I know that doesn’t do much other than prime me to take action….so in the vein of “what shall I do?” I take various proven mushroom sups bc they are nature’s anti bac/viral antidote, I relish in nature (my church) and meditate to reconnect. I love what you said recently, Ginc about sense of “God” being our feelings of connection….was it a CS Lewis quote? I wish I could see all the holes/misinformation/lies/hype as just incompetence….
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer Oh dear of course I don’t remember what you are talking about; CS Lewis is ringing a bell but I have read so much of him and can’t remember context to pin it down!
  • Anne Sadove Clarke What would it take for you to believe something, Lisa?
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer Anne I was just thinking of you!!!
  • Lisa Merrai Labon What do you think I should believe Anne?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn There are many kinds of breathing exercises (including within the realm of pranayama). Exactly one detail / issue is what raises oxygen levels in the brain cells.

    aerobic exercise USES UP oxygen. That is why it is called aerobic. People may think that is always good, but if they do not replenish the oxygen, using up a lot of oxygen might not be as good as they hoped.

  • Lisa Merrai Labon If I had a motto it would be “question everything.” That has saved my life several times….it has helped those I love more than passive faith….I don’t doubt faith is powerful alone for some but that is not the reflex I was born with….I have faith only after I’ve grounded in my own heart and used my gray matter as much as I am capable….I feel like we have these tools for a reason.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for the “religious” devotion to deep breathing, that is usually presented in contrast to a panic of shallow hyperventilating. However, one can hyperventilate even when breathing deeply. Depth is not the issue I am referencing, but people keep bringing that up like it is the issue.

    I assume that no one is really interested in the actual data because there is a lot of “yes, I already know all about that.” Really? Do you?


    Maybe you already know all that you are already comfortable knowing.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn If there is a “disconnect” between your theory and your practice, then maybe it is time to be open to new “theories” (research that is new to you even if it is rather old) and “new” practices.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Gincy, be aware that I am only “teasing” you because I know that you are interested. You read some geeky article 2/3 through and then once again, right?

    I get that you do embrace things once you understand them. I just am clear that you do not understand certain things yet.

  • Lisa Merrai Labon JR, these are all some my closest friends (IRL). I think they are trying to stay true to the original post. You are welcome to share your breathing article on my wall….I think it’s hard to see how it’s directly relevant unless you think the reason for mass fear hypnosis is lack of proper breathing on the part of the prez, CDC and all the NGOs getting paid millions to inject mystery concoctions into African test subjects….something they all have done for decades….
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer Thanks Lisa, but I am ok and enjoying JR- I do know that I don’t know much! That much, I am sure of.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “Closet” friends, Lisa? Now I am really interested!
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  • Gincy Carrington Plummer And I didn’t mean to be glib about the other and/or imply I know all about it- I am famously bad at applying what little I do know. But I am interested in the breathing for healing at a personal level, and I also interested in what ever we can do do prevent both hysteria and actual spread of Ebola. Deep breathing can’t hurt!
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer And gee Lisa I am honored:-)
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Lisa, I think you mean the other “dialogue” article with the point about “here is what really happens when the placebo effect works.” I Would be happy to post it here in this thread, but for me to just post it on your wall without any introduction to the topic would seem rather… weird. (You can post it for me though!)
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Also, since it is mostly just a facebook thread like this one, it has a certain “pace” that is quite casual. It does reference intriguing points like the fact that simply by changing breathing patterns, people can change their metabolism and lose weight (or gain weight), which is kind of a “headline” kind of detail… but it seems kind of spammy to present it that way.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Here is the article that I think Lisa was referencing (and it has comments about promoting health in general, about weight-loss through altered breathing, and about when the placebo effect works and when it does not): http://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/…/how-to-ward-off…/

    I bet you know the word hyperventilation but not the…
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Gincy, the thing about deep breathing is that when people say deep, they usually mean “long, slow, and deep.” That is very distinct from fast and deep, like the “fire breathing” exercises from pranayama and martial arts, which are very arousing- the opposite of a calming breath. I keep referencing breathing methods which calm the nervous system. Again, depth of breath may or may not be favorable or unfavorable depending on what specific outcome is the target.

How to ward off “demonic” attacks of panic… by slowing down your breath

October 18, 2014

I bet you know the word hyperventilation but not the word hypoxia. Basically, the vast majority of people that we know have a brain that is usually starving for oxygen (because of chronic hyperventilation). Hypoxia means, basically, starving for oxygen.

Many people are familiar with acute hyperventilation (as in a “panic attack” or “asthma attack”). Chronic hyperventilation is typical in a modern population (over 90% of people experience chronic hypoxia).

Most of us breath about twice as much as would be considered “normal” or “healthy.” That “over-breathing” (such as “apnea”) causes CO2 levels in the bloodstream to collapse, which prevents the right amount of oxygen from getting out of the bloodstream and in to the cells.

That is… very bad. It is like a constant state of a mild panic attack… like a borderline panic (or anxiety / hysteria) that is always just a few seconds away from serious neurological chaos.

Concentration plunges. Anxiety and irritability rockets. Cognition “stalls.” In extreme cases of sleep apnea, oxygen levels get so low that the brain interrupts the sleep to wake up the organism so as to slow down the constant gasping (and keep the organism from dying).

These effects have been documented for a very long time, but in the US the health care business is not set up to promote health inexpensively. Government regulations protect the immense profit of the “disease management” industry from the threat of inexpensive methods to promote health.

The solution to chronic hyperventilation & hypoxia is simply to slow down breathing. There are a variety of devices (such as masks) and exercises to assist, but they all slow down the breath (to increase CO2 levels in the blood and thus increase O2 levels in the cells).

  • Dustin Johnson breathe slowly and carry a big stick, i always say
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/hypoxia

    Definition of hypoxia in the Medical Dictionary by The Free Dictionary
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “Joan Rivers died of brain damage from low blood oxygen during a medical procedure “


    Autopsy results were released Wednesday on the…
  • Essence Nei Jia Many have a stiff and immobile diaphragm that inhibits deep breathing and proper oxygenation in the modern world.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The problem that most people have is not about getting adequate oxygen. Shallow, slow breathing is a great intervention for the kind of chronic hypoxia that I am referencing.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Even holding the breath for 5 to 10 seconds between breaths will do the trick.
  • Essence Nei Jia Do you have expertise in this field?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn All you have to do to be an expert in this “field” is to hyperventilate for a few minutes (if you last that long) and notice the immediate effects of that, then do the opposite behavior for a few minutes (a moderate reduction in the volume of breathing, like by one half of what would be typical for you) and notice the effect of that.
  • Daniel Fritschler “What is it with people who need expertise or valid language sources to consider the way somebody else uses language or the ideas thereof? Are most of us really that arrogant that we only want to consider ideas and language from so called experts?”

    Mr. Humility himself

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn FYI, Dan, I did not take the question as a criticism. Yes, my response contained sarcasm, but no big deal for me, right?
  • Daniel Fritschler Yes but I was referring more to rage debate shenanigans and I may have even been joking or using sarcasm myself. Sorry for the confussionism…so I will blow it out my ass and C my way out of here
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Here is a small clinical trial from 1991 in which 100% of the participants (all AIDS/HIV+ patients) experienced dramatic improvements in their health including the disappearance of acute depression.


  • J R Fibonacci Hunn More testimonials:http://www.intellectbreathing.com/testimonials/

    Application of respiratory techniques with focus on the performance of Frolov’s Respiration Training Device, which is meant to practice breathing exercises in order to fight asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, hypoxia, asphyxia, suffocation, short breath, and some others.
  • Daniel Fritschler Wait a minute is that even a valid source? Didn’t the Senate pass a bill last year that said all Commies opinions will no longer be valid if used or typed from a Facebook user on American soil? Bill JC666 I think but I may have that part wrong
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Sorry, but that study was from the Ukraine, so unless you are calling that American soil….
  • Daniel Fritschler Damn!?!?! talk about being RED in the face…. My apologies
  • Kalen Beattie I’ve heard people talk about breathing so your stomach rises rather than your chest, is that necessary and if so, do you know why?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Kalen, that is a completely different issue: using the maximum capacity of your lungs. The focus here is strictly about oxygenation of the cells (getting oxygen in to the cells).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn To have “normal” brain function, many things are required, for instance: LOTS of electrons, oxygen in the cells (not just oxygen in the lungs or in the bloodstream!), hydration in the cells (not just irrigation outside of the cells!), and finally the fatty acid DHA (which is the only real dietary factor but not as much as you might think because humans also manufacture it).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Actually, Kalen, now that I think about it, there is a connection in regard to the issue you raised. Most people are chest-breathers, but that is BECAUSE they are chronic hyperventilaters.

    It is easy enough to breath instead “in to the stomach” or even to “fill” both the stomach and the chest. However, if that is done rapidly, that only makes the symptoms of the hyperventilation more severe than with the more “shallow” breathing of the chest only.

  • Kalen Beattie Interesting. I often forget to breath correctly; maybe I need a tattoo or big sign in my wall that says, “breath slower yah goof!”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Danny S. actually shared this video with me today which is a bit long but very related to this post. This MD talks about how ketosis is important as well as why oysters are much better than something like grassfed beef.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn One of the devices frequently referenced in the links of this thread is a $30-$50 device to use for increasing the CO2 levels in the blood. However, even the cheapest little “white medical mask” (like from a dentist’s office) will also work, just not as well.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn And of course the most classic intervention to interrupt hypoxic hyperventilation is… breathing in and out of a small brown paper bag. That is how easy it is to raise CO2 levels in the bloodstream. Just breath back in your own exhalation.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Kalen & Essence, here is a quote relevant to prior questions:

    “Chest breathing is the mechanical ramification of over breathing. Breathslim [a fancy $30 "brown paper bag"] strengthens your belly breathing muscles so effectively that most patients are able to reverse years of habitual chest breathing within a month.”

    From http://www.healthbyyourself.net/frolov/

    Frolov Respiratory Training Device, breathing and…
  • Kalen Beattie Thanks J R, I’ll probably get one of these.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I continued the themes of this post and bridged them with some even more basic concepts of language and physics here:http://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/…/hysterias-hoaxes-humor/

    Bob wrote that “Ebola is a hoax.” He was joking. He was making fun of hysteria. Ebola is not a hoax. It is a real…
  • Kalen Beattie I read some of it J R, very enlightening, your use of language helps me grasp these topics and ideas well. The part about the placebo effect I found to be profound.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yeah, I just slipped that reference in there even though it was somewhat off-topic from my original intent, but not really, right? The background issue is that people may be more interested in social approval or supporting a particular theory that is familiar to them… than interested in promoting health.

    You see the exact same thing amongst the AV [Aajonus Vanderplanitz] “ultra-loyalists.” Most people are so hampered by social hysterias that it compromises their cognitive capacity to recognize simple principles.

    I occasionally present a “conspiracy theorist” idea that the elite (or CIA, KGB, etc) plan that mainstream medicine be regulated in a way that keeps the health of the masses within a certain range- not too low and not too high. However, the conspiracy aspect is mostly trivia. What matters most is how to improve health. For some people, to vent contempt and rage is also healthy, so in those cases it can be more relevant to reference conspiracy theories amongst select audiences.

    I do not think that AV was a CIA “asset.” I think he was sincere and just unaware of certain principles of physics. He observed amazing results in numerous cases and may not have known why the same methods worked differently in different cases.

    However, his lack of attention to language or apparent lack of emotional development in regard to not taking political wars so personally was a drawback. I think he was sincere and insightful within his specialization.

    Jack Kruse, MD (who is in one of the videos above) did a demonstration to show how the ketogenic diet enthusiasts are too focused on diet and not enough on health, in his opinion. He had two periods of time in which he had the exact same diet (like for several months) along with no change in exercise, but he intentionally varied the CO2 in his bloodstream for long periods of time.

    The difference was that with hypoxia (too little oxygen from too much CO2), he gained significant weight. Diet is not the only determinant of metabolism. Jack is also famous for manipulating metabolism through things like cold, lgiht, and EMFs (like from wifi and cell phones). He has a tendency to use language “inefficiently”, but he his is “a real scientist” and a holist. He’s very excited about what he is in to and naturally there are other issues which he seems not to be as familiar with.

    Anyway, metabolism and mitochondrial efficiency are a big deal, but diet is not the only factor. If the energy available form diet cannot be used, it is like having a battery available but not being plugged in to it (disconnected).

    For people with horrible diets, it makes sense to transitionally focus on improving diet, but that does not exclude other influences. The spirit of exploration and experimentation tends to result in learning. We can all relate to that, right?

Hysterias, Hoaxes, & Humor

October 18, 2014

Bob wrote that “Ebola is a hoax.” He was joking. He was making fun of hysteria.

Ebola is not a hoax. It is a real river in Africa. In the 1970s, some people died in the area near that river and then the way they died was named after the Ebola river.


Since then, an average of about one hundred people per year have died from the medical process called “Ebola” (at least that is what has been reported and publicized). Is that a lot of people? It is a lot more than a dozen, right?

I have seen reports showing that around 20,000 people commit suicide each year in the US. If you do not stop what you are doing right now to donate a few hours of your time every week to a campaign for suicide awareness & prevention, then you are probably… an American.

But back to the disease process called Ebola, it can allegedly be spread through very limited ways, like involving certain bodily fluids. In that respect, it is similar to the HIV virus & the medical label “A.I.D.S.”

But should people ever be skeptical of new information? What about skeptical of old, familiar presumptions?

I recently read medical research from 1991 establishing that simple breathing exercises were 100% effective in promoting the health (reducing the symptoms) of people with HIV/ AIDS. The same kind of exercises have “cured” people of asthma and panic attacks and many other diagnostic labels.

What is asthma? It is a process involving hyperventilation and a lack of oxygen in the brain cells.

In fact, when there is a lack of oxygen in brain cells, then that interferes with the brain’s ability to generate electromagnetic current (“energy”). So, there are a few consequences of a “starving” brain and also a few mechanisms for remedying that.

If someone is underwater with no oxygen-rich air to breathe, that could be a problem. However, the more common problem in modern medical contexts is that 90% of people do not have “enough” carbon dioxide in the bloodstream (from too much breathing AKA “mild” hyperventilation). I speculate that it is because they are chronically stressed/ tense/ scared/ traumatized/ zombified.

How is the “behavior” of asthma replaced with the behavior of “healthy breathing?” There are some simple exercises to gradually strengthen certain muscles and to slow down the breathing enough to raise the CO2 levels in the bloodstream. (Check out http://www.intellectbreathing.com or http://www.normalbreathing.com for more info.)

Since 90% of people that were measured have been observed to breath at least twice as heavily as would be considered healthy or “normal,” that percentage is far too high (relative to the tiny fraction of people with HIV) to then say that HIV causes mild hyperventilation or that mild hyperventilation causes infecton by HIV. However, if all of the symptoms that are called AIDS disappear because of a simple short breathing exercise, then we can conceive of AIDS as one type of complication of mild hyperventilation (among many others).

As long as somone has adequate oxygen levels in the brain, what if the presence of the HIV virus itself has NO MEDICAL CONSEQUENCE? When oxygenation of brain cells is too low, there are a variety of problems- from mild to severe. However, because of the worship of diagnostic labels like AIDS and Ebola by the western masses, they may panic at the sound of those words. They do not conserve their breath. They do not keep calm.


So, when millions or billions of people have low oxygen levels in their brains, then isn’t it obvious that they make demons out of words? They worship AIDS like it is a living demon that possesses organisms and causes illness or death. Is that true? Or, is HIV just one of many viruses that, when an organism’s cells are starving for oxygen due to mild hyperventilation, the presence of the virus can complicate the already compromised health of that organism (such as by produing the EFFECT labeled as A.I.D.S.)?

(Note that the most well-established method for promoting health is called “the placebo effect,” which is basically a reference to any method of tricking a patient in to relaxing their normal level of distress/ hyperventilation. Why doesn’t the placebo effect work in every case? Because some people are not actively sabotaging their immune system with unconscious habits of compromised breathing.)


Here is where we start to get to some interesting issues involving language. People tend to think that there are fundamentally distinct realities, like the reality of carbon and the reality of oxygen. That is absolutely false.

Carbon can change in to something else. “Brain-dead chemists” may be unaware of physics, but it is still common knowledge amongst nuclear physicists that carbon is a relatively stable compound. By compound, I mean that it is made of smaller components.

“Carbon fusion” is the name for the process of carbon combining with hydrogen to form nitrogren. Nitrogen is not a carbohydrate made of some atoms of cabron and some atoms of hydrogen. When nitrogen is created out of carbon and hydrogen, the two stable compounds that were present at first are later absent. They transform in to a new form (creating a new compound through a significant re-organizing of the components of the two prior compounds).

First, there are two distinct stable fields of energy (forms of energetic matter) called carbon and of hydrogen. Then, the two distinct fields (compounds) “fuse” to make a new field (compound form) that displays certain qualities which chemists like to label as “nitrogen.”

So, nitrogen is just a label for one distinct stable pattern of… energy. By the way, the pattern of Nitrogen can shift to Oxygen, then back to Nitrogen, then back once again to Carbon.

the pattern of Nitrogen can shift to Oxygen, then back to Nitrogen, then back once again to Carbon

Next, where does most hydrogen on the earth come from? From solar radiation. Because we think of waves and particles as two isolated realities, we can get confused about the radiating of hydrogen, but that is actually kind of odd that it would be confusing.

Let’s simplify. Waves and particles can be thought of as two distinct types of behaviors.


Carbon and oxygen can be thought of as a two stable patterns of energy. If you add a certain kind of energy to carbon in a certain way, then the new pattern is called nitrogen.

In other words, there is nothing fundamental or eternal about the pattern of energy behaving as carbon. Carbon is just relatively stable (and Carbon-13 is distinct from Carbon-14 in part because one is more stable than the other).

Those two types of carbon decompose at different speeds (with different half-lives). By decompose, we mean to say that they are composites. They are compounds. They are stable compounds made of stable sub-atomic fields of energy (such as electrons, neutrons, and protons).

Matter is an aspect of these energetic fields (which are sometimes referenced as “particles”). Matter is not independent of energy (not a distinct isolated reality).

Mass refers to the amount of attractive energy (gravitational force) created by a certain field. So, we can measure the mass of an energetic field (such as an electron “particle” or an atom of Carbon or a molecule of Carbon Dioxide).

Mass is once again not a fundamental reality. Mass is an effect. Mass is even a process or “behavior” (as in an effect that causes other effects).

Let’s briefly address the issue of “particles” appearing and disappearing. For instance, when neutrinos and anti-neutrinos “appear and disappear,” that is because they are unstable fields (unstable patterns of behavior).

Carbon (such as “carbon-12″) is a much more stable field. So, carbon-12, carbon-13, and carbon-14 are similar but distinct aggregates of energy. They have similar yet distinct properties. For instance, the property of mass (or material stability) is slightly different for carbon-12, carbon-13, and carbon-14.

Again, mass is just a property of lasting energetic fields. Some energetic fields can last for a decade (if not disrupted) and other types of fields would never last for an entire second because they are so unstable.

All that finally brings me back to carbon dioxide. That is a label for a molecular compound made of one part carbon and two parts oxygen.

In other words, carbon dioxide always contains oxygen. They are not fundamentally distinct realities. The conceptual model of distinct realities is in fact hysterical (as in unintelligent or delirious).


There are a variety of dimensions, such as length, height, weight, density, temperature, and so on. There are also a variety of distinct perspectives, such as physics and anatomy.

When a biophysicist looks at living tissue, they might note “there is a pH of 6.94 in that tissue, which of course totally impairs the tissue’s ability to utilize oxygen because the electrons that are needed in order to form new electromagnetic valance bonds are too strongly attracted to the excess of protons (which we have measured to be excessive at the precise level known as a pH of 6.94).” That is a valid interpretation. That is very measurable. Every part of that statement can be tested for accuracy.

When someone who is not very competent in physics but very familiar with anatomy looks at the same tissue, they might say “that is a cancer tumor.” That is also a valid interpretation. However, it lacks the precision of the statement of the physicist.


If someone were to translate all of that in to a few different languages, all of that could still be valid constructions in language. They could all be useful in some way.

Every perspective is also limited. One perspective may be concise but vague. Another perspective may be precise in one aspect but misses a lot from the bigger picture.

The interpretation that produces the most profit for a business may not be the interpretation that promotes health with great efficiency. Each perspective naturally  creates interpretations (and mesaurements) that are in accord with the motives and presumptions of that perspective.

Modern medicine is reasonably effective at identifying various kinds of symptoms through precise testing. One possible problem with modern medicine is the low level of competence in the science of physiology. (Most MDs will be not just ignorant but confused by why a certain biochemical effect will happen 90% of the time but not the other 10%.)

If they simply did not know, that would be mere ignorance. However, if they thought that they knew something (something which observations were clearly contradicting), that misperception or misinterpretation produces confusion. That is precisely what happens that often leads to hysterical arguing: “Your little theory that cholesterol is made by the liver to promote health is insulting because it contradicts my vilification of cholesterol as a demon that must be worshiped with attention and then ritually attacked.”

An MD may experience confusion, shame about the confusion, and then hysteria. What appears simple to a physicist may be a mystery to an MD- or even confusing and threatening. Since biochemistry is really just a specific subcategory of physics, a physicist may look at the same data (or same patient) and instantly recognize what is “really” going on.  An MD may be “blinded” by their conceptual model of worshiping cholesterol as a demon.


So, in addition to the issue of incompetence in physiology amongst the medical priesthoods, there is also the related issue of arrogant hysteria. They may be distressed at the idea of learning something new, especially if it contrary to some religious dogma that they have believed and also have publicized for decades (sincerely but inaccurately).

When a person says “that effect is incurable,” they may mean that they are ignorant of how to stop producing that effect. However, most MDs do not even relate to diagnostic labels as effects. They may presumptively relate to certain diagnostic labels as causes. That simple error can lead to a lot of confusion, a lot of embarrassment, and, eventually, a lot of learning.

On the political idealism of utopian liberals

October 15, 2014

Lisa started by sharing this image. After a few other comments, I added the one below and the rest of the conversation is shown after that.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn re [what Lisa wrote;] “We are supposed to have a representative political system for “expediency” to work on behalf of the common good…when it’s operating according to design, it’s the best collective political system out there.”

    Don’t all political systems advertise themselves as “being for the common good?” Noah invented coercive systems with the specific design of a worldwide single government. Why? To save humanity from the threat of another apocalypse by an insecure God?

    Moses ordered the slaughter and rape of the Midianites. Why? Because their women had been tempting the men of the Hebrew tribes, so that was their punishment.

    (Feel free to correct me if you think that I misquoted the books of Exodus or Numbers in any significant way.)

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  • Lisa Merrai Labon I was thinking democracy/republic/parliament vs tyranny, communism, dictatorship….needn’t go back to the bible….Greeks or Iroquois are sufficient.
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  • Clinton Wensley Both are about as believable Lisa
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  • Lisa Merrai Labon Clinton , I think she’s aware. [Marianne W, pictured in the image above]
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  • Clinton Wensley VERY Self-Aware, yes Lisa … but as for the bigger picture… (and I DO have tons of respect for this lady) she doesn’t have a clue … her open letter to Hillary (if she really did wrote this) Reeks of naivety.
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  • Jacquie Perkins Chin They all work in concert for the UN.
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  • Lisa Merrai Labon We have a defacto oligarchy operating in the US at present….Marianne is speaking to those who really do question the paradigm….to look beyond the surface progress having a woman as President represents….I took her message to mean, “look at the bigger picture of who she still protects/represents”…..it’s not the common wealth….it’s corporate wealth.
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  • Jacquie Perkins Chin Corporations in bed with the governments and the UN (all branches) via NGOs and other PPPs to avoid liability and accountability. As stated on UN websites, all are working for the ‘stakeholders’ and that ‘ain’t’ us.
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  • Clinton Wensley You guys are close ….
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  • Jacquie Perkins Chin Close? What am I missing Clint?
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  • Clinton Wensley Most people see only what they want to Believe . . . for the simple reason that they wouldn’t be capable of seeing or comprehending or wrapping their brain around what is actually going on.

    In 1998, I had the privilege of meeting a man who was a dear friend of my girlfriend at the time … he came over for dinner one night with his wife… and we all had a nice dinner together.

    After, we stated talking about world events, and the conversation eventually drifted to his former work (he was 55 yrs old, & retired)…. to make a long story short, this man was one of the nicest people I have met to date, and my girlfriend thought the world of him (he and his wife took care of her before I came into the picture, as my girlfriend was trying to recover from cancer)

    This guy worked for a group of people that were above US Gov’t (probably in Europe) … and not even he knew exactly who his employer was by name. He told me things that made my hair stand up on end regarding politics, space, Medical, ET’s, etc… stuff that people think is conspiracy, but is actually going on in plane site …. as well as told me some things that would be going on in years to come (and they are happening as we speak).

    He explained that he and his wife have to move 1-2 x’s every year, as there have been several attempts on his life (one that happened in a restaurant in Japan, where his best friend died in front of him) It was a lot to take in at the time.. and rearranged every thing that I thought I knew about the world, and what was going on.

    Forget what you see and hear on the news if you trying to figure it all out … for its only 10% of the Truth…. and even if you were told the Truth, you’d dismiss it, and say, “that’s impossible, that was in a movie, that can’t be true” !!

    I for sure don’t know the entire picture … but, what I DO know for a fact is that 9/11 didn’t happen because of 19 kids armed with box cutters …. Oswald never shot kennedy (much less even fired a shot) ……. there have been to date at least 5 cures for cancer starting as far back as 1930 that aren’t shared with the public ……. and Obama is about as much in control of the US, as a president, as Charlie Sheen is with his addictions.

    I DO admire Marianne’s letter though … she comes from the heart.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn A simple point is that there is such a thing as intimidation as well as systems of coercion and violence and intimidation (such as “courts”). On top of those coercive systems are systems for promoting compliance and morale amongst the human resources (including the modern media).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Consider as an example that the US currently is active in supporting cheap labor for diamond mining in Sierra Leone. To translate that in to simple language, the US promotes the use of force to keep the peasants poor and terrified so that they reliably work in near slavery conditions.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn That is not a new kind of policy for the US. Obviously, promoting slavery was “domestic policy” in the slave states of “our holy republic” in the 18th century and most of the 19th century.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn From the Holy Roman Inquisition (with open use of ritual human sacrifice and torture) to the much milder methods of typical public schools today, the various governing systems are there to regulate or rule or govern the human resources. The idea that there is “a greater good” of humanity (or even of a nation or tribe) is typically presented by people who have biased personal interests.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In the case of Marianne W., I presume that she is sincere, but that does not more her less naive or more enlightened. I consider her “just another delusional liberal.”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In the historical extremes of soviet communism, US interests were central to suppporting the devastation conducted by the soviet government that killed tens of million of residents of the USSR (just ocunting those who died in the first few decades). The same general pattern replayed in China, then in Cuba, then in Cambodia.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Nelson Mandela is a very famous communist but in the US we generally do not identify him as a communist or terrorist, but as a “freedom fighter.” Some will argue that he was only funded by communists, but if you research the communist political platform and what Mandela supported, are they identical or nearly so? Here he is (in 1990?) giving a classic communist “solidarity” gesture (in front of a flag with a classic Soviet communist symbol).



  • Clinton Wensley Again J R, you get side tracked easily ….

    Republicans or Democrats …. Liberals or Conservatives …. it doesn’t matter…. BOTH parties are controlled by the same group of people… they OWN them both ! Period.

  • Jacquie Perkins Chin I ‘get it’ Clinton. So much to know and when you find out enough it’s surreal. Crazy insane surreal.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for a “plutocracy ruining this country,” what is so new about plutocracy in this country or elsewhere? In the case of US interests (JP Morgan, Schiff, etc) supporting the Soviet revolution and “reforms,” (i.e. killing tens of millions of russians, etc), one thing that I notice is that communism is always supported by external interests who benefit from the devastation delivered by the communist leadership.
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  • Clinton Wensley SO much so Jacquie .. that you have to sit down, just to think about it all…. and I rather just not know it, personally.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Clinton, I just consider that detail irrelevant (like that both the Whigs and Tories were all controlled by the Jeusits). I presume that there could be international readers here as well in this thread, so I am just referencing the US occasionally as a matter of incidental convenience.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Of course the ancient Egyptian secret societies (free masons, etc) control all of the local branches of their networks of piracy and terror. The notable point here is that in some places, there is a middle class (which of course support the plutocrats) and, in those cases, there is much less need for overt coercion (including torture).
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn When compliance is low, then perhaps 5% of the population is entitled to vote (like in the US in 1790) while the slaves are slaves and the indigenous population is “trespassing.” Through systems like public schooling, compliance rates can be raised and so more groups can be included in ceremonial rituals of loyalty (like voting). By 1850, maybe 20% of the US population could legally vote. As decades went by, that number soon passed 50%. However, the underlying coercion of the ruling class (thorugh the court system and military) is no different in communism or “democracy.”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Some readers here may know Marianne W. as a champion of forgiveness. However, to me, she is not only naive but operates in condemnation and hysteria.

    She judges plutocracy (if she is hysterically sincere as I expect) as “wrong.” She is disappointed. She is frustrated. She is guilty. (I could go on.)

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What Marianne W. seems not to understand is repentance. Of course, that is rather off-the-subject. However, that issue is huge and the lack of repentance does not address her guilt (her guilt from “first world privilege” I presume) and that guilt is driving her guilty liberal perfectionism to save the world from people like Hillary Clinton.

A simple introduction to why there is demand for a currency

October 10, 2014
  • I occasionally say that the propaganda campaigns (of operations like public schools and mainstream news and even churches) are very effective at (#1) distracting folks from the most significant issues and (#2) only focusing on those primary issues in ways that grossly confuse people, leading them to say things like “math is too hard, economics is too complex, and by the way my health is threatened by a demon called cancer that is going to attack me and possess me and eat me alive, so let’s focus on preventing reverse psychology so we can earn our way in to heaven after our actual lives are over.”
    Governments form out of the economic interests of those who form them. Through organizing their individual capacity for violence in to gangs called by such names as “the sheriff department,” these groups can influence the masses very efficiently. 

  • They may set up rituals for how to determine who owns what. For instance, if Jack walks west across the border of Oklahoma (part of the USA) in 1844 in to the part of Mexico now known as Texas, is Jack an illegal immigrant or a trespasser or what?
    Jack stays there and claims to suddenly be a land owner of acreage in a part of the USA that the USA calls Texas. He pays taxes to the USA and not to Mexico.

    The government of Mexico “disputes his claims.” They says that he is a variety of insulting things like a criminal tax evader. They send thugs to arrest him, to take his belongings, and to kill him in a public ritual of human sacrifice.

    Jack says “come and get me because I am protected by the ink of the US Constitution, you buttfaces!” So, soon Jack is killed.

    Then, the USA gets mad that Jack was killed. They send some cavalry in to “annex” Texas from Mexico by force. (Of course, they were planning to annex Mexico anyway and they recruited Jack to be sent to Texas to stir up a dispute and be a “victim” of the Mexican government so as to justify a “retaliation” to “protect innocent settlers like Jack.”)

    Then, some native american family whose forefathers have been living in the area for 900 years return from their summer vacation. The governments of Mexico and the USA flip out and say that these trespassers have a mental illness called “being an Apache” and send some more cavalry to protect the “innocent settlers” from the “bad people.”

     But what does this have to do with currency? Not much yet.

  • However, when property taxes in Texas must be paid in Mexican pesos, then that creates demand for Mexican pesos, right? After the USA “annexes” (invades) Texas, that means there is a reduction in demand for Mexican pesos. Further, the property taxes there must now be paid in whatever currency that the local warlords dictate.
    So, for a while Texas property taxes are paid in Confederate Dollars. Then later they are paid in some other currency.

    (Note that the above currency references a “treaty of peace” between the Confederate States and the United States. Did that really happen? Did the US later violate that treaty and “invade” the South? Or, did the confederates concoct a story that there ever was a peace treaty? Hmmmm….?!?!?)

     So what is the foundation of all public demand for every currency on the planet? A court system of organized violence threatens to perform an act of economic detriment to someone and demands payment in a particular currency. In other words, systems of extortion form the basis of every currency on this planet.
     Is this taught in schools? Will it be made in to a big budget movie? No and no.

  • That would be contrary to the purposes of public schools and mainstream entertainment. However, all that I just told you is easy enough to observe. It is kind of like saying “Every year in Canada, winter is colder than summer.”


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