the Knowledge of Good and Eve: a parable about Ron Paul, myths, and Santa

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Imagine a six year-old kid talking about Santa Claus, asking about some details that do not totally make sense to the child. An older sibling says, “do not ask mom anything about Santa. She would get angry and spank you. Just be quiet about Santa. If mom brings it up to you, just tell her what gifts you want and do not even mention the word Santa. I will tell you why later.”

What is the dynamic created by the older sibling? Mom is presented as a dangerous tyrannical authority and the sibling is the experienced ally with a crucial secret knowledge or insight about how to best deal with mom. Of course, higher up the social hierarchy is Santa, the distant, remote, mysterious benefactor.

In other terms, mom is the evil villain or devil and the sibling is the savior and protector while Santa is the God-like Power, like a superhero who can fly and has magic powers and is probably hundreds of years old. Except Santa is not just a cartoon like the comic book heroes. Santa is real. There is evidence. I opened the presents myself and the tag clearly said From Santa. Santa even knows my name!

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention, held at Crown Center Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, MO; June 15, 2007, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, fast forward a few decades. Ron Paul is talking about how the Federal Reserve is a Vatican conspiracy and all that we need to do for him to save us from them is to wait a few months and cast a vote. Plus, until then, he recommends that we invest everything in silver.

Ron says that the Federal Reserve is the great evil tyranny that has the power to inflate the currency, which according to  Ron, would be very bad. Why would that be so bad? Ron never actually mentions that. Apparently the idea is that the Fed should not have the power that Ron says they have, and therefore he must save us from the Fed doing the thing that they obviously should not do because they are inherently evil so we should just buy more silver because that is the patriotic and heroic thing to do, which Ron Paul has been consistently saying since 1980, which proves that we can trust his credibility and sincerity.

Alex Jones, who is also our heroic savior ally -which we know because he owns  silver – says that the distant remote superpower is the holy ink on the sacred document of the Articles of Confederation, which is the most powerful document in the world except for that one lottery ticket but that is anther story. Anyway, Alex says that Noam Chomsky agrees with Ron Paul that the real problem today is that The Fed says that the Articles of Confederation are actually not the authentic words of Santa and need to be retranslated by the Supreme Council of Justice, which wouldn’t be so bad except that Ron Paul is not a member of the Council and therefore the Council is evil. DarthVader says the Council is not evil, which further proves that DarthVader is either evil or naive or most likely both.

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History (Photo credit: CityGypsy11)

Now imagine that the Articles of Confederation are just a series of three words. They have no more actual tangible power than the sounds of the word Santa. They are not even shapes on your screen or ink on paper. They are just some sounds that someone spoke a few hundred years ago around the time that Santa was your age.

Who is going to protect those sounds? Who is going to threaten those sounds? Who is going to record them as an audio file to upload to youtube? Who is going to keep them sacred and give them proper respect?

We need a hero. We need a ssvior. Inflation would reduce the value of the massive national debt, which must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, you must obey your older sibling and never mention Santa to mom again.


Sibling! (Photo credit: Gus Dahlberg)

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4 Responses to “the Knowledge of Good and Eve: a parable about Ron Paul, myths, and Santa”

  1. Dr. Tickles Says:

    So what are you trying to tell us? I have a tendency to believe that printing money until it has no value is not a good thing so it must be evil..Okay, so I am a little mixed up. Big government tends towar being corrupt so it must be bad, not good. If it is not good then it must be evil. Well, still mixed up.
    Help me out here just a little.
    Dr. Tickles

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Hi Dr. Tickles,

      Thank you for your interest. I just added an audio that may bring some lightness to the situation.

      Here’s the deal with court systems: they are all based on organized violence and the deceptive use of arcane secret codes (the language of the attorney priesthood). Courts are the basis of governments and currencies. The court officers enforce their claims of tax liability (AKA protection money) through their collection agents, the armed deputies and police and armies and so on.

      Why does Iraq owe the US so much oil? Because the US liberated them as in invaded or occupied and then the US simply declared or asserted the liability due to the US from the new “liberated” colonists in Iraq.

      Why do the Apaches owe the US so much land? Same story. The Apaches were trespassing on the land that the US military planned to use. That is a capital crime, according to the US Federal Court System of Criminalizaton of Anything in the Way of Our Sacred National Interests.

      By the way, the US is no different than any other imperialist regime, except of course generally one of the most successful. But you already knew that, right?

      Since the court systems made up the liabilities of taxes simply by declaration like any good protection racket organized crime syndicate, and since they made up the currency that they declare to be the only valid way to pay the taxes that are justly and legitimately due to them because they say so, whose business is it what they do with that currency? They can print more if they want- as far as you know.

      The money of the US Confederacy has no value. Why? There is no court system of organized violence operating to back up the restriction on only using that currency.

      Even when the Nazis hyperinflated their currency to reduce their debt to the British and the Vatican, the German currency still had SOME value. Imagine this: you could get an entire loaf of bread for just a single wheel barrel full of special magic papers. That would simply not have been possible without the operations of organized violence of the Nazi court systems.

      I think I address more of the myths about inflation here:

      Note that when the Greek government and German government both go out and request loans at interest (called government treasury bonds), they do so using the same currency: the Euro. So, if Greece offers Euro bonds at 10% interest and Germany at 1%, then the issue is not inflation of the currency. The issue is the risk of potential default of the Greek Treasury.

      The US Treasury Bonds are yielding their lowest ever, which means the lowest inflation in US history. The credit bubble is shrinking or deflating, and so the inflating of currency that is happening has been more than balanced by the deflating of the bubble of credit. There is WAY more credit (“accounts receivable” or debt or claims or invoices) than actual bills of currency.

      The idea that there is inflation currently in the US is just to hide the fact that global fuel prices have been rocketing and many commodities (that have to be transported long distances, for instance) are rising as a direct result or indirect result of fuel prices multiplying in recent years. Oil went from $11 in 1999 to $148 in 2008. That caused gasoline prices to exceed $10 per gallon in Europe and $1 per gallon in parts of the middle east, where supply is high but demand has been rising.

      So, you may think that a particular government is more corrupt than the mass media, such as if the mass media tells you so. That may be accurate. Or, that may be a myth perpetuated by the mass media. Maybe the mass media is actually more powerful than they may pretend not to be.

  2. operatioN|Manning Says:

    Reblogged this on #opManning.

  3. Bernardo Says:

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