the latest new evil: opportunity, crisis, reality, and myth

Young gang recruits sign the sign (Guatemala, ...

Young gang recruits sign the sign (Guatemala, 2005). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism

We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


STREET GANG MEMBERS – NARA – 552752 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


STREET GANG MEMBERS – NARA – 552753 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

William James was an earlier adherent to melio...

William James was an earlier adherent to meliorism as a halfway between metaphysical optimism and pessimism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

opportunity, crisis, reality, and myth

A chart demonstrating increases in the annual ...

A chart demonstrating increases in the annual income of the top 1% of wealthy persons in the U.S. before economic crises. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conflict and cooperation both exist, including when soldiers and militias and gang members cooperate with their colleagues in competition with their rivals. Crisis and opportunity both exist, too. When the tides recede and a tidal pool traps some fish, that is a crisis for the fish and an opportunity for some birds to easily consume the fish. It’s all relative.

In recent years, I have grown skeptical both of the ultra-pessimism and ultra-optimism (as in “positive thinking” and “the secret” and “the law of attraction”). The ultra-pessimism or ultra-cynicism is evident in the doomsday cults of conspiracy theorists and patriotic reactionaries.

All of those groups metaphorically are putting their heads in the sand. One group basically says that putting one’s head in heaven or paradise is to see more clearly and not be troubled by earthly perceptions. Another group basically says that life on earth is unavoidably hell and so it is best to hide: to put one’s head in the sand and all the rest of the body, too.

They both are accurate to a limited extent. I think it is entirely practical to withdraw from anything too disturbing (to “think positive”) and also to be skeptical about the presumptions of mainstream cultures. However, putting one’s head in the sand may be a wonderful occasional spa treatment, but it is important to remove one’s head from the sand eventually as well.

Conspiracy Theory (film)

Conspiracy Theory (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My comment on conspiracy theories in general is that anyone who thinks that the attacks of September 11th, 2001 were not a conspiracy is an absolute idiot. Were the events of that morning all just a bunch of coincidences? If it was not a conspiracy, then what was it? A comedy routine?

If someone is interested in those events, and it is fine with me if someone is not, then the intelligent question would be what was the conspiracy, not whether there was one or not. Incidentally, I happen to think that the mainstream conspiracy theory presented by folks like George W. Bush and Colin Powell is a ridiculous myth, but I also respect the value and function of popular mythology, especially in politics.

Myths can be useful for directing public opinion to be receptive to things like expensive invasions and new radical draconian security schemes. Again, opportunity and crisis may be two labels that both fit the same situation. Creating myths and popularizing them through propaganda can create tremendous momentum in redistributing public wealth toward the most effective lobbying interests.

Further, myths about how lobbying interests are both evil and new can be indoctrinated on the masses so as to distract them from recognizing the origins of all court systems and all governing systems. Instead of competing or revolting, those masses will passionately but politely protest the latest “new evil” as directed by popular political mythologies. They will campaign for reform and promote a new political savior, repeating the theme of eternal “hope” common to all of populist, proletariat politics.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, how about the so-called housing crisis in the West? It is a myth. There is an abundance of available housing. That is not a crisis. That is a supply far in excess of demand. Prices will continue to decline, like in Japan for the last 23 years. So what?

Of course, lots of borrowers and realtors and construction workers are experiencing the decline in the housing boom/bubble as a financial crisis for them personally. So what?

Borrowers who gambled on $300,000 mortgage loans may lose their entire net worth to bankruptcy. What’s new?

One person’s foreclosure has never equated to a social crisis. However, a million foreclosures in a short period of time is a crisis for a court system unprepared to handle that volume, but it is also an opportunity for intelligent investors to multiply their wealth very quickly, similar to what Rothschild did toward the end of the Battle of Waterloo.

A protester outside AIG's headquarters at the ...

A protester outside AIG’s headquarters at the American International Buildling in New York City is interviewed by a news crew. Photographer’s blog post about this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you heard on mainstream news that there is a financial crisis and that expensive redistributions must be performed by the government to save the people from the evil demon of falling prices and economic collapse? You may have heard the same theme in Japan or Europe or the US.

Perhaps it is purely a lobbyist myth. It justifies a huge redistribution of wealth from the middle class toward the elite lobbyists, “bailing out” the lobbying interests with TRILLIONS of dollars of wealth transfer.

However, there is simply no financial crisis for someone who has no mortgage, earns $50,000 a year in a steady job in a stable industry, and has $500,000 of cash saved up for retirement and legally sheltered through a simple and conventional method of asset protection. On the other hand, there is a financial crisis for people who “bought in” to the American Dream of flipping houses (and now are upside down by $100,000 or more), who do not have a stable income, and who have been pouring money in to annuities or mutual funds or pensions with no literacy in regard to the reality of risk in stock market prices. Their $500,000 stock market portfolio can quickly fall to $250,000 or even $50,000, just like their $500,000 real estate portfolio can quickly fall to $250,000 or $50,000 of value.

President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Po...

President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell hold a press conference about organization, America’s Promise, in the Rose Garden July 9, 2001. source (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, the mass media may “rescue” them from clarity and prudent adaption by presenting them with a scapegoat or demon to hate. Blame the evil political party. Blame the evil foreign nation. Blame the evil politician. Blame the evil central bank. Blame someone. Blame anyone. Just do not adapt. Just do not correlate one’s own chosen behavior with the actual results of the chosen behavior.

“Think positive. Elect a political savior. Do not EVER adjust your actual behavior. That is just a ridiculous conspiracy theory designed to suck you in to prudence and the prosperity that naturally results from prudence.”

Bank run during the Showa Financial Crisis 日本語...

Bank run during the Showa Financial Crisis 日本語: 昭和金融恐慌時の取り付け騒ぎ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, with prudence in mind, I will address some economic issues. In 2004, I published an article called “the Real U.S. Deficit: OIL” in which I detailed the issue of rising fuels costs and the impact that rising fuel costs have on import-dependent economies like those of Japan, Europe, and the US. (See )

It is certainly possible that fuel prices could drop. However, since 1999, global fuel prices on the whole have been rising, which is a reversal of trends going back over 100 years (when the inflation-adjusted prices of fuel were several times as high as they were by 1999). Consider that in 1880, the amount of fuel (power, energy) that now costs $10 might have taken the average person an entire day’s work to earn.

Modern civilization is still INCREDIBLY abundant relative to humans across the vast majority of history. There is a downside to the abundance though. We have been able to thrive despite rampant idiocy.

People trust uncritically in mass media outlets, government bureaucrats, and naive church leaders. Are the blind leading the blind?

Consider that mainstream medical scientists present a growing list of conditions that they deem incurable, which basically means that they make no claims to understand a physiological process well enough to reliably reverse or prevent it. When they say something is incurable, we think that is an expression of the reality of the condition, not an expression of the reality of the competence of person talking. They are naive idiots negligently using language and so are most of the rest of us.

How do people produce new results? New methods (at least new to the one exploring it).

But new is not always better. So, how do people produce the best results available? The best methods available.

Conspiracy Theory Overlap Diagram

Conspiracy Theory Overlap Diagram (Photo credit: Vince_Lamb)

Now, what is so radical about anything in this blog? I’m not sure there is anything especially radical here. Then again, maybe it is a bit radical to actually openly admit that most people seem to me to be reactive, terrified, hysterical zombies programmed by myths that benefit certain lobbying interests.

“The enemy does not want you to know that investing everything in silver even if it is 1980 will magically solve all of your problems and will magically ruin their evil empire.” That’s idiotic. However, it works to influence the behavior of herds of people.

Real estate always rises, too. Investing in silver always solves everything. Be a patriotic hero. Invest in silver mines, which is the only kind of real estate that always rises always always always.

Therefore, because ridiculous propaganda is so effective, I hereby warn you that your arch-enemy does not want you to adjust your behavior, by which I mean Osama Attila Hitler AKA Dr. Evil, Lex Luther, The Joker, The Riddler, Penguin, Satan, the Devil, the Bilderberger Blackwater Vatican Jesuit Zionist Poseidon. No, he (or she or they) hope that you will keep complaining and blaming and condemning and hating, which empowers them with your attention to their anti-propaganda reverse psychology.

At the UN, Colin Powell holds a model vial of ...

At the UN, Colin Powell holds a model vial of anthrax, while arguing that Iraq is likely to possess WMDs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, if someone consistently demonstrates intelligence and relevance far beyond the mainstream for 8 or 9 years, your arch-enemy does not want you to consult such an intelligent consultant (such as by posting a comment on this blog). Instead, your arch-enemy wants you to think positively about focusing on using the law of attraction to gently expose your arch-enemy by non-violently protesting against them publicly with heroic signs that say “Hey, you, scrawny frightened Holy Roman Inquisition thugs with combat helicopters and fatal chemical weapon mustard gas crowd-control grenades, we dare you to stand your ground as we slowly and arrogantly march over to your local army base or pentagon and climb the razor-edged barbed wire fences to occupy the pentagon military headquarters and federal correctional facilities and gas chambers.”

Also, your Arch Enemy is terrified that you might share or re-blog this post. That would be a horrible humiliation for them. Please be a good heroic saintly patriotic messiah impersonator by having mercy on them and only sharing it once or, at the absolute most, twice.

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