the controversy of conspiracy

Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory (Photo credit: wuji9981)

the controversy of conspiracy

Hysteria 2

Hysteria 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ideal condition of a herd is for the herd to maintain a state of moderate hysteria. Total panic is only favorable if there is a well-orchestrated strategy to contain and direct the momentum of the panic, which otherwise could lose coherence and dissolve in to a wild chaos.

There must be calming triggers installed, like sacred mantras of heroism and patriotism and morality and idealism. There must be agitation triggers installed as well, for a calm herd is vulnerable to a contagion of introspection and autonomy.

Every civil religion has sacred objects for ritual practices, such as colorful flags and constitutions made of shapes of ink on paper. These sacred objects can be used by those who are most skillful both to arouse and to calm the masses.
What is the best way to trigger a wave of social agitation? There must be an indoctrinated programming of expectations of what should be. Ideally, these expectations will be unresolvably conflicting with each other.

Herd of sheep

Herd of sheep (Photo credit: freefotouk)

Then, these expectations must be carefully violated- though only a few at a time. Different groups with different expectations must be agitated in to conflict with each other. Each group will have their pet issue that they are for or against. Each group will also have an opposing group. Constant vigilance is the theme of the religion of politics. Each group must be constantly anxious that a pause to the intensity of their activism could bring a terrifying and shameful defeat.

In order to sustain the tense paralysis of democracy, no political victory can ever be definitive. There is always another impending future to prevent, a threat to address, an eternal vulnerability to protect and defend.

If people were to stop defending their most cherished vulnerabilities, the whole network of paralyzing antagonism could relax. The eternal agitation, hysteria, anxiety, and mystery must be preserved at all costs, or the herd united in conflict could dissipate in to isolated pools of self-awareness, responsibility, and functionality.

Once the strategies for receiving a mild panic have been properly prepared, then people must be terrified with a

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots (Photo credit: mädchenkrawall)

confusing array of references to impending threats, doom and collapse. A threat like global warming or health epidemics are perfect villains. There must be constant fear. There must be endless hysteria. There must be arguing, with a steady trickle of earnest demands for sacred principles to be set aside because of the severity of the latest threat, whether present or potential.

Impending armageddon and cataclysm are the eternal allies of the priesthoods of social engineering. Without the threat of some danger or enemy, what justification is there for the coercive tyranny of governments?

Drive the people in to mortgages. Drive the various people in to believing in a particular material solution to their common psychological insecurity. Set them to struggling against each other in the pursuit of the particular material solution that they are programmed to seek. The various competing groups will protect the elite from all of the other competing groups.

Hatred of the elite must be universal. Power must be demonized as the great evil.

Conspiracy must be flaunted yet ridiculed. The spokespeople for the elite can at once attack all reference to conspiracy as “theory,” then present the least plausible of all theories of conspiracy as the official authorized version of history.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The President must appear on Jesse Ventura‘s Conspiracy Theory to repeat that there has never been a false flag operation conducted by any government or political organization. The only conspiracies in the history of “our nation” (whichever nation) have been perpetrated by evil foreign terrorists, except in the case of conspiracies by civilians that governments agents have gone out of their way to target, such as Native Americans who are trespassing on their ancestral homelands without the permission of the expanding European settlers, or Japanese Americans who have the audacity to legally reside in the United States during wartime, slaves who dare to conspire in planning attempts to escape, and so on.

Conspiracy is a crimeand any activity authorized or performed by the government is excluded from that

First and Front Streets, San Francisco, Califo...

First and Front Streets, San Francisco, California. Exclusion Order posted to direct Japanese Americans living in the first San Francisco section to evacuate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

government’s definition of crime. Crime, by the way, is the greatest villain of all.

Did you know that thousands of people in your country are illegally using marijuana right this moment? Isn’t that terrifying? Aren’t you glad I woke you up from sleeping to warn you? Your tax dollars are needed urgently to promote freedom by regulating freedom and combating freedom and liberating distant foreign lands from freedom.

Crime must be stopped. Crime must be controlled. Crime must be managed. Crime must be cultivated. Crime must be milked for maximizing controversy and hysteria and receptivity to persuasion.

If there is not enough crime to agitate the public, the government must make some enemies, even fictitious ones. The crime can be planned by the government along with a careful public relations scheme to report the crime, skew the story, present an instant cast of frightening suspects to a shocked, traumatized, and naively receptive public through an integrated propaganda campaign of mass media.

This is the pinnacle of centralized influence. In a totalitarian system, the masses must be trained to be universally opposed to totalitarianism in order for the totalitarianism to be hidden in plain sight.

Fear Totalitarianism

Fear Totalitarianism (Photo credit: sakuraknight2000)

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots (Photo credit: mädchenkrawall)

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6 Responses to “the controversy of conspiracy”

  1. Ken McMurtrie Says:

    Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Not really a controversy at all, they are practically all realities, not theories.

  2. Liberty Says:

    Great article, well written and researched! May the awakening occur during our lifetime…PEACE.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Thank you. What if we did not have to wait for the Kingdom of Awakening? What if stopped looking for it or waiting for it and discover what is already awake?

      • Liberty Says:

        I was not referring to the spirit world with reference to an awakening, it was meant to mean, an awakening among the people here and now. As I carry the truth forward to others, I find, it becomes easier, to find receptive individuals.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Liberty, are you awake right now? Forget the mysterious language of “spirit worlds” and “other worlds besides spirit worlds.” Let’s talk like 6 year-olds for simplicity.

      Beware of carrying some arrogant words that you vainly worship as The Truth. Be the truth.

      Do you know Mark 7:6-8?

      If you knew the meaning of “I am the truth,” then you would have no issue of finding receptive individuals for your vain idolatries. All around us is the truth. All that is within us is the truth. Even all of the vain words of idolaters and hypocrites are the truth of the words that people may use and construct and worship.

      Who cares if a particular someone has some other words than us about “The Truth?’ Why shouldn’t they? Why be pre-occupied with finding “receptive followers” or “other people who already agree with me?” That is vanity.

      So is arguing and killing people over their other comments about The Truth. If two people or two groups would fight over “The Truth,” that antagonism may evidence that they are all mistaken and ignorant and naive, though probably entirely sincerely. Sincerity is no measure of accuracy.

      The truth itself is not a preoccupation. However, on their way to the realization of the eternal presence of Truth, many make a pre-occupation out of some idea or belief or concept that they call “The Truth,” and that is a true pre-occupation, and an entirely valid way to live. It is an exhausting agony of agonizing though.

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