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Bettie Page on the media coverage of the 9/11 “conspiracy”

April 15, 2014

By Daniel Fritschler:

The reason we question the dogmas, be it hobby or some other idealistic reason, maybe even more now than ever is because even the mere mention of heresy or the government not being forthcoming has become known as “conspiracy theorists” or nutjob. At one point in history being curious or having a HEALTHY interest in what the local groups around you, such as government or religious groups, are doing you would be called a heretic. Now they have it so nicely set up that even before you see things not adding up you are already considered crazy by the programmed masses.

“Of course the government or a religious group would be MORE right than all those conspiracy nuts because BY DEFAULT to question discrepancies or clear evidence of misconduct makes you evil and just plain nutty, duh?”

You are such a theorists you know that. Not like what the government tells you which is always in your best interest because they are here to babysit and be your mommy and daddy, so listen up. You make sure now to accept everything you hear at all times OR RISK the opportunity to become a NUT for questioning anything. You don’t want to be a nut in front of your family and peers do you? Be afraid be very afraid and guilty and shameful if you question a damn thing that the masses eat up like a stoned pothead eats a gallon of ice cream in the middle of the night. Just look straight forward please and follow the person in front of you and never ever be one of those EVIL conspiracy nuts who question WHAT THEY ARE TOLD. LISTEN TO YOUR MAMA AND DADA or the United States government and the religion of choice on all counts……or else burn in HELL you heathens.

Details, details, details…..
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn People (other people) should not be afraid of social ostracism or psychiatric labels like “crazy” or “quiet.” Those who perhaps perceive clearly but say nothing about what they perceive are traitors to someone’s expectations. They should not be how they should not be.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I may condemn things that offend me or frighten me or enrage me. Hypocrisy, for instance, is a subject that I proudly rejected for weeks if not months in 1991.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Did you know that the 3rd level of hell is reserved for hypocrites and any other people who use labels inattentively (but of course they are not hypocrites just because of that- that is a totally different thing….)?
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  • Daniel Fritschler Can’t you just enjoy satire. Maybe if people were more comfortable speaking out I wouldn’t need a sensei for my sense of humor? Have you ever thought of that?
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Oh no, not me. Apparently you do not know that satirists are the fourth level of hell, Daniel!I’m not just ironic, and I am not just hypocritical… I am against all forms of satire including reverse psychologists. Parody is even worse. Mockery is next to godlinesss. Silliness is okay though as long as it is only used in moderation. Otherwise, it is just sarcasm.

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  • Daniel Fritschler Can’t we all just get along?“I was not trying to be shocking, or to be a pioneer. I wasn’t trying to change society, or to be ahead of my time. I didn’t think of myself as liberated, and I don’t believe that I did anything important. I was just myself. I didn’t know any other way to be, or any other way to live.”

    Bettie Page

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  • Daniel Fritschler I mean I read that awhile back and it seems to be as truthful as one can be and is very fitting for this situation. Mitch
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn My dog apparently does not think of itself as liberated, but it does lick it’s own balls in public, that son of a bitch. I’m not jealous though. That is gross. I would never even think of anything like that and certainly would not reference it on facebook.
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  • Daniel Fritschler Yeah I never talk about what it is I am talking about…ESPECIALLY on an important, almost critical, platform like Facebook, how absurd. Anybody who can lick their own balls has every man in a relationship jealous doesn’t it?
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I always wear high heels when I go around nude like this:…/e260275469857561141…

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I do not know why people are so offended by high heeled shoes, but I know that if she was barefoot, this would not have been an issue. Feet are gross and obscene and should be covered up. Because Bettie respected that, she was attractive instead of repulsive.
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  • Daniel Fritschler Nice..I wonder if she can make her tongue ten feet long and lick my balls from the other side of the room…my dog can. Maybe only I Dream Of Jeannie can do that
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Dogs cannot do that. Stop dreaming. You are thinking of cats. Or maybe whales.
  • Daniel Fritschler Yes being with shoe and attractive can be fun but not nearly as much fun as licking your own balls and being repulsive…but I am sure you already know this?!??!
  • Daniel Fritschler All 10 year old’s know this don’t they?
  • Daniel Fritschler You know the day I stop INTENTIONALLY embarrassing myself will be the day I stop breathing, why? Because why not? Who gives a shit or wants to fit in with a bunch of retarded non-ball licking knobs?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn People who cannot lick their balls or simply refuse to do so are no friends of mine- not that I can myself or anything, but the point is that I would LIKE to be able to be that flexible.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn and so therefore you already should be.
  • Daniel Fritschler Yes the people who worry about social acceptance are just too seriously sincere…..being sincere about flexibility and ball licking is a whole different story all together isn’t it? I don’t have friends because finding a real ball licker and not a fraud or pretender is damn near impossible.
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  • Daniel Fritschler I only like those who love to be hated….not just love but are passionate about it….yay
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  • Daniel Fritschler Unless you want to have fun  yay drama or how society and social acceptance works for the masses of retards.Mwahaha

    Daniel Fritschler's photo.
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  • Daniel Fritschler Mind you this covers any form of media(which is all hearsay) and any form of conversing about others while they are not around. …so about 98 percent of what people hear or express then.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn 9/11 was a conspiracy concocted by Sarah Palin,Bettie Page, some puppy that can lickit’s own balls, and me. I admit it.I ususally do not like to be associated with those kind of organisms, but I feel like I can trust you with this secret. What a relief! Now I have finally told someone….

the controversy of conspiracy

April 26, 2012
Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory (Photo credit: wuji9981)

the controversy of conspiracy

Hysteria 2

Hysteria 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ideal condition of a herd is for the herd to maintain a state of moderate hysteria. Total panic is only favorable if there is a well-orchestrated strategy to contain and direct the momentum of the panic, which otherwise could lose coherence and dissolve in to a wild chaos.

There must be calming triggers installed, like sacred mantras of heroism and patriotism and morality and idealism. There must be agitation triggers installed as well, for a calm herd is vulnerable to a contagion of introspection and autonomy.

Every civil religion has sacred objects for ritual practices, such as colorful flags and constitutions made of shapes of ink on paper. These sacred objects can be used by those who are most skillful both to arouse and to calm the masses.
What is the best way to trigger a wave of social agitation? There must be an indoctrinated programming of expectations of what should be. Ideally, these expectations will be unresolvably conflicting with each other.

Herd of sheep

Herd of sheep (Photo credit: freefotouk)

Then, these expectations must be carefully violated- though only a few at a time. Different groups with different expectations must be agitated in to conflict with each other. Each group will have their pet issue that they are for or against. Each group will also have an opposing group. Constant vigilance is the theme of the religion of politics. Each group must be constantly anxious that a pause to the intensity of their activism could bring a terrifying and shameful defeat.

In order to sustain the tense paralysis of democracy, no political victory can ever be definitive. There is always another impending future to prevent, a threat to address, an eternal vulnerability to protect and defend.

If people were to stop defending their most cherished vulnerabilities, the whole network of paralyzing antagonism could relax. The eternal agitation, hysteria, anxiety, and mystery must be preserved at all costs, or the herd united in conflict could dissipate in to isolated pools of self-awareness, responsibility, and functionality.

Once the strategies for receiving a mild panic have been properly prepared, then people must be terrified with a

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots (Photo credit: mädchenkrawall)

confusing array of references to impending threats, doom and collapse. A threat like global warming or health epidemics are perfect villains. There must be constant fear. There must be endless hysteria. There must be arguing, with a steady trickle of earnest demands for sacred principles to be set aside because of the severity of the latest threat, whether present or potential.

Impending armageddon and cataclysm are the eternal allies of the priesthoods of social engineering. Without the threat of some danger or enemy, what justification is there for the coercive tyranny of governments?

Drive the people in to mortgages. Drive the various people in to believing in a particular material solution to their common psychological insecurity. Set them to struggling against each other in the pursuit of the particular material solution that they are programmed to seek. The various competing groups will protect the elite from all of the other competing groups.

Hatred of the elite must be universal. Power must be demonized as the great evil.

Conspiracy must be flaunted yet ridiculed. The spokespeople for the elite can at once attack all reference to conspiracy as “theory,” then present the least plausible of all theories of conspiracy as the official authorized version of history.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The President must appear on Jesse Ventura‘s Conspiracy Theory to repeat that there has never been a false flag operation conducted by any government or political organization. The only conspiracies in the history of “our nation” (whichever nation) have been perpetrated by evil foreign terrorists, except in the case of conspiracies by civilians that governments agents have gone out of their way to target, such as Native Americans who are trespassing on their ancestral homelands without the permission of the expanding European settlers, or Japanese Americans who have the audacity to legally reside in the United States during wartime, slaves who dare to conspire in planning attempts to escape, and so on.

Conspiracy is a crimeand any activity authorized or performed by the government is excluded from that

First and Front Streets, San Francisco, Califo...

First and Front Streets, San Francisco, California. Exclusion Order posted to direct Japanese Americans living in the first San Francisco section to evacuate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

government’s definition of crime. Crime, by the way, is the greatest villain of all.

Did you know that thousands of people in your country are illegally using marijuana right this moment? Isn’t that terrifying? Aren’t you glad I woke you up from sleeping to warn you? Your tax dollars are needed urgently to promote freedom by regulating freedom and combating freedom and liberating distant foreign lands from freedom.

Crime must be stopped. Crime must be controlled. Crime must be managed. Crime must be cultivated. Crime must be milked for maximizing controversy and hysteria and receptivity to persuasion.

If there is not enough crime to agitate the public, the government must make some enemies, even fictitious ones. The crime can be planned by the government along with a careful public relations scheme to report the crime, skew the story, present an instant cast of frightening suspects to a shocked, traumatized, and naively receptive public through an integrated propaganda campaign of mass media.

This is the pinnacle of centralized influence. In a totalitarian system, the masses must be trained to be universally opposed to totalitarianism in order for the totalitarianism to be hidden in plain sight.

Fear Totalitarianism

Fear Totalitarianism (Photo credit: sakuraknight2000)

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots (Photo credit: mädchenkrawall)

the Knowledge of Good and Eve: a parable about Ron Paul, myths, and Santa

April 23, 2012
Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Imagine a six year-old kid talking about Santa Claus, asking about some details that do not totally make sense to the child. An older sibling says, “do not ask mom anything about Santa. She would get angry and spank you. Just be quiet about Santa. If mom brings it up to you, just tell her what gifts you want and do not even mention the word Santa. I will tell you why later.”

What is the dynamic created by the older sibling? Mom is presented as a dangerous tyrannical authority and the sibling is the experienced ally with a crucial secret knowledge or insight about how to best deal with mom. Of course, higher up the social hierarchy is Santa, the distant, remote, mysterious benefactor.

In other terms, mom is the evil villain or devil and the sibling is the savior and protector while Santa is the God-like Power, like a superhero who can fly and has magic powers and is probably hundreds of years old. Except Santa is not just a cartoon like the comic book heroes. Santa is real. There is evidence. I opened the presents myself and the tag clearly said From Santa. Santa even knows my name!

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention, held at Crown Center Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, MO; June 15, 2007, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, fast forward a few decades. Ron Paul is talking about how the Federal Reserve is a Vatican conspiracy and all that we need to do for him to save us from them is to wait a few months and cast a vote. Plus, until then, he recommends that we invest everything in silver.

Ron says that the Federal Reserve is the great evil tyranny that has the power to inflate the currency, which according to  Ron, would be very bad. Why would that be so bad? Ron never actually mentions that. Apparently the idea is that the Fed should not have the power that Ron says they have, and therefore he must save us from the Fed doing the thing that they obviously should not do because they are inherently evil so we should just buy more silver because that is the patriotic and heroic thing to do, which Ron Paul has been consistently saying since 1980, which proves that we can trust his credibility and sincerity.

Alex Jones, who is also our heroic savior ally -which we know because he owns  silver – says that the distant remote superpower is the holy ink on the sacred document of the Articles of Confederation, which is the most powerful document in the world except for that one lottery ticket but that is anther story. Anyway, Alex says that Noam Chomsky agrees with Ron Paul that the real problem today is that The Fed says that the Articles of Confederation are actually not the authentic words of Santa and need to be retranslated by the Supreme Council of Justice, which wouldn’t be so bad except that Ron Paul is not a member of the Council and therefore the Council is evil. DarthVader says the Council is not evil, which further proves that DarthVader is either evil or naive or most likely both.

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History (Photo credit: CityGypsy11)

Now imagine that the Articles of Confederation are just a series of three words. They have no more actual tangible power than the sounds of the word Santa. They are not even shapes on your screen or ink on paper. They are just some sounds that someone spoke a few hundred years ago around the time that Santa was your age.

Who is going to protect those sounds? Who is going to threaten those sounds? Who is going to record them as an audio file to upload to youtube? Who is going to keep them sacred and give them proper respect?

We need a hero. We need a ssvior. Inflation would reduce the value of the massive national debt, which must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, you must obey your older sibling and never mention Santa to mom again.


Sibling! (Photo credit: Gus Dahlberg)

“what have you violently opposed?” Schopenhauer

March 28, 2012
Much of Arthur Schopenhauer's writing is focus...

Much of Arthur Schopenhauer’s writing is focused on the notion of will and its relation to freedom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, Second it is violently opposed, Third it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur SCHOPENHAUER, German philosopher, (1788-1860)

Ironically, I know that quote from my exposure to conspiracy theorists, who tend to be distinctive in their righteous opposition to some possible conspiracy. I personally know many who fiercely protest various political developments, financial trends, and even patterns of behavior in certain other individual people they know. I have done all of that as well.

I bless you in any violent (intellectual) opposition to any truth, willing that you may know what is self-evident simply as… what is self-evident. What have you personally opposed lately? Further, what have you personally practiced, promoted, and developed?

Published on: Apr 8, 2009

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reverse psychology and propaganda should not exist

March 7, 2012
English: Interior (front) of old Holy Family R...

Image via Wikipedia

Humans are trained to be the wards or servants of court systems. There are multiple, overlapping systems for the redistribution of affluence through organized coercion. These systems are called courts. There are local courts like city courts and county courts as well as state courts and federal courts, plus venues for renegotiating and enforcing claims which operate beyond the more limited geographic range of federal or national courts.
Further, there are multitudes of systems of organized coercion beyond those that call themselves courts (which operate using procedures similar to those of other operations that use the label “court”). Religions and businesses have ritual practices called things like review panels and boards and inquiries and inquisitions and interrogations and military crusades, all of which can involve the resolving of claims and disputes.
Coercion is a word that basically means any planned violence with a specific economic purpose. All violence may have an economic purpose, but for some instance of violence to be planned and organized hours or even months in advance, such as the violence of a team of trained sheriff deputies or of a trained army, that is clearly organized coercion.
Terrorism, by the way, is defined functionally by some operations of organized coercion as any activity of organized coercion that is not authorized by that particular operation of organized coercion. Extortion and racketeering are defined functionally by some operations of organized coercion as any organized coercion for the purpose of redistributing specific possessions away from certain parties toward the operation of organized coercion of those who employ it. Threats of violence designed to drive people away, like to abandon their claim or occupancy at a particular location, is another popular form of organized coercion.
"The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor&...

One of the most famous “false flag” operations in which European Colonists in North America dressed up as Native Americans and threw British tea shipments in to the harbor in Boston. Image via Wikipedia

Threats to destroy property (or actual destruction of property, like the Boston Tea Party) may not be violent to a particular living organism, but are similar to other forms of organized coercion. So, organized coercion is a broader category than organized violence, since threats to destroy property or take property or block access to property are all also coercive without being directly violent to any particular living organism.

When operations of organized coercion reach a particular level of efficiency and regularity (consistency), they may engage in propaganda and public relations to justify their operations of organized coercion relative to other operations of organized coercion and to encourage cooperation and participation with their systems of the organized redistribution of wealth through coercion. The most successful operations of organized coercion have used hierarchies for influencing the patterns of language, thought, and behavior of their target populations. These include all religions, all public education systems, and all mass media including book publishing, newspaper publishing, radio, TV, and internet.

Organized piracy is the origin of all government. The organized redistribution of wealth is also the origin of all business enterprises.
All organizations that are economically supported by multitudes of people have that in common. Religious groups receive voluntary donations. Private businesses involve voluntary exchange such as barter. Governments involve transfers of wealth that are involuntary or in which consent is legally coerced by those doing business as the government and claiming legitimacy for their coercive systems of organized redistribution of wealth.
English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...

Image via Wikipedia

Note that propaganda may effectively indoctrinate masses to believe that (1) propaganda should not exist, (2) “our government’s” propaganda is actually not propaganda at all and does not even exist, (3) governments are not fundamentally operations of organized coercion for the redistribution of wealth and (2) if any governments are organized coercion operations, they should not be. Further, all linguistic formations of “should” and “should not” are to influence or govern the behavior of other people… as in propaganda.
“Should governments use organized coercion? Should humans use organized coercion?”
These are absolutist questions with no practical value except to promote obsessing and “analysis paralysis” among target populations so as to reduce the economic functionality of those populations. That is the general purpose of all propaganda: to discourage competition, especially competing with the dominant operations of organized coercion.

Further, note that operations of organized coercion do compete against each other. Ruling court systems justify their

English: United Nations Building in Geneva Deu...

The United Nations building, which like most Western government buildings such as the US Capitol, is designed like the Temples of Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Image via Wikipedia

existence by their systematic discouraging of smaller-scale operations of organized coercion. Also, just as operations of organized coercion may infiltrate and invade each other, they may also partner and treaty and form alliances, like when the various political jurisdictions in Europe unified in to the European Union or when even larger global imperialist organizations were openly formed, such as the League of Nations or the United Nations.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church Empire dominated politically in Europe and beyond for quite a while. Kings were authorized through rituals of coronation performed by the authorized agent of the Pope, such as the Arch-Bishop.
Just as when a local crime boss must be asked for permission to do certain kinds of business within their territory (or face reprisals), it was routine (ritual) for kings to ask the permission (blessing) of the pope before initiating various military campaigns. Further, if the pope ordered various kings under his authority to provide funds and troops for a joint military crusade, failure to comply could result in formal expulsion from the church, which carried immense political and economic consequences.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

In recent centuries, the rulers of competing imperial hierarchies have greatly altered their public presentations. The Vatican is no longer openly recognized as the dominant operation of organized coercion, as it was during the early stages of its programs of routine torture and human sacrifice called “Inquisition.”

In more recent decades, the idea has been publicized that “underground” organized crime syndicates are the enemies of governments. Only organized crime syndicates use torture, according to the propaganda, while many governments made public statements disavowing the use of routine torture, such as the terms of the famous “Geneva Convention.”
It would have been considered ridiculous not long ago to suggest that organizations such as the Holy Roman Catholic Church have been involved lately in political assassinations and the politics of coercion in general. However, the dominance of global imperialism has reached further than ever with new technology and so increasingly mainstream publicity has been made of conspiracy theories suggesting that the Jesuit Order dominates the secret societies and secret police groups that dominate the formal government bureaucracies that dominate human civilization. In particular, the works of Dan Brown have been made in to big-budget movies featuring one of the top actors in the modern world, Tom Hanks.
Never since the production of George Orwell’s 1984 by the BBC (the British government’s public TV network) has there been such revealing publicity directed at the themes of political conspiracy. The anti-government anti-propaganda theme of the BBC’s government propaganda is a simple irony that may be referenced literally once in every million references to 1984.
I think also of the movie “The Manchurian Candidate.” The theme of the movie is a conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States. It was released shortly prior to the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, and then promptly withdrawn from theaters right after the assassination due to the sensitivity of the subject matter.

Propaganda should not exist because competition is a threat to monopoly. Humanity must also be rescued from the

United Nations exhibit by OWI at Rockefeller P...

United Nations exhibit by OWI at Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. Close-up of photographic display and seals of the nations (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

terrorism of organized coercion, again, because competition is a threat to monopoly.

Further, this information must be kept secret so as to avoid publicity. Please do not read it. If, accidentally, you have already read it, immediately forget what you were trying not to remember about whether or not it should or should not exist. Finally, if publicizing conspiracy theories, it is absolutely essential to condemn them as something that should not exist, that must be prevented, and that requires the full-scale sacrifice of liberty in order to prevent the twin threats of reverse psychology and totalitarianism.

corruption and the tea party

October 29, 2011

We are taught what actions qualify as corruption (things like lying, bribery, lobbying, stealing, and coercion). Next we are taught not to do those things (like by being punished for doing them- including with the psychological warfare of tormenting expectations of eternal torture in hell).

Already, irony is present. Note that punishment is coercive. So, we are discouraged from using coercion by someone else using coercion against us.

We are also taught that governments protect us from corruption and crime and so on. All governments glorify themselves as having a foundation of moral excellence, often with some selective legends and even quite creative mythology about the people who started a government: Lenin, Washington, Castro, Mandela, etc….

In the case of the U.S., for instance, one of the most famous acts of tresspass and destruction of property became known as the Boston Tea Party. While that event was clearly a crime (and a very organized one) by the recognized legal standards of the operating jurisdiction of the time, the same event that is labeled a crime can also be labeled a heroic act of courage.

Why not both? Obviously, both labels are valid interpretations or meanings.

The side that wins a conflict dictates (or declares) what interpretations or labels to use to describe the events of the conflict. No government apologizes for it’s origins. Every government glorifies it’s origins.

So, are governments getting more corrupt? Consider that governments may have been less corrupt and then become more corrupt. That is possible, right?

Then, instead consider that governments generally involve some corruption (like across the last several thousand years, for instance, as recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible and many other places), but governments generally are effective at public relations enough that the people who have been exposed to government propaganda (like in public schools and mass media outlets) think that any particular government USED TO BE morally superior to how that government is lately (relative to the latest exposed corruptions).

Or, maybe you believe that corruption was invented recently. Note that corruption is a word, like sin and crime. Crime is a legal category created by declaration (such as through the adoption of as criminal statutes) and enforced through systems of organized coercion (such as courts or “the offices of the Holy Roman Inquisition”).

Crime is not consistently defined across all jurisdictions or even across time. In the US, alcoholic beverages were prohibited (criminalized) and then decriminalized only a few years later.

Now, licenses are involved in the selling of alcohol in the US. It is a crime to sell alcohol unless one has a license.

Systems of licensure are systems to coercively benefit the government by involving it in some business activity as a recipient of funds. Those funds may be used to punish other competitors who operate without a license.

Governments are systems of organized coercion and coercive privilege. Governments define “corruption,” punish unlicensed “corruption,” and of course license activity that would otherwise be corruption or crime, but is legal when licensed/approved by courts and the bureaucratic associates of the courts.

When Oliver North confessed to a series of criminal acts performed in the late 1970s, he was functionally granted a license retroactively by President Reagan. Reagan pardoned him and his co-conspirators. Reagan also directly benefitted from the successful accomplishment of the mission of that conspiracy.

Is that so different from what happened in the case of numerous governments that are famously depicted as corrupt? Imagine that in the Trojan War, someone had the idea of deception involving a Trojan Horse, and they later admitted the deception or corruption or coercion involved in their activities, but then were pardoned and even glorified?

The Boston Tea Party might have been the inspiration for many “terrorist” acts in the mid 1800s in slave states in the US, but none of them may currently be as glorified as that prior act. However, in the future, the Tea Party may be considered by some to be a disgrace and the uprising at Harpers Ferry led by John Brown (or some other event) may become symbolic of moral heroism.

One era’s corruption may be another era’s moral heroism. Robin Hood is a legendary British criminal who has been glorified as a hero. Ollie North or John Brown may be remembered for many centuries as well.

So, many people complain about “new” corruption in various governments.  In the 1990s, after Japan’s economic deflation started, a wave of complaints about politicians surged. When public sentiment (in economics) declines, are politicians among the most popular targets of scapegoating? Likewise, when public sentiment (in economics) rises, are politicians among the most popular targets of glorification?

Who chooses the targets of attention? Who chooses the “spin” (context or type of attention)?

Is it the corporate mass media? What commercial interests direct the corporate mass media?

In the EU and US, a similar development to what happened in Japan has been manifesting since the peaking of stock markets between 2007 (for Greece, UK, etc) and 1999. Many of the forecasters who forecast the decline in the US economy, such as myself, also forecast the shift in popular culture as it relates to governments. In early 2003, when I began commenting on the coming real estate decline, or in 2004 when I focused more on the coming surge in fuel prices, or in 2007 when I warned about the coming instability of stock market prices and financial institutions, I already specified that President George Bush would be scapegoated as the one to blame. Why? Because he was the sitting President.

Look at what happened in any other case of major economic decline. Politicians are scapegoated when things are scary and glorified when things are blossoming.

Now, I assert that scandals are publicized according to a sort of schedule by the media. Initially, the Occupy Wall Street protests got very little mass media coverage. Suddenly, they were a central feature of a media circus.

Why? Was it just the corporate media’s attempt to “take over” the conversation about the protests and increase their audience for their commercial sponsors selling things like toothpaste and beer?

That is possible. Or, the mass media may be specifically targeting a promotion of certain kinds of dissent and scandal and conflict.

Darth Vader/The Emperor: “Feel the hatred, young Skywalker. It is the antagonism between the Tea Party supporters and the Occupy Wall Street supporters that makes me strong and my strength is the strength of the Holy Romulan Empire. While there is drama and contentiousness between the new right wing and the new left wing, our tactics of “divide and conquer” keep the bird from actually flying, since the two wings are in conflict rather than partnership. As long as the 99% is really only 50% and the Tea Party is actually approaching 49%, then I have the deciding vote, which is my control of the media (oh, yeah, and the credit markets, too). Did you really think this is a democracy? What military branch is a democracy? What corporation? In what family’s household would the toddler children have equal influence with the adults? In what wolfpack is there no alpha dog? I started both revolutionary reactions. I will also guide them to their climax and conclusion, or else my name is not the gently reluctant Senator Palpatine.”

Why is it important to certain commercial interests that the masses of people argue and protest- hysterically if possible? The details of the drama may not be important. As long as people continue to make the same financial choices that the Japanese made in the 1980s (flipping real estate on mortgages and dumping money in to stock mutual funds and so on), then their complacency will establish their economic fate. They US can predictably follow the path of Japan (or worse).

Commercial interests establish and enforce linguistic declarations of what is corrupt, criminal, sinful, and so on. As long as the commercial interests who establish and operate governments can distract the masses of people from prudent financial choices and thereby monopolize certain behaviors (such as prudent investing and conservative legal sheltering such as through estate planning or systematic use of bankruptcy protections), the commercial interests will maintain their monopoly of influence and affluence. They will control the systems of organized coercion and also control the mass media channels which will inform public opinion about the glories and evils and corruptions and triumphs of the various “solutions” that the commercial interests are dictating as “what to think about.”

One of the most notable things I learned as a college undergraduate was this: “the mass media does not control what the people think. We only control what the people think about.”

The competing herds of Tea Partiers and OWS protestors will both focus on which alternative political solution to promote for economic salvation. As long as the various herds are focusing on political activism rather than financial adaption, the promise of a possible, eventual economic salvation through political reform may remain an attractive myth.

Universal theme of propaganda #279: “only organized political action can save us all from economics, which is the morally superior outcome to target. People who propose to improve their own financial situation by responsive and responsible adaption to economic change are traitors to the Empire. They are the 1%. We must save you from them by massive political reforms.”


October 29, 2011
Imagine a snake with a big bulge from swallowing food. You may know that a snake can eat something and not be hungry again for weeks.
How about bears? You may know that bears can even hibernate for months without eating.
If we eat the best things for us to eat, how often would we be hungry? Well, if we were consistently well-nourished, we might never experience sensations of hunger at all.
Consider that hunger is kind of like pain: a signal of some type of crisis or danger. What if you could be so well-nourished that you were never hungry again- ever?
We may have been taught that, if we feel hungry, to eat something. That is logical enough, right?
If we are thirsty, then we might drink something, right? But are all liquids equally appealing for drinking? Fresh water and sea water and hand lotion and whiskey and transmission fluid may all be wet, but some liquids are more appealing to drink than others.
Likewise, hunger is not just a signal to eat “something” as in “eat anything,” but to satisfy a nutritional (biochemical) urgency. Pain is an urgent signal.
Hunger, while not as focusing as intense pain, is also a signal of urgency. What does the body usually want when signaling hunger? Energy as in fuel, right?
What is the fuel source that the human body is designed to best utilize? Fat, but not all fat. Saturated fat in particular, but not all saturated fat. Omega 3 fatty acids in particular, but not all omega 3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA in particular (not ALA).

DHA Molecule

Image via Wikipedia

So, it’s pretty simple. If there is a hunger signal, eating something will stop the body from producing that hunger signal. The body will focus on processing the substance eaten. If the body processes something and is still hungry, the body may resume the hunger signal, sometimes rather quickly after eating anything that does not address the actual nutritional priorities of the organism.
What if a person is hungry but is given drugs to suppress their hunger sensations? We could call that “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.”
Their body is pumping hormones to get in action and get in communication, perhaps to signal nutritional distress. How receptive and fluent are we to the signals issued by our own bodies and the bodies of our children and youth?
As a side note, what species of earthling is specifically designed to be nourished by refined sugar? None.
Can humans convert refined sugar to energy? Yes. The human body can even “refine” proteins in to sugar for energy. However, the primary source of fuel for humans for millions of years has been EPA and DHA fatty acids from wild animal sources.
Wild-caught seafood may contain a lot of the healthy fats. Even grass-fed domesticated animals may contain a lot of healthy fats.
So, for a human organism to be nourished in the way that humans have been nourished for millions of years, healthy fats are essential. Ingesting huge volumes of other substances does not provide as much nourishment as small amounts of healthy fats. Lots of low quality fat does not provide what high quality fat provides. Rather than experience energy and endurance and focus, someone with a lot of low quality fat may instead feel sluggish, fatigued, and “scattered” or even “hyperactive.”
Does coffee provide high quality energy reserves to a human? No. Does refined sugar provide high quality energy reserves to a human? No. Do cigarettes or recreational drugs or medicinal drugs to interrupt the functioning of the immune system in any way add to the energy reserves of a human organism? No.
The ingestion of many substances can interrupt hunger signals temporarily. Addictions may ensue. Ingesting high quality fats, however, actually provides fuel and other nourishment.
Let’s consider an ideal protein intake: three ounces of wild or grass-fed organic meat twice a day. That is less than half a pound per day.
How can that work? Most of what the body needs is fuel, not protein.
Sufficient amounts of high quality fuel (EPA and DHA) are the issue for hunger, not protein (and certainly not carbohydrates, which were not consumed much by humans until the proliferation of agriculture starting about 10,000 years ago). Similarly, if you use an automobile a lot, most of what it needs is fuel, not new tires. For a human organism, healthy fats are the best fuel and that is what it needs most. Most hunger sensations are signaling for healthy fat.
Of course, there are many substances that have been prized by humans for countless thousands of years for their nutritional value, such as organ meats. However, high quality fat is the key to the distinctive health and longevity of… all the groups of people that have lived so long and so well in the last few million years.
So, one might ask then, if primitive diets are so great, why has modern civilization proliferated? It may be because a “rich” elite have maintained “rich” diets of “rich“ food while raising hordes (herds) of slaves and soldiers and other “useful idiots” which, because of being considered expendable, have been indoctrinated and fed and medicated in ways that keep them easily managed (“governed”) and quickly back on the job or back on the battlefield.
If the secret to functionality is lots of EPA and DHA, then the elite rulers of civilization might (1) distract the masses from that and (2) diminish the access of other people (including primitive tribes) to “the king’s wildlife preserve area (for the monopolizing of wild game for hunting).” Further, the rulers might even indoctrinate the masses to avoid fat, especially saturated fat. The masses are made paranoid about non-conformity and paleolithic diets and primal diets.
However, such theories of conspiracies may be either irrelevant or inaccurate. In fact, I have been told that not only are there no such thing as conspiracies, but there is not even a word for them. 😉

beyond shame to well-being

October 20, 2011

So I am newly getting present to the extent to which biochemistry matters- like the immense difference between the average paleolithic natural diet (and it’s results in regard to wellness) and the average modern civilized industrial diet (and it’s metabolic results in regard to wellness). I was not clear until recently on the full extent of the difference or, in particular, of the specific mechanisms of the interference in a physiological functionality of consuming high carbohydrate diets (which started around 10,000 years ago and has been popular in some cultures for thousands of years, but has shifted dramatically in recent decades with such things as the introduction of high fructose corn syrup), nor of the biochemical mechanisms of the interference in normal metabolic functioning from consuming modern cooked vegetable oils and their huge concentrations of free radicals (which started about 100 years ago).

Both of those two dietary patterns have dramatically reduced the wellness of the average person, especially when considering that those dietary components are used in an attempt to replace other more natural foods, as in a major reduction or total elimination of the dietary practices that have apparently worked very well for humans for millions of years. I’m not going to offer a summary of the mechanisms of biochemistry here, but one condensed point of clarity is that proteins and saturated fats (especially omega 3 fatty acids) are apparently essential not only for human survival (avoiding starvation), but for normal development of bones, organs, and nervous systems. The masses of people like me who had crooked teeth in childhood and had braces or had wisdom teeth removed are evidence of the rarity of “normal” bone growth in modern populations. Many of us did not even have enough jawbone to contain a normal set of teeth!

the 1st and 3rd child have wide jaws, normal throughout most of human history

An secondary point, which is the newly clear one for me, is that even when providing lots of proteins and saturated fats, ANY consumption of modern carbohydrates (including ALL refined grains) OR modern vegetable oils (especially when cooked) can be immensely detrimental. Basically, we can think of all of that stuff as poison. There is often no nutritional value but instead just dramatic interruptions to the utilization of any actual nutrients present. Diets that are high in carbs and cooked vegetable oils (other than coconut oil and, to a lesser extent, olive oil) have been consistently reported to directly cause basically all of the health problems of modern life, from degeneration of the eyes and vision to cancer and heart attacks and strokes.

Note: in relation to the symptoms just mentioned, I have worn glasses for several decades and then in early 2007 I had a neurological crisis and lost the ability to walk. Previously, I had blamed that neurological crisis on dehydration and a sudden increase in my consumption of table salt, and only yesterday did I connect my sudden physiological breakdown with the fact that I had also had that salt with “french fries” (potatoes fried in boiling vegetable oils that are often left cooking for hundreds of hours before being discarded- which is the absolute most certain way to introduce huge concentrations of “free radicals” in to the body, which oxidize and destroy essential cells). I had already been eating a mostly low carb diet for years and had avoided fried, low-quality vegetable oils for most of that time, but that Sunday afternoon, I ate french fries. Within a few hours, my abdomen felt like it had never felt before. Soon, not only could I not walk, but my mental coherence declined, perhaps related to the fact that I suddenly was sleeping less than a few hours PER WEEK.

Maybe you have heard this term before to refer to state of a neurological shock: fried. My nerves were “fried.” I was “fried.” My diet had also been… fried.

So, in summary, you can’t have even near optimal functionality without an abundance of the basic nutrients of healthy fats and healthy proteins. Further, even with those, enough modern poisons (like imagine someone quite fit but extremely drunk with alcohol) can be not just detrimental (as in “fried”) but fatal (as in “toast”).

Clearly, I am not talking about supplementing an admittedly deficient diet, which was the kind of thing I talked about in the 1990s. I am directing attention to a diet that makes supplementation irrelevant, avoiding the cost and complexity not only of nutritional supplements but also avoiding all of the many medical interventions that are specifically designed to either interrupt the functioning of the immune system (like cough suppressants) or treat the side effects of other medicinal drugs (which still means an interruption to the process of removing toxins).

But not everyone could eat the diet I am referencing. In fact, not everyone would even if they could. I will come back to the psychological and practical barriers in a moment.

First, consider that the owners of commercial businesses and their agents in governments (like the USDA and FDA) have been promoting dietary practices that fit with their commercial interests. I do not just mean short-term profits. I mean directing the population masses of “human resources.”

In other words, people who are both physically fit and distinctly intelligent could be perceived as threats by those commercial interests (by certain people). However, mercenaries and soldiers who are only rather physically fit but not especially intelligent are not a threat to the commercial interests that direct their mercenaries for their own purposes. Similarly, there is little threat from intellectuals who may even be quite intelligent, but not are physically (or financially) resourceful. Most of those intellectuals can easily be busied with protesting the alleged injustice that the commercial interests train them to protest (which are generally the injustices of the commercial interests themselves).

The commercial interests present to the masses certain ideas through channels of the media, public schools, and even religions. These ideas involve not only what is a favorable or unfavorable dietary choice, but also what is an injustice worthy of protesting.

If we have been indoctrinated that it is an injustice for the commercial interests to promote their commercial interests in particular ways, then when we identify certain mechanisms of indoctrination, we may do as we have been trained and go to governments to appeal for reforms and new elected heroes to protect us from the evil commercial interests. We may not recognize at that point in time the extent to which those commercial interests influence governments- like establishing and directing their governments of their mercenaries and propagandists.

So, commercial interests may promote biochemical functionality that is marginal rather than optimal. Dead slaves are not good slaves, but slaves that have the capacity to compete with their masters are also not what the masters would call good. A result of sub-optimal physiological functionality (but at least marginal physiologic functionality) is a typical target of commercial interests in promoting particular dietary practices and other health choices.

Similarly, marginal intelligence may be promoted, but not optimal intelligence. Since intelligence is largely a function of biochemistry, we can see the importance of indoctrinating and governing the dietary practices of the masses to the commercial interests.

Finally, marginal economic prosperity, but not enough that would be competitive to the current ruling commercial interests, may be promoted by those commercial interests. They want workers that have positive morale, reflexive loyalty (which is even better than reflexive terror), and at least have their basic needs met- at least in general, like at least a certain amount of functionary agents that are reliable servants of the commercial interests.

For instance, the commercial interests need loyal (or at least compliant) propagandists to indoctrinate their mercenaries and their other servants of the empire. The masses need to be told what is just and unjust, who is enemy and who is savior, as well as what traditional foods to be hysterically frightened of and what new chemical substances are legally classified as safe as food (or for adding to drinking water, etc). The masses need to be terrorized and confused and enraged, but only in accord with the commercial interests.

The masses are trained to either hide certain qualities or even to avoid doing anything that someone might interpret as expressing that quality, such as greed or of course dishonesty. Of course, if the masses recognize such a quality in one of their own (or a scapegoat from among the agents of the commercial interests), they jealousy attack. If they have been trained to be ashamed of openly pursuing their self-interest and optimal well-being (“greed”), then no one else should- at least not openly and within the range of their attention.

Here is the linguistic programs that result from the training:

No one [else] should be healthy. No one [else] should be wealthy. In particular, no one [else] should be calm or even uninterested in the mechanisms of propaganda.

In other words, people should be addicted to mainstream medical systems. People should be dependent on borrowing and outside employment (rather than be owners of thriving businesses who have little or no debt). People should be outraged, terrified, or at least depressed about the latest injustice or latest scandal or latest controversy. Actually, no, the “latest” one is not too big of a deal, just as long as there is SOME stimulant for emotionally-reactive moral pre-occupation.

In summary, people should be addicted to being heroic victims. People should sincerely fight against at least one of the evils of the system/society/world/culture, but not so much that they actually bite the hand that feeds them- “only a bit of occasional barking, please.”

I might call it insane. However, shame is more precise.

A culture of shame is indoctrinated repeatedly to promote and preserve the interests of certain people of whom we are so secretly jealous that we openly hate them. We call them evil. We hold them in contempt. We say that they are the reason that our lives are full of contempt and resentment and hatred and shame.

Well, maybe they are. So what?

“Yeah but… we are only fried because of them! They told us to eat fried food, didn’t they?”

Yes, that may be what they told us. How is that related, if at all, to what we actually do next?

Oh, and as for the practical barriers to many billion people all eating a traditional diet, what if there is just not enough wild-grown macronutrients in the ecosystem of the earth currently? Perhaps there is a reason why the earth used to have so many less people at any one time. What if the earth can only sustainably support perhaps a couple of billion very healthy people? What if, without cheap fossil fuels to grow and transport “livestock feed” like grains (and then promote it as a healthy food), there would not be one billion living humans on the planet?

Practical Economics and the Conspiracy Distraction

August 24, 2010

Practical Economics and the Conspiracy Distraction

Imagine a natural phenomenon, such as seasons or cyclic eclipses. An astute observer notices a pattern and then claims to be the magical source of the cycle. Some man in a funny costume notices an eclipse is coming soon and goes before the masses and announces loudly “I am going to cause the moon to block the sun because you people do not do what you should.”

The people listen to him attentively at first- because he does have a funny costume- but then begin to laugh at his ridiculous threat and return to their prior activities… only to be terrified moments later when the sun is blocked by the moon. They demand of the man in a funny costume “please, tell us what we should do!”

The man in the funny costume announces that he is named Sylvester McMonkey McBean and then says, “okay, let me go pray to God and do some other divinations with my crystal ball and such. I will be back in a little while to tell you what you should do.” He goes off then, closely tracking the time for when the eclipse is due to end.

He comes out when the eclipse is almost due to end and then says: “I have finished my consultations facilitated by the Wizard of Oz and I have found out the information that you want to know!” Everyone gasps and claps and cheers, then quiets down for him to continue: “You should buy these special gold coins from me because there is an economic crisis coming and these magical gold coins bearing the face of Ron Paul are the only thing that will save you. Everyone needs one or else they may catch, uh, the plague. So, who will be first?”

Next, an accomplice who is not dressed in a funny costume, but looks like a “common person,” rushes up to be the first to buy a gold coin from the man in the funny costume, the alleged Mr. McBean. Of course, there are a bunch of gold coins stocked and prepared for immediate sale, and of course they may just be gold-plated or a similar color to gold, but people are not especially attentive to details like that in moments of panic.

Griffin's 1994 book, The Creature from Jekyll ...

Griffin’s 1994 book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, draws parallels between the Federal Reserve and a bird of prey, as suggested by the Great Seal of the United States on its cover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, the accomplice buys the first coin and the man in the funny costume says, “you wise fellow, because of your prudence and intelligence, the sun will be revealed again.” This theatrical performance is timed to correspond with the end of the eclipse, and just as the sun comes out, the people are blinded as they clumsily bump into each other, manically lining up in a new gold rush (or “first time home buyers tax credit” rush… or whatever).

By the way, this story may remind you a bit of my favorite Dr. Seuss story, the Sneetches. Sylvester McMonkey McBean is the character in that story who runs the machines that puts stars on bellies or removes them. In our lives, the media are the ones who tell us who is responsible for what. More on that in a moment.

First, in the traditional version of the eclipse story, the man in the funny costume said things like “give me the virgin princess as my wife so I will inherit your kingdom” or “give me one tenth of everything you earn every year for the rest of your life.” Naturally, it is also very important that the practice of astrology be punishable by death, so as to maintain the information monopoly so important to the power of the alleged Mr. McBean.

<ad lib in video>

Now, more relevant to us than the example above, when a figurehead comes on TV or other news media and is attacked for failing to properly guide the economy, that presumes that the figurehead is able to guide the economy! We may think “Hey, I like him. I defend him. He is a good politician. I voted for his father, too. Since I supported him once, I would be embarrassed to stop supporting him, so let’s just re-elect him! We just need more money and more regulation and more central economic interventionist totalitarianism so that the government can save us all from economics. Also, let’s pass a law to double the amount of oil on the planet, subject to further doubling later of course.”

Others may think, “You fools! Mr. McBean is a corrupt politician and he has betrayed us. What we need is to replace him with a politician who is not corrupt. Let’s recall that traitor McBean and elect Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor instead. Then, we obviously need to pass an amendment to make it unconstitutional to add any more amendments or treaties or to in any way adapt beyond the original confines of the Sacred Word of God, also known as the US Constitution, except this one last amendment to allow for Arnold to have all the power he needs protect us from totalitarianism.”

So, when the media tell us who is responsible for an event that shocks us, like 9/11, we may instantly presume that the people they say are responsible are in fact responsible. Our favorite politicians and musicians and athletes, plus a constant stream of other media celebrities may join in condemning the alleged responsible parties. We believe what they tell us, right?

If Mr. McBean threatens us with an eclipse and then it happens, that must be because he is more powerful than the Federal Reserve, right? Wait: what if the Federal Reserve is not quite as influential as the media has indoctrinated us? What if central economic interventionist totalitarianism cannot actually save anyone from economics?

Well, if there is such a thing as words, then maybe there is such a thing as lying. Maybe the idea that the US President and Federal Reserve are in control of the global economy could be a slightly misleading assertion.

If so, then maybe there is a reason that people are being trained to focus on what is the best form of totalitarianism (or on opposing totalitarianism). Maybe certain commercial interests are trying to distract you and train you to “buy and hold” investments like real estate, stocks, and gold- investments that some astute observers may have realized have reached a natural “seasonal” shift.

Rothschild is famous for having dumped shares of the Bank of England one day, and with rumors spreading that he had early “insider” knowledge of the outcome of the British Empire’s conflict with Napoleon at Waterloo (which had implications for the future value of the bank of England), other shareholders dumped their stock as well. Rothschild then bought back the greatly discounted shares once the stock priced had crashed sufficiently for his purposes, becoming majority owner of the Bank of England.

What we have forming now is not a brief “flash crash,” as was the case with Rothschild or 9/11. What we have now is a set of herds of complacent people emotionally dependent on the media, who are impatiently waiting to be rescued from economics (and politics). Some promote the “right” form of central economic planning and others invest their attention in opposing all forms of central economic planning, as if a few politicians, rather than the masses, are the actual core agents of global economics.

“If only we buy the magic gold coins with the face of Ron Paul, then we will never have to make any other personal adjustments financially. He will save us from the influence of the people who may not actually have much direct influence.”

It is the FAITH of the people that gives the Mr. McBean and his other global leaders so much influence. He would not be a leader if not for all the people following him and behaving as he indoctrinates them.

So, the people as a whole may not be really economically dependent on the actions of governments (or the Federal Reserve)- even if quite a few bureaucrats and beneficiaries are directly dependent. The masses may think that the figureheads are responsible for economic trends, but that could be just some government propaganda taught in government schools and the mass media so on.

The influence of governments is indirect (at least in some cases). If the masses of people follow someone, then that someone is their leader.

Multitudes of people now are arguing over how to support Mr. McBean or how to replace him. Consider now a slight twist. McBean is not the mastermind. He is the accomplice. The so-called accomplice may be the mastermind.

Rothschild (or Rockefeller) comes on TV and says “yes, we need more government interventions to rescue us from economics. People should not sell their real estate or stocks- after all, that is unpatriotic- and the most patriotic thing to do is of course to sell gold.” Then, all the constitutionalist reactionaries get together and decide that they must buy gold because their enemy said to sell it.

Whatever…. The point is that cycles happen naturally whether or not someone claims to be responsible for them like McBean or the Federal Reserve or the US Government or the mainstream media. If you worship the words of the media, you may remain complacent and be responsible for the massive transfer of the ownership of US real estate and stocks (private businesses) to Mr. McBean. If you recognize that some words are not actually literally true, and that cycles of economic behavior just might happen naturally, then you might have already stopped obsessing over how corrupt Mr. McBean is and started to consider personal adjustments that you can make.

There is no mere eclipse coming. This seems to me to be a long economic winter for the Western Industrialized nations. Just because I am saying so before it happens does not mean that it is the result of some plan.

Empires rise and fall. That is the nature of empires.

Is the emerging “fall of the west” planned? If you care at all about whether it is planned or not, you did not get the point of this message. The best time to adjust is now.

Responding with a curious courage… to recent financial developments

April 5, 2009

Responding with a curious courage… to recent financial developments

Quickly, let’s be clear what it does and does not mean to respond with a curious courage. I wonder if you can recall a time when you were not just already curious, but when your curiosity then led you to perceive a risk or danger that you only could have directly recognized through your own exploring, and then, after this discovery that you just made, you courageously redirected your behavior away from the perceived risk and toward a valuable opportunity that, again, you only discovered through the practice of curiosity. Let’s call that time now.

In contrast, what a curious courage does not mean is this: to identify how reality should have been, whether or not it was, then, when some pattern of reality did not fit with how it allegedly should have been, then to identify that pattern of reality as having been a problem, and then choose not to take any new initiative toward personal responsibility for one’s own future, but instead focus anger on whoever was convenient to blame for that problematic reality, and finally, identify whoever first provided you someone to blame for that problematic reality as the one to blindly rely on to almost fix that problematic reality next, since reality may persistently thwart reactive efforts to fix it by first blaming someone else for why it was not how it should have been (according to whoever denied that reality should be however reality actually already is).

Now, with a curious courage, we could be asking how did this particular apparent reality develop- yet with a specific concern for one’s own prior practices and the resulting effects produced from one’s own prior practices. That personal identification of one’s own prior practices as the primary issue related to the results produced by those practices is what may take courage.

So, let’s imagine that someone went to a casino and did very well for quite a while. They soon developed confidence and came back to the casino again and again. They made consistent unearned gains by using a certain method that worked for them over and over.

However, yesterday, they used that same old method but got a different result, that one which they do not value. Then, they kept trying that same method again and continued to get the result that they do not value. Soon, they lost quite a bit of their prior unearned gains- or even all of those gains as well as all of their original investment or even more.

Maybe they were afraid to even think about or look at their recent results. They may have been focusing on how much they used to have as if that was somehow more relevant than what they have left.

What would it mean to respond to this situation with a curious courage? Would it be courageous to look for someone else to blame for the recent results? Maybe you blamed the casino itself, or the government regulators, or a certain current or former employee of the casino, or perhaps your neighbor or even your neighbor’s dog.

Now, I might suggest that the particular investing method that you used is what produced the unfavorable result. Of course, it could be possible that the casino or government regulators did change some relevant rule, yet even if that were true, identifying such a change would not make your old method back into one that produces favorable results. If some rule had been changed and that is the single reason why your old method was no longer valuable, then knowing what rule has been changed might provide some insight into what other method might be valuable now, but you may not be interested in that yet.

After all, if the reason the rule was changed is because of your neighbor’s dog, then you could continue to use the method that stopped working but just get really angry at the dog. Or, while you continue to use the method that stopped working, maybe you could kill the dog, and then maybe someone would change the rule back so that your old method that stopped working might work again one day eventually, and you could just keep using it for as long as it takes, even though until that might happen you may be producing results with that method that you definitely may not value, because one day it could work again- you know, hypothetically.

That all could be true. One other thing though that someone with a curious courage might wonder is this: what about discontinuing the use of whatever prior method already stopped working to produced unearned capital gains? Sure, maybe the dog can be killed and the rule can be changed back to how it was and so one day possibly in the not-too-distant future the old method that stopped working may work again, but how about now? Sure, maybe someone can identify the neighbor that might have been in some way responsible for preventing you from continuing to multiply the unearned capital gains that you used to compound, and then maybe someone can get that neighbor to remedy the situation by paying to bail out the casinos that have suffered incredibly all because of that one dog. However, what about reconsidering the investing method which however long ago stopped working to produce the results you value?

Even if you advocate for a possible return back towards the prior situation, another possibility is that you explore modifying your investing method, at least until all dogs are killed so that you can know that no other dogs will ever prevent you from multiplying unearned capital gains with the single method that is most familiar to you, which is probably borrowing money to invest in real estate, but it could also be dumping money into various stocks and hoping that those stocks go up in value at least enough to balance any inflation and taxes.

I know a lot of people who I warned many years ago about the specific market developments that have since rendered their previously valuable methods worthless, resulting in losses of some or all of their unearned gains in real estate equity (or in US tech stocks or UK financial stocks and so on). Some of them even owe more on their mortgage than the collateral property is worth.

I also know a lot of people who have watched me make consistently accurately predictions of a variety of ups and downs in a variety of markets. Some of them may never give up the methods that they previously used to produce consistent unearned gains for them but that recently stopped working. Some of them may not ever explore a principle that works in all market conditions: partnering with the reality of market conditions and even partnering with someone who knows how to find opportunity in all market conditions now.

That might require a curious courage. Not everyone has that. For those of us who do have it, the fact that not everyone else has it is related to what distinguishes our results from their results, which includes the curiosity to be honest about the reality of market conditions, rather than defining some patterns of reality as “problems” to be automatically reacted to with personal blaming and blind devotion in the latest emergency rescue fix proposed, whether that is a political “solution” or some other silver bullet, like, whenever one has been confused, just investing in silver (or real estate etc) as the one magic solution to the persisting problem of reality not being the same as someone told you it should be.

Consider that reality is only a problem for those who insist on investing in opposition to it. For those with a curious courage, reality is an opportunity to partner. Now, with me and the investing methods that fit with partnering with the reality of market conditions, certain people get consistently favorable results in all market conditions. Not everyone will contact someone committed to partnering with reality to let me know that they are interested in consistently favorable results, but what about you?


“Life is not what it’s supposed to be. Its what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” Virginia Satir (1916-1988)

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