is there life after hell, shaming, blaming, vilifying, whining, & complaining

Don't Blame Us

Don’t Blame Us (Photo credit: redwolfoz)

On “Life After Hell

Hell, as I use the term, is the experience of guilt, or, more specifically, blame. Blaming is the origin of victimhood (isolating and identifying myself as a victim of someone or something).

To stop living in hell as a victim, stop blaming. Stop blaming everyone, including yourself.

Here’s how. First, before you stop making your life hell, get exactly how we pretend to make life hell- not just for other people, but also for ourselves. What we give, we experience.

Whenever we believe that the past should not have been a certain way, and then focus on how the past actually may have been how it should not have been, that is hell. Whenever I believe that I should not have had a certain past, and then focus on how I may have actually had a certain past that I should not have had, that is shame. Shame makes life hell.

Again, hell only exists for me when I have shame. I only have shame when I believe that my past should not be how it may have been. That is, if I believed that my past may have been how it should not have been, only then would it be possible to pretend that life is hell (and thus blame someone or something for possibly making life into how it should not be).

So, only when I was focusing on a certain past that I believe that I should not have had, but yet may have actually had, then from my shame, I may have blamed someone or something. I may even blame myself. If I focus on how I believe someone or something to be a shame, that particular shame may reflect a shame that I believe to apply to me, even if my conscious egoic mind can only handle in a given moment a second-hand experience of that shame rather than the original event in my past that I may have defined at some point as something that should not have been. All of that is hell AKA rejecting what actually may be as what should not be AKA guilt projected as blame for making life be how it shouldn’t be AKA unconscious shame AKA denial.

Fortunately, I have some good news. There is life after hell, and indeed it may be here now.

Here is how to “escape” from hell (which may not actually exist at all). Yes, stop blaming (pretending to create hell). Also, live as inspiration.

Hell only exists in the realm of belief. Focus on a belief of what should not be- rather than on what is- and that experience is hell. In the realm of inspiration, heaven is always now and is here everywhere.

Hell is pretending that heaven does not exist here now. If you have been pretending that this is not heaven, you may wish to stop, if not yet, then as soon as possible now. If you may have been pretending that anyone- you or anyone else- may have ever been how they should not have been, I hereby accuse you of being human.

However, consider that I could be wrong. (More on that later.)

Here is an instruction which has been repeated in various forms by many prophets:

However you wish others would be, be yourself. Further, whatever you notice may have been missing, cause it. When I notice that I wish another would have been a certain way (which they may not have been), next I may be grateful for noticing, and then I may be so curious how I could be that certain way myself that finally I pray that I am noticing one specific action that I am inspired to do right now.

By the way, go ahead. The rest of the email can wait. If you are inspired right now to confess your blame of someone directly to him or her or them- or to promote any particular possible outcome by some specific action you are inspired to do now, continue reading this after you proceed to do as inspired, but only if you are ever inspired to continue reading this.

To be inspired, be grateful and curious, then pray for inspiration. We could not live as inspiration while we were pretending that life was hell. Life was never how it should not be. Life is always exactly how it is.

The belief that God made a mistake- even maybe just that one time- is sin. Life is exactly how it should be, unless you believe that you are living in a hell created by God to punish you for how your past should not have been. Stop blaming God for making your life hell. Consider that you basically may have done it yourself, which, ironically, may be exactly what you should have done.

Make your life hell. Go ahead. You may be very good at it by now, right?

Whenever you are done with making life hell for someone- which is always your life, by the way- heaven will be waiting for you to forgive God for what God should not have done, until you stop waiting for God to take you to heaven. You may have heard that God created heaven and earth, right? So, who created hell?

What if hell never existed. We just may have pretended that it did.

If I have been upset by something, I may confess my blame (ideally, confessing directly to a group or person who represents to me a

Formula One Fans at the controversial 2005 Uni...

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target for my own blame- and being specific). Any blame that I ever experience is mine.

Rememeber, God does not blame us. God does not create sin. God creates us in God’s own image. If I blame God, that is not about God, but about me. If I blame me, that is about who I may have pretended to be, not the one that God created me to be. Whenever I pretend that I am not who God created me to be, I may blame others for not being who God created them to be. I may blame them for sinning, for being how they should not be. Ironically, that is hell.

God did not create sin or sinners. God created God’s own images. When I was pretending that I was not God’s own image, I created other people in the false self-image that fit my own false self-image of a sinner. I noticed in other people some way of being that I believed they should not be, identifying them with some shame that my ego had buried in my past. By the way, when I identify someone or something as expressing some way of being- when I focus on it with my attention– I identify myself with that.way of being. I may believe that I am focusing on that other someone or something, but what if I was really just focusing on that way of being, just producing an experience of that way of being and using that someone or something as a tool for producing that experience?

In hell, people blame each other for making life hell. If I believed that I was in hell, I may have blamed other people for being responsible for my experience of life as what should not be. However, life was never what should not be. I was never the one who was pretending that life is hell. That was actually a false self-image, or at least it works for me identify myself with God rather than with how life should not have been, by which I mean how my life should not have been, by which I mean that I should not have been. When I focus on any quyality of life, that focusing is my life: me!

Whenever anyone experiences life, that is their experience, so that is their life. Their life is them.

Hell is the belief that I am an ego that should not be. Most simply, hell is the belief that I should not be.

Try this as an experiment. Say to yourself “I should not be here.” Repeat it… a lot. Try it throughout the day, until you choose to stop. Then, consider now whether the experience of “I should not be here” is equivalent with “this is hell!” Listen for yourself saying “this is hell” and notice if you can substitute “I should not be here.” Then, if you are courageous, go all Byron Katie on life and turn “I should not be here” around to this: “Actually, I should be here. This is EXACTLY where I should be, who I should be, when I should be, how I should be. Here I am!”

The imagination of God is the experience of “I am,” of being, of presence of mind. The image of God is the presence of God is the kingdom of God.

God is always. The ego may have pretended to be. So what?

If my ego has been upset by something, the ego may confess it’s own blame (ideally, confessing directly to a group or person who represents to my ego a target for my ego’s own blame- and being specific). Any blame that my ego ever experiences is my ego’s. My ego is my ego as long as I say so. I pretend that I am not God’s image as long as I say so.

If I (as my ego) was afraid, I am grateful for recognizing an opportunity to promote safety and security.

If I (as my ego) was sad, I am grateful for recognizing an opportunity to promote togetherness and curiosity and joy.

If I (as my ego) was angry, I am grateful for recognizing an opportunity to promote compassion and gratitude.

God is grateful. God is curious. God lives as inspiration. God forgives all blame that any ego may have ever pretended should not be.

When God’s image stops pretending that hell ever could have been, God’s image may say something like this: as you do unto them, so you have just done unto me. God’s image may even say to love everyone as if you were them- love them as yourself.

But what about people who call us their enemy, asks the ego? Well, in that case, says one self-image of God, love everyone as if each of us is one of God’s only image. Further, forgive God not just seven times, but seventy times seven times- as long as it takes to stop pretending that you or I could ever be an ungodly being in a hell that obviously should not be.

Go ahead, God: be here now. Heaven, I stop pretending to have been waiting for you. I accept you just as you are, God. I proclaim that Heaven exists- not eventually, not possibly, not “someday maybe” … if only she or he or they will just be more like how they should be.

I stop pretending that other people are God instead of me such that they could have the power to make me into a victim and my life into hell. Only I could pretend to make heaven into hell so well that I actually believed it for as long as I did, though now I know who I am.

Yes, I may have pretended to be a victim. So what?

God’s Kingdom, come. God’s will IS done.

On earth, what happens is God’s will, just as God’s will in heaven is whatever happens in heaven. The two are identical. I stop  pretending to isolate them into a good one and an evil one.

By the way, I pray with gratitude that God gives us today every thing we need today. I also claim with certain faith that God forgives
whatever shame of “that should not have ever happened” that I may have believed to be real, just as I forgive- like in that very moment now- those who may have sinned against me, even thanking them for reminding me of a treasure that I may have buried under a belief in shame.

What treasure could that be? There is no cup large enough to contain all of the blessings in heaven which God has stored for me, keeping the treasures safe through the very mechanism of my belief in hell. Those who did not believe in heaven, but believed that God judged them eternally guilty for doing what they should not have done and being how they should not have been- wouldn’t it be predictable that they might have devotedly trained us that we should not openly experience ourselves as God’s image- at least not just yet? How can we forgive them for pretending that life is ungodly, that we could have ever been ungodly, that anyone could have ever been anything but God’s image? Or, turning around the other cheek: how can we not forgive God’s image for pretending that life should not be how it may have been, pretending that they should not even here here… at least certainly not like this, pretending that God must have made a mistake, pretending to be unholy- given that we have been doing what… the exact same thing?

Of course we may have learned that way of being from others! We may have taught it as well. Haven’t you ever treated someone as if they should not have been how they may have been? Who hasn’t!

Let the one among us without guilt cast the first blame. Hey, where is everyone going? Was it something I said?

I forgive all the churches and all the congregants for perhaps slightly misrepresenting a few of the sayings of a few of the wise teachers in the rich history of human spirituality. In fact, I confess that my ego may have been confused and could have only blamed them in error.

I hereby proclaim all of them, all of us, including me personally and you personally… to be exactly who we are. I proclaim my past to be redeemed from “it should not have been like that” to “God’s will is present in all of the past, all of the present, and all of the future.” I redeem my past and in so doing life itself- including you and I- is redeemed. The Will of God (orthe Way of the Tao, etc etc etc) is however life actually is. When however life actually is… is just one way how life actually may be, then anything is possible through the holy spirit of God’s Creation.

When I blamed you (when I blamed the image that I had made from my own past into my image of you), you were reminding me that I may have forgotten that I am God’s creation and so are you, Thank you so much! I’m sorry. Please forgive my confusion. I love you.

I redeem you and I both to be holographic bubbles reflecting only God’s Holy Creation. In other words, I stop arguing that my life must be a mistake made by an incompetent God.

What a relief! There is life after hell, at least to the extent that hell may or may not have ever eixsted!

If this is good news to you, go and spread the message of God’s spell of inspiration across your entire life now and forever. By the way, if you ever notice yourself worrying about whether to do it or when to do it or how to do it, consider stopping at least for long enough to laugh at yourself.

However you wish life would be, be yourself. To be inspired, be grateful and curious, then pray for the inspiration to intuitively come to your attention as to what to do next as soon as possible right now.

Stop trying to make life eventually become less hellish. Instead, spread heaven. Go forth and multiply the experience of however you choose to focus.

The Creative Presence of God is among you within. When you stop pretending otherwise, you may notice God’s laughter pouring through your body like a comedian trying very sincerely to keep a straight face, then suddenly failing completely to deny themselves the experience of a heavenly joy.

God may be blessing you right now. If God could be blessing you right now and you may have even just accepted the possibility that this could be heaven already, how do you choose to handle this opportunity?

Published Aug 12, 2009

posted 3/1/2012

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3 Responses to “is there life after hell, shaming, blaming, vilifying, whining, & complaining”

  1. danijela Says:

    “Live as inspiration.”
    I like this phrase. Very inspiring.
    Tell me what if there is no inspiration?
    What is the way from frustration to inspiration?
    “I am the way, the truth and the life. ” Something like that?

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    “The way to inspiration” is a trap. Living as inspiration is not about the future. It is about now.

    Frustration is also an expression of inspiration. When an inspiration seems to be impaired by an expectation, then frustration is the perfect indicator or signal. Frustration signals that inspiration is present as well as some apparent impairment or obstruction or perhaps even merely a lack of development and technical capacity.

    Keep the inspiration which is already in operation and recognize it as inspiration. Any expectation may either disappear or become clear as merely being an expectation, such that the inspiration dissolves the expectation and thus frustration also ceases.

    Welcome frustration. Expect frustration. Be inspired with frustration and without frustration.

    Be open to inspiration. Be open as inspiration. Expect it.

    If there is breathing, that is respiration. If there is breathing in, that is inspiration. Be open to already breathing life in as life.

  3. complexbeauty Says:

    Well Said!

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