the perception of earth, heaven, and hell

First, reality can be divided in to what is perceived (which are called “perceptionS“) and the capacity to perceive (which is called “perception”). That dividing is only a matter of labels, of categories, of words, of language.

What is perceived is called “the earthly world” and what does the perceiving is called “heaven.” So, in the beginning, reality was sorted in to two categories (using language): heaven and the earthly world.

Spirituality is the study of heaven, which is just a word for the process of perceiving. Spirituality is another word for introspection, which is another word for the study of language.

There is no tangible physical division or boundary between heaven (the process of perceiving) and the earth (what is perceived). The division is merely linguistic.

Spirituality in a Ring of Love

Spirituality in a Ring of Love (Photo credit: andreasnilsson1976)

Those who lack spiritual understanding (that is, a clarity about language and labels), can use the words of spirituality, but their words will have no power, for there is no spiritual authority without spiritual clarity. They may speak of heaven as something that is eternal and yet has not started yet. They may speak of heaven as something that is almighty and yet is threatened by demonic powers. They may speak of heaven as something that is everywhere (omnipresent), yet obviously not here.

They are experiencing hell and yet talking about heaven, which is a bit like talking about being on the moon without having ever been there or perhaps like a two year-old teaching the mathematics of multiplication to a one-year old who does not even understand spoken language yet. They have been called “the blind leading the blind.” They may have sincerity, but their “good intentions” may lead deeper and deeper in to hell.

What is hell? Hell is a lack of clarity about what language is, about what spirituality is, about what heaven is.

Note that there has been some language about having to die in order to get to heaven. Is this a reference to the physical death of an organism? Or, could the use of the word “die” be poetic as in symbolic as in metaphorical? Could it be that an old way of perceiving is what dies in order for an eternal heaven to be recognized?


Perceptions (Photo credit: Ezu)

Hell is that old way of perceiving. How can one make the earthly world in to hell?

Reject some of life. Condemn it.

Condemning reality is hell. Rejecting God (not the word God, but what is symbolized by the word) is hell. The only sin that cannot be redeemed is the rejection of the Holy Spirit. That sin can only be continued or discontinued. It cannot be redeemed.

No one can do some charity work to compensate for rejecting God. Charity work is fine, but if one does charity work and yet persists in condemning God and rejecting the divinity which they are, then the charitable activity will have no effect in regard to perpetuating the process of rejecting heaven, rejecting spirituality, rejecting introspection, and rejecting language.

So how does one create hell? First, create an idea of how life should be. Then, reject anything else as how life should not be, especially anything that is frightening or disturbing to you. Then, reject the fear itself.

Pretend that you have never experienced fear and that other people should not experience fear either. Finally, condemn others for displaying any possible sign of fear. If someone fails to condemn fear in general, then condemn them for not condemning fear- for not hysterically fearing fear itself.

If even a newborn child shows fear, punish them with a spanking or by restricting their access to nourishment. That is how to create hell.

Teach them shame. They must learn to be ashamed of fear. They must pretend not to experience fear. They must learn to convincingly hide it. They must be terrified of displaying fear. Their spirits must be broken. Their pretense must be sincere. They must believe that they are not experiencing fear even when they are experiencing fear. they must be numb to it. They must not be sensitive to danger. They must be ashamed of caution. They must be afraid of appearing too conservative in public.

Will God punish them if they admit to experiencing fear? Will they be tortured in the Holy Roman Empire‘s latest phase of the Inquisition? Will they be executed in a ritual human sacrifice? Will they be placed in a mental hospital and drugged in to stupor without their consent? Will they be betrayed and whipped and crucified like a messianic martyr?

Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between...

Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between 1200 and 1350. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What social institution teaches us to reject fear? What social institution teaches us shame? It is called religion.

Should we condemn the actual function of religion? Should we insist that religion should be some specific thing in particular, with our attachment to that presumption then blinding us to the reality of what religion is? Should we say “religion should not be so frightening?” Should we say “anything that frightens me should not be, including religion?”

Yes, that is exactly what we should say. We should condemn religion and reject reality and criticize God’s injustice in victimizing us by convincing us that life should not be hell, but is.

We should ignore the obvious reality of what words are. Language should not be used to influence the attention and perception of other people.

In fact, language should not exist. There is no such thing as reverse psychology. The love of irony is not  the root of all evil, but it should be. Reserve psychology should exist, but it should not be so effective. On the other hand, reverse psychology should not exist, and so it cannot.

Shame is the only real problem. We must save the world from it.

Also, blame is the only real problem. We must save heaven from blame or else hell will be victorious over heaven and it will be all your fault personally.

In that case, you will be guilty as hell, but not yet. It would be wrong to manipulate you right now by threatening future social rejection, so instead bribery is better. If you are a good child, then Santa Claus will let you in to heaven when you die. Obviously, you could not be in heaven already or else the whole scheme of bribing you with a future promise of salvation and heaven would be slightly less effective.

Now, you are definitely in hell, but you should not be. You should struggle to get out of hell and get in to heaven. Fortunately, I know the only way out of hell and in to heaven.

That is why you should obviously do whatever I tell you. First, you must learn what is evil so you can condemn it, especially reverse psychology, which does not even exist in the first place and should not only be rejected but ridiculed as preposterous and disturbing and insane and much too ironic.

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  1. Hell Raising Love Monster Says:

    That is funny. And I am caught up in all of this. It certainly does not feel like Heaven.

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