Fox News bans guns in their day care centers for employees’ children.

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After some recent news items focusing attention on a particular incident of violence, there was some conversation online about the subject of violence in particular as well as the news media in general. First, here is the commentary presented by someone else, which is followed by my comments:


“We all know that guns can’t fire themselves, stricter gun control is a part of the solution, at the root of the problem is a society that glorifies violence in music, television, movies, video games, sports. We have become desensitized to violence in all its various expressions, and most of all desensitized to each other. Things are so out of control that we now deploy drones to kill masses of people in the name of liberty. The media, especially sources such as FOX NEWS, continuously pumps fear, advocates separation and scarcity in its programming further fueling the ignorance, arrogance and slumber of a nation more concerned with a so called “fiscal cliff” than the moral cliff of consciousness it’s fallen over. I choose to walk in my world with courage and conviction…I choose to seek protection from my thoughts of separation, fear, and scarcity not from people. Violence will not end with your right to bear arms, violence will end with your refusal to participate in it, with your refusal to bear arms. Violence will end with your refusal to cultivate hate, and commitment nurture love. Violence will cease with the acknowledgment, appreciation and compassion towards one another. How about the right to bear love, try that on. I AM very clear their is a reason and purpose back of all situations and conditions, and my heart tells me it’s time to wake up…ignorance is killing us. THANK YOU” – J. Isvaran



Violence! (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

Beyond the question of identifying something to fear and someone to blame, there is the reality if patterns of interaction that we can label “violent.” There is violence between species, within species, and even things like violent storms and violent intentions. Perhaps there is a lack of respect for life that is at the root of the lack of respect for the more violent aspects of life.

Case O' Guns

Case O’ Guns (Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith)

Why blame at all? I could say that every single instance of violence in human history is “all my fault” personally, but even blaming myself would do absolutely nothing to change the past. (What if blame is just a stage of grieving?)

What is obvious is that many species of animals- if not all- engage in violence. Humans sometimes manufacture weapons (like guns), and then restrict access to those weapons, like by shooting unauthorized possessors of guns or requiring background checks or invading a nation that has lots of weapons to confiscate those weapons and add them to an existing arsenal inventory.

Maybe one nation restricts possession of guns and another only restricts bullets. The protesters can carry signs that say “Guns do not kill. Only bullets kill! Restrict possession of bullets now!”

Every society also has “rejects,” as in people and behaviors and circumstances that are are least neglected if not shamed. In a hospital emergency room, some people in critical condition may get served first and some may get turned away: “we are not going to waste our resources again today on your latest itchy rash, Mr. Clinton. You need to stop playing in the poison ivy or else get some medical insurance or pay for your own anti-histamine cream. You need to quietly leave right away or else we will call the security troops to execute you so you do not bother us anymore or spread your contagious rashes again in our emergency room!”

FOX NEWS channel (store?)

FOX NEWS channel (store?) (Photo credit: jasoneppink)

As for Fox News and military drones, those are also valid patterns- as in patterns that are real and that have some value to some group of people. For instance, the media’s employees are hired to influence attention and perception in various ways. Soldiers and weapon manufacturers are hired to efficiently kill and to provide a credible threat to coerce certain valued behaviors from domestic populations and foreign “colonies.”

I could tell you that “you should blame the janitors that work at Fox News and at Raytheon. You should throw bullets at them and call them insulting names.”

But no, it is not just the janitors who are to blame; it is also the people who supply them with mops and bleach and buckets. Oh, do not get me started on the buckets…!

If you want to save the world from buckets that are too large, then promote small buckets and put holes in any big bucket that you find, because Fox News likes big buckets and we cannot bear the guilt of being participants in the system of Fox News and their actions to influence, to govern, to control, to manipulate, and to produce specific effects valued by the leaders of their operations. Those leaders have taught us that the way they lead is evil, which blinds us from seeing it because of guilt and shame, and also prevents us from competing with them, since we would not want to be accused of being as evil as the ones who are actually rather effective and influential.

English: FOX News Channel's The O'Reilly Facto...

English: FOX News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Down with FOX NEWS and their big bucket janitors! Big buckets are evil, immoral, and obviously way too large because when they are full of water they are too heavy for me personally to carry and I find that rather embarrassing, especially that one time that I spilled water on myself and everyone laughed at me, so, in order to forever avoid me ever getting embarrassed by anything, let’s make big buckets illegal for everyone else, too! THANK YOU.”



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