MDs on nutrition: “my eyelids are blinding me”

“The ignorance of most MDs regarding nutrition reminds me of a person with their eyes closed complaining that they have been blinded by their eyelids.”

Note the thickness of the top two skulls from pre-columbian Native Americans (before the arrival of Columbus). The full skull at the bottom is from a modern human of similar ancestry but who ate a quite different diet lifelong.

Note also the variation in the development of the skulls below, each of which is being tested with the same intensity of flashlight placed against the head of the infant:

A skull is “transilluminated” (lit through) in proportion to the amount of fluid-filled space between the brain and skull. A well-fed infant (left) has a well-developed brain with little space and fluid between the brain and skull. Not so, for the malnourished (center) or starving child (right). 
Reproduced courtesy of F. Monckeberg 


Will wrote to me (without seeing the above pictures):

 As to agriculture– I disagree with you there. Humans are the ONLY species that die in Childbirth. Simply put our Cranium is too big, though only as big as a chimps, and the Birth canal too small. As a species we like our Birth canals… tight. a Joke; Though that jest doesn’t say anything, i know.Agriculture is very recent—-8 to 10 thousand years.True. Not that there are higher{ Good} carbs and Lower {Bad} carbs— heaven forfend. But agriculture is Far to recent for evolution to show serious consequence.

I replied:

I’d say diet can have faster consequences than 10,000 years. Consider the effects of consuming just a single gallon of vodka in an hour.

Also, your reference to “too small” is entirely presumptive. Consider the crowding of teeth. The teeth are not too big for the jaw. The jaw, when undernourished, is too small for the teeth.

Currently, that is around 95% of the population in developed nations. 20,000 years ago or even 500 years ago, people on average were much better nourished and had much wider jaws and much less crowding of teeth. A dentist from Cleveland traveled the world in the early 20th century and documented the variation in dental development and took photos and surveyed people about their diets. let me know if you want to see hundreds of photos of his research.

As for the hips of women, the same issue is clear from the archeological record. It is since agriculture’s development that the typical width of an adult female’s hips (and pelvic opening) has dramatically shrunk. Babies heads did not get much bigger. Of course, there is a wave of propaganda associating sexual attractiveness with tiny thin adolescent looking females. However, while they may be attractive for targets of sexual conquest, they are not attractive for child-rearing.

In primitive cultures still, a woman with wide hips and ample breasts – and a wide jaw- is a much prized marital partner relative to a petite teen-ager who looks like a pre-teen. In cultures with sustainable economic growth, women are reproducing by 15. In cultures like ours, women are shipped to factories and offices with the men and the reproductive rate produces only very modest growth at best. It is from immigration that the US population soars, plus those immigrants are the ones most likely to have more than 1.5 children.

By the way, you may even recognize this from your own memory bank of seeing thousands of women: width of jaw is correlated to width of hips. The same physiological program (DNA “hardware” + hormonal response “software”) that determines how much bone mineral to devote to jaws is the one that controls hips too.
Infants do not need huge jaws or hips, but early in life, like when an infant is nursing on wholesome well-rounded breast milk, the biochemistry starts to adapt to the actual nutritional variation that is presented to it. If we analyze the breastmilk of a typical set of women from developed nations, we would find a very different concentration of nutrients than from a tribe of healthy primitive women.
In modern women, hips can be so small that cesarian section operations are rising dramatically. Those operations have been around for only a few thousand years. Is that progress or regress? How about the frequency of sub-optimal fetal nutrition resulting in congenital deformations and developmental disabilities? Is that progress? Sure- in a way- but I’d say that is “one step back” even in the midst of two steps forward, and that kind of alternation is only natural, right?
Post-partum “depression” is certainly not universal and is indeed rather new in human history, right? Based on biochemical nutrients, when there are no nutrients left, the woman’s body cannot produce highly nourishing breastmilk and the mother can experiences the biochemical depletion so common in western cultures and called by such names as “chronic fatigue syndrome.” That means a lack of metabolic functionality.
Metabolic functionality is not mysterious. Organs need nutrients like cells need oxygen. The ignorance of most MDs regarding nutrition reminds me of a person with their eyes closed complaining that they have been blinded by their eyelids.
Here are two Maori sisters in New Zealand. The face on the left is wide, including the lower jaw. Her posture is upright and her shoulders are square. The face on the right is narrower. Her face looks almost concave (with the very top and bottom being prominent and the middle section sunken back). Her posture is clearly tilted.

ccording to the caption of this image published in 1939 in a book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, the sister on the left is the older of the two. Notice how much younger and healthier the one on the left looks!

Full text of Weston Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (including pictures):
Weston Price

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7 Responses to “MDs on nutrition: “my eyelids are blinding me””

  1. Laughter Brothers Says:

    Well written. There are other factors too through which humans are evolving with time. Sedentary lifestyle, rapid industrialization, lack of exercise, are catching up in the upper strata, while the polluted water, air etc, coupled with malnutrition is hitting at the lower strata. Policy makers and evolution scientists need to come together for better.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Thank you. If you are a policy maker or a scientist, then you are welcome to explore some “new political solution.” Otherwise, you might just focus on coming together with whoever is willing to come together with you to structure your own behaviors to fit with what works well. Dr. Doug McGuff (and others) show fitness training methods and dietary practices that are several times as efficient and effective as what is popular. Work-outs in a tiny fraction of the time (and expense) can produce much better results than “standard” regimens. Same for diet. Same for investing- which is more of my own expertise. The vast majority of people argue with reality and try to fix it, based on the belief systems in which they have been indoctrinated by the propaganda of mass media, public schooling (including colleges), and religious ideologies. Partnering with reality can be so much more effective! 😉

      • Laughter Brothers Says:

        True, presently i’m working on simplyfying processes and incorporating natural principles to make it more efficient. Somehow no matter what we do, there always seem to be something better already present in nature.

        So what type of investing are you into?

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Investments: Liquid, mostly “swing trading of ETFs”

      Today I bought and sold some silver (SLV) put options and it went quite well.

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