are you open to prosperity and prudence?

English: Protests on Austurvöllur because of t...

Political protests in Iceland regarding the economic shift there- Image via Wikipedia

Prudence always produces prosperity
One of my concerns is that when I tell people that there is a financial crisis and an economic shift, they may already be thinking of an economic crisis along the lines basically of war or something like that kind of emergency panic crisis. I wrote about that recently in a piece in which I said basically “there is no housing crisis. A housing crisis is when there are lots of people and no houses. There are lots of houses, but the current legal system in the US prevents poor people from accessing the higher quality homes which are now empty. Rather than a housing crisis, this is just a housing surplus which naturally results in a collapsing of housing prices, and, by the way, it has barely started.”
So, rather than use terms like housing crisis or economic crisis, I am focusing on the fact that it is primarily a financial crisis as in a shift in prices as well as a shift in trends of behaviors of buying and selling and borrowing and lending. I have frequently said things like “this is a major economic change and an enormous opportunity, but also a financial crisis or credit crisis, but that is actually not that scary of a thing if people would just make the simple relevant adjustments to easily prosper through it.”
Further, as time goes on, there are long-term economic issues and there will be an actual major financial panic as well- plus the possibility of a very severe economic depression and global power shift, but kind of like a winter storm it is just a reality to be accepted and adapted to. People here are lazy and argumentative. They do not want to be financially conservative and socially modest. Modesty is shameful to their ego.
In my articles and so on, I am mainly saying how behavior and prices will shift in the future, plus how it will effect social values, economic values and politics and so on. Also, lots of people will go bankrupt unless they are willing to be prudent with less gambling on mortgages and more conservative with regard to finances overall. However, it is so easy to see what is coming and easy to adjust, in my opinion, but most people have some bizarre hypnosis, like they are afraid of the embarrassment of admitting ignorance and negligence.
According the the Irish Times: "Up to 120...

Protests in Ireland - Image via Wikipedia

If I ask “do you know how to speak Russian,” most people just say no and admit ignorance with no reflexive arrogant terror. If I ask about economic issues, it is like they are stuck in a panic and stupor induced by mass media. “No, I do not need to research real estate trends. Real estate always rises. Therefore, it must be the US President‘s fault that my home just lost $200,000 in value. Let’s elect someone else!” (Or, in Japan or in Europe, whatever politician they wish to target as the one who is allegedly responsible for the results of the choices made by the masses of the middle class.)

The fear of poverty in the US is so hysterical that the middle class has invested in their own impoverishment in order to avoid appearing concerned about poverty. Everyone (not everyone of course) wants a shiny new car and a big house and to complain about political dramas. No one wants a modest house and a modest car and a modest job. Everyone wants to be a rock star. Why not?
Maybe I should tell people “you are doing the right thing according to your values. Really, unless you are willing to change your values toward prudence and prosperity, then you should just stick with what you are already doing.”

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