the symbolic language of God’s way of heavenly peace

Orthodox Church of Holy Spirit in Medzilaborce...

Orthodox Church of Holy Spirit in Medzilaborce, Slovakia Polski: Cerkiew Świętego Ducha w Medzilaborce, Słowacja Slovenčina: Pravoslávny chrám Svätého Ducha v Medzilaborcach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, to the familiar way of thinking and speaking and living, this message may seem to be foolishness, at least at first. In contrast, to the emerging way of thinking and speaking and living, the familiar way may be revealed to be not so wise as it once may have seemed.

Effects are caused. Every effect is also a factor in causing future effects. For each effect, many other earlier effects precede it as the conditions that allow for the next effect.

So, the way that all effects are caused may be called “the way life works” or “the way of being effective.” The way of being effective is not caused by anything. The way of being effective is not dependent on any conditions or on the presence or absence of any conditions. The way of being effective is simply how life works or how organization organizes.

This Way cannot be comprehensively explained or measured. The Way is already functioning in all processes of measuring and explaining, as well as everything else. The Way can be noticed directly, but it cannot be understood. The Way also produces all understanding and all noticing.

Some linguistic symbols for the Way are Tao or Logos or Word or the Will of God or simply God or Divinity or The Almighty or The Void. The Way is the cause of all effects. The way is the source of all conditions.

Every word evidences the Way. Every word is formed by the Way. There is nothing that does not express the Way.

Every language evidences the Way. Every language is formed by the Way. There is nothing that does not reveal the Way.

The Way cannot be blocked. The Way cannot be assisted or resisted. The way is always operating and organizing and forming and causing and creating.

However, the Way can be noticed. The Way can be recognized. The Way can be acknowledged. The Way can be honored.

How do such effects arise? The Way produces them just as it produces anything else.

Grace is the single cause of all conditions, all effects, and all instrumental causes. There is nothing which is not the instrument of Grace.

The Way forms you. The Way compels you to focus on the Way. Whatever the Way may have compelled of you in the past, the Way has only been preparing you for your current condition.

Whatever you may have been focusing on previously, the Way has caused. Now, the Way is continuing to redirect your attention however the Way commands.

Focusing on symptoms may relax and cease. Focusing on identifying causes and effects may relax and cease. Focusing on the forms created by the Way may relax and cease as the Way itself focuses attention on the eternal presence of attention.

You are innocent of all concerns. All concerns and all other conditions are formed by the Way.

You are not a temporary condition. You are not a temporary form. You are not a temporary effect. You are the eternal attention of the Way.

Experience is compelled into being by your attention and focus. Notice your own attention and let the effects of your attention come and go. If you notice your own attention energizing effects, isolating effects, labeling effects, resisting effects, or pursuing effects, then notice those reflexive reactions as additional, new effects.

If you identify with effects, notice what happens next. If you identify against effects, notice your own attention. If you take life personally, notice that happening.

If you resist the effects of your attention, notice that. If you resent the effects of your attention, notice that. If you envy, notice that. If you blame, notice that. If you compete, notice that. If you villify, notice that. If you worship any effect, notice your innocent idolatry and return your attention to the Way.

Sin is an interpretation, a labeling, an identifying. Notice as the Way forms all sinning, all repenting, and all redeeming.

Attention to the Way is the most important creation of the Way. All other concerns are secondary. All other concerns will be fulfilled through attention to the Way. Focus first on noticing the supremacy of the Way. Seek first the Reign of God within, the Heavenly Kingdom of innocence, gratitude, curiosity, and the peace that surpasses all understanding. Be still and know the Way that is like the vine of originating cause… from which arises all branches of temporary effects and conditions.

If you notice yourself disturbing yourself with entanglements or agonizing about what to do and what not to do or cause and effect or good and evil or right and wrong or reward and punishment, notice your attention relaxing from the tree of dualistic knowledge, divisiveness, argument, and animosity. Notice that agonizing is the effect of a cause, and that in the absence of that cause, agonizing exhausts itself and dissolves, revealing peace.

There is no remedy for agonizing. There is agonizing, then noticing agonizing, then the dissolving of agonizing, and then the noticing of attention itself.

I am the Way. Notice my presence. Do as I do. Surrender to my cause. Recognize the Will of God as the source of all temporary individual concerns, the source of all temporary effects, the source of all conditions.

God does not come to judge or condemn anything or anyone. God blesses all of the effects of God, all of the creations of God, and relieves all temporary agonizing about what should be, who is to blame, or what should be done. God reveals all sin to be an innocent misinterpretation. God redeems what previously may have been considered agonizing to now be revealed as the the cultivating of attention to God, the refining of attention to the source, the redirecting of attention to attention itself.

All creations are formed by the Holy Spirit, of the Holy Spirit, and for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit fills you.

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded by angels, by Giaquinto, 1750s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Notice any relying on other people or any relying on one’s own mind. Repent of these breakdowns in faith and recognize the cause of all effects including the actions of other people and even of one’s one mind, one’s own thoughts, one’s own words, experience, body, and life.

There is only one sin: idolatry- though it may have many forms and names. There is only one remedy: repenting.

Repenting does not arise from one’s own merit. Repenting arises by Grace alone.

The personality cannot keep it’s personal pride or glory by sneaking in to the kingdom of heavenly peace, or by earning access, or by figuring out how to enter. Eternal hell burns away the personality, converting that fuel into a new form, and through the temporary purgatory of humbly worshipping God even in the midst of what may seem to be unfair persecutions, Grace resurrects the one and only God, who rests on the inner throne of the Sovereign Lord.

Now, to the familiar way of thinking and speaking and living, this message may seem to be foolishness, at least at first. Again, to the emerging way of thinking and speaking and living, the familiar way may be revealed to be not so wise as it once may have seemed.

There are many ways to misinterpret and misapply this message, and those ways bear no fruit and are in vain, yet still provide lessons in distinguishing what does work. There is only one way to already recognize heaven now.

This is good news. If it were not good news, it would not produce the unconditional peace of God.

Remember what the most famous prophets have been communicating, for it is a single message with a single spirit and single heart, though in a variety of languages and with many sayings pointing to a single core: “Be pure just as God is pure.” The variety of sayings clarify the message, extending it to a variety of distinctions, such as this: “it is not what you put in your mouth that defiles and condemns you, but what comes out of your mouth.”

Could it be that to curse God is to curse yourself? How would you curse yourself?

Cursing God’s creations is to curse yourself. So, refrain from condemning. Refrain even from condemning any instance of condemning. Instead, withdraw from what you find troubling or disturbing. If, out of spontaneous compassion, you firmly rebuke someone, then the effect will be miraculous. If the effect is not miraculous, consider that spontaneous compassion was not present.

Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit (Photo credit: Barking Tigs)

Respect God and God blesses you, for receptivity to God’s blessings could be your only concern, your only focus, your only responsibility. How would you respect God? Respecting God’s creations as your own creations- even as branches arising from your own root- is to respect God.

There is no other cause but the almighty. Respect the almighty with all of your attention. Respecting the almighty, respect all the creations of the almighty, including your own circumstances and even your own attention.

Everything you experience, including who you may think you are or say you are, is the fulfillment of God’s Will. Every branch on the vine of God is a branch on the vine of God.

There is no other vine but the vine of God. There is no other branch but a branch of God.

The seed determines the fruit. The fruit is always faithful to the qualities of the seed. Focus on your own emergence diligently.

written 2/17/2011

republished as a post on 3/1/2012

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