Imagine being at peace with all reality now

JL wrote:

What a concept. Lets hear your thoughts.

(in regard to this picture:)

(I find that picture of him rather sad-looking….)


J R Fibonacci Hunn Ok. Imagine that there are countries and that there are a lot of people talking about dying for their country and killing for their country. Imagine a bunch of first world socialists taking for granted the sacrifice of their armed forces and the advantages of themselves happening to live within the jurisdiction of the world’s dominant military superpower. Imagine lots of people being ashamed about it and shaming other people about all the “undeserved” benefits of being the imperial power. 

In most of the world, the average INCOME might be $8,000 per year, right? In the US the average HANDOUT might be $8,000 per year.

I am making up these numbers, but it is strange how the spoiled socialists in an imperial superpower will moan about not getting enough for free AND moan about how there is poverty all over the world. Who do you think is making all the stuff we get for free (or for a tiny percentage of the average annual salary in the US)? Who grows it? Who transports it? Whose sweat is in those mines and oil wells and factories?

Those are the people who are making $8,000 a year working hard. They may even consider themselves wealthy. 

Why do we get all that stuff for so little cost? It might have something to do with facts like that we have nuclear weapons but go out of our way to prevent other countries from having them. 

Our country is the leading “bully” in the world- and may or may not remain in that position. John Lennon wasn’t even from here, but he chose to come and live here. Apparently he liked something about it.

Those are my thoughts. Thanks for asking, JL.

Our country rules. I am not saying that to brag. I am not saying that to complain. It is just a fact.

Our country sets the rules. We rule over the world- generally speaking.

Imagine: John Lennon (soundtrack)

Imagine: John Lennon (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



JL: All very true. If we no longer felt the need to control then what?


J R Fibonacci Hunn We could always give the land back to the natives and become beggars.

Control is locking your doors. Control is putting your hands on the steering wheel. What is the big racket against control?

Control is paying your bills so that you have electricity next month. If you don’t want to control your fate, fine- just stay in bed.


JL:  To feel the need to be controlling of others. To feel the need to keep manipulating others. To continue the suppression of advancement.


J R Fibonacci Hunn Do you have any employees or children?

Again, what is the big racket against control? If you do not want control, abdicate it. That’s fine. 

I think you are interested in influencing the behaviors of others. I think your posting on facebook implies a de facto interest in other people and their perceptions.

Do you have any tenants? Do you have any debtors? Would you sue them to influence their actions?


JL: The funny thing is its not a racket more so a paradigm shift I can see would make a difference. Some control is needed .
Yes I do care about perceptions.
That too can be looked at that way. As me trying to control or manipulate. Against not why I do it.


JR : If you pay for groceries, that is to control the response of other people. That is so they do not call the cops when you walk out of the store. If you pay for electricity or phone service, that is to control (influence) the collaboration of other people.

You want to maintain your alliance with that company. You choose to fulfill your part of the agreement. If you do not fulfill it, there are consequences.


JL: Yes and a necessary evil.
Suppressing things that could benefit mankind because of greed…. that, my friend, is the part of this control I don’t like.


JR:  If you like, look at why you don’t like it. What is the payoff?

So, if you want inner peace, then stop objecting to reality- any of it. If you want to maintain inner turmoil (hell, rage, depression), then pick some aspect of reality to object to [the evil part, the threat] and then obsess over how you cannot rest until you stop your life from being hell by removing that one tragic pattern that you obsess about… so that you can earn your way in to heaven.


JL: Lol my view of that is much different than your view. Can’t buy into heaven.


JR: Yes, I was just making a parody of a common “racket” about calling heaven eternal but then claiming that we have to do something first before we can access it. That kind Of thinking is the trap that keeps us from experiencing life as heaven now.

“Not yet. This isn’t it. Something is wrong. Once we figure out what is wrong and then imagine life without that – like without countries and violence and disease and old age – then we exhaust ourselves trying to correct what is wrong and replace it with what we imagine that we would prefer, well, after all of that, then we will be happy and in heaven, but not yet. Right now, life is hell!”


JL: I figured you were toying with me.


JR: Imagine living in peace right now. Imagine being at peace with everything how it is already and not needing anything to remain, but still being at peace with however things may change. That is peace!

I was saying “if you want inner turmoil, then….” I think it was pretty clear, but occasionally auto correct will clobber what I thought I typed.


JL: Exactly now we are on the same page.


JR: But it was “tongue in cheek” what I said before.


JL: Haven’t heard that before. What’s that mean?


English: John Lennon Deutsch: John Lennon

English: John Lennon Deutsch: John Lennon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


JR: Tongue in cheek is like a mild sarcasm with parody. No one “wants inner turmoil,” so when i said “If you want inner turmoil,” that was being facetious- joking around. Being silly mixed with a playful “seriousness.”

So “imagine nothing to… die for” might have been words that he wrote before he was a dad.


JL:  Got it. Ya doesn’t bring me a bit of turmoil. 
Merely a passion to see that shift before I die.
I’m at peace and accept what is.
However doesnt mean I will allow it and sit back and watch.
Yet war is more of the same needs to be completely new.

New possibility. Where had war gotten this planet?

Btw don’t need a history lesson. Lol


JR: Ok, well you were bringing up time and judgment: “where has the past gotten us?” It has gotten us here. This is it. So, “it needs to be different” is not “coming from nothing and inventing a possibility.” It is focusing on some particular issue(s) from the past and talking about eventually not having that. 

I Will allow what is. I will allow your declarations of passion and need and anything else. Also, I will allow the activity of influencing others, rewarding, punishing, and to every purpose under heaven, I will allow for a particular time to call in to action each particular purpose.


John Lennon-DSC_20407

John Lennon-DSC_20407 (Photo credit: Jeephead)

JL: Love it. 
Wasn’t pointing to it having to be different merely that it has not worked.


JR: What is behind this position of “it has not worked?” Countries have not worked? They may last for 50 years or 200 or even 800. What about that implies “has not worked?” 

As for religions, some are 1200 years old, 2000 years old, 2500 years old, and even older. Again, what about them “has not worked?”

It is interesting how when people say “a world that works for everyone,” they often mean “that WILL work for everyone, but does not now.” What if we come from the made-up possibility that “life is working” and ask “how do things work?” 

Wars work… which is why the US officially has standing armies in over one hundred foreign countries. It works to occupy colonies like Japan and Germany and Iraq. It works to tell the masses “we will leave our colony right after everything stabilizes there. These military bases are just temporary.” 

The US has been occupying Germany and Japan for nearly 70 years now. Maybe you had not noticed.



English: John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Wow, he looks angry! English: John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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  1. Hell Raising Love Monster #1 Says:

    Good article. Who is JL? Just curious. John Lennon did look sad. So did Yoko.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Hey, Carl. JL is the initials of a local Landmark graduate that is facebook friends with me. I’ll tell you exactly who if you really want to know.

      I occasionally take facebook conversations and put them on my blog and I typically will replace people’s actual names with initials (or just “a correspondent”) unless I specifically ask them permission to use their name.

      J.R. Hunn 480 265 5522

      On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:57 PM, power of language blog: partnering with

  2. gypsymamakas Says:

    Reblogged this on The Oracle of Grooviness and commented:
    Exceptional 🙂

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