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“The more afraid the followers, the more brave their leaders must be.”

August 24, 2013


Courageous Leaders’ Ally Network    



English: US Postage stamps, Boston Tea Party, ...

WOW! Postage stamps were only EIGHT CENTS in 1973 in the US. English: US Postage stamps, Boston Tea Party, issue of 1973, block of four, 8c (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




“The more afraid the followers, the more brave their leaders must be.”




Who has the courage to face fear without condemning it, without rejecting it, without retreating from it? Who has the courage to admit any fear, to value it, to welcome with humility and gratitude the intelligent function of fear, and allow the fear to focus attention on a new value?



Fear interrupts prior activity. Extreme fear can lead to freezing (paralysis) as well as panic. One very basic response to fear is screaming and another is crying or weeping.



Guilt is the frightened hiding of one’s own fear (as in the fear of fear itself). Guilt typically leads to paranoia and agonizing. When there is a guilty fear of the exposure of a misperception as a misperception, terror can lead to much hysteria and even physical strain, such as the tensing of muscles to look away in shyness, to repress facial expressions, or even to refocus the eyes to blur vision (creating near-sightedness through emotional suppression).



Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With naive sincerity, a terrified worshiper of a misperception can blame an isolated cause, targeting one or more villains, vilifying some scapegoat. This is distinct from desperately saying “I am afraid of _____ and I request your help.” This is more like saying “No of course I am not afraid but you should agree with me that you should do something about this!”



It is sensationalizing. It is terrorizing.



When a inflammatory label is thrown across some one or some group, like to cover up the details with an emotional distraction, that is a slanderous accusation. “To throw a label across something” is the meaning of the two Greek language roots “dia-blo,” as in diabolical or devilish. Deception by means of an inflammatory accusation is what I mean by “vilify.”



English: Schemata of Webster Tarpley's model o...

English: Schemata of Webster Tarpley’s model of state-sponsored false flag terror operations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The inflammatory accusation can evoke emotional panic and thus distract people from any actual direct observation or contemplation. Consider the term “false flag” used in warfare, which means to carry out some act of violence in a disguise, so as to divert blame to some uninvolved party. The term “false flag” literally refers to the use of a flag on a warship that is a captured flag from some other ship. Pirates could raise the flag of a neutral naval power and then get closer to their target before revealing their true flag- which was a flag designed specifically to instill terror in their target, since the flags used by pirates were a signal of their savagery and brutality.




One of the most famous cases of a false flag operation was the “Boston Tea Party” (though it was more of a property crime than an act of violence). The people involved dressed up as Indians (if not to direct blame on the Indians, then at least to obscure their own identities). Thus, any group using a term like Tea Party can be expected to be willing to use deception and false flag operations to promote their interests. Labeling a warship “The Tea Party” would be kind of like flying a flag that says “we celebrate false flag operations with patriotic fanaticism.”



"The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor&...

“The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor”, lithograph depicting the 1773 Boston Tea Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Can false flag operations be effective in distracting people, diverting attention, systemically directing hysteria? That is certainly possible, right?



Who benefits from terrorizing the mainstream herds? Who dares to influence their perception and their behavior? Who dares to organize them and lead them?



Who dares to have the courage to take a diverse group of disconnected people and make a clan out of them- a group of allies who share a common interest? Maybe they believe in a fictional Devil or enemy, but the methods of an effective leader are whatever works. There is a concern for practicality over familiarity.

If the followers are so afraid that they do not even admit their own fear, then a leader may focus them on a perceived problem to motivate them to activity. Or, a leader may simply begin blazing a trail and wait for others to eventually follow.



Every method is the best fit for some particular context. Each method is also ineffective in some other context.



That is called a holistic model. It is inclusive, which is the original meaning of the words”Catholic” and “Holy.”




So, an architect or mason is someone who creates a plan and then builds the structure piece by piece, step by step, brick by brick. Those who follow the structure of the architect make themselves in to followers of their leader. Note also that by opposing something, that requires focusing attention on it.



In the book 1984, how did the government recruit perceptive intellectuals to identify themselves to the government? The government set up a program that criticized the government and then baited the rebels all the way to the initiation rituals.



The leaders may direct the herds through creating a consensus of contempt.  Blind rage is the blindness of contempt. For those who have the eyes to see, let them see.



or are there seven emotions emotions that are ...

or are there seven emotions emotions that are universal? (Photo credit: booshooo)


English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








organized coercion is the root of money

July 5, 2012

Chicklet-currency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you clear about the simple notion that all formal currency systems are created by the declaration of the “taxing authorities?” The taxing authorities declare themselves legitimate (as in willing to act on their threats to seize property) and then they say “we will ONLY accept the following:___.” In different geographic areas, different units of currency are recognized and used.

Who says what is valid? Taxing authorities and their courts declare what is valid and enforce their declarations/claims/orders.

Continental Currency 1/3-Dollar, Obverse

Continental Currency 1/3-Dollar, Obverse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When there is no confederacy to enforce the tax claims of the confederacy, or no USSR to enforce the tax claims of the USSR, then there is no formal purchasing power for the underlying currency. There is no court accepting it. There is no court punishing the failure to use that currency. Where there is no invasion or eviction or arrest or seizure or execution (ritual human sacrifice), then there is no value to a currency.

When a king says “we will accept gold coins bearing the face of the king,” THAT declaration CREATES demand (purchasing power). Why were rare metals chosen? Because the ruling pirates of imperialism had secured a monopoly or near monopoly on those substances (those mines).

In the 19th century, with the “uncontrolled” discovery of gold in the American continent, especially California, there was a recognition that simply accepting gold or silver was not reliable for maintaining monopoly power. Even when Spain starting bringing lots of gold from America to Europe, it disrupted the prior balance of power in Europe. Pirates (“privateers“) were hired by the competing European powers to intercept the ships heading to Spain with gold (and silver). The increased supply of precious metals dropped the demand for any individual coin, threatening the ruling institutions of organized coercion in Europe, such as the Vatican.

The Spanish Piece of Eight, used widely as cur...

The Spanish Piece of Eight, used widely as currency in Colonial America and the ancestor of American coinage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Currency represents organized coercion. Organized coercion has always been the real functional power. With no confederacy, there is no coercion behind their currency of confederate dollars. An obsolete currency of a defunct regime is basically just a collector’s item. What if a Tea Party rebels against one piracy system with some piracy of their own?

English: Currencies exchange logo Français : L...

English: Currencies exchange logo Français : Logo symbolisant le change de devises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With no coercion behind the currency of Chile, how much would it be worth? If you have a pocket full of foreign money in the US, does the coercion behind that currency extend in to the US? If not, then it will not buy much here. You could take it to another member of the international piracy network (a money changer or currency exchange bank), but the paper is just paper outside of the functional reach of the organized coercion network.


Monopoly (Photo credit: Mike_fleming)

en: Photo of Euro coins and notes. da: Foto af...

en: Photo of Euro coins and notes. da: Foto af Euromønter og -sedler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Small Tax Day Tea Party Protest at San Francis...

Small Tax Day Tea Party Protest at San Francisco City Hall 97 (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

“Obama: is he a hero or a commie traitor?”

March 17, 2012
Official photographic portrait of US President...

Image via Wikipedia

Lots of folks that I know are fascinated with the idea that Obama is a communist traitor. Hey, if you want to hate someone, he’s a reasonable candidate, right?

(Note, this blog is not for Obama fans. This is a challenge to Obama’s critics, like Tea Party fanatics.)

“Isn’t Obama (and Brzyznewski- or however you spell that) making unconstitutional treaties?” No, there is no such thing as an unconstitutional treaty. Treaties are authorized by the constitution yet may not be subject to the restrictions of it, except in regard to how to create one. OOPS!

Constitutions cannot be unconstitutional. Neither can treaties.

The US Constitution clearly states that judges and other officials operating under the authority of the U.S. are bound by U.S. treaties: “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.” (See and )

By the way, keep in mind that revolutions overturn Constitutions and Articles of Confederation and treaties and so on. You folks do know that, right? Ink on paper does not restrict anything or protect anything. It takes systems of organized coercion to protect or exploit or extort. Everyone knows that!

Some people worship the idea of natural rights and property rights. I’ve done it. You may still. Fine, yet… if you have the courage to do so, consider the following:

Property is just a word. Right is just a word, too- with 5 letters in fact.

Look, if natural rights were really natural, then birds and bees would have them, too, right? Property is a social construct. In other words, it is a figment of language, a word, a “colorable” fictitious entity composed of a specific sequence of alphanumeric code: P R O P E R T Y.

If you do not believe me, just try to explain property rights to the squirrels who ignore your clearly posted UCC-compliant notice on your bird feeder. “I mean, hey, it is not called a squirrel feeder, right? It’s clearly a bird feeder! Those seeds are property of the birds! I said so, alright?”

Bushtits mass on a birdfeeder in Salem, Oregon.
Image via Wikipedia

Yet, squirrels come and take the seeds… like Europeans “liberating” Native Americans from their land or interning Japanese Americans for the “crime” of being Japanese in America in 1942. Then, just when everything is already not going according to the holy words of the holy constitution that we may agree to worship, a strong wind blows and ruins everything.

God is stealing your birdseed. He is using the wind to steal your birdseed and that is evil, corrupt, and, by the way, unconstitutional.

Let’s have a rally. Let’s have a protest. Let’s paint some words on some signs and wait for God to get with the program. Let’s do lots of things that are not actually securing the seeds in the feeder so that any passing wind does not spread them across the yard.

Or, if you dare, read this:

As for whether Obama is a hero or a traitor, here are a few words on that subject:

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, … The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

by: Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) London financier, one of the founders of the international Rothschild banking dynasty


Published: 2009/11/19



English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...

Image via Wikipedia

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corruption and the tea party

October 29, 2011

We are taught what actions qualify as corruption (things like lying, bribery, lobbying, stealing, and coercion). Next we are taught not to do those things (like by being punished for doing them- including with the psychological warfare of tormenting expectations of eternal torture in hell).

Already, irony is present. Note that punishment is coercive. So, we are discouraged from using coercion by someone else using coercion against us.

We are also taught that governments protect us from corruption and crime and so on. All governments glorify themselves as having a foundation of moral excellence, often with some selective legends and even quite creative mythology about the people who started a government: Lenin, Washington, Castro, Mandela, etc….

In the case of the U.S., for instance, one of the most famous acts of tresspass and destruction of property became known as the Boston Tea Party. While that event was clearly a crime (and a very organized one) by the recognized legal standards of the operating jurisdiction of the time, the same event that is labeled a crime can also be labeled a heroic act of courage.

Why not both? Obviously, both labels are valid interpretations or meanings.

The side that wins a conflict dictates (or declares) what interpretations or labels to use to describe the events of the conflict. No government apologizes for it’s origins. Every government glorifies it’s origins.

So, are governments getting more corrupt? Consider that governments may have been less corrupt and then become more corrupt. That is possible, right?

Then, instead consider that governments generally involve some corruption (like across the last several thousand years, for instance, as recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible and many other places), but governments generally are effective at public relations enough that the people who have been exposed to government propaganda (like in public schools and mass media outlets) think that any particular government USED TO BE morally superior to how that government is lately (relative to the latest exposed corruptions).

Or, maybe you believe that corruption was invented recently. Note that corruption is a word, like sin and crime. Crime is a legal category created by declaration (such as through the adoption of as criminal statutes) and enforced through systems of organized coercion (such as courts or “the offices of the Holy Roman Inquisition”).

Crime is not consistently defined across all jurisdictions or even across time. In the US, alcoholic beverages were prohibited (criminalized) and then decriminalized only a few years later.

Now, licenses are involved in the selling of alcohol in the US. It is a crime to sell alcohol unless one has a license.

Systems of licensure are systems to coercively benefit the government by involving it in some business activity as a recipient of funds. Those funds may be used to punish other competitors who operate without a license.

Governments are systems of organized coercion and coercive privilege. Governments define “corruption,” punish unlicensed “corruption,” and of course license activity that would otherwise be corruption or crime, but is legal when licensed/approved by courts and the bureaucratic associates of the courts.

When Oliver North confessed to a series of criminal acts performed in the late 1970s, he was functionally granted a license retroactively by President Reagan. Reagan pardoned him and his co-conspirators. Reagan also directly benefitted from the successful accomplishment of the mission of that conspiracy.

Is that so different from what happened in the case of numerous governments that are famously depicted as corrupt? Imagine that in the Trojan War, someone had the idea of deception involving a Trojan Horse, and they later admitted the deception or corruption or coercion involved in their activities, but then were pardoned and even glorified?

The Boston Tea Party might have been the inspiration for many “terrorist” acts in the mid 1800s in slave states in the US, but none of them may currently be as glorified as that prior act. However, in the future, the Tea Party may be considered by some to be a disgrace and the uprising at Harpers Ferry led by John Brown (or some other event) may become symbolic of moral heroism.

One era’s corruption may be another era’s moral heroism. Robin Hood is a legendary British criminal who has been glorified as a hero. Ollie North or John Brown may be remembered for many centuries as well.

So, many people complain about “new” corruption in various governments.  In the 1990s, after Japan’s economic deflation started, a wave of complaints about politicians surged. When public sentiment (in economics) declines, are politicians among the most popular targets of scapegoating? Likewise, when public sentiment (in economics) rises, are politicians among the most popular targets of glorification?

Who chooses the targets of attention? Who chooses the “spin” (context or type of attention)?

Is it the corporate mass media? What commercial interests direct the corporate mass media?

In the EU and US, a similar development to what happened in Japan has been manifesting since the peaking of stock markets between 2007 (for Greece, UK, etc) and 1999. Many of the forecasters who forecast the decline in the US economy, such as myself, also forecast the shift in popular culture as it relates to governments. In early 2003, when I began commenting on the coming real estate decline, or in 2004 when I focused more on the coming surge in fuel prices, or in 2007 when I warned about the coming instability of stock market prices and financial institutions, I already specified that President George Bush would be scapegoated as the one to blame. Why? Because he was the sitting President.

Look at what happened in any other case of major economic decline. Politicians are scapegoated when things are scary and glorified when things are blossoming.

Now, I assert that scandals are publicized according to a sort of schedule by the media. Initially, the Occupy Wall Street protests got very little mass media coverage. Suddenly, they were a central feature of a media circus.

Why? Was it just the corporate media’s attempt to “take over” the conversation about the protests and increase their audience for their commercial sponsors selling things like toothpaste and beer?

That is possible. Or, the mass media may be specifically targeting a promotion of certain kinds of dissent and scandal and conflict.

Darth Vader/The Emperor: “Feel the hatred, young Skywalker. It is the antagonism between the Tea Party supporters and the Occupy Wall Street supporters that makes me strong and my strength is the strength of the Holy Romulan Empire. While there is drama and contentiousness between the new right wing and the new left wing, our tactics of “divide and conquer” keep the bird from actually flying, since the two wings are in conflict rather than partnership. As long as the 99% is really only 50% and the Tea Party is actually approaching 49%, then I have the deciding vote, which is my control of the media (oh, yeah, and the credit markets, too). Did you really think this is a democracy? What military branch is a democracy? What corporation? In what family’s household would the toddler children have equal influence with the adults? In what wolfpack is there no alpha dog? I started both revolutionary reactions. I will also guide them to their climax and conclusion, or else my name is not the gently reluctant Senator Palpatine.”

Why is it important to certain commercial interests that the masses of people argue and protest- hysterically if possible? The details of the drama may not be important. As long as people continue to make the same financial choices that the Japanese made in the 1980s (flipping real estate on mortgages and dumping money in to stock mutual funds and so on), then their complacency will establish their economic fate. They US can predictably follow the path of Japan (or worse).

Commercial interests establish and enforce linguistic declarations of what is corrupt, criminal, sinful, and so on. As long as the commercial interests who establish and operate governments can distract the masses of people from prudent financial choices and thereby monopolize certain behaviors (such as prudent investing and conservative legal sheltering such as through estate planning or systematic use of bankruptcy protections), the commercial interests will maintain their monopoly of influence and affluence. They will control the systems of organized coercion and also control the mass media channels which will inform public opinion about the glories and evils and corruptions and triumphs of the various “solutions” that the commercial interests are dictating as “what to think about.”

One of the most notable things I learned as a college undergraduate was this: “the mass media does not control what the people think. We only control what the people think about.”

The competing herds of Tea Partiers and OWS protestors will both focus on which alternative political solution to promote for economic salvation. As long as the various herds are focusing on political activism rather than financial adaption, the promise of a possible, eventual economic salvation through political reform may remain an attractive myth.

Universal theme of propaganda #279: “only organized political action can save us all from economics, which is the morally superior outcome to target. People who propose to improve their own financial situation by responsive and responsible adaption to economic change are traitors to the Empire. They are the 1%. We must save you from them by massive political reforms.”

Anti-Negativity Counter-Revolution

November 23, 2009

The Anti-Negativity Counter-Revolution

“Just say no to reverse psychology.”

First and foremost, I deny my own existence (and, only secondarily, the “alleged” existence of the words “existence,” “alleged,” “deny,” and “words”). You, however, are another matter entirely. Without you, I would not have any reason to stick around here at all!

Very soon, but certainly not right now, stop believing that you can stop having beliefs. You are just an accumulation of beliefs. That’s it. Specifically, you are all of the things that I believe that I could not be- or at least should not be.

You must exist, by the way, because I am of course not how you are, because I am right and that means that there must be someone else who is not. How about… you?

So all this must mean that if any of those “wrong” ways of being exist at all – which of course are not how I am, right- then that obviously must be you! I mean, otherwise, that would be me, and those “wrong” ways of being just cannot be me, because I must be perfect, right, good, and so on. You do know that, right?

Since good is not evil, then if there is anything that is evil, it obviously is not me! Remember, I’m the good one. Do not question this, by the way, because if you question this, then you will live an evil life of permanently eternal suffering and torment and guilt and shame and other really scary words like negative and fear and anger or unconstitutional sex and illicit poop and extra-marital bankruptcy and unauthorized plant species and lonely alien nationality or even, gasp… college algebra!

If anything is not good- are you starting to see this- then that is where you come in. I must be ONLY good, and therefore you must exist, you know, in order for there to be a someone to be all of the other things that are not only good, which, by the way, is how I am. I think I am going to call you the Devil (or maybe Satan). Oh, and you can call me Santa.

Now that we have all of this clear, it’s almost time for me to pretend that all of that was not really about this next thing. So, before we go any further, I have one question for you: am I ready?

No, that was not the question. The question is… what do I hate most about you?

Yes, that is the issue. For instance, do I hate that you are rich? Well, then I obviously am resisting the possibility that I could be rich!

After all, we all know that the love of being rich is the root of all hatred. At least I know that I hate rich people, so you probably would hate me, too, if I was rich, right- so I just won’t be rich, you know, so that you will like me.

What? You think that the worship of vanity is the root of all hypocrisy? Well, I don’t know what words you are worshiping as holy, buddy, but I just do not think that any of that is a direct verbatim quote of any popular scripture, and if something is not popular scripture, than how could it possibly be worth even considering as possible?

You might as well just start a whole new religion basically, you know, and then write down your own little oral traditions as if they were the words of God or something. You know, you could do like all those folks did who started all those other religions whose scriptures we have been worshiping as holy for the last few thousand years.

But seriously it can take several decades for that kind of thing to catch on, so don’t say that I did not warn you, alright? People get crucified for heretical comments like “the worship of vanity is the root of all self-righteousness hypocrisy.”

What are people going to think if you just come out and say that kind of crap? I’m telling you: stick with what obviously works, like “you are all evil sinners and therefore you are definitely going to hell unless you come to my church and give me ten percent of all your wives, I mean, all your wages.”

Or, speaking of ten percent of your wives, is the thing that I hate most about you that you are so young and sexy? Well, in that case, then I will just shave my body hair to trick everyone into thinking that I am a pre-teen (or was that a newborn infant… remind me?). Whatever… oh, and I will also tell all of those young and sexy people that they can suck my… my words. Yes, that is what I was going to say all along: suck my words.

I mean, what did you think I was going to say? You have such a creative mind, don’t you? Did you think I was going to say “suck my thumb?” That is very clever of you- because, yes, that is related to the whole infantile reference I made earlier. I just can’t get anything by you, can I?

Be ashamed. Come to my church, like, every single week or something. Oh, and bring your money. Just remember to leave some of it here before you go.

What? Did I say something that offends you? I’m sorry, no, I’m really really sorry.

What? You want three in a row of ”really” and then you will believe that I believe in my own guilt. Sure, okay, then: I am really really really really sorry. See- I put in 4 of that word really so that you know that I am being sincere, because I could have just used 3 of them in a row, right?

Anyway, I did want to let you all know that the patriotic thing to do is to put all of your assets into your own name and under our social security account number that we have provided for you. Do not ever use tax-exempt shelters because that could slow down the advance of global communism.

Make sure that you invest a whole lot into real estate, too, especially using really aggressive borrowing, okay, because we are about to deflate the whole lending market. That will totally collapse the prices of real estate so we can extract all of that accumulated ownership of the naive middle classes and concentrate it all over here in our Fund for an Impoverished God, AKA the Bank for International Settlements (, the “hub” of all the world’s central banks).

Oh, and as for investing in gold, there has never been a better time for throwing all of your eggs into one bucket with holes in it… than right before a huge deflationary concentration of wealth into very few hands. Buy lots of gold just like at the peak in 1980. Sure, that was a horrible investment then, but if you fell for it then, well then- hey, you might fall for it again…. even though the fundamentals of precious metals markets are not especially any different at all than in recent years or decades.

Just keep thinking that gold is what makes governments tick, rather than organized violence. By the way, that whole thing about the organized violence being a factor at all in how gold got to be so valuable just because governments (with armies of mercenaries) required payment in gold coins, well, that is just a myth thrown about by insane conspiracy theorists.

Gold is magically powerful. A gold coin can protect you from nuclear blasts (and cell phone radiation), as well as the effects of bad words that do not exist like “poop,” plus, as an added bonus if you order in the next 90 seconds, gold allows you to enjoy sex twice as much as without that gold coin, because you will only be half as guilty about enjoying sex. This offer is good while supplies last, except where prohibited by ink on paper.

Oh, and that myth about the armed mercenaries being the foundation of the currency system is silly. It is the ink on the paper. That ink is very special. I think it is even the color of gold or something.

On the subject of ink on paper, remember: do not ever settle your debts. That would be sheer stupidity, and just plain wrong. Let the courts take everything from you and then sort it all out for you because they are very nice people and you owe it to them (no, not the creditors… the bureaucrats).

Also, do not ever sell your assets, especially if markets are de-stabilizing. Again, when an investment is the least safe is of course the safest time to own it and ignore all clear and obvious indications that nothing different could ever happen in financial news, which is why we have something like 5 different 24-hour news channels dedicated to how it is always exactly the same.

Just keep buying lots of gold and, of course, real estate. Even when you retire, do not sell your assets- none of them. That would be a horrible investment strategy: to sell your retirement investments and live off of them when you retire. I mean, if all of the baby boomers who are retiring did that all at once, things would be like- wow- exactly like they have been looking in the last few years… go figure!

But that means that if you are a youngster (under 66.6 years of age as of 1980) then it is your duty as a good Muslim (or Jew… whatever!) to always borrow more, no matter how in debt you are. Remember, that is just what a good patriot would do, and you do not want to be bad, do you? Santa wouldn’t like that, now would he? Okay, I’m glad that we have settled that once and for all.

Please focus more on the scandals that the mainstream news focuses on, or the scandals that Alex Jones focuses on, or some scandal somewhere that is very provocative and controversial and scandalous. Be sure to alienate lots of people who are not ready to question their own governments by aggressively yelling at them about how governments conduct wars and wars are bad… or how spies tell lies.

Wake up, people! Spies do not even exist. That is just in the movies, right?

The next ridiculous thing you are going to tell me is that propaganda (which I clearly deny could possibly exist) suggests that public schools have never been essential for combating domestic communism. No, when the government starts regulating and then running various industries, that is not communism, that is… sewing.

If I tell you that something could not be true because it should not be, why the hell are you still talking to me about it? What the hell? Are you some kind of an idiot… or just some kind of an idiot?

Communism cannot be already present in any country that openly and publicly asserts that communism is bad. That would be lying, and lying is so non-existent that there is not even a word for it, and when I say it, what I mean is “lying.”

These are not words or letters or shapes. You are not here. Here is not you.

Stop pretending that you exist. By the way, before you go, one more thing though: you can make your checks out to “Fund for an Impoverished God.”

Oh, and please stop being so negative, especially about the revolution. Your negativity is quite annoying, rather rude, and shows a severe deficiency of spiritual development, characterized by lower vibratory consciousness such as having a body, which is extremely sinful, after all.

You should really be ashamed of how you have not been thinking as positively and evolved as I have. You should stop comparing yourself to other people so much and thinking about the past. Memory is the root of all memory. You should devote all of your time to developing higher consciousness (like me) so that your ego can be humble about it’s superiority over the false ego which does not exist.

Um, hello, but this check is for less than the suggested donation. And we do not accept out-of-state checks, anyway.

Okay, so is that going to be debit or credit? Yeah, I know it says it is a gold card, but we had to call it something, alright, so just answer THE real question: debit or credit?

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