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DEVIL OF A GOD (the truth will set you free… after pissing you off)

February 17, 2014
Now, we got to tell you all what’s wrong    and how to fix it                  first, you shouldn’t be so frustrated            stop your bitchin’
Next, you shouldn’t be so complicated       talking fiction                       truth sets you free if you let it               but your mind is itching
scratching the surface of your bullshit religion                                        you worship it as your crutch             yet you question it
plus you need a bridge to get to heaven   (cause you’re not in it)         and you’re terrified of hell fire,     shame on you, sinner
You lack the faith of a mustard seed, but                                                    You still assume that you’re wise enough to judge
so I got to cover my mouth when you talk                                                  cause I’m trying not to laugh at your version of God
If God is the maker of all creations                                                                  then why’s your so-called God so afraid of Satan?
You don’t worship God, no you worship your religion                                You disrespect God in the name of tradition
Cause God didn’t do it like you wanted, right?                                           So you pray to Santa Claus with all your might
but Santa is a myth to keep you quiet at night                                         cause little kids will believe anything when their parents lie
Boom… goes the truth    Ba Ba Ba Boom
You should feel humble when your plans don’t work                              But you feel guilty, so you blame some jerk
for what you didn’t do and what you didn’t get                                         for victimizing you with condemnation
Well, drop the people who don’t do you how you like                               Stop trying to make a tricycle a bike
I was an arrogant fool, sincere and naive                                                   scapegoating anybody who I thought I was in my way
and if an elephant is in the middle of the room                                        then I might as well stay close to the wall to move
through to the other side if that’s what I want to do                               why’d you want to stand there and whine? What’re ya trying to prove?
You say you lack the power of a mustard seed, but                                  You still assume that you’re wise enough to judge
so I got to cover my mouth when you talk                                                  cause I’m trying not to laugh at your version of God
If God is the maker of all creations                                                                  then why’s your so-called God so afraid of Satan?
You don’t worship God, no you worship your religion                               You disrespect God in the name of tradition
Cause God did some things that you didn’t like, right?                          So you pray to whoever with all your might
to prove God wrong, yeah, just out of spite                                                Show God who’s boss, Master, show him the light
Yeah, I got to cover my mouth when you talk                                          cause I’m trying not to laugh at your devil of a God
Boom… goes the truth    Ba Ba Ba Boom… goes the truth                      Ba Ba Ba Boom… goes the truth           Ba Ba Ba Boom…
So, how many times should I forgive? Until I chill?                                 But my villain doesn’t seem to have remorse! Should I still?
It’s almost like you’re saying to withdraw contempt.                              No, I still condemn what I still resent!
Yes, some sacrifice peace to hold on to hate                                                 and then claim to know better than God as they pray
to the one who promises all the things they crave                                    to the devil who sells them a world to save
What? Listen, if the world is already saved                                                then what should I do for the rest of the day?
I could make up some myths to influence the slaves                               I could train them to think of power as rage
Then train them to rage at my favorite tricks                                          They will say “that’s just disgusting. It should be fixed.”                                         Plus, I treat them to candy if they play by my rules                               “The path to salvation is compliance,” say my fools.
You’re jealous of the size of a mustard seed, but                                         You still assume that you’re wise enough to judge
so I got to cover my mouth when you talk                                                  cause I’m trying not to laugh at your version of God
If God is the maker of all creations                                                                  then why’s your so-called God so afraid of Satan?
You don’t worship God, no you worship your religion                                You disrespect God in the name of tradition
Cause God didn’t do it like you wanted, right?                                           So you pray to Santa Claus with all your might
but Santa is a myth to keep you quiet at night                                         cause little kids will believe anything when their parents lie
Aw, God did some things that you didn’t like, right?                              So you pray to whoever with all your might
to prove God wrong, yeah, just out of spite                                                Show God who’s boss, Master, show him the light
Yeah, I got to cover my mouth when you talk                                          cause I’m trying not to laugh at your devil of a God
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Boom… goes the truth                                         Ba Ba Ba Boom… goes the truth
Ba Ba Ba Boom… goes the truth                                                                       Ba Ba Ba Boom…

A Hell of ideals: avoid it, worship it, or respect it

December 14, 2013
The Mystery of Compassion

The Mystery of Compassion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

JR: There may be great value in promoting certain public perceptions and then preserving or protecting those ideals or delusions.

DF: What is the value….social acceptance or building bridges?
JR: or bulding walls
…to trap the slaves/prisoners
DF: Yesattraction and repulsion got it
JR: protect the sheep from the wolves
DF: Ahh….I see
Interesting….never really viewed it that way..but I am sure you already knew that
JR: Individuals may want cops and judges and juries and angry mobs to perceive them in certain specific ways.
Same for companies- hiring public relation consultants and ad agencies and lawyers and so on.
The warlords (cops, judges) also care about public perception.
DF: Yes the game…the game of pretense and influencing others…I get it
JR: Yes
DF: Is that something a minister can help a slave or a sheep get out of hell with?
JR: As children, we learn to influence the perception of adults (the behavioral RESPONSES) of adults. We learn the right answers for the test. We sit in the right chair. We wear our shirt with the right side out, rather than inside out. MOST of that is not from actual private functionality, but because it works for us SOCIALLY.
Robert V. Taylor at Seeds of Compassion

Robert V. Taylor at Seeds of Compassion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So when in rome live as the romans…when alone beat your dick because what the fuck do I care……kind of thing?
JR: Well, okay…. LOL
As for “getting out of hell,” the point I raise is that hell is something that is either made ongoingly or it ceases. It is just another ideal or conceptual model. What the saint can do is show people the option to stop WORSHIPING hell.
Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yes…and you have done that…very well <bow> sensei
JR: Hell as such is not a problem.
Français : Stupa compassion, Orbey

Français : Stupa compassion, Orbey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DF: Now on to staying and playing in heaven.
JR: When hell is just a mode of operating WITHIN omnipresent heaven, that is quite a relief.
DF: Yes…when we peel back the mode of operation we can see the source of the misery. That is the “job” of an Osho or a Fibonacci….but why does one take this on….compassion?…but how to be compassionate to what appears to be a crazy person….been there before have you?
JR: Yes, the ideal of compassion! It can be a confusing one, right?
Compassion personified: a statue at the Epcot ...

Compassion personified: a statue at the Epcot center in Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DF: Yes

JR: So, which ideal is more relevant to you, Reverend, compassion or clarity? Perhaps the ideal of compassion is used as an attractive topic of conveersation. The students want to hear about compassion. They yearn to experience it.

First, if one experiences clarity, then is compassion possible? Before one experiences clarity, then desperate need for social approval can be labeled compassion, but it is just the hell of desperately sincere perfectionist paranoia.

DF: Well wait a minute… I would consider my master to have experienced clarity….so why help another become clear….something to do? And I hear what you are saying.

JR: To the student, the master is a master. To the master, the master is no one.

If someone experiences attraction to conversing about clarity, so be it. They may act on it.

Why would there be an attraction to conversing about clarity? Why would there be an attraction to conversing about anything? Why is there attraction?

The politicians may say “we are attracted to saving the masses from confusion.” Is that sincere? Is that a pretense?

Lucifer - torturing souls as well as being tor...

Lucifer – torturing souls as well as being tortured himself in hell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many suffer from sincere pretense and also pretentious sincerity. Some say that the interpersonal process of offering compassion to another is attractive, like it is enjoyable and feels good. So be it.

One who is a fountain of clarity and compassion has power and is attractive to others. Why would it be attractive to someone to be attractive to others?

Maybe the politicians are planning to compensate for a deep sense of shame and wish to earn an escape from hell. Satan probably does not have that pre-occupation, but of course it might be occassionally useful to display that pre-occupation anyway. Or maybe Satan is the ultimate fool and likes to practice self-sabotage and internally-directed tortures.

“Do not worry too much about what others think of you. Respect the different ways that you can think of them.”

La Faloise (Somme, France) - La chapelle Notre...

La Faloise (Somme, France) – La chapelle Notre-Dame de la Compassion. . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DF: I see what you mean the ones in hell or idealism seem to only see things or think of things from one perspective…whereas with clarity there is a choice in how we want to see at any particular moment.JR: Clarity brings freedom. The truth will set you free, and perhaps piss you off, but also give you access to being compassionate not out of idealism, but out of clarity.DF: Wow…yes
JR: What a relief! Anyway, welcome to heaven.
DF: So the idea is to find the ones with the itch that something is imprecise in the way they perceive or their perception…right. for them….cast something out and wait for the bites?JR: Yes. Spiritual development is not for the masses. They are just trained in obedience and self-suppression. Only rebels are fit for the study of perception itself.For the masses, it is disturbing. It is not from compassion that one disturbs a fool. It is from guilt and the desperate panic to earn a way in to heaven.

It is a sin to disturb the sheep. It is “missing the mark” or “missing the point.”

DF: Ok so no reason to disturb any fools…but thank god you did and yes I am learning that it is a sin…yes….let sleeping sheeps lie…got you

JR: You were not a fool. You were a rebel.

 Maybe a rebellious fool, but you found me, right? Or Harry directed you to me.

DF: Yes…a rebellious fool “without a cause” and yes he did.

JR: Right, you had already given up attachment to a particular cause. You were already beyond idealism. You just did not know what to call it.

DF: Yeah that’s true…thank you for untangling the mess. 

JR: You just did not know what to do instead of worship idealism. You still had the background of paranoia.

DF: Yes…rome wasn’t built in a day and paranoia doesn’t die in a day either….I know what you mean I could or would jump around in idealism but I wasn’t completely blinded by it…or fanaticism

DF: Yes….is this somewhat unusual? And how does this happen…what caused “me” or confusion to be open to humility?

JR: Look around you, Reverend. You tell me if it is unusual for someone to be open to humility.

I said before that everyone is attracted to clarity. I also said that many find it repulsive- but that is in proportion to how attractive it is to them.

You were not attacking clarity or humility. You were attacking foolishness, which is still a form of distress, but it is the final stage of distress.

You were like a snake who was ready to shed it’s skin. I am just a piece of rough vegetation that you are using to shed the old skin.

Idealism, perfectionism, disappointment, blame, rage, etc

December 2, 2013
Symbol for the Enneagramic type " Perfect...

Symbol for the Enneagramic type ” Perfectionist” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Satan chastising mirror

I think that other people should not be so ashamed of themselves. I really just do not get it how they are like so ashamed, you know?

No, no, I am NOT frustrated. Listen to me for once, okay? I did not say that! I hate it when you always analyze me every time I am shouting at you like that is some kind of a big deal to you. Look, I am just saying that they SERIOUSLY need to stop being ashamed before, um, before it is TOO LATE….

I mean, what if they start to over-react? What then? Have you even THOUGHT of that? What if they start being all DRAMATIC for no GOOD reason?!?!

I mean, what are people going to THINK of them if they are ashamed about themselves the wrong way or for the wrong reason? What happened to all of the loyal perfectionists anyway?!?!

Critically Ashamed

Critically Ashamed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where can I find a REAL perfectionist these days? I’ve been looking around for someone WORTHY of the title of perfectionist and I have been FORCED to conclude, despite my absolutely heroic optimism on the subject, that no one is truly DESERVING of the title of perfectionist. What a HUGE disappointment this whole idealism thing has turned out to be!

English: perfectionist measuring and cutting grass

English: perfectionist measuring and cutting grass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Science Project 1974

Science Project 1974 (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

Satan shaming the mirror

Part 4: Creating a path from hell to heaven

March 4, 2013

1 noticing the activity of language

2 noticing that language is not perception

3 the linguistic ritual of creating a victim (and a savior)

4 creating a path from hell to heaven

Noticing the linguistic creation of a path from hell to heaven

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagoni...

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagonist of John Milton’s Paradise Lost c. 1866 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, hell is a linguistic symbol to contrast with heaven. Hell is the experience of distress or disturbance or mental illness or agonizing (the activity of agonizing over what allegedly “should not be,” like a particular way of relating to language and relating to life). Heaven is the experience of simply noticing all of the various patterns of reality without obsessive craving or repulsion- with clarity, grace, and inner peace. (Of course, in heaven, one can also notice the patterns of relating called craving, rejecting, and obsessing!)

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villa...

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villain (i.e. generic melodrama villain stock character, with handlebar moustache and black top-hat – typical of upper class men in some cultures). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Further, Satan is a linguistic symbol to contrast with the Almighty, which logically cannot be opposed or defeated or intimidated or scared. The Almighty is the source of all patterns of activity, all characters and identities, and all symbolic codes.

God is no more scared of Satan than God would be scared of the letters A or Z. God notices all patterns from the first to the last, from the beginning to the end. God notices the activity of language- beginning, ending, stopping, and perhaps beginning again.

Santa is just a character created through language by God. Satan is just a character created through language by God. Any victim (any labeling of victimization as in vilifying of a particular activity in the past) is also “incidental,” not fundamental. Is that clear?

The Satan Pit

The Satan Pit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pick a time in the past. Pick a memory of an event. Perhaps someone said to you that “you should not have drank so much water” or “you should have drank more water.” We could label that the activity of condemnation or vilification.

Maybe there is someone blamed- like the labeling of you as being at fault because you drank the wrong amount of water instead of doing whatever you allegedly should have done. That is a valid construction in language, right?

Maybe you should have drank more water or less water. “Should” automatically creates the possibility of vilification or condemnation (“should not”). Notice what vilifying and condemning are. They are activities in language. They are methods of directing attention and perception, right?

Outside Satan

Outside Satan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God forgives all things. Why? God forgives all things because God created language and it was only through language that God created the condemning or vilifying of particular patterns, particular qualities, and particular characteristics or characters or identities.

How does God forgive? By ceasing the activity in language of condemning and vilifying, God can easily forgive anything.

Consider the ancient teaching that in order to be forgiven, one must forgive (as in cease condemning). Notice condemning. Notice the reality of what condemning is as a way of relating in language.

Many victims condemn what terrifies them. A villain condemns in order to terrify (to forbid, to intimidate, to make a threat).

God is the source of the all heroes, villains, and victims. Every victim is a form of God, and so is every villain and savior. What other source could there be besides the Almighty?

Satan Is Real

Satan Is Real (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, an ancient teaching directs attention toward the activity of the condemning of a particular behavior as villainous (vile, evil) and further we can notice the activity of vilifying a specific person as inherently a villain. Notice also that either the behavior or the person can be emphasized, but not both at once.

We can forgive the person (so as to stop vilifying them) without condoning any particular past sequence of events. We can stop relating to that particular past as “what should not have happened” (a shameful incident), and stop shaming someone for victimizing us.

Shaming them maintains the identity of victim. If you seek heaven, you must cease from shaming others. Forgive them. Stop perpetuating your shame. Stop victimizing yourself through vilifying them.

Or, continue to vilify them and continue to experience the identity of ashamed victim. You could continue your linguistic ritual of chanting this mantra: “I am not a villain or a savior, but a victim.” Or, you could notice that all of that is just a pattern of activity of language.

Two people can even argue over who is the most vile, as they partner together in a ritual of mutual condemnation and vilification. They can have a competition for who is the bigger victim (by most sincerely accusing the other of being the bigger villain).

Vilification of another is victimizing them, but also relating to one’s self as a victim. “They unjustly accused me!” Yes, they made you their victim by vilifying you (“unjustly!”), just like you vilified them (“unjustly!”), resulting in their complaints that you were victimizing them (“unjustly!”). That ritual requires at least two sincere (naive) participants.

So, how can one continue that ritual alone? Easy! Just keep vilifying someone else and relating to your past as if it is victimizing you now.


Shame (Photo credit: Joe Gatling)

Note that the ritual of practicing the identity of a victim is an entirely valid ritual to practice. It has it’s function and value. God created it for a reason.

Once the reason is clear and makes sense to you, then the ritual is no longer an obsession to practice constantly, but just an option. Use it when it is relevant. When it is not relevant, do not use it. When something else is relevant, do something else.

However, if it is relevant to practice being a victim, then certainly keep practicing it as long as that is the top priority. Get very skilled at being a victim. Become an expert victim.

Condemn. Vilify. Withdraw. Notice. Forgive.

Next, go to hell (obsess over what should not be, how I do not deserve this stuff that should not be happened, how someone else is to blame for my experience of having something else besides what should be happening instead). Then, once you have practiced hell so much that you are an expert at being a victim in hell, then go to heaven.

Once you know how to create hell and then you suddenly stop creating hell and instead create heaven, then hell is no longer a problem. It is just an option.

Hell is just a ritual in language. When it is relevant, practice that ritual. When it is not relevant, do not practice that ritual. When something else is relevant, do something else.

Hell or Heaven?

Hell or Heaven? (Photo credit: andywon)

Releasing Emotional Tension (Fear, Guilt, & Shame)

October 15, 2012
Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)


Releasing Emotional Tension




We live in the midst of many possible social pressures. We learn that we are rewarded for displaying certain patterns and that we are punished for displaying others.



Religious myths like Santa Claus train us as naive children to conform to certain behavioral expectations and to avoid others. Multitudes of young children take these myths of Santa Claus literally, arguing sincerely that Santa is real and that good behavior is essential to earn’s Santa’s blessings and bribes.



We also may be exposed to ideas like a binary future of either heaven or hell, again encouraging us to behave in certain ways, but to avoid actions which are forbidden by those who threaten us with eternal damnation in hell for disobedience. That teaching is basically the same idea as with Santa, but some myths give more emphasis for adults on the terrifying character called Satan who tortures the disobedient, rather than merely giving them no presents or only filling their stocking with coal. Historical cases similar to Satan include the ritual tortures of the Holy Roman Inquisition and by the most famous champion of the crusades, Vlad the Impaler (AKA Count Dracula).



I recently watched a documentary about some young adults raised in a society which apparently takes teachings about heaven and hell very literally. Suicide rates tend to be rather high. However, conformity is also quite common. So, a culture endures because of the effectiveness of it’s methods of influencing behavior and cultivating loyalty.



English: Santa Claus as illustrated in , v. 52...

English: Santa Claus as illustrated in , v. 52, no. 1344 (December 3 1902), cover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



We may all be exposed to social pressures to conform to certain standards and avoid (and even ridicule) others. Young children who question the existence of Santa may be condemned by their peers. Those who study the reality of historical methods of religious indoctrination may be very frightening to their peers, and may even be targeted for persecution as “non-believers” or “infidels” or “politically incorrect” or “mentally ill.”



What about questioning the modern translation of a doctrine like “thou shalt not kill?” Orthodox Hebrews may have no issue organizing enormous acts of violence against their selected targets. Why not?



They do not mistranslate from Hebrew in to English. They simply read the Hebrew fluently without needing to translate. “Thou shalt not murder” is not a prohibition against killing birds or killing enemy soldiers or killing Palestinians who are officially trespassing in their own ancient homeland or killing slaves or killing convicted criminals. In fact, along with the prohibition against murder, the Hebrew tradition includes a huge list of crimes to be punished with death, such as adultery.



So, ritual human sacrifice by governing institutions is not murder. Murder means the unauthorized killing of a person whose life is protected within a particular legal system by a warlord who enforces those rules with organized coercion (such as torture and killing).



There is no hypocrisy in banning murder under penalty of death, even while conducting imperialist genocide. They are quite distinct patterns of behavior.



English: Santa Claus as illustrated in , v. 58...

English: Santa Claus as illustrated in , v. 58, no. 1501 (1905 December 6), cover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But guilt is typical within certain cultures. Guilt often involves pleasure, such as the fear of pleasure. When guilt (the fear of pleasure) arises, that involves a disappointment with the results of a particular action, such as the result of a fear of punishment. I may find something pleasurable, but if I am punished for it once, then I may not want to be punished for it again, so I refrain from exploring what attracts me (so I can avoid a possible punishment). If that guilt is projected to others, that is called blame, which is inherently hypocritical.




“Oh no, I did not enjoy it at all. It is all their fault that I did the thing that have been planning to do for quite a while, but just waiting impatiently for a justification like this. Frankly, I am appalled and offended that you would suggest that the fact that I repeatedly did it might indicate that I took any pleasure in it whatsoever.”



Blame means when I label a certain past historical sequence as “what should not have happened” and then I project my condemnation of the history (my guilt) on to a target villain. Blame can lead to resentment, jealousy, and a long list of other patterns of frightened animosity.




Shame is also typical within certain cultures. When shames arises, that involves a disappointment about an unfulfilled expectation. What I did not produce, I can never compensate for (like one can in the case of guilt). Thus, shame is rather subtle. As long as I label the past as less important than “what should have happened instead,” that is shaming my own past. If that shame is projected on others (for their failure to fulfill whatever expectations I had), that can be labeled contempt or hatred.



“The Holy Roman Empire should not be an empire! Religions should not indoctrinate! That is the job of the mainstream media and the public school system!”



My own fear about admitting an unfulfilled expectation can result in a dramatic, passionate, aggressive repulsion toward anyone who approaches the subject of my shame. They are perceived as a threat to my emotional stability (to whatever extent there is any stability). If I am not ready to release the tension of the expectation that was not fulfilled, then I repel any attention toward that expectation. I would not want the subject referenced. I would not want the emotional pattern of shame referenced either. All of that would be considered “negativity” and rejected. That is a valid coping mechanism for maintaining distance from emotions that may be too terrifying for the “positive thinker.”





So, belief systems are the source of emotional repression. What is not safe to be revealed (according to a particular socio-cultural system of belief) must be hidden, even at the cost of tremendous muscolo-skeletal tension physically. Those who explore too closely to subjects considered terrifying or shameful may be ferociously attacked for their unwelcome explorations, or at least those people may be systematically avoided.



“What should be” cannot always be directly questioned. “Santa is real. Santa is real because Santa should be real.” There may be no use arguing with a toddler in a tantrum. For them, Santa may be as real as anything else.



“What should not be” cannot always be directly questioned either. “People should not lie. That is why Hell and Satan are real. Hell and Satan are real because otherwise people have been lying to me and indeed I have also been lying to others about how Hell and Satan are not metaphors or myths but absolute literal truths, which is why Hell and Satan must be real, because otherwise I have been lying to others, and people should not lie, so that is unacceptable, as in impossible. In other words, I am not ashamed. If I was ashamed, then that would be shameful, and if there is one thing that I sure do not want to be, it is shameful.”




The releasing of emotional tension naturally follows the recognition of the nature of language. Language is an instrument of social organizing, of influence, of governing, of mind control and behavior control. Language has no other function but such social organizing.



To recognize the function of language may be the most terrifying of all possible subjects. Recognizing the nature of language undermines the entire network of guilt and shame.



A translation of the New Testament says it like this: “To the pure in spirit, everything is pure; but with the divisive spirit of accusation, which is guilty, ashamed, polluted, corrupted, unstedfast, and traumatized, nothing is pure, but on the contrary their very minds and consciences are polluted, defiled, corrupted, confused, panicked.” (adapted from Titus 1:15)



Some see a cause for contempt almost everywhere they look. Others see no cause for contempt except the projecting of an inner shame.



how to save the world (humor)

March 29, 2012
St Michael and the Devil
Image via Wikipedia

The night that God asked the Devil to save the world from darkness

One night, God said to the Devil: “Hey, are you busy? No, well that’s great because I need you to do a huge favor for me and for the universe. So do you have a few minutes? Okay, great! Basically, I need your help to save the world. Something is very wrong. There is a huge problem and I think that you would be perfect for fixing it. Here’s the deal. I need you to go around and capture a shadow for me. These shadows are spreading darkness everywhere and people are starting to complain and wonder things like how could God let something like this happen, right, and since my PR staff is on vacation, I need you to go out there, Satan, and capture at least one shadow to give people hope, like as in give them the impression that we care and we are doing something about the injustice and tragedy of having shadows literally all over the world. So, here take this,” God said, handing the devil a flashlight. “Go and take this and catch me a shadow and bring it back to me.”
English: A flashlight Svenska: Ficklampa
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The devil took the flashlight and turned it on and then went out to save the world from shadows and darkness. Before long, he saw a shadow and he tried to sneak up on it slowly. That did not work at all. Then, he saw another shadow from a distance and he tried to rush up on it quickly and catch it by surprise. That still did not work!
Everywhere that the devil went with his flashlight looking for shadows, the shadows just kept retreating as fast as he approached. it was like they knew he was coming and were hiding from him.
Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagoni...

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagonist of John Milton’s Paradise Lost c. 1866 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Don’t these creatures ever sleep?” he thought. So the Devil got very depressed and went back to God and said “Father, I am a total failure.” God said, “Oh hell no you are not! Don’t even say that. You are my beloved child and you are NOT a failure. After you left I realized that I accidentally gave you a flashlight, which was my mistake. I meant to give you a camera.”
Then Satan said to God,” oh, I get it, finally! It took me a while. What you are saying is that if I want to earn my way in to heaven, then the first thing that I must do is to pretend that I am not already there.”
<I made that up this morning and sent a slightly shorter version of that as a text message.>
Published on: Jan 18, 2012
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parody: blame exhausts the naive

March 18, 2012
The exhaustion of blame?
Get Behind Me Satan

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To all of my formerly favorite ladies (i.e. past romantic partners), I blamed you for ruining the perfect relationship that I pretended to have with you. You sucked at pretending. You should have been more pretensive and naive, you know, like me. Plus, you should not have been so truthful. You owed it to me to be a better liar, yes, so that our relationship would save my life from hell and be my bridge to heaven. I had a perfect plan for my own personal salvation, and then you personally failed me. You were such a huge disappointment, Plus, you personally are still Satan incarnate, yes, every single one of you. You betrayed me. Well, at least I was quite embarrassed at how things went with you.
To all the people that have lost any amount of net worth (prosperity) by not heeding my clear and repeated warnings about real estate markets and stock markets, I blamed you for not staying as wealthy as you were, by which I mean… not getting much more wealthy with me, by which I really mean… not making me wealthy. No, you are not Satan, but you sure did remind me of her a lot. You betrayed yourself. Plus, you should have been much smarter and responsible, you know, like me.
Actually, maybe I have been just a little pretensive, slightly idiotic and marginally irresponsible. That’s like being only slightly pregnant. So, what I really mean by this is that I have been investing– over and over and over again- in blame. See how conscious I am now?
Yes, I invested exactly how I did in various romantic relationships and various business prospects and opportunities, and now I appreciate learning through them with you, so thank you. I completely forgive you for being the way you obviously should not have been- well, at least, I am open to you earning my generous forgiveness from me eventually.
However, as for all that investing in blame: I admit that it was irresponsible and idiotic of me. I really should not have been so pretensive, idiotic and irresponsible… and naive. I’m totally to blame for that- totally.
The Fountain of Eternal Life in downtown Cleve...

The Fountain of Eternal Life in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, with 200 Public Square in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mean: it’s just horrible how I was to me. Plus, I totally blame myself for blaming myself.

I was way too self-destructive. I was way too negative. I really should not have been so much like I have been. Plus, I should really stop being so hard on myself, you know, hypothetically. I should really stop judging me, you know, someday. That reminds me: I’m really stating to remind me of Satan, huh?
By the way, to all the beliefs I have had about how life should be different from how it is, I blamed you for me believing in you. You are the reasons that I have been addicted to all that drama. Plus, I can’t wait to get rid of you so I can get to heaven, you know, soon.
What? Do I still believe that this is hell? Are you kidding me? Of course this is hell! Just look around, seriously.
Here is proof. Ready? Okay, everywhere you look, there is another Satan, there is more evil, there are new things being how they obviously should not be. Am I right or what?
Oh, and people are so ashamed and resentful and way way way too negative. Life is fundamentally annoying. I had a perfect life basically right up until my life started.

That’s right. Everything was perfect until that one thing happened… and you know the thing that I am talking about- or at least you should. Anyway, as I was saying… before anything happened to me, then obviously nothing bad had ever happened to me because

The Great Satan (by Latuff).

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nothing at all had happened to me.

Back then, hell did not even exist. Hell is when life seems to happen to me. Wherever I am, there is hell- kind of like my own shadow,- can you hear what I am saying?
Who I am is a collection of beliefs of how life should be, how I should be, how I actually am, you know- as distinct from how I am obviously not. Hell is the linguistic separation of everything into these two inherent fundamental unquestionable categories: me over here and my life over there.

All I am saying is that my life is hell. I’m perfect. My life, though… it’s hell. If it wasn’t for how amazing I am, I probably would not

This Is Not Happening
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have even survived this long, you know, with my life happening to me like that.

But I know that I should not be proud. I should be humble. Basically, I should be how I should be, you know what I’m saying? Plus, I should not be so much like how I should not be- obviously!
It’s a very serious problem. I’m working on it.
I’m thinking that I should have me fixed by sometime next week; yeah, let’s go with Tuesday at noon (local time). I sure hope though that I do not disappoint me again. That would really suck, huh?
So, my life is what seems to be a series of problems happening to me. Living does not require me to be here at all. However, clearly, obviously, living is here, aren’t we?
When I personally am not here, living just keeps going on by itself, you know, like it always has been. When the personal identity is absent- or, we could say, when the ego dies (or matures?) – then eternal life is happening already, which would make sense for anything that we might call eternal. If eternity has not already started, then that would just be silly.
However eternal life is not happening at any particular time. Also, eternal life is not happening to anyone in particular. When no one is here, eternal life is obviously happening the only time it ever always is: right now.
Typing happens. Reading happens. Scrolling the window down the webpage happens. Then something else happens… anything else, one thing at a time.
Living happens. Living just happens however it is actually happening, whenever it does, wherever it does, even perhaps sometimes as an identity that identifies itself in opposition to life itself and says “life is happening to me.” At least, that is certainly possible.
So, no one is here, except of course if someone suddenly shows up. I sure hope that doesn’t happen to any of us, though. That would just be hell, you know, hypothetically. We really should take some serious precautions to avoid that.
And when you read the word “precautions,” I know what you were thinking, because I know that you have a dirty mind. You read the word “precautions” and then you immediately thought: condoms.
That is not what I typed, though. Would you please PLEASE stop being so presumptive and… and, you know, dramatic! It’s totally making my perfect life hell.

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You do know that everything would be totally heaven if it just wasn’t for you showing up all uninvited like this, right? You’re Satan. Plus, as if that were not bad enough, you have a very dirty mind.
I wish, you know.. basically you should just lighten up! Everything would be fine then, you know, soon.
The above was published in the first hours of December 4, 2009, as a culmination of sorts of this “happening” of September 9, 2009:

Soon (Bridge to Heaven)


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January 18, 2012

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song: “a new label” (the secret of language)

January 1, 2012
a new label (the secret of language)
My words are law
as long as you obey them
My name is God
but you can call me Satan
I tell you what should be
I train you in the art of hating
I may say it’s all for you
but maybe I am making
out like a bandit
as in pirate
as in banking
cartel empire monopoly
mafia syndicate racketeering
politician drama mythology
one party media propaganda machine
It’s not crazy talk
unless you don’t know the code
Can you speak Jabberwock?
If not, then don’t interpret it as broken
My dog only hears noise
when you speak in fluent Latin
Letters are just shapes
until you learn the whole alphabet
I know the secret
you have been trained does not exist
But I can’t tell you
Till you stop resisting and just listen
to the sounds
before you make them in to words
what do they mean
is it gibberish, brilliant, or absurd
Well you won’t know until you get it
and you won’t get it till you wake
up to the power of the language in the brain
is it a mystery
or is it confusing
if I use words
beyond your fluency
ignorance is not confusion
what is confusion
is there even really such a thing?
how would you know?
compared to what?
are you only dreaming
that you’re just a front
a facade, a fake, a layer of an onion
claiming to be the whole enchilada
is it the opposite: a giant pretending to be small
are you God playing the victim of your shadow on the wall
people should not be evil
as in powerful
so if someone shows power
then we must hate them
why must we hate them
because I said so
but what difference does that make
hell, I don’t know
I hate the politicians
cause they taught me how to hate
I blame the propagandists
cause they told me not to blame
Diagnosis is hypnosis
a new label refills the jar
my excuses are the juiciest
my problems are so hard
I can’t beat the system
because I think I should
I won’t give up suffering
feeling bad looks too good
I caught hypochondria
and it is incurable
I got an immune system
but it isn’t working
it’s coughing and sneezing
I don’t know what is wrong
it’s vomiting and wheezing
we should probably turn it off
If people should not be powerful, that includes me
If people should not be anything, that includes me
So sacrifice your limits at the risk of being free
is your only limit idolatry
the false gods you worship so loyally
is it a church, teacher or ideology
who taught it to you
or was it written on your heart directly by God
and is that who you are certain that you are not
so you need a mediator, priest or courier
Jesus said:
“I am the gate” and “I am the way
the truth and the life,” but what does that mean?
Yes, it’s translated,
but the point is not going through another,
not using good works nor one certain method
Straight to God, directly, no intermediary
no intercessor, for “I am the truth” already
but what say you?
do you deny that there is a light within you
or is there only the light
and the identity in language is just a shadow?

Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

9Jesus answered: “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work…. You will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.”

My words are law
as long as you obey them
My name is God
but you can call me Satan
Is diagnosis hypnosis
does a new label really refill the jar
or are the contents still the same
with or without a new label made of thought?

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