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price trends show that consumers value gasoline over silver, stocks, and currency

May 17, 2012

silver, gasoline, and stocks markets for 5 years

As a quick introductory note, many Americans that I interact with seem not to be aware of the wide variation in fuel prices across the world. In parts of Europe, gasoline prices are above $10 per gallon, which approaches the all-time highs reached in 2008. In other parts of the world, supplies of gasoline are so high relative to the local demand that a gallon of gasoline is priced below $1.00 per gallon. Even within the U.S., the price of gasoline ranges by more than $1.00 from the most expensive states like Hawaii ($4.50) and California ($4.35) to the least expensive states like Oklahoma ($3.39) and South Carolina ($3.37).

(See )

Since 2004, I have forecast that fuel prices would continue their rise that started in 1999 and would eventually cause significant changes to the spending choices and economic trends of the entire world, including the US and Europe. As the price of a gallon of gasoline exceeded $10 per gallon in 2008 in parts of Europe, major behavior changes by consumers and businesses resulted in a decline in the prices of many things, including gasoline,  real estate, and stocks, with fuel prices being the last to fall (as in the purchase most favored or with the most enduring demand). That sequence is precisely the forecast that I had specified in my 2004 reference to “The DominOIL Effect.” See

Fuel prices displayed on a seven segment displ...

Fuel prices displayed on a seven segment display board commonly found at petrol stations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now let’s back up and take an even wider view of things. We know why people value gasoline. However, why do people value things like paper currencies and chunks of a particular mineral called silver?

Does anyone disagree that governments coerce people to use a particular form of currency (at least in doing any business with that government such as the payment of taxes), just like they have been coercing people to use whatever relatively rare items for thousands of years, such as gold? Does anyone disagree that ruling interests also implement massive public relations campaigns (propaganda, indoctrination, correctional facilities, educational facilities) so as to influence behavior, to obscure simple and obvious patterns, and to confuse their “prey/hosts?”

Took the picture from the building of the BCB.

Took the picture from the building of the BCB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just as the huge surge in demand for diamonds across the last century was specifically cultivated by propaganda, so has the demand been cultivated for gold for thousands of years, including for gold coins bearing the face of the warlord or dictator. Likewise, the demand for currencies is entirely cultivated. No one has any inherent interest in little bills of colorful paper- it’s only and entirely because of the cultivated demand. Consider that the amount of demand that has been cultivated for these little bills of colorful paper is truly remarkable as in awe-inspiring.

How has all of this demand been cultivated? Governments make threats that they will take actions like arrest, seizure, invasion, and foreclosure in the event of the failure to pay certain amounts of something- whatever form of payment that they declare as acceptable to them. Further, the ruling interests implement massive campaigns of propaganda through the “private media channels” as well as the “public indoctrination channels,” such as public high schools and public colleges.

In other news, stock markets in Greece and Italy are on the verge of free fall, while silver also returns downward toward the $26 level. I assert that fuel prices (such as gasoline) have finally risen enough to slow other economic activity, and fuel prices are now falling as well, such as for gasoline (shown in the charts) and crude oil.

Note that these recent price trends may be interpreted as yet another confirmation of the ideas presented in 2004 here:

(Of course, the principles of forecasting were studied before they were given labels, such as “ordinal utility” or “Austrian Economics.”)

See also

Note: wouldn’t it be devious if private parties have created institutions to sacrifice in the pursuit of their private interests? For instance, couldn’t some groups get together and create central banksto manipulate markets? If the central banks have the capacity to manipulate markets, then the rulers could guide the central banks as a way of deceiving the public or manipulating public perception.

central bank of lebanon.

central bank of lebanon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The central banks can run up prices of real estate by buying lots of it, but the insiders will stay away from real estate and wait for the cultivated bubble to burst. Cartels can run up prices of diamonds or gold or oil, and as long as the timing of the manipulations is clear to the insiders, they can position themselves to benefit from the public’s reaction to the manipulations of the central banks.

Did central banks jump in to gold at the END of the 1970s boom, or at the earliest stage of the boom? Insiders knew to SELL their private holdings during what they knew would be the final spike. Who were among the final buyers left holding huge losses? Wasn’t it the central banks… which are controlled by private commercial interests?

When insiders know that they are ready to use the central banks to manipulate prices, the insiders buy when no one is paying any attention to a market, then they can guide their media outlets to feature news on the rising prices. Next, they can guide their central banks to conspicuously make various incremental buys, preferably with advance announcements to stir up a growing hysteria among the public. In the final waves (as central banks are so concentrated in the new target investment that the insiders know the manipulation is nearly complete), then the private investments of the insiders will of course be sold before the holdings of the sacrificial instruments of the central banking institutions. What else do you think that private central banks are for except for the advancement of the interest of private commercial interests?

Consider the following 2011 public relations manipulation specifically designed to influence the perceptions and behaviors of the masses through channels of mass indoctrination (highly efficient propaganda):

Clockwise from top-left: Federal Reserve, Bank...

Clockwise from top-left: Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, Bank of Canada (Note: Uploaded for use on Wikinews) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

how to be a patriotic hero

December 3, 2011

The thing about how to be a patriotic hero is in there, but please start at the beginning, simply because that is the actual order of the sequence of words….

I wrote this to my associate Petros B.:

The crown of the Holy Roman Empire in the Vien...

The crown of the Holy Roman Empire in the Vienna Schatzkammer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a video on the diamond cartel (DeBeers) & how it MONOPOLIZED extraction of diamonds, restricted supply, used Hollywood (starting in the 1930s) to create a demand by associating diamonds with stardom, beauty, sex, marriage, & engagement rings, and even influenced GE so that GE discontinued the production of synthetic diamonds that would challenge the prices set by the DeBeers diamond cartel on diamonds used for gemstones (as well as industrial diamonds used for cutting).

Now, I mention this not just because of similar comments by you (and I) about oil (such as the PR campaigns of the American Petroleum Institute), but about GOLD. The monopolization of gold mines & use of that metal as a currency by government courts, requiring that people purchase gold coins from the government in order to pay taxes, is a historical dynamic that I have mentioned several times. Again, why not platinum or aluminum or cobalt? Why gold? Because kings and their armies could more easily monopolize access to gold.
I did recently mention the Hunt Brothers and what they did with silver in the late 1970s. That is the same issue, though in a small & brief instance.

Now, let’s consider the use of the term parasites or even patriotic hero. I have absolutely no moral objection to the existence of parasites or the use of that term to describe certain biological organisms or certain human institutions or anything else. You would be correct to conclude that I do not stop to think if parasites are right or wrong. I have no such anxieties or mental illnesses. I do not even stop to think if patriotic heroes are patriotic or heroic!

You may continue to refuse to live in the world as it is without condemning some aspect of it (some aspect of God‘s creation). However, consider that refusing to live in the world makes absolutely no difference in that you still live in the world even if you say that you refuse to do so.
So, try to change it. You are part of the world. Try to change yourself. Resist yourself. Fix yourself.

Do it fast. Do it right. Stop being how you should not be, according to you or whatever ideological indoctrinations you have championed as defining for you how you should or should not be. There are many providers of such ideologies who will promote your compliance with their standards of how you should or should not be, such as the Mormon Church or the Democratic Party.

As for me, I command you not to be a parasite and not to use that word. Also, be a parasite and use that word. That about covers how you should or should not focus on consciously avoiding or otherwise giving attention to the word parasite or not.

You either should or should not believe that the world is fundamentally flawed and that you are also fundamentally flawed. That is the ideology of a slave, by the way. Please continue to invest in shame and in correcting your past, or at least compensating for your original sinfulness like any good Catholic adherent to the Holy Inquisition of Protestant Counter-reformation.

Spanish Inquisition Necklace

Spanish Inquisition Necklace (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

You are responsible personally for immediately or sooner making the world a better place (in accord with the ideologies that the 1% elites have implanted in you as to what would be better and what would not be better). If you fail, you will or will not be doomed to an eternity of hell in which you will then come to define wherever you live as a hell that should not be how it is and is fundamentally flawed and must be corrected and changed and reformed by you personally in order for you to avoid eternal damnation in a hell of shame and mental illness and anxiety about how to change hell in to how it either should or should not be. It’s all your fault, but if you can just fix everything real quick, then as a reward you will get 77 vrigins and go directly to heaven “without passing go,” but also without collecting $200, which is a little bit of a bummer and thus I am very sad about all of this world being so much like God told me that it should be.

Now, before it is too late, which could be absolutely any time, fix the system. Define the system as broken and flawed and screwed up (in contrast to screwed down, which is morally preferable). Also keep in mind that the holiest color is seven, because that is what it says in the Holy Constitution of the state of Alaska, which is the best state in the entire history of the Holy Roman Empire. Also, remember that the color seven cannot be in a speculative bubble because the number red is inevitably hyperinflating because the number red is in fact just a linguistic construction created out of thick air, such as fog.

Also, I am a very smart person- perhaps even a true American hero- for having figured all of this out and knowing that the Fed is actually the root of all evil and if we could just remove the surface of the earth from the earth, than the earth would be a better place, except that whenever we remove the surface of the onion from the earth, another layer of surface mysteriously does not appear out of thick air. That really is the only problem with the unpredictable and chaotic world which does not make any sense. If we can just fix that one core problem then all of the other symptoms will turn in to pickles, which is the kind of world that I would want to live in… or maybe not live in but at least visit.

santa and dramatic scandals

November 6, 2011
Look, everyone knows that the Santa Claus story is just a linguistic concoction that is publicized to influence the behavior of children. Parents could simply say to their kids instead, “hey, do what I tell you and I will give you some presents that you will like, but if you misbehave or rebel or bug me, then you won’t get as many presents or the ones you asked for.”
English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

Image via Wikipedia

It’s a classic case of bribery first and of fraud only secondarily. It directs the attention of the children to a future reward and teaches them discipline. Sure, the Santa myth involves some trickery and, since it is pretty popular, we can presume that it has worked well enough to keep the story popular for however long so far.
It is also manipulative, deceptive, and dishonest. So, why would we expect something much different from social institutions and their PR campaigns?
Governments govern people, right? They implement rewards and punishments (like the tortures of the Holy Roman Inquisition). Along with using organized violence like cops and armies and jails, governments concoct myths and propaganda to influence behavior. They promote their agendas through public schools and the media.
Governments redistribute wealth. They take from some groups (like taking Texas away from Mexico) and give to other groups (like for building roads and weapons of mass destruction and to pay for the elderly to get expensive pharmaceutical drugs that suppress the functioning of their immune systems). Maybe all of that is scandalous. Maybe all of that is “business as usual.”
Did governments “suddenly” get corrupt? Well, if the use of deceptive stories like the Santa Claus story is an example of corruption, then is government even any more corrupt than any other category of social organization?
Did politicians begin lying just recently, or has that been going on for “a while?” Thousands of years ago, did humans commonly enslave other humans, like in Egypt or Greece? You could name a type of corruption and I could name cases of that type of so-called “corruption” that are hundreds or thousands of years old, right?
Didn’t early European imperialists like Columbus and Coronado  massacre or enslave Native Americans? Were blankets that were infected with small pox intentionally distributed to other Native Americans later as “gifts?”
Churches and governments teach us what is corrupt (punishable) and what is proper (rewarded). The Holy Roman Inquisition may have promoted the idea that murder is one of the ten basic sins punishable by an eternity of torture in hell, but a short torture and public burning was a primary practice of their system of ritual human sacrifice. However, now they are against abortion because it is allegedly evil to take a human life.
So, just as our parents defined to us what behavior is good (rewarded) or bad (punished), so do social institutions (like producing alcohol was legal at first, then criminalized by a constitutional amendment in the US, and now it is subsidized as an alternative to fossil fuel). Whether our parents used a deceptive fraud like the Santa Claus myth is really rather incidental. We all got rewarded and punished by our parents, right? Whether they used fraudulent methods of bribery or direct, explicit bribery is a secondary issue.
Whether governments use fraudulent PR or not is also incidental. For instance, alcohol is now legal to sell to the public in the US in most jurisdictions, but only if first you pay the government $20,000 or whatever a license costs these days. It does not really matter why. If you break the rule and get caught, the government will probably punish you. Also, if you have a great lawyer that you can pay $10,000 to defend you, then the government will probably punish you less, if at all.
So, whose rule is it that alcohol is only legal to sell to the public if the government approves? That is their rule: the government’s. They make up the rules and then enforce the rules on you and they do not require your agreement, just like Santa’s definitions of good and bad behavior do not require your agreement.
“Yeah, but can’t the people influence the government’s rules?” Of course. Try lobbying for the elimination of the government licensure of the public sale of alcohol. Go ahead. You might even win. So what?
“Yeah, but shouldn’t I be personally responsible for fixing governments so that they are no longer corrupt?” Who made up that rule? What are the effects of acting as if it is true?
“Yeah, but shouldn’t we eliminate the corrupt practices of bribing children and deceiving them? Shouldn’t I influence how other people discipline their children, like to defend the children from those evil, corrupt parents? Shouldn’t I be responsible for fixing how other parents operate? Shouldn’t I avoid bribing my children or deceiving them with stories of Santa Claus?”
If that is what you were taught by your parents or your public school or your church or your media or your government, then go ahead. You might even succeed. So what?
“Yeah, but those trustworthy people told me that it is okay to eat lots of candy, especially on Halloween, and best to eat lots of empty carbohydrates and dangerous to eat things that nourish me. Now, I think it was inaccurate and maybe even intentionally deceptive!”
Aha, and so is this the first time that something inaccurate and intentionally deceptive has ever been presented to you, Santa? By the way, when you say that those people are trustworthy, are you sure that a more accurate term might be “trusted?” You trusted them. Then you found out they lied and that they probably knew they were lying all along. They were never trustworthy. They were lying all along- whether or not they knew it, right?
“Yeah, but the government people told us that if we ever noticed any corruption, then we should report it immediately to the government people so that the government people could investigate the alleged corruption.” Right, and then they would punish any unlicensed fraud as a threat to their monopoly on fraud. So what?
“Wait, are you saying that the government trained us to report ourselves to the government if we ever caught on to any instances of corruption, like so they could better cover up their corruption and to make it easier for them to distinguish the half-wit people from the no-wit people?” Well, I did read about that once in a book by George Orwell called 1984, but I am sure that those trustworthy people in all the governments of the world would never create a deception in which they protected their network of other deceptions by training half-witted people to report themselves to the government by campaigning earnestly for justice in regard to some isolated instance of deception or corruption or organized violence or fraud or governing.
However, I will say that when I reported my parents for bribery and fraud in regard to their manipulative use of a fabricated story about Santa Claus to influence the behavior of myself and my sister when we were small children, my parents were acquitted by a jury of their peers. I was shocked. Then, I realized that all the other people on the jury implemented the exact same methods of bribery and fraud on their own children.
Anyway, if you want to go to some government people to report the methods of some other government people, go ahead. Government people love to justify their programs of coercive wealth redistribution by occasionally spotlighting an allegedly isolated case of government corruption and then condemning it harshly.
“Governments should not be corrupt! Oliver North should not have used bribery or fraud! By the way, this [allegedly] isolated case is [allegedly] obviously just an isolated case!”
That makes for a dramatic scandal and attracts a big audience, which advertisers like. Then, when Oliver North is pardoned by the President on the last day of his administration, only a few people notice.
The rest of the people are still celebrating that governments protect people from corruption and all things that are bad or evil or dangerous. Those celebrating people got so drunk with alcohol- purchased from a licensed seller of mind-numbing potion of course-  that they were still passed out from intoxication when the pardon was announced.
By the way, Santa Claus is a staunch opponent of bribery and deception and manipulation, which are dangerous, at least for those without proper licensure. That is why you will not get any presents if we catch you committing acts of bribery, deception, or manipulation. Now, consume all of your biochemical nutrients until your dish is empty, or else we will not give you any fix for your addiction to refined carbohydrates, which would mean that you are good as in obedient as in valuable to us.
Governments protect us from corruption and organized violence by using organized violence and corruption. Churches protect us from things like the psychological torture of an eternal hell by psychologically torturing us with threats of an eternal hell. The media protects us from paying attention to anything besides whatever they are broadcasting. Finally, Santa Claus protects us from accepting gifts from strangers.

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